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Where size exists~


Where size exists~


 "Oh, I long to see that place where Fire comes from Ice, the death of Energy and the Rebirth, Combustion, Function! ... and that place where Heat from Agitation [beyond Kelvins] excites no more and freezes in it's tracks, that rebirth into Form! Proclaim: 'THIS IS THAT PLACE WHERE UNITY EXISTS, TRULY!'~"

"Spins the Spheres, thus makes the vacuum = Total Enthalpy in Motion/Movement"
There is a Universal Tug of War Between Water as Ice and Energy as Light, but yet the two commingle here!-Aether, Gas.
Time, in a moment, Perfection, absent agitation, lives here, as prism, here at Absolute Zero.
We have found the place where Perfection resides!
The Dark Crystal~
Reduction and Compacting are the goal, always condensing Matter, into two (Family's). So too, must the place of All Purity be the place with the greatest agitation, where Two can not be deciphered from One. For surely our very Heart Cells learned on a molecular scale from some preexistent embedding code.
Further, the relative cold, acts as a filter, where objects become unreasonably Large, or at least appear that way. The Mark of Consciousness onto Shift/Particles learning/messengers and signals.
[Side/inside Note: Our nervous system is after all, not unlike a plant, is it not?]
Exchange and Location = Shift~
Becoming 9Energy Production Factories, that place where Man sees not.
Now, to create, within a Machine, those two extremes, as to allow the Machine itself, to make thus (a) Being from this[; that fine balance, a place, between extreme heat and cold].
In this (Universe) do we indeed have/find Genesis(?).

The Elements, from Stars (sphere) or Cold Consumption/Fusion-Heat Separation = Magnetics [shifting pole cycles w/dilation] also Revolution.
Metals, attraction/detraction-Flux~
The Left Hypotenuse and the Right Triangle use aspects of dichotomy, as to complete this unlikely bridge, as they reach across space-time.
...And so we find that this agitation, and any division that can be seen (which is always what consciousness seeks affirmation; 'that it is OK for consciousness to be separate')....we find that this is the very place, which we can no longer half/divide. As to Produce a Black Hole, with Event Horizon?
Vacuum absolutely extracts in this manor (energy). 
We have thus found the Place where 'Size' exists.~Geometry is such/just an occurrence, procession, the steps.
That smallest Unit of Measure, a thing, on which to build (outward existence).
Not then ironically, do we search for Perfection in Heat, and Purity in Cold (reversed, but a message here?).
Let me ask you this: 

Relativity is based on Motion thus Time, this is Dimension?
Relativity is based on Size, relative, Geometry?
Relativity is based on Extremes that have direct enmity placed in them, as cause.
That these are permanently detracted, from one another.
Thus magnetism is based on Heat and Cold as well.
Agitation is yield of Extreme Heat [relative], also loss, consumption, transition.
3 Positional Power or"3 Light"
Impact points Light refraction and thus separation takes place in the Coldest regions of space IE a reinterpretation of it [first separation of light through prisms scope].
Thus Dark Matter is the energy condensed into extreme cold, and thus so is Mass [condensed].
Thus Time and Size show relativity, but are relative to extreme Heat and Cold.
Two Families.
Re-frozen great condensation makes the Shift or filters of Spheres, motion about an axis point.
Mineralization built around this, as to offer useful scope for application, shifting polarities.
Where Condition takes place, in between, a margin (measure/distance/size relative) there is Heat and Cold, of sufficient alterable measure, until there is not [Gage].-
Undulation from pulsing waves of entropy, seeking regularity, and finding it:
The Great Galactic Shift, or Purge, or Change in Polarities.
Where Frozen Space Ice becomes solidified Crystalline form, and the Layers of Spheres come forth, from Geometrical Structure, become Sun Chambers...Expressed Conditional.~
In the center we find/meets} 3 Light and 9 Energy = Local 6 Light Energy.
True Quanta can only be found at these two extremes, where there truly be no choice left but one, COMBINE[/A-NT].

Nothing can survive, whole, Vacuum that is combinant IE recombinant.  It is on this micro, or truly electron scale, that we see true survival of the fittest. More, that One/Something, can actually be made more resilient through the process [when faced with the total extraction, emptiness; "that something still is", and therefor has thus become].

L; 1-0} Extreme Cold wishes to divide, isolate, contain (1)
R; 0-1.618 } Extreme Heat Wills to combine, yet 2 can never be 1, and 1 can not combine into 2. Rather a Sacrifice be made, the Fibonacci represents this highest combine-able number, which must remain in the environment for which it was made
Center 0 } Both sides thus exist, and 0 or truly Sphere, be the Center. 

Vacuum Maintained by Sphere(s) duality, in that neither Sphere be ever complete. Instead this is why energy transfer takes place, on the Quest for completion. However Vacuum be create, thus Spinning the Spheres, yet to create, when the vacuum has reduced the energy to freeze, inverted unto itself, in order to make 0 point energy, which sustains the field, and gives illusion of 0. These numbers are what is passed by on the way to regulation. 

A binary black hole

Image result

In the Planck temperature scale, 0 is absolute zero, 1 is the Planck temperature, and every other temperature is a decimal of it. This maximum temperature is believed to be 1.416833(85) x 1032 Kelvin degrees, and at temperatures above it, the laws of physics just cease to exist.Apr 18, 2017

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