Thursday, October 19, 2017

Time's mark~


Time's mark~

Oh go there, young traveler, with assumed interest, self titled 'Conqueror of Space and Time'!

 Herein be something ALL can relate to, and with.
We can all come together, collective, and understand, one and all.
For the Ontological World is at constant growth, a maturation, to be sure.
The dull, careless and stupid simply have no place to hide, anymore.
Those who pose as intellect, let them be shamed too.
We, of a perspicuous mind, naturally, work!
It is a fact, where there seem to be few, that we truly relish in the toil.
Yet for the promise of something worthy of our time, our efforts.
Science is finding that everything we experience, is in fact comprised of Time.
Further that Space, is simply a product of Time's Cycles, and the exhaust, or imprint, upon which it leaves... behind, a place of familiarity, upon which to lay a mark, and so too, return again.~
Perfection lies in the 3rd Law, of thermodynamics, Perfection at absolute 0, where the Prism refracts the Light, the Heat.
Water, quite simply shows, the sheer magnitude of space condensation, as these cycles repeat...on towards met enthalpy!
Coalesce why don't you?
That 2 can be 1? I'm sure.-
Why then don't we call these "phases" then (?), of said time (and Time's predicted cycles)?
Something, must be running amok, as to view and experience everything, like a hyperactive Child, bouncing about from it's own thump!...of sound and vibration. 
Reacting a dance. 
It, the Child of Time, only wishes to grow fast enough, that it may acquire more space, upon which to get away, this...time.
As Time, unravels, like a great big ball of yarn. 
Time is the Measure.
Time is the Treasure.
We, as God's Children's, Children, limp slowly, in the back of the line, in marvel, not seeing that wake of chaos, in the far distant future, for which we have arrived.
For it is now, that the Child Dreams.
It is the time, when we are left to tend to the House, with moving parts that swing larger than our very Universe, combined.~The Flicker~

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