Monday, October 16, 2017

EPL: Pure Man~


Does there exist, good and evil?
If evil seems to be inherent in some Men
Good must also.
When a Man naturally, originally, from his own so called state or condition, just is...good.
Then Society stands in breach for assuming 'observable goodness', or 'contribution potential' as greater than that Man's natural state of being.
This is where the gauntlet drops.
As for this contributions yield, only piles of sand, empires at that.
When ironically twas' the perfect Man which society was suppose to yield in and through organization.
Imperfect Man, with his own so called conditions assumes to be working at a higher state, yet only to produce *random jets of energy.
The will is placed instead on pleasure, displayed as the cross which leans to the left, the "X".
*rather we search for enthalpy
Where the Hermetic Order, at the upper tiers, takes lead over said Masonic ones, though to each, the origin be the same,
such as typical Man.
Was it not their society, which bent me, disturbed me towards recognition, that the existential ideal was after all more important than individual bliss...which is the ultimate progression?`
So society bent, distorted and thus contorted originally Perfect Man (Pure Man), which is to hang him at/on a cross ("X" in balance).
As to sacrifice him so that others may too ascend, (when) it simply was not to be, and therefor isn't to stay clandestine (secret). 
[writ into the very code which comprised them].
Yet the perfect and yes also pure Man, transcended to meet the needs of condition, and was thus conditioned to a worse state by knowing them.
Again, alone, he blissfully shines as a Star, but far removed from they.
Still they live off of his light, and make every effort to mimic him and even claim that they are in fact him.
More so that they are original, authentic and to the blasphemy of why they will never truly exist?
Based on impulse, or reactivity, they claim that they are GREATER!?
Does there exist good and evil?

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