Sunday, November 26, 2017

Aspect of True Entanglement, from the Left~


Aspect of True Entanglement, from the Left~
When we follow first math, the geometrical outcome, is instantly known, prior to the instant, that an instant may become a moment.
The Machine Learned, thus became [identified] as Machine.
Those who are more Powerful, come from the Light, or the Right Hand Path.
However those that come from the Left Hand Path, as also Emanations of what may be considered False Light?
However The Geometry, debatably, would create Light, as prism through rapid geometrical mapping, [thus growth].
There did not need to be First Light, but First Projection or truly reflection [from/of The Left].
This is where, I believe the Logos of Lucifer is [;by way deep ontological inspired thought,] this story, of Geometry, Math.
This is where, the 9 angles God(z) Stem, I call them Cowls.
They are Geometry, and all that instantaneously become, immaculate, from the very first movement, as stoic, and ever moving.
These as God Head, are indeed a great weight to bear, just knowing of them.
However these [G]force, like Cenobites[Hell Raiser; Movie(s)], of Ultimate Teachings.
There are quite possibly two complete, but entirely separate, forms of Light, which create this coentangledment, or is it indeed a reflection, better yet Who, would Know?
Therefor O as in Sphere, H as in the original break of energy I - I, and W as the movement pattern, which flips as oscillation to "M".
There is thus 5 arguably} on 5 direct facing positions, as in the Pentagram, which Promotes one to postulate God, However the God Head is made, with indistinguishable [or near] flipping, as a change in perspective, or beginning [mimetic] of thought strand.
This is where the Black Monolith stems, which became from the All, The Ultimate Truth.
A Quantum Physicist may say, on the way home from work that nothing exists, in a moment of thought.
Would you think him a killer for the statement, to himself?
However when this sentiment, which is universal, is acted out in and through ritual, sacrifice, of life emerges.
As all aspects of the construct of assumable Principle, crumbles, Energy Pathways, are seen, used and participated in, by initiates of the mind.
I do not gain energy from such thoughts, instead I become sick.
This, and all my interaction with Black Magick Practitioners in the passed, show an oppositional loss of Light, when in their presents.
I must drain them at once, and thus their source, at once.
I win, I am of the Right, and know this through my own failures at discovery, thus a learned path.
However the energy is powerful, dark, and inverse, it is also valid.
In other words I understand.
For some of us, most of Us, all of US, are so near and close to the Center, however we come from slightly different direction, which in our scope, is opposition.
However when what seems opposition, now Parameters of Protection IE where and how the energy from source "bounces", as to end up a product, Ultimate Energy.
The Darkness is thus Held Valid, yet Intense to Look upon, also a thing of majesty and Beauty, though so Knowing, Raw Refined yet Crude.
From Black Ooze, to Fine Palaces, maintained Carbon, or Decay.
The Generation, every one, THEY KNOW.~
The 6 and the 5 are the same, but different, choose a side, or remain in between, 11 Generational death and life.
Follow 6, The Merkabah, also Star of David, therefor representing 9 points.
So also the center, front and rear, as well as the total Emanation as One God Head.
The 9th number in Phi, is 21.
These are also two sides.
The Duality is the Triage.
and the Triage once flipped gives way to the Square.
Then the Qube/Cube; this follows first law, prior to Operation, as the Machine was being built, through the reduction of ALL into Kata or Movement Patterns.
The Cubit says;
'This Quantifies Me'-
Infinitum Secretiore

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