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The Emergence Of The Rosicrucian Order In Europe~


The Emergence Of The Rosicrucian Order In Europe

In the middle of the 15th century a mystic sect known as the Order of the Rose Cross could be encountered in some European countries.
The sect’s existence was made public in the 18th century, but its history is much older.
On March 3, 1623 the inhabitants of Paris, France discovered several mysterious posters hanging on the streets’ buildings. This was the announcement to the world, declaring the existence of a previously unknown esoteric order called the Brotherhood of the Rose Cross.
The manifesto stated:
We, the deputies of the principal college of the brethren of the Rosie Cross, have taken up our abode, visible and invisible, in this city, by the grace of the
Most High, towards whom are turned the hearts of the just. We show and teach without any books or symbols whatever, and we speak all sorts of languages in the countries wherein we deign to dwell, to draw mankind, our fellows, from error and to save them from death.”
„For a long time this strange placard was the sole topic of conversation in all public places,” says Charles Mackay, author of the book Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.
“Some few wondered, but the greater number only laughed at it. In the course of a few weeks, two books were published, which raised the first-alarm respecting this mysterious society, whose dwelling-place no one knew, and no members of which had ever been seen. The first was called a history of The frightful Compacts entered into between the Devil and the pretended “Invisibles”; with their damnable Instructions, the deplorable Ruin of their Disciples, and their miserable end. The other was called An Examination of the new unknown Cabala of the Brethren of the Rose-Cross, who have lately inhabited the City of Paris; with the History of their Manners, the Wonders worked by them, and many other particulars. “

People In Europe Panicked When They Learned About The Brotherhood Of The Rose Cross

The books written by the Brotherhood of the Rose Cross sold well and this led to panic among many Europeans.
Citizens of Paris feared this mysterious sect, whose members they had never seen. It was believed that the Rosicrucians could transport themselves from one place to another with the speed of thought. It was also believed the brotherhood’s members took delight in cheating and tormenting unhappy citizens, especially those who had sinned against the laws of morality.

Who Was The Author Of The Manifestos?

It was not the first time Europeans heard of this secret society. A few years earlier, the Order had already published three manifestos, the Fama Fraternitatis, the Confessio Fraternitatis, and the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz. The manifestos were published in 1640, 1615 and 1616 respectively.
The first two manifestos were published anonymously. There is speculation that Francis Bacon was the author, however, the manifestos have historically been attributed to Johann Valentin Andreae who was a German theologian, Lutheran minister and Grand Master of the Prieuré de Sion from 1637-1654.

Was The Brotherhood Of The Rose Cross A Threat To Ch And The Church?

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