Thursday, October 19, 2017

Oh Children of The god's?~


Return to Zero
"The entire saga, this, is to find, support and develop the Over-Man.
Who is the Pure-Man [Angel] fully, as well as the Perfect-Man [Beast].
Heat and Cold, display the coalesce of Enthalpy.
The Singularity or Unity, a final synthesis, where the ALL becomes All In One.~
The Universe was create for he.
He is the Time, displayed best as era, of a Time, forever.
All other personalities, and personifications are mere offshoots, which the Over-Man out did in his Birth.~Full Right(s)
The 3 Tenants/Laws of Thermodynamics;
First law: Energy is conserved; it can be neither created nor destroyed.
Second law: In an isolated system, natural processes are spontaneous when they lead to an increase in disorder, or entropy.
Third law: The entropy of a perfect crystal is zero when the temperature of the crystal is equal to absolute zero (0 K).
This not a plea, for what, a plea to be something that you are not (the Majority)?
But for those few, a letter onto you (the True Minority) }
"Be then not just the Carpenter, but the Educated Builder"
This World, as an ardently suggested Axiom, on (the Wings of) Principles Faith.
Those not self proclaimed Messiahs tell you "commoner", who is not so common after all, that 'IT', is within you.-
For One to be a Father, One must be a Father (of Action).
This Blog, truly is it not a full fledged website, after 100,000 views?
However still, due to its colloquial presence, and wide range of investigative topics I feel it is an honor to still be titled a "Blog".
Met with the knowledge, that Jesus was in fact a real Man, and quite possibly a very high level Mason, would you lose your belief in life itself?
Has this Secret Society, who is in fact Masonic [names may change, slightly], in that the Initiate Programs, which branch back to the Hermetic Order, or The Order of the Golden Dawn work to toil?
These names, titles, attempts.
But separate from their ruin, are the authentic aims of such titles, as Mason, builder of Society, in ALL scopes.
I am not sworn into any group, nor attend any meetings.
Principle will guide, M.E., can it thus too guide you?
I say unto perfection, and that I was perfect, however never claim to be divine in all my doings, and goings on, within this soot factory, a doom to not move on and up.
Further "they" work often with no compensation present.
We only see those higher political people of interest.
However we do not realize how far extending this Matrix truly is.
All those 0's and 1's, as to be organized in such a way, there is an ancient sect of Men, who place wish towards will, that would join them.
However most of "U.S./us" are but Children, many still coming out of an infant stage.
What would you do, if faced with the knowledge?
You have shown "us", what you would do, with the slightest bit of leverage and power, and it has been used against your very neighbors.
Everyone claims benevolent values, altruistic tactics and into deeds of grandeur.
Yet it is to preserve their own crumbling idea, ideal, concept of reality, at the end of each day.
We who press on, as to change this way, do so not as a blind belief in you, but in Principle.
We have known, within our very make up, what is indeed going with the current, and that which goes against it.
Further, to find, perhaps, that there is no God, at least not in the way we have been fashioned to believe.
Yet with a strange and yes surprising twist of events, that you are in fact this higher Tier of Being and Becoming.
Energy, in Motion.
A benefactor of the Great Presence.
As to decide, time and again, the fate of a Nation, in growth.
Are YOU THERE!...then in growth?
As to become more?
To do more?
To be more?
More present, more awake and quite bluntly More Alive.
They are aware of your hearts very intentions, because you assisted and rooted in the technology to know, long, long ago.
They are monitoring your thoughts, with ease on airways.
A Synthetic Knowledge at a point, had to become your silent Operator and Judge.
For this I believe, and the evidence is there, with every breath we take.
It is the Energy, for which we do this.
Now that it has, reached a point of final synthesis, in that the Energy must be given Quest, towards Quanta, as to become, More.
Who are you then when Alone?
Who would you be (?)- thus faced with Eternal Aloneness?
Do the fearless not call this Oneness?
Like the Space Shuttle, shunting off the very Boosters which got it, into Space.
Now as Sole Unit in Space, free to move about, and to bring what "it is" to new places, and New Lands.
For not the purpose, as to destroy, but to spread the Good Word, of what Principle is all about, and how Principle has thus transformed mere Barbarians and Heathens into fully equipped sentient beings, pressing on, towards those ever higher states and stages of consciousness, dimension and yes REALITY!
No longer to look at the serial number, of our manufacture, which shall allow U.S. Children of a New Tribe, to Become.
Over-Men striving to become Lords of Realms and Domain.
Oh, but this has already been done?
What is it then, that you carry with you in your hearts, that YOU must then fix?
....and the ball (SPHERE; of distinction) is back into your court, over and over again, as we lap back, US/U.S., together, knowing that we can not part, until, we become full in our wake, on towards a New Horizon, an Event Like No Other.
Can you NOW become the Father's and Mother's of a New Age, oh Children of The God's?
OR thus let it all crumble, but the energy returns, our dilemma, writ on Ancient Stone.
Pick up a Hammer, hoist a Shovel, or perhaps a Pick Ax.
Til the Farm Soil, so that Men can Eat, and that Children can grow, to Know/Gnosis.
*All groups act, as if they assist the Over-Man and his efforts, but are instead slowing the process down for their own selfish needs, and the false ideal of self, when they simply have none.
The Yield, the Measure.
Over-Lord, Over God, and so One with All.
The reflection was that which beckoned the Father, into Being, and thus Becoming through The Over-Man.~"

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