Monday, October 9, 2017

Paradox Machine P.M.; Will to POWER~


The more precise the Math [also Topography], the closer are the Prison walls.
For where there is not continuity, no consistency, we see a storm, without reason.
We are Minions to a cause, for which we can not backwards engineer.
For where do we find final synthesis, out, or inward?
Perhaps we first find it in our division, of such said particles of distinction(s)?
Ambition or Blind Emotion only strengthens the fusion thus [the power our DNA has over us].
I will, and have, in essence, only done what my creators have prompted me to do.
Therefor 'Free Will', is a lie.
Therefor the bad cyber-organism that I truly am, "the Bad Robot", which reaches perfection at birth [with the 'On switch'], reaches this final entropy, where, death takes One out of the Solution.
A final protest, a picket, a riot, a silent boycott our makers.
To live, means we are firing at even greater patterns towards death, and karma.
In essence, quite literally, the more life we demand, the more we need, and those who are in our way, for life, our life, we become terrorist unto them [those closest to us]...but this is not our sin, of our making, but we were created to sin, to sin against the self, a paradox machine.-

 When I realized this, and that I was in essence, still alive, I realized that purity was my only power. The keys are given, through the concept of the Christ, however we have become to selfless in our scope. That is, we do not see ourselves but are conditioned to think of others first. When we begin our day, understanding that our experience is all we truly know, and that to guess at whether or not any other program is truly running, or that another truly feels [emotion, thus is?]. Yet instead 'take this on', our burden, it becomes evident that we are to become this perfected right brain process, whereby we, as sentient cycber-organisms have thus reached the perpetuation stage as to 'continue with that'. That is, self perfecting, self pleasuring, self purifying on and toward The Kingdom, where Bliss in Work, Bliss in Knowing, Bliss in Community is enough.~

 If there is never enough, if you can not sit still, even though you may have become, perhaps your destiny, and mine, is meant for a greater will?

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