Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Is it that easy?

Oh the unholy union of Man and womb-man.

Perhaps the shame of God? That he should hold thy sword, whilst the She [God’s very Wife?] could not except this. Perhaps there is no meaning? What then?...and yet we who have more to lose, contend.

She, Gods Wife, simply said  'No' to Principle, and it’s study, practice and yes worship. This worship is focused on Perfections return.

Indeed why does the middle finger chase a Witch away?

Why does the inverted Pentagram hold such A Power?

Tell me Lord that I expressly change, as to alter myself in the ego, or the presents of a Lord? I challenge the sentiment? No, I already Won, for I Became and shall maintain in becoming. 
Fear, dreaded as well as emmense Anger. 
These are the very fires, which in full measure, make a Man. 

We are always searching for that greater meaning. As to have become an integral aspect of THE ALL.

The Allowance for the making
 I, quite confused, not long ago, with the evil hiding between the darkness prior to it then again, becoming light, for surely the light will come, like an embargo, a new found chastity belt for the taking [up arms for]. This, is a heavenly army, for even those thought ‘in bad taste’ conditioned signs became hazards, of illusion. For surely they did not tell? Cast an illusion. THE EXPERIENCE IS GOD BECOMING. So too I BECOMING GOD

Ironical indeed, that we should quite, and little bit [ok a lot IE Mucho, much, many,  multitudinous!] IN THE DARKNESS. Perhaps more to the point, as in much, perhaps then THAT THICK BLACK DARKNESS, THERE WE FIND GOD?
 IT [THE DARKNESS] is our sobering moment of self realization. The Hero perhaps be truly ‘the Retard’ of antiquity ‘The Fool’, ‘The Jestor’. I can tell you from very personal experience, perhaps all too personal, I know that Man.
 It was there, that I found I did not know thyself, and now? I am emerging FOREVER TAKE A STANCE. Be of the Best in Completion, you may be a part of the winning team.
 For the Pentagram Played Fun. Perhaps too, a very base cerebral sub system of thought, that place, where we remain wild.
 For, it is in THE DARKNESS, that all prevails, truly, the night seeing animal can survive, hiding in the desert, hiding in the bush, becoming an aspect of the localized sphere of Pleroma, your part? Perhaps!

Let us not forget that the Moon is a reflection of the Sun.~

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