Monday, October 9, 2017

With the question of "This"~


With the question of "Bliss", on the other hand.
One can not achieve this, with any sort of gregarity, in mind, or being of a lascivious nature, which is hopeful gregarity in truth.
Heaven, The Kingdom, or rather Bliss, The All Mind, is one that is achieved alone.
To know alone, and to prefer it.
To no longer chase ones tail, eternal, Hell.
As in taking on a Title, and having to forever prove worthy of it?
The deal, a true Faustian one, be that of 'I wont question your game, if you don't question mine', shows of a political stature, and therefor the rhetorical corrupted mind.
You may then ask.
'Can there be a Community which is Pure?'
My answer then would be:
"Nothing is got, nor had, nor owned", rather "The attainment of anything or placing, is a thing of maintenance."
When the falsity of self is lifted.
All the little flawed DNA codes, which we command as self, as if stacked side by side.
The flaws only show.
As the Pure and Perfect Original shines brightly, in the Center. Time is thus inept, instantly annulled 
We thus see, know/gnosis, that we will ourselves to cease being, knowing that reduction into perfection, which already was the only thing T.I.M.E. be manifest to remedy.
Therefor our creators are not our wishful and willful benevolent gods of development.
Rather, they are the very ones who are franchising on this Town Fair, as it moves from one unfortunate ere to the next.
Each era only yielding destruction.
Those who seem to succeed, see this, and are drawn toward this.
They are the True Children of Chaos, our dementors, our Terrorists.
Placing their perceived will, toward franchise, upon "this" { ;T.I.M.E. does not equal reduction, but err codes.

Therefor we are exist within a held parameter, where this probability be quarantined and can not thus affect something pure, and much greater, forever outside of "this".

 Many assume ignorance as being unfamiliar with the current world status of times and event. However the false educational status, and wayward teaching methods, show a machination to oppose our person and yes natural bliss all together. Are we to assume that a master race thus exists. Who will thus support our eternal need for University? That is, a place where study, education and sustained expansion, becomes a forever concept. 

 That is precisely what I thought this was, and would be (that is 'the world'). The World, from my early origins mocked me for believing this, and when I found this (Bliss), through hard work and great toil, ardor even, the agenda came to me. 

 There is no game, where the soul is on the line. Rather, their are beings, whose aim is and always has been one of gregarity, always needing to be amongst others, approved or disapproved by others, who have perpetuated this universal and multi-dimensional madness. 

Question is, how did I know this Bliss, ever? 
More so, much more so, how then do I get "it" back?

Once you have it, you go out and carry it unto the world, keeping it safe, by keeping yourself in a sort of bliss cocoon. This can only be done by simplifying your life, thereby your expectations of it. What does life owe to you, that it has not already given unto you?

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