Monday, March 12, 2018

The Flicker EPL


 All philosophical and thus mathematical ‘learned’ interpretation of ‘events’ (an over and overt intellectualism) be based on the same material contention of Christianity, although it begs to be heard [contrary]. The concept of Christ estabishes that the one recurring event IE The Flicker, can and will manifest itself fully in one time-space/place, as that culmination of The ALL Consciousness. From the perspective of what? The Flicker or the visitation of divine and pure source [of] energy, can leave such an impact through shift spherical influence on the consciousness left [over]. That we should interpret and thus aim all our waking hours at to reinterpret the smell of an assumed chocolate chip cookie. Through perspective we place our will as to wish that we could indeed return to the Event which manifest us.

 However the flicker shall go on, as it has visited only once, each time, space and thus place, giving “it” a space that so a differentiation of title and name (sake). The flicker searches of only the accompaniment of other pure divine source, however is not dualistic in it’s efforts. Systematically, methodically, it replicates itself in shift, time, mirror, senses, consciousness and thus dimensional reality, and we are quite simply the exhaust or the effervescence if it.

 This is the moment, where Science and Philosophy do not breach, and the 3rd point be known. Where are rational, mind and reason can be defined, and should be, as shared axiom, the only nature of ‘understanding’, to let go, and to embrace only Principle, as the recurring theme, if there ever should be one [a title/of understanding]. 

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