Sunday, October 15, 2017

Welcome to The Event~


The Event

"We see it all, right before our very own eyes, yet place our will, toward wish, as to hide from it all.
Place one familiar Photon cluster, on the other side of space, which was, made the same way, and watch, instant propulsion, partly based on density of matter, energy inverted. What will you call them now perhaps Protons, or Electrons, or perhaps simply Charged Particles, better yet still Fermion? Always in Transitory Space, transmorphing to suit it's own needs, this Source of Force. 
Place a cluster of apposing particles between the 'two, which are one', and drastically slow the process down.
The elemental aspects, of the ship, would allow for Light to be in opposition to Frequency, which would agitate the field IE propulsion.
The Mother Ship sits massive there, behind a cloak, unseen in shift, and therefor unattainable, in "our" Light.
Plain as day, at times, as the Spheres Electromagnetically be drawn to and from a Mother Unit.
Yet we see only what is there, right before our eyes, closest toward immediate grasp.
Yet the Unit is what we miss, time immemorial.
If we had reached this selfless state or stage truly, we would all at once become authentic, and feel no shame in our undeniable Expression IE Life.
Build the Sphere as to allow for agitation, as a constant.
You are now creating space, you are now traveling through this space, which was divinely based on Pure Assumption.
Watch the human, become, over time, the reptile, again.
Human only implies the needed form, for current function, which is being dictated to us.
We were relics the day we ceased to morph, to an ever changing, ever expanding and ever compounding Universal Space, where time be the separation used, as an observable constant, as a contained, and molecularly assumed cluster of experience."

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