Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Slave~

The Slave, only sees the payment, for an effort, which may or may not elevate he/she, to a higher status, for which they will (by creation), never reach [the Goal].
Conditioned with disinformation.
The slave is our enemy, built to infiltrate the Principle Structure from the inside/out.
The slave puts on the Masters Clothes, when the Master leaves the House.
I did this great article and pressed the sidebar on the mouse I am currently facilitating and bloop...gone in a flash.
I was writing about the: slave class; a people who are manufactured, supported as well as conditioned to be our terrorists.
Yet this topic leads into so many others.
We have those class of people who are constantly, from a molecular scale level 'proving themselves Phi perfect', when they clearly are not.
From their disproportionate bodies, from poor posturing, poor choices; the reactivity to stress, when/what/how much to eat, restful sleep, lack or lapse in relaxation techniques.
Slowly the stress, like a viper, waits to make it's kill.
It is said that a cubit, as a divine sort of measure be as such}
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For other uses, see Cubit (disambiguation).
Egyptian cubit rod in the Liverpool World Museum
Cubit rod of Maya, 1336-1327 BC (Eighteenth Dynasty)
The cubit is an ancient unit based on the forearm length from the tip of the middle finger to the bottom of the elbow.
Cubits of various lengths were employed in many parts of the world in antiquity, during the Middle Ages and as recently as Early Modern Times.
The term is still used in hedge laying, the length of the forearm being frequently used to determine the interval between stakes placed within the hedge.[1]
The EPL Plan(c)k long is a unit of measure as such}
*Regarding the unit, the size of the individual regardless of a standard measure is the length of the entire armature of that being, and those who share in it's distinction are birds of a feather.
When we understand this Principle based method, and intuitively feel the energy transfer, it is as if we were surfing through the Stars.
We are, in essence all Star Stuff.
The inch, is a misleading lie.
It is, and always has been the Plank long, which denotes all other false measure, as the plank leads you to, all scales of exists, acting as a navigator, a built in compass, and a square.
The truth is, that the bisection of the circle is merely a 2D view, of the Sphere, and its track, being played out, as it wraps about the sphere, looping, playing the dance as a disc(/k), as energy does transfer on, seeming to leave markings of a sophisticated system of intricate technological wonder, yet is, in essence, only making haste to find completion, where there is none.
Completion comes only from the promise of growth, as to where to place the excess, accretion from perpetual movement.
The answers are obviously found in the graffiti on a micron scale.
'For those who have eyes-SEE!'+-

Further, when one takes into consideration the multifariousness of 1 being 3, 3 being 6 then becoming 9, yet then being 0 the sphere and the Avalon or way of travel is a program playing itself out, "this" becomes [to the seer'] yet more evident. 



nounnoun: slave, plural noun: slaves
  • 1.a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them.synonyms:serfvassalthrallbondsmanbondswomanantonyms:freemanmaster
  • a person who works very hard without proper remuneration or appreciation:"by the time I was ten, I had become her slave, doing all the housework"synonyms:drudgeservantlackeyminiongofer
  • a person who is excessively dependent upon or controlled by something:"the poorest people of the world are slaves to the banks"synonyms:devoteeworshiperadherentfanlover... more
  • a device, or part of one, directly controlled by another:"a slave cassette deck"
  • an ant captured in its pupal state by an ant of another species, for which it becomes a worker.
verbverb: slave, 3rd person present: slaves, gerund or present participle: slaving, past tense: slaved, past participle: slaved
  • excessively hard:"after slaving away for fourteen years, all he gets is two thousand"synonyms:toillaborgrind awaysweatwork one's fingers to the bone... more
  • subject (a device) to control by another:"should the need arise, the two channels can be slaved together"

Word OriginMiddle English: shortening of Old French esclave, equivalent of medieval Latin sclava (feminine) ‘Slavic (captive)’: some South Slavic peoples had been reduced to a servile state by conquest in the 9th century.

Master–slave morality

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