Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Why then does love exist? Does it not show fully, who you are, in the end?


Inside, an Invisible Battle takes place, which manifests itself in the outside world, in all that we do~

 I really don’t believe in Love (not the way you do, oh sentiment of self-hood), it is after-all, in it's full maturation undeveloped Duty. I however, am hard pressed to have utter and unshakable faith in Love. Is Love of the Father enough? Is it possible for both Love and Duty to be honored simultaneous and emerge as say Integrity blossom unto Fidelity? Are these matrix of emotional contradictions too complex for not only the Human psych but everywhere above, through, in and in-between?

 Think about it, after all where does Love originate, or come from? Enduring, passionate, uncomfortable, new...isn’t it strange, how it’s always new?

 When Love is known, unto it’s full maturity, 

 A couple married for say 50 plus years, the struggles, the loss of so much, earthly strength. When one, finally loses the other, that is death, now finally to face alone, however still breathing, still alive...in some capacity anyways. People don’t recover, they lose arms like Octopuse [to a central brain]. Those nerve endings, from the brain, directly to an appendage, which is no longer there in carbon based form. The enmeshment and tether are to tear the body from soul, are these not? If not, a toughness supreme. However now unable to function in a world of lost spirits, a harvest awaits. 

 However you know, phantom photography shows different, such as Kirlian techniques, which show the electrical discharge, and I did not say bio. So show me where love is then? I would say it is the slaves morality, which brings about this self-destructive notion. The power in it is undeniable. As the bleeding, bruised, victimized child clings to the sentiment of something [near], love?

In a worldly sense,

 We learn, if we are to "be" [sexually] with enough people [synthetic number en count], intimately in a time span...the world changes, in a drastic way. Suddenly maturity happens far to quickly...and really, should it ever have happened at all?

In stark contrast,

 I would imagine a Cherubim, fat and happy, belly laughing for all eternity, there's a bit of madness to it don’t you agree? However I may be quite able, to recount a memory or two?

Consciousness wants to fall in love, it is after-all, the Greatest Men to be, that derive as well as thrive, upon that greater passion “ah to fall in Love”, a sentiment really? However isn't passion much greater? 

To me, it is more about the ability to be in all these places at one time, through experience, so does this not make memory more valuable?

 There are thus different spheres of existence/exist. As the molecule spins about this world, full of these shall we say "sentiments", a decoding, our very existence be taking place, as to factor values, in order to press-on. 

 Ultimately we are perhaps not to recognize that we are worthless without love? Perhaps now finally to lay rest on the fact that we are quite possibly to put everything into ourselves, in finality, as we have now, in a lifetime discovered, that no one will put-in what the SOL [individual-self] will?

 Ah... so does it come down to a matter of self-perceived importance, which may be why time 'exists' at all? More to the point, a qualification, as to whether or not we deem our own personal-selves "worthy", or more than [> *note points to the right] in the end? 

 However when cured with falling in love [slow roasted], far to often...that is in the case of the Jezebel, the town slut. These with different and varied amounts and degrees of perceived self-valu(e). When self valu_ is high, others suffer greatly, as to have met this now worthless to the systems loafing idiot, the spoiling of a man or womb-man [absent a greater axiom, reason, or cause=degree].  

 I have been guilty, and suffer daily from this dilemma of conditioning, which is after all ushered forth, by a liberal parenting, from abuse and neglect [the parent as a child]. There is a certain making-up, perhaps we [these] has parents were not granted as children? 

*101 on the way up, 101 on the way down.

 Then, we can fashion what the world tells us now of western love, servitude and enslavement. This is after all the entire premise of the western world, 

 Love? Blind Passion and soon to be lust. After the utility and boredom set-in, it becomes a tool, the well seasoned slut. This slut ends up owning the town, in the end, does she not? In most cases killing off the town Mayor, her husband, with toxic love as shame.

Either way, she has served the sisterhood, and will thus be reimbodied as an instrument towards agony of rule, the hegemony.

 However “she”/slut is more a title of means, that is to turn towards seduction for your daily bread. A *woman [lower case] by duty to herself, above woman kind, will refine and grow, will she not? However we forget that these seek outward always, and so there is memory, absent the mind IE limitation. 

 Men however do have the mind, and so [these/men] become mesmerized by the newness, turned raunch. Every women will surely surprise you, when you become utility to/for her [sexually speaking]. It is simply never enough, [and they don’t mind sharing, who you would swear they love]...this shows proof that she first serves woman-kind, and will. Is this duty, or entitlement? This shows Love as a emotional-word-weapon, to the machinating spider-hood, of  female-kind.

 Surely if it were duty, these would become more beautiful as they grew older? So we see why beauty of a womb-man be fleeting, as she grasps back, into the Witchcraft, in order that she may be resurrected by her very sisterhood, reembodied, but never reincarnated, for she has expired, so too the Old Man of Sorrow [wishing for Mommy Dearest, a worldly redemption IE Christianity]. Wish shall never then become TRUE WILL.

 We thus currently 'live' on a 'planet' of expired spiritual beings, bent on madness, craving again madness' return, the loop/wheel.


Then tell me what love is? Is it not Duty which establishes and [Honor] which maintains love? Then repeated this is not True Love, this is honor, for it cannot [absent morphing] maintain [in/of] itself.

 *In short, we live by/to a series of code, this code is EPL. EPL is the basis for how things work, and how a system emerges in the first. 

 Immature sentiments, felt by the unsophisticated mind. The sophisticated rather, will live by way of sin, and learn a life lesson from it [when forced to live and thrive within the martix=Life Here Now]. We are shamed to do this, as the sophisticated rule all the world. To me, this is a basis in understanding my unsophisticated take on Thelema [OTO]. Ultimately leading on and towards A SUBLIMATION, or ruin...this when the sisterhood [brotherhood] shall lift one up, unto another chance at rebirth (so you will ultimately see left hand path duty as your god]. *EPLIgraph lower case denotes IE lack of respect from this Author. 

 Again, a refinement factory here, as to sift out what a person has always been, and therefor shall always be, no longer hiding behind coat tails of 'mommy dearest' [with fingernails and all].

 Where do you turn then old man of sorrow [90 degrees, a builder of earthly things IE want turned desire=immaturity/Boomer]?

We see that the Boomers rebel with the secret-self, which only emerges when the nuns aren’t looking. 

  For instance; what if love of country is greater than towards family or even ones own life? This is create of a certain level of conditioning. 

 When the premise becomes fully realized “I know the way, and I really don’t need anyone else to assist me, for I found bliss in becoming [integer]”, this Masonic jungle turns on one quite quickly as in nearly everyone, or so it seems. 

  This system relies on a very limited societal development, in order to sell love, and to collect on lust, lies, and the con.  

 Blind Passion, kills the Lover-

Duty, burgeon forth to Honor one lays down their own personal life, knowing that they will live on as a part of something great, as the two side, the heart and the head, battle on. However Love has always required a seduction to be contemplated as valid in the first, a hope. 

 Duty met with Honor makes useful Angels in service. 

It is, in the end, the axiom of purity that allows eternal life, absent agony. One must live within the matrix of false mirrors and seeming recurring digital math, a mapping, in order to dis-validate a world built upon the undeveloped soul, a carbon death, in the name of Love [early perceived love as value].   

 Why then does love exist? More so why does Love seem to exist within a world of lust, lies and THE CON? Does it [Love] not show fully, who you are, in the end?

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