Wednesday, October 11, 2017

EPL: Spooky T.I.M.E.(s)


                                          Spooky T.I.M.E.(s)

 I turn on the radio, to a station. The station has a coordinates, existing within a certain MHz so it is a place/space. I decide one day to play the station, cleverly I bounce the signal back and forth within an oscillator which takes up a dimensional size, which corresponds to the frequency itself. I set the light spectrum to the same relative coordinates, using Sun light, and a filter. I remotely turn it on, and the amplitude seems to build upon itself. I can no longer see into the room. I try to enter, first with my right hand, and it begins to vibrate my entire body, "tis' as if it will tear me apart". For some intuit based reason, I then try with my left hand. It feels more calming. I continue until my head is nearly inside. I now have a visual horizon and the room looks the same, yet the outer shell seems to ripple. I now enter with my body fully 'inside'. 
 I look down and realize I have not addressed the floor, and so I begin to shift the oscillator and widen the scope, so that both ends nearly meet. The two seem drawn toward one another, and the seem looks as if temporarily, nearly sealed.
 Suddenly my hands begin to change shape, to a blocky dimensional look, then my eyes begin to feel the same. I try and jump out, but seem to hit some sort of force that seems now solid. I shift the oscillator back and manage to give just enough space for myself to flee. I look back into the oscillation chamber for one last view as I am going, transitioning from this world [dimension], unto the one from which I first came, and I see him begin to form on the opposite side of me, as if entering the sphere. As I step out, "it" seems to be stepping in. However when I am fully exited from the newly formed location, I see nothing inside, "curious", I say to myself.

 I pull the oscillator apart, and stop the radio transmission into it at once. As I am doing this I hear a voice speaking to me from the radio signal of frequency 'where I just was'. The voice said 'Hello, hello, is anybody out there?'`
Shaking my head profusely all I can seem to mutter is "Spooky times, spooky times!"

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