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My take}

The Sphere

 We say that the Bloch Sphere (status Qubit) is a superior construct to store and thus contemplate Quantum Information. We see that our Solar System is centered around a Spherical Sun. We agree that Quarks (and not yet Preons) are that smallest Spherical Shaped/based unit of measure. Yet when it comes to the double slit experiment we would rather be confused than just know, empirically, how the communication takes place.

 Spheres are the Photons, and the light which travels through similar, or Familiar Convex and Concave units of Light, communicate via size and shift. The location and proximity of the Spherical echo cause placement prior to the event. In other words familiarity dictates communication. Communication between said photons, in the experiment simply will to replicate the mighty sphere again.

Light, like consciousness, knows no size, but familiarity.

 The sequence remains the same, always has been the same, because of the program which determines that photons placement.

 Consciousness began, relative to we, very small. We thus gradually build out.

 The light from a sphere acts the same. The light shines out, from a spherical center, which takes up the space which the Left Hypotenuse and Right Triangle leave "Segue way". The frequency of the Photon is the same, because of the familiarity of:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Directive
  • Location
  • PULL; Like drawn to like/light.
T.I.M.E. is used as a loop, prior to a time/sise (size) closure [when a time quadrant is closed off IE 7, 9 and 11 year phasic cycles]. This however in millisize, thus millitime (the time it takes for one full spherical spin to take place, in this case with the photon).

 Frequency is the dark part of the undulation, the peak is light, the trough is inverted light. Light meets light. frequency cancels out non-familiar light (shift). Photon already knows position, it has a place.~

*EPL Echos are not ripples but spherical beacons. Echo's give off Phi based light resonance. Our eye only sees the 2-D wave function pattern, but it is in fact a spherical pre-event.
**Also Gravity is not a stand alone, therefor does not exist. What we think of 'Gravity' is the E.M. resultant. Electromagnetic Familiarity is the main source of force. The biggest lie, and cover up of this new century in order to throw us off, sell more junk produced by TJPM.

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