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The Alphabet as a Mechanical Construct } Using EPLconstruct


My crude doodles of the true alphabet

Place in Fibonacci from assumed "O" as Sphere.
Ends with this Divine Symbol as well.

First, Sphere or O begins and ends any sequence. It is after all what is, and further what the goal is. As to produce more units of energy, which is Sphere (O)

The Right
[May be Alpha, as 'O' or effort at Quanta]

A =Atom, Adam, Adamas, Aaron (Light Bearer) Acquire, Air, Argo, Against, Again, Alpha, Ardent, Arch, Act. 1/8 of the Sphere, though stands supported as an aspect of the Sphere as whole. Angle (first). Anasazi, Anna, Anu, Able/Abel. Attempt to make Sphere, life.

B = 1 3, (also signifies 8). In Phi B is the 3rd energy pathway, Sphere or O is first. Beta 
Blood, Brother, Born, Base, Back, Bach, Bane. Two Spheres, shunting off left, as the ELP direction displays.

C =Chi [Wisdom and Sacrifice, as the points begin and end in a loop]. Challenge, Change, Chore, Choir, Coin, Cost, Cosmos, Can, Can't, Cause, Copper, Cousin, Cool, Coil, Cart, Connect
D = Delta, [Production, Ego...but closed and sweeping, gathering the energies of Wisdom and Sacrifice] further D is a reversal of C, with a capped off Left (Expression and Community).
*The Left is kept from the Right. The alphabet is truly the ritual of one who is making effort, as to usurp the Right, and switch sides. This is why it must be done, as to make effort, as ritual, further involve participants (constantly), as to speak it into existence and maintain the Energy Reversal done as ritual.

E = Eosphoros, Energy, EPL, Eta, Epsilon, Eve, Evil, EAST
F = Force, (fi), Fist, Form, Function, Fail, Follow, Fun, Fate, Four, Flower, Fake, Fan, Fat
G = Generation, Gama -

*H = Helel (King of Babylon), Horizon, Had, Hoax, Harm, His/Him, Hail, House, Horn, Hot, Havalah, Haunt, Hoist, Horde, Hate, Honor, Hack, Hammer, Left and Right working in Balance [X is create with a Box, or Womb]
I = I, Isle, INRI, IOTA [Production and Ego, the earned statement] Intuit [X outside the Box]
J = Jesus (Hail Zeus, The Son of God is Born) [Ego sweeping the other way now, towards and connecting to Community.] Jail, Joint, Join, Just, Joust, Jordan, Jet, Jester, Jury, Janice, Jainism, Jealous, Jettison, Joshua, James, Japan, Jolt, Jezebel
K = Kane, Khan, <  (less than equal) The hierarchy of Production and Ego above/greater than mere Sacrifice and Wisdom. The first statement I AM, no longer a slave to blind rhetoric and despair. Mechanized Brotherhood.
L = Lamda, Left, Learn, Loop, Loss, Lord, Lack, Lemek (to make low). [We reverse angles, as to now be looking out, Principles reverse sides. From the Left the 8th step in Phi count.] Lucifer (Light Bearer). Assumed completion, inverted, reversed, makes a Roman Numeral '1' in open box. -

*M = MU, Magnetic, Muscle, Magic(k), Marduk, Machine, Middle, Money, Much, More, Mass, Mud, Malachi, Messenger, Morph. [mid-point]
N = Nu, Nut, New, Now, Next [;also to Nullify. Begins with Expression (spheres are flipped) ending to Sacrifice in an up and down crossed 45 degree angle, (also both L and R alternating now) "N", invert, reversed, making this symbol 1X1. In Roman numerals this would be the number 11 with an additional side or 22 also seen as 12.]. I don't believe M and N are actually part of the alphabet, however signifying the operation and undulation cycles. I would beg to add A Sphere (O) at the Top, and A Sphere (O) at the Bottom as to replace the letters for a statement of functional union. *M and N are prompts. Flipped the M does what Particles do. The Establishment of 13 as the upper number in Phi.-
The Right

*O = Omega, Omicron , Operation, Ontological, Organized, Own. A return to Sphere as constant. This, is the end result, but one that must be maintained. Now Producing 4. The synthetic return. Complete, ubiquitous, transferable, superior, valid. -

