Friday, December 1, 2017

The Blissful Ones~


The Blissful One's
Who then disturbs my blissful slumber?

The ignorance to think that you can assert new information!

Just let me BE.

Just be.

Yet now you say I am unworthy, though my way, my right?
Once a thought was enough for the powerful and great, to achieve ALL. The Tormented will insist this greatness of mental mind quark connectedness is Lazy. Though we are also the first to work, where work is rendered. The Tormented require thought, chaotic thought, to perpetuate the lie, that they live. The Tormented can only attract dark unfinished energies. The Bliss Filled are One with The All. Spoken about in all Sacred Text.
The Time Counter clicks, and Time, in it's Purity, can not continue on, dimensionally absent the Blissful, The Pure.
 Who then will stand in? Think about this question!
When I AM, in my natural original state of Being, I am in Bliss.
 Those who could live, and be, in bliss, became great. The fools did not see the balance within them. Nor thought in balance. Instead mocking, creating sanction. The motivation came from jealousy, greed and hate. There was no struggle to just be. These Blissful Ones, became powerful, happy, and rich. Building themselves, building to create. Those who sat back, only fueled with the will to out due and call ignorance to the Blissful Ones, who never struggled with being Principle based. Now the Blissful Ones are poor, ignorant, and isolated and looked down upon. Not shy, not weak, not less than but Balanced. Very few understand this.~

 We look at what people did. My question is:
"What would you do now?"

More so, how fundamental is this, to a central system of Being and Becoming to you? Not for Community, but community for you?

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