Thursday, May 17, 2018


The thought process, which levels me back out

 I think of the goal, and only the goal, because I have reached it prior. Winners can not necessarily be picked from a line-up, a common misconception, at least Uber Winners. No, far on the contrary. Uber Winners may step out of public affirmation, risking it all, losing it all, for someone or something greater. It doesn’t really matter what this ‘greater’ be. The Uber Winner exercises Principle, to it’s absolute possible height time and again, and, when the load be to great, for one Man to take, he will go down, as the pillars collapse around and upon him. Still, he does not give-up.

 You would have to watch and observe closely, over time, what he does and why he might do such a thing. To the typical person, he seem adrift, or possibly even called a lost soul. Not until times become increasingly tough, to the point of alarming, do others begin to contemplate what he has seen all along, the philosopher, who is complete in himself. 

 He reaches out, to touch the world, wondering ‘why don’t they see what I see?’. Then, it becomes evident, that these (the masses) don’t think outside of syllogistic computation towards survival and corporeal gain. 

 He aims to light a fire under those who are asleep. If only they would step up, if only they would make just a small contribution. Alas, “they” do nothing, time and again, era upon era...they wait for the strong to step in, they wait for the strong to do the job that no one else will do. 

 I see the product, not a commercial product but something produced, an item of high regard. Some skate through life, with the gifted gene, acting like they get it, like they have achieved the coveted wisdom, which is forgotten, at least in this day. 

 Everything he thinks and does, must ultimately chime towards momentum. As he builds momentum, there are people always standing in his way, trying to block the race, trying to sabotage the finish-line. 

 Still, as long as there is breath in him, he will press-on. Long after most have abandon and given up, he presses forth, now completely alone, traveling through regions of dark space few dare to tread. 

 He is a Winner, so part sage, part deity, and part flesh and blood (at least the parts you see). This is where mere men can never fathom his knowledge of moving through-out the dimensions of space-time with competency. He presses-on, perhaps like Tesla, long after people have thought that he were dead, or threw in the towel. 

 Perhaps sabotaged throughout a lifetime, old and seeming exhausted, he will press on. Despite the war time drums, or famine, he presses on, convicted to the cause. Because he sees life, and all it’s many avenues, knowing always just when and how much it will take, to catch the rift.  

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