Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Quanta; the clock always hits 13th Expression~


3, 6 & 9...12 in transition [which is 13~Q~]
                                                                                  All the while there is a center, as well as 
                                                                                         Exo-Emanation =6
                                                                                         (7 Perceiver, which is also 8 Phi)

'The Dualism'
Esoteric Buddhism

8 = 1 = 0


"The Triage, which is 4, thus 3 and 5"
Esoteric Principles of Light

8 is 13 (in perfection) = 1 viewing 3 (trinity), as to become an active part (4) = O or Sphere
       B (which is both 2, 3, 13, 8 and X Spheres of Light at Work) = Dualism as ~O~ flitting

IE The Flicker~


8 + 13 = 21 + Perceiver = 22/ 2 + 2 = 4/X
O or Sphere (or B + B (+ B addition post X structural Integrity IE Balance)

*Can the theorem thus support an actual structure? Yes to EPL, No to EB~

Inverted 9E
9E or 9Energy simply takes the 5 and 4 and builds carbon upon this as structure~Clue
A Machine built upon the yield of over lapping T.I.M.E. squared

 Left Math continues on 23, 24, 25, 26 energy again is lost, bouncing back to that Phi realm. 
Right Math kicks most of it's energy back into the first Phi realm IE 0-21 (22 bounce back). There is surplus of energy [yield] in which to go back < and sufficient energy to thus go > forwards. The zero in the next number column sequence IE tens, hundreds, thousands, etc...are locking off the next Phi and in terms of the Left Pi Flat Time sequence [of count]. 

In conclusion;
There is Straight Count Math, that of the Left based on Pi as Construct. 
There is Phi count Math, which works with the Laws of entropy and on towards enthalpy, and the energy of 9E or Dark Matter, in with the total equation of semi-final synthesis. 

O point Energy is, Mass or Weight, that result called Gravity, a Magnetic Primer Yield or Byproduct of Spherical Shift Energy, spinning back onto itself, along with the other supportive Spheres of Exist. 

The Right is Perfect, and thus perpetuates on Perfection, Upon Reaching 9, the divine number of completion, an aspect of the energies continue on, to make 21, bouncing off 22. Some of the Energies remain at 13, thus finding balance. While still other "messengers" bounce back to O (Sphere).

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