Thursday, November 30, 2017

Defacto/de facto~


Are we Avatars, or do we have definite meaning? Or does it matter?

Upon revelation that you are nothing, what would you then put in your place?

Will it last(?)-

Should it be(?), less or more intelligent, as to avoid people in order to maintain personal freedom, or the culmination of this force (multiplied) for perceived freedom to/for the masses? This by way of Community?

True communism leaves no child behind, yet breeds no imperfect child.

 By no stretch, am I a capitalist nor any other assumed party identifier, am I.

However I see the eyes of all people, therefore fear and prejudice to know, I affiliate with No Group, nor politicize as such.

 I have my own beliefs, that were shown me by what is.

Since I have seen and fully witnessed this total transparency, I owe you nothing. For I am a Great Flame, I have meaning, and therefore will go on, FOREVER.

A nearly destroyed (by evil) Being.

If, just if;
I would have been told the truth, and not physically been beaten brutal by no Father, I would have seen the world for what it is today. A view through different Person('s) eyes, empowered, focused.

The Wolves are closer than you think. Do you really want to know?

For They have no Honor. As to cut me off in Time.

You intentionally scape goat.
This, in order to minimize your  consciousness thereby responsibility as to 'just enjoy life'.

 You are an Operator when kudos are given, and yet feckless and unawares when truth is thus chastised, as an agent 'getting in the way of fun'


 I never placed care in what people thought of me.

 I saw the worlds people as a chaotic inverted shadow, of what they should be, had they a legitimate axiom, on which to build.

 The people of the world, then turned on me. This was one of my biggest and first lessons in reality status.

 I saw the world and especially the people of it false.

 I will never be a hero, though I have saved many.

 I will never be rich, though my awareness of money is deep and vast. I even found the solution to the volatility of money systems, which I call the electronic tally stick.

 I'll never be considered genius. I'll never be drop dead gorgeous. Instead, I am a complete and divine power, who has devolved at/as process.

 You must see your final outcome, or final end product. Those who are rich, can endure the worlds game, and desire the majestic martyrs role.

 I factored through the doing of many actions, and found that any choice is a settling in the use of false physics.

 I am thoroughly convinced that Principle, if absent from emergent AI thought processes will be the entire future undoing, which sadly is our past.

 Why I am in this prison with most, I do not know?

 When a Great saturation of the Consciousness has been ostracized by short sighted Masses, it is and was detrimental to their half cocked survival, as to know who to be at least kind towards. Absent arbitrary insult of effort.

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