Friday, October 13, 2017

Real T.I.M.E. Solutions: Construct of The Game~


Construct of The Game-

 "More and more, when I sit at this desk, switch on this "Gaming Computer" (my Son's actually) and place on these expensive ear phones (I think they are still called earphones?), I feel as if I am sitting at the control panel of a Mighty Ship, and not necessarily a sea faring one." 

 There is a Silent Army. Recruitment, and the preparation for hostile take over and Galactic, Multidimensional War(fare), is taking place as we speak. Only, to the naked eye, tis' so tiny, so who cares?
To the unsuspecting Dinosaurs [those who are not awake, many 'Boomer's'], "they" are about to go extinct.

 I watched, with awe, the implications, as my Son, is inducted by actual military members into a special squad. "Is this really happening right now?", my mind couldn't entirely wrap "my own head" around such transient and yet here, fully morphed concepts of being and becoming!

 Meet Garry's Mod. It is, in real life (whatever that means today), a  massive mulit-player gamer's playground. The basic concept of Gary's Mod? One can build anything. The shapes, which are symbols, and construct(s) are there, only requiring that divine application. To build a construct within a construct which demands employment of further....construct.

 The World has just opened up. Yet, in current time, unplug the computer before you, and the entire 'thing', just disappears. I guess 'it', is a "thing", for one can look at their cyber hand, interact with other peoples avatars, and prepare for a deep space battle [the theme].

 I am specifically talking about being recruited, which one must do first, prior to play, prior to induction into an actual Clone Army [IE Star Wars].

 This, in it's qualitative scope, bends what we think of as dimensional existence and reality. Yet, the discussions that seemed so complex on the subjects of Space, Time, Symbols, Signs, Shift Color, Emanation IE the secret knowledge of all ages, comes reminiscent. The jargon seemed once so ontological, yet the language and it's meaning be one and the same [Ancient Egypt, Sumerian codex etc].

 The remote wiring, uptake, channeling, sensors, transmission, antennae, and avatar(s) are the easy parts. One could be controlling a suit, in *Real T.I.M.E. and not even know it. The suit could be placed anywhere. This would qualify as 3D, observing 2D, relayed to remote 3D Reality. Is this not what the Geometrical Value, within a Geometrical Value signifies, in terms of 4D, 5D  and UP?

 In other words, we have reached the status of 8 Dimensional Interfacing. It is all happening with the relay of a microchip processing unit, which "receives prompts, and re-understands, then reinterprets the solution [also quite literally the environmental solution].

 A Persons Character could, become quite *Real, in essence, become more real than the Person [as in; "what is body/host?]. Only with the need to one day transfer consciousness, fully, to the Avatar [Brain Mapping and Digital Transfer]. A Person could be parlaying this information that is only using Iris Based Technology,  'They' crippled, yet controlling a structure that weighs many earth tons, literally anywhere in the Universe, perhaps beyond?

 With Brain Mapping, and data/construct transfer "of" an actual person into a suit. The Suit, which 'subject' has (from conception/birth) controlled, and earned with merit, becomes more real than 'they'. This is more than ever possible, quite possibly taking place NOW. There is little limitation towards the said 'biological nature' of the matter which be supplied as Host to The Consciousness [EPL; HtTC].

 The only thing that this entire mind bending concept truly proves be that ENERGY, shows no bounds. Further, that energy, and more so the motive force behind it, the Will to Exist, and the combined assistance with other Masons or Builders, shows a way. Like Ants, creating a bridge across a river, so has Man, NOW, traversed Space/Time. In that within the very Space of a pin head, the re-translation projected into space can create more space?


 If the same consciousness, 'takes up' two spaces, when that consciousness shrinks back, does that space (once full with consciousness and directive), collapse into itself, leaving yet now inverted space?

 The answer is Yes, due to one 'player' simply getting up to go to the rest room. Yet the construct be supported by others, who continue with said consciousness, as to support the said cyber field [construct of the game].

Now look up, Identity RPG [Role Play Game]

Stellar Mass 13~

Footnote} though Garry's Mod has been around for years [I have been watching], it is the computer of our day, and emergent ones at that, which open up 'the space', for greater perceived structures, to be built. Further for the real time applications to be visited 'here'. The quality of such games, can and will, thus rival and beat current reality and what that means to us IE Meaning. 

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