Monday, October 16, 2017


The few, the select, the true initiates into God's realm-
Protect, the all

"I" am a founder of EPL (Esoteric Principles of Light). EPL is a study guide, a light and motion meditation, a focus on the use of "God's" power, as a scientific definite. EPL has a firm and steadfast Faith in God's true word, as a whole. Philosophically also employing some NHC scripts, namely the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Truth and others, as a hub to EPL teachings. EPL does not place Faith only in the Nag Hammadi and Dead Sea scrolls, as well as other Gnostic text, but relies on many other scripts/codex. EPL believes in a wide range of educations, in the form of other religions, philosophies and esoteric "initiate" type systems (FM, RC, Mithraic "mysteries"). Some ancient, thus specified as "bordering on the occult" (Zoroastrianism, Ancient Judaism, Esoteric Buddhism), as necessary information. It is EPL's contention that this information is available to guard the chosen select, from error, with certainty, by way of intent. Real science, like Quantum physics and true medical science (Chinese medicine, some forms of alchemy and physiological therapies; endocrine system, orthomolecular science, chronobiology more) are just to name a few. This over laps, even what seem to be modern, in our time, considered now esoteric/intellectual. An agenda to block most, by way of totalitarianism, goodness be reached by way of true intellect. The "Messiah" is the reining Lord and Savior, of a time, and era, the higher mind, the hub to the ONEMIND, and is God's pure and perfect Son, giving the rest a chance for redemption. Meditate, pray, focus and intend on peace, with the highest intellectual aspirations, and make the world better with ONEMIND visualizations, protect all. The Holy Bible was written in codes, Jesus Christ proved all our identity, and transcendence.-EPL

Barry Masteller
Esoteric Principles of Light

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