Friday, October 20, 2017

EPL Theory on Black Holes being vacuum.


EPLsingularity Principle states:
Two opposing yet supportive Shift, culminating in one specific region or zone of Space, yet relative to Shift Spherical Time, by way of adjacent graduating Shift Spherical Zones, also giving off "radiation". -The Black Hole

Gravity, is thus that supportive force which is a byproduct of Shift also, or Massive Spherical Influence.
This creating an energy current, which backdrafts, pulls, and propels (adds to) Shift Momentive Operation or Force, and thus influences dualistic Shift In Opposition IE the Black Hole got its origins from this behavior.

Black Holes are bubbles of vacuum in space, when tangent.
The distance between the event horizon of local Black Holes shows the Universal Time, and when all energy will invariably be Drawn as to create void within what we now consider steady state.

There must be then a junction point for two massive Shift spheres at such} Black Hole relative locations-localized.

There are three main ways this can be viewed.:
In the entirety of Universe;
  • The Universe is becoming a Black Hole/vacuum
  • The Universe is "un-becoming" a Black Hole/vacuum
  • Mulitverse is held valid

Due the fact that Black Hole's draw matter into Apex rather than deject out unto 'the field' means the Black Hole is converting matter into itself?
Rather, the Black Hole, being low in energy, relative to it's mass, then makes effort to support its own structural laws, the same ones existent outside of the increasing void, of the Black Hole.
Thus the Black Hole draws in, as a last ditch effort, to support it's own size to relative mass.
This borrowing takes place, at a lesser rate, than the Black Holes loss-ratio.
The Black Hole is in essence losing it's vacuum, as it is a vacuum.This when a junction point is not present (Spherical meeting point of Massive Shift).
Multiverse be held valid as Spherical representations. Different version of theory entirely?
Vacuum is then create due of void, which brought about by the energy collapse of a given structure (item can no longer support it's coded energy demands IE structure of support).
The Black Hole is thus, at or below 'Absolute Zero'.~

EPL calls this Mechanical Blank Slate Infusion~

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  1. The Black Hole draws in energy and matter due to it's need to feed on energy and matter? If the Black Hole can supercompensate post depletion as in a muscle cell, then the Black Hole invariably produces space (blank slates energy, or meaning, into matter).~