The Left

*1) P = PI, Pleroma, PROTON, PHOTON, Phi, Psi, Phosphoros, Pythagoras, Phallus, Polyhedron, Proposal, Plan, Placement, Prime(r). A reversal pattern begins *Picture a reversed P backing the P.. Also inverted, inverted and reversed. We now have the Four Main Principles of Light and the center as a way through/back. Production (;Ego, Wisdom and Purity-center) Principle. This is: "O" S=Sphere/P=Pleroma/Q=Quanta/scalar field IE R=Radion.
2) Q = Quanta, Quingu, Quest, Qualify *Picture the sweep as being in four positions, the synthetic Sphere. Begins wave pattern (Sphere in Community flitting towards Sacrifice). 17th (truly 18th) 10 counting back (truly 11th).
3) R = Rho, Radion, Regulation. Reverse, Return. Also notice with 4 Distinct Spheres, only separated by TIME, there is also a current, the sweep in the R, which signifies regulated energy. [L;Community, Expression, Purity, Production and Ego as earned statement. R; Sacrifice, sweeping Wisdom towards Expression, but Closed off by Production and Ego, but to switch sides, as machine energy, pointing/going back to center or PURITY]
4) S = Sigma Space- [The energy as it is in balance NOW]. Suffrage, Sacrifice/Community and Expression/Wisdom sweeping through all energy pathways. Seth, Set, Snake, Sphere, Size, Sort, South, Semper (fi), Shock, System, SOUTH -

* T = TIME, TU, Torture, Truth, Theta, Thor, Tia-mat  Tau
UUpsilon, Unit, Unity-The sweeping notion of Wisdom and Expression, now earned
V =Volume, Vacuum, Vital, Vagina, Vase, Vortex, Vote-The inverted Pyramid, Womb-Man, earned reproduction

W = Work, Wise, Wonder, Wake, Wain/Wane, Was, Worn, Wide, womb-man, When, Walk, Wal(l), Warden, Whore, Whale (of moral denial) WEST
X = Xi [The construct symbol The Machine Sphere]
* W and X as angle; relationship with M and N in ritual

Y = Man, inverted as God, Yahshua

Z = ZETA, Zeus, Zoroaster, Zig(a)zag, Zipper, Zebra, Zygote. The Energy Pathway, which connects Left and Right

O = Sphere again Omega symbol [May be Quanta however denotes 2nd Q]
The Left

The Abecedary goes through Procession:
  • 9 energy is the combined forces of  L; S, R, Q, P and R; L, K, J, I, H
  • Special Positions/Angles: A, K, M, N, *R, V, W, X, *Y, Z. This Energy can thus move at angles, as in Diagonal. 
  • With 28 letters here, we get [EPL] 2nd Cycle of 8 or completion 'it is valid/true'
  • Special Group: *G- H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S *T- [counted as 13 from truth or Generation *Down *Up]
  • Principles Work Down to Special Group *above, as well as Up.
  • P is a Special Letter. When inverted (placed at each position) it uses Principle to become/complete~
  • I am inclined to brief; ALPHA, OMEGA to QUANTA as Triage or Ankh/Loop LIFE
  • Also see table:
  • Of old, the U and V were the same letter. If we go with this, as truth, then there is a special groups, which corresponds to: The 3 Phi grouping; U/V, T & S AND The 5 Phi Grouping of } R, Q, P, O, N.  "M" is then left as construct for constant IE Movement of Particles [inverted symbol placed onto upright symbol (potential flitting to also make ambigram)]. A decoder and validation tool, if you will. This tends to make more mathematical sense, as there are now 12 letters from the top, as well as 12 letters counted from the bottom, to reach M. "M" is then the 13th (Letter), from both top to bottom as well as bottom to top. I tend to think that there exists more than one single code taking place here, within the English Alphabet. This combination of U/V, if you will, looks more like a first out, first translation. Then, as to build onto ambiguity of U, separate, now from V, a visage. This, as a communication meant for those who will take the time to decode "it" for themselves
  • The Alphabet from M to Z, seems to be making the claim of completion, found within the meaning of each corresponding letter thus. Where as; A through L, leaves open the question of authentication or completions, as ritual or right. 

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