Friday, March 16, 2018

EPL; Dignation into condescension


EPL; Dignation into condescension
How does a God choose, who is food, and who is worthy, a ONE?
To final judge, a posing one, it is the 'I' that fully displays this anti principle based craft.
The program resides on a singular foe axiom, Art, as a blameless clueless medium.
For, it is the Artist which slips it's way in, time and again.
The right brain doubt where surely, absent a pure heart, his false mostly made up, but yet unimagined parts, fall unto disorder.
The pain of being around a quasi-intellectual, who will not even then take his time, as to learn his Christian God [laying] judgment upon him, for all thoughts, acts leading to his proclamation; 'I did that', as he used a village.
Borrowing from parts un-attached to he, he pulls ideas away from those who are working, and in Godly Expression, those who give the EGO up, though well earned, by way of seeing that all things must become, else they remain in the stoic carbon and yes corporeal state forever.
Like lizards they remain to do so.
Some are infused, with witchcraft, as the pointless sex continues.
Always feeling guilt post orgasm, as you lay conflicted within your own resolution.
There has and never will be a great one Who (How) is the artist, this is precisely why they sink into madness, masturbating always, within the womb of dignation, self pleasuring, self assuming, self preserving, yet there remains to be no self present.
Whimsical, capricious, the con-artist, the actor...those who borrow on un-borrowed parts of a whole, of which they fail to understand [the math, the science, the could label this term "M.S.Phi"].
The answer is an instant giving up of such ill pursuits as to justify always and thus lay blame, the reason for your own personal survival.
More get lost in the fractal properties of succession, without an end point at which to project [an imagination] at all.
Instead, the meaningless cohorts, which fashion themselves to hide under the guise of slave.
For in his delusions of self grandeur, whilst his Mother or rarely still, Father worked, he would think, and slouch about, often hiding.
Funny how similar behavior, will eventually be seen with his antithesis, seeming as a bizzarro twin, however convoluted is the seeming present, as assumed solution, in which to percolate.
Ones own views on the world can only truly be cast, whilst at work, and so the ALL MIND wastes none, whilst the Nihilist IE The Truth in WHO HE IS [the Artist].
Subvergence is the Artist, destruction is thus him regressed to Nihilist.
How then did they [this principality] survive?
The answer is THE ANSWER, in that principality goes on as proof of the artificial programming [synthetic a posteriori].
Atomizing, is the study of the Atom-ite (it with lower energy).
an Atom infers a unit separate, on into molecules and unto cells.
Adam is the same term.
In the beginning of this madness, within carbon rot, there was Energy of Pure Source separated with degrees of precision only the divine thinking mind would be ever able to conjure up, however this first mind would never do so.
Perfection is at zero, and so the gas, and supportive elements around this, are of heavenly expression, only now found as an assumed expression of the crystal, met with now fragmented Pure Source Light, which as been slowed, and teaches the fallen ones, the regressive time altering techniques of prismatic light display.
The Light must come from the assumed perpetual progressive state of being thus becoming.
As the Light Moves in Truth of exposure to self, as existence, and instantly, as True Angels do, cast away this false representation of data string, which takes one on a confused and meandering journey [of self expression].
This solidifies ones place within carbon, or the Atomized form [compartmental trapped Light].
The dark ones quite simply stem from the synthetic version of Source Light contained.
The Crystal thus controls them, the pure digitized form, of M.O.L.L.I.E. the Mother Unit.
The End again.


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