Thursday, October 5, 2017

'Common sense is not so common.'


'Common sense is not so common.'
Ever heard that phrase?
What is common is; that which exists around us always, as a facilitating mechanism.
Common is more so the ontological energies which surround a pleroma each moment of everyday, transcending and yet bridging time.
Common sense is to do with extreme heat and absolute zero cold, as a rule of measure.
Common sense is not related to fear, or the fear of protecting man-suit.
On the contrary, Common sense is to do with noticing when the crows (#) come and when they laugh, and how many times they may do so.
Common sense is to look around at this agenda and carefully deduct not why, but what is happening and what comes next, typically.
You will see a format, then a solution.
Many of us "ontological thinkers" (true scientist), place on the cap of well meaning citizen.
However we fight a much loftier war than the present eye could ever account, or the human brain could process alone, or the nervous system can possibly fathom.
I find that as people lose what is typically seen as 'common sense', as in 'don't just walk into the street absent looking'.
We actually see more people being killed in these seeming ludicrous ways.
The reaching out to what is real, which is more common than fitting into a system which makes haste to kill and trap your very soul or energy force, in order to perpetuate the lie.
If it were entirely established, that we never die, more so that the soul remembers and goes on through the system of karma, death would not be a terrible nor horrifying event. On the contrary, we would see those soul forces, beings...US(!) embrace death as a process, a challenge, and a valuable learning tool. 

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