Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Principle Based Thinking


Principle Based Thinking

Limited is the false construct of "dimensional divisions"-sanctions to be sure.
Everything that is thought, said, or done in deed is ritual.
I changed my name, because of this, this changed my interfacing and thus interaction with the field about.
What if, a character in a game was more intelligent than you are?
Say that He could move about freely, through all planes of motion, score highly on an IQ test, regarded himself as subject, even had feelings of hot and cold, emotion.
He was after all create of brain mapping.
He was the result of years in the make, countless peoples actions, impulses, questions and answers, an integral aspect of his make up.
He with an identity, a name, a place, a quest which reached further beyond a finite body.
He, capable of interacting absent arms, but with light based EM with the outside world.
Yet in the scope of our perspective he is still 2 dimensional?
We assume this because of his origin?
Where then would the localized concentrated thought, of the very Quantum Super Computer be centered?
For now it has a personality, a center point, on which to validate it's own existence, and ah ha moment, to be sure.
WHO then is more real?
Who is the judge then of center, sphere or localization?
Is the one who is experiencing at the greatest degree not the one who is actually experiencing, as in the axiom?
When we speak of dimension, we really are challenging the assumption of object and subject.
Thereby so boldly as to separate observer from the two.
Our minds, and their awareness are working on a much greater scale, only inhibited by our nervous system, as to except the multiple prompts, within a certain time scope, as it relates to the space around it.
We want the dimensions to exist within an objective construct, that is asserting and assuming location as a constant in the equation.
Who says that two identical spheres can not take up the same space? This is the quantum solution, infinite when light and extreme heat and cold are placed into the equations [;vacuum].
The dimension however implied, exists absent our awareness of it.
Many beings validly living within another Shift Light Spectrum entirely, yet is this then still the same space? More so by whose standard, collectively speaking?
When we speak of living within a certain dimensional construct, we are truly alluding that we are to build this awareness with the assistance of technology IE we wish to interface.
We wish to touch with 3D hands, a 4 dimensional world.
We have reached beyond the 4 dimensional construct.
Simply with the combined uses of quantum computing, real time printing and light based magnetic applications, combined, we are able to walk talk and live within the actual solution.
We, however do not need to be able to see, for the validation of this to occur.
We thus may place on a pare of oculus style glasses, fly a drone and walk at the same time...no one said we needed to experience it for it to be valid, nor that the dimensions experienced, must take place in the same place [local].
This type of mundane location based thinking, is why most can not fathom experiencing anything beyond this.
Simply, it is happening in real time all around us, with respect to different shift light, and frequency substantiated existence, only limited by our localized awareness of such a thing.
Consciousness, our lack of dilation with respect to thought, and multi-spherical influence [multiverse experience/interaction] at that, keep us safe.
The Dragon can not attack because it can not see us, until we see it first...awareness.
More over, if we think the same thought, and apply the same methods, there is no single operating mind.
We may not see the resultant manifestation with respect to carbon based imprinting IE objective affect.
However the objects energy has thus been affected, by proxy, from multiple locations, from the same thought impulse, which is of the same mind.
It is the mind projection, which is the very hand of will.
Persona or Personality IE titles lock in location.

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