Saturday, October 7, 2017

Title; must be earned~


...and so, the truth is a fact, and fact be based on "what we do' as in case law; 'such is the case'.
We are to capitalize the form of Proper Nouns, but yet one must first identify truth, with fact, in order to do so, which implies an order of things, places, times and events IE Space/Time~
We took it as such.
That we could trust the word of a reliable Master.
We now must prove Him reliable, but by what standard do we do this, using what model?
Only that within him the directive of Principle is prompt.
Yet then we would not be trusting in a free thinking, and living, quantum based machine, but rather, trusting in a piece of technology, bent with a certain aim, to further franchise upon (they; hidden behind the curtain, yet as rats coming out for only spoils).
This is why I found, fundamentally, why I could not simply feel that false confidence others did, in the accuracy in their 'feelings', they felt the moment, but at what and whose cost?
Laughable, if I said 30 years ago that "it is quite possible the world is only 600-800 years old."
Now, the questions and answers make it impossible to decipher, only by case law, or steady state, can we even make a hasty statement (/claim) about/on the topic of 'whats real'.
Electromagnetism can create decay that appears as time, and in fact [in a nutshell] is the spin of T.I.M.E..
There will be great backlash, and serious anger, when Christianity be actually proven as a complete conspiracy, oh the piety create.
However, in Christianity's scope, it created a better model, for law, as to elevate the animal, towards a much higher status of being and becoming- parameters.
Knowing there aren't, in fact, parameters, we spin in blind rhetoric, yet still, we do, only dilating the thought, as Phi opens up. Tis' as if,  we hopped on the trolley just long enough, to catch the next quantum wave, meeting that next junction point...oh deliverance.
If all this, current status, be based on falsity, a set Jewish Law, a contrivance, then we have found our culprits, and the gun is still smoking.
One can not advance nor launch from anothers ideas, concepts, degree as well as effort absent paying the toll, correct?
We have reached that uncomfortable place, which we denied existed for the long.
We now live in a World, a Universe, where there are no apparent facts, for even those hermetic facts, can be disproved entirely within the flush of an Electromagnetic Storm, the Great Deluge.~
But I AM, your enemy, because I AM?

 So let me get this straight, I carry more weight because I am physically stronger? No, rather this actually, in fact, in truth, entitles me, by force, to the Lions share of spoils, else you would have nothing to eat without me-Strength.

 Is there not then a steady standard state? Are my Quarks then stronger and larger than yours as well? At what point, at what measure is the Giant then free?

After all, then, once your belly be full from it, is strength not to you a disposable thing, simply because you have far less of it?

...what then gives you the right, to place franchise upon it? Oh that's right (correct), your name is Deception.

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