Thursday, December 7, 2017

Axiom of Truth:


Axiom 21
A State of Return

Holy teachings, are describing first existence, as Man has lost his place in Space-Time IE Directive.

An Axiom is in a constant state, and is thus this state of value, and not divided. The Perfect Crystal [held at absolute zero], the center of Geometry and dimensional existence, upon which everything by degree is valued.-Lucifer/7 Square (4) and Circle (3)

But also, in duality, yet held apart, as divine and perfect completeness of Existence is also Purity [Source], which must manifest in Truth, from the Power Generated, in the actualization, movement and completion to completion, of Energy Production IE The Light[ness of being].-Michael/as 8 or Square (4), Circle, Square (4)

 The third point, of a filter, which is also divinely manifested, as the prior, is not unlike the description of Angels as Heavenly Hosts. God and Son as that which was destined to become, therefor the cause for all other phenomenon IE OUTCOME.-GOD/SON/as "6 Circle"
-THE POWER OF 3 MULTIPLIED/PLUS/MINUS = DIMENSION, however justifying after, original existence.

Womb-man still hung as potential, and so it goes (5)

Well, we are in avoidance of outcome, even rebellious against IT.

'A Personal life' or "I will return to my Life, when this is over"; as personal statement to self and others.
This is not a manifestation which would occur absent a conditioning.
From where does the conditioning come? Perhaps from within?
Some cultures and tribal systems, which are far to vast in number, represent this notion.
Those have their various spheres of containment IE Tribe, then Family time, Hunting etc..
Here a close net system of peoples, put on a face, mask or to become another persona, of their personality, one that promotes "this" IE the separate spheres of persona or energy draw.
A primitive expression, to say the least, no wonder all civilization has fallen. 
The question to begin with is not "what am I, and what am I suppose to be doing [with my life]". Endo to Exo~
The True Question, which reflects Principle Axiom is:
"What would God do, if 'HE' were in my exact position?"
The answer reveals what a Man Truly believes, and who/what he serves, and thus his Axiom of Truth.


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