Tuesday, October 10, 2017

What is~


People want to know the secret to the Universe.
Tell me then what secret do you hold in your heart?
What then is Universe?
Those, considered intelligent are those who are esteemed by academia to be seen as such.
We have, however unclothed the educational system and found a farce, one of political interest.
I ruled, at times, my own life, with brute force, and did quite well.
Problem was, that I didn't live in the illusion that to 'overcome whatever was placed before me, would make me somehow superior'.
I knew my worth, and this was ironically the very thing tested constant, still is to this day.
However, I feel more as an empty shell, these days.
I felt empty when I had the means, when I was on top.
I was brought down from my bliss by my emotional vestment and ties to elevate others, as I am today.
This took up precious time, which we are to miss, and thus ache, to bring back.
I know full well that another lifetime, looped, of the same, would not amount in a greater good.
However I feel that those who call themselves our gods, are in fact manipulating consciousness as a space building device.
Empty space before us, is not empty, it simply has to be filled with something.
We esteem this to be dark matter, and of course light matter, and yet, it seems aetherial.
I want you to say this to yourself, and practice this as mantra.
"I owe nothing to others, and everything to my self"
"I owe myself True Self Development"
"I am the Operator of this Ship, MY BODY, MY VERY BEING!"
Alone, 'this' is where you will become.
You will go there, whether you know it, or like the fact.
We work and toil as to escape 'this'.
The concept of cataclysm and Mega-Death, is built around 'this' false emptiness.
However when you exhaust your efforts, towards helping others reclaim some resonance of self, you are then left empty.
Spinning allows at once, a true building of energy imagined, to take place.
However, like the drink, it should not be done forever, but through, a moment.
You will feel full, and become that way, full on your own esteem.
As for those who are your Terrorist(s)?
Most people could, had, and should be charged on the spot, for such misdeeds.
The very dress, garb and demeanor should be enough to hold a person for seduction, conning and machinating against others.
The behavior exhibited when one 'puts on a false face', should be analyzed, understood and known.
These are the Force-bots.
These are the Terrorists.
This is happening before your eyes, as we tether to the false concepts.
We chuckle at craft.
When a young Girl throws overt flirt, to get/Gott (play God).
The Child in tantrum, to gain a new toy [a want/Gott].
The Power is taken from the Father, and placed in the Child's hand.
Currently, this is worship of ineptitude, chaos and perpetual ignorance sold as Bliss.
These concepts are ones of Title, Status, identification.
These, using such terms, enduring as Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Boss, Teacher, Student.
There is a Natural course, as to assist those who can not assist themselves.
This leaves only one class of people, and for a finite time.
This Class is Identified as Babies.
The act of sex, is how a Baby comes about.
Often the "Parent" receives instant Karma from/in the Child.
This often plays itself out.
Some wish to evade Karma, by passing on the response-ability, however Karma awaits them, at the next stop, with a fuller punishment, in that, 'if you don't play the game, you aren't aloud in the next round'.
We are subject to a force which is playing God.
The Baby [in growth] should be nurtured by learning Hard Work, Focus, and Discipline.
The Child should be taught Principles, and the EPL systems of Thoughts [first sub-thoughts], on into Action and Deeds. The ripple of Phi echos out.
The Child, should, at the Age of 13, be then packed up, and sent off to then Learn from the Universe, under the Stars, and thus to commune with the Ancients, which have gone the way. Further, as a beacon of Thought, then tether in "LIKE MINDEDNESS OF CONNECTION", to the Ancients, thus The Stars, an Event.
However, we, after "sending them off", would be left (on) reflecting what/who else we 'put out there' (with Child/Learner).
The Order, Original, has thus been disturbed, and it continues as the World, and Events, create enough force, to restore the Order, which can not thus affect the Field outside of "this"(one).
The false and thus proposed questions and answers become irrelevant, beginning with:
'What is the Meaning of Life"
Rather knowing the simple Truth.
In that if we reverse the Question, we always find a statement that answers perfectly the depth of our question, which is asked and answered from within, Alone.
"Life's Meaning is What (is)"
What I manifest
What I become
What I know
Gnosis, to KNOW~
One can only reach final synthesis, when one can thus produce an applicable system of thought, rendered. Phi echos back.
Therefor that which is good, inherent, is being used as a tool against us.
The wrong side endured, the wrong side won, but what did this win, carbon rot?
They are, absent their understanding, trapped in the game.~

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