Monday, May 14, 2018


 Tis' not 'God is a concept, by which we measure our PAIN.'-JL

It is rather god [lower case] in Man

”Man” are the great and powerful Black race, perhaps African perhaps Indian or Persian? However there is great likelihood this was another race all together, and that these (modern day) people’s are but morphed fragments of this great truth?

However, Islam is truly (corporeal) Man's Religion (Seth?), in all its/ man's folly.

”Jesus is a concept by which we measure our pain.” Another name, and another will live on, as the warning word.

More to the point, Jesus is Man in crucifixion (en society), and the acceptance of this [fact].

 There was a time, when I was so conditioned, to be martyr, that I could not say these words which follow:

"Burn the Bible, do not think that avoiding it, will bring peace nor freedom."

For Witchcraft be set into the very words, of this book, that curse you in your daily walk.

There is no true piety, not enough reverence in Christianity, that could ever render sublimation, the goal.

 I wrote of this now 5 years ago, that the Four Divisions, a treaty, was beset within those pages. Where Gypsy Witches would no longer need Battle with the Druids. We will find the careful study of Ruins and "certain stones" as a guide.

 The Books that did/would NOT make it into the Bible, are the true teaching of the Messiah in least the washed out version of what we see Man or Humanity as, in this day.

Locking US, into a corporeal exacerbated semi-existence, the religion kept on, in all it's folly for the long.

 I believe that besides Saadi, there was a Man who lived that was to eclipse all Men. Since there is no name [IE Marduk, Gilgamesh, Thoth] by which to compare...we can only assume that this Man changed everything, for he was not a Man, but was and is actually GOD en/in Man. This brought about IMAN (however retro to event).

 Jesus or Hail Zeus...the ardent worshiper/follower of the Zig-A-Zag, was to distract from this Man's existence. It was a chance, in the cycles, for redemption, and a changing of the ways...this Man was turned on/deceived and murdered, however now living on as a God, to be sure.

 Now, this euphemism is to bring fire to all the world, as these 987 year cycles, the second cycle come(s) to a close. Add 13

 This Man, whom I name in my books, who I can not see, nor read about...I so certainly know he existed. (Adam?)

Tied to all celestial power and events, the saga has played itself out, for one last go around...and there will not be a 3rd, the cycle has not power to perpetuate, no foundation upon which to stand.

That Man, who was God, knew that Humanity, as it be known (not original Man) would have to, in full disclosure, shunt, hide, and push away any divine affinity or connection to the great and power filled energies, which burgeon life forth for all.

The 13th Son~

Thank you, Uber Gott, for giving me Eyes to see!

*Christianity as well as it’a rendition of Jesus, was to block the true Messiah and the true way or religiosity of/en Life.

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