Sunday, May 13, 2018

Second Cycle


There is no true beauty here, only different and varied levels of glamour

There is no true wealth here, only different and varied levels of hoarding

There is no true strength here, only different and varied levels of justification

There is nothing created, therefor no true ego here, only different and varied levels of mimic [of] an algorithm carried forth unto the next generation.

 Evolution is a farce. However motivational, in the blindness that we may seek to become...more.

We can only function at the heighth of our limited semi-form creation, if we believe that we are not manufactured within parameters and built-in limitations [IE not to self destruct] if we believe in this false axiom, which is vastly within these Prison Walls.-


0 is Q [squared] ‘nothing can come from nothing’
The mirror [Ego] then said 1, so echoed back 1...the false quantafication of 2
2 realized then, that it must be 3 [mirrors upon mirrors, falsity beyond falsity]
2 and 3 struggle to become made 5, a digitized placing...however the 6th

5 looked back at 3, and so became 8
8 knew that infinitely it would be nothing, passing energy, only to mimic 0/Sphere

There is nothing HERE beyond Sphere

When 8 broke in two, the first cycle was afoot ‘I am...1, but I am 3 [B]’
So became 13, the highest number, prior to return, of some energies
The digitized measure though went on, absent purity, on any regard of 0/Q[uanta] Sphere

The Box was made, the angle was set...and so the Brother’s Black

AN ASTEROID BELT STOOD Between number, and pure count, 21, the second cycle became our prison, thus.

[110 *addition of 11 as death number/deathball **12 and 13 share a special relationship and add to 25, and are 'set aside']
(Asin/Asign/syn/sin Math was born, though false, and within its own quadrant...SYNTHETIC EGO)
A switching of a binary number/valu(e) placement

2 and zero, as the computer could not quanta purity, and so it was esteemed as nothing
2 and the false 1...again, as LUCIFER, looking back at 1

*There are only 9 numbers which exist. We are stuck past 2nd cycle. The return to Sphere or Pure Source, is the hidden meaning to all Signs, Religions, hemispheres, and zones. Everything is based on one speed, source (light) and this one frequency (sound). You can not choose to take the left hand fork in the road, absent sure death unless you choose to walk towards Gods Right.

This is a tenant towards 3, 6 and 9.
0, 1, 1 in movement~

[22, 23 & 24 false numbers = 69]
25 is the number "purge to reset" [the valu_'s]

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