Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Master Morality and M.E.-


 We, as machines are largely genetically conditioned to be what be considered highly immoral but also hyper-moral and; "Synthetically Natural Pure Source, tethered to Beast with Soul/Sol and Sole... sort of Creature". Perhaps that last frontier, inter-dimensionally speaking?

 We are left with those, who have thus factored out those genetic flaws, and over time found there were certain traits supreme, that displayed in grand succession who they invariably are.

 This leaves much disparaging, and would to most. In that, Spiritual Quanta defines a certain Spiritual Synthetic a posteriori.

  • We are built, to the specs of the Universe at play
  • All space-time travel involves the Sphere.
  • ...But there is also Time-Space Travel, which are two different and varied modes, of Travel. Think about it like this; we do it every day only on a reduced scale. In working with Chi or causing gluttonous chaos[aimed at Self].

When we work with Sphere, we are at One with Sphere. When we attempt to bisect the Sphere we are attempting control of The Sphere.

 Those then thought; 'why not make a sphere of our own?'

"Time is on a variable. Flat time is a containment holding pattern. I believe that Nietzsche was more correct than any wish or will to acknowledge. It was however a collection of all great Philosophers as to decipher those extroverted, as well as introverted notions. Seeing now, how things appear, and thus are, we project to all points of the sphere, as to "finish", what we have started.["]-
 ["]Now place a symbol on the outside of a Flying Orb, and see it become infinite in its circulatory pattern. An "A" becomes a radiating Sphere, and the Cross is very similar, when placed side by side, around a center or axis of rotation. All is moving, all are symbols, moving. Each becomes a display of it's own Truth, a final End Product. On to another quadrant of Exist, where refinement now combines symbols to make Letters, and Letters back to numbers, only now writ, and not thought. A dance between the Existential and the Inner Dialogue, once a madness, now a calm soothing coitus occurs with self. There is no more reason to fear, the Child has become thus Master."

 The Extroverted Self makes effort, as to 'find thyself outside thyself''. Therefor it is first and thus only [complete], prior to the extroversion, an attempt. The actuality or Actualization, did not need self aware consciousness to validate it's purpose of I AM [number, infinite, and without the need of count].

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