Saturday, October 14, 2017

W.E. Ubiquitous Notions~


E= Energy
towards Quanta


adjective: ubiquitous
  1. present, appearing, or found everywhere.

    "his ubiquitous influence was felt by all the family"

    synonyms:omnipresent, ever-present, everywhere, all over the place, pervasiveuniversalworldwideglobalMore
mid 19th century: from modern Latin ubiquitas (from Latin ubique ‘everywhere,’ from ubi ‘where’) + -ous.

Time and timing is often missed, when relating as well as constructing fundamental applications, in all fields. Biotechnology and the Quantum [mechanics/computation], not withstanding.
This shows a malice towards fundamentally understanding 'environmental solutions'.
In that the potential life of a said given Object must Become Life of a Becoming Thing.
A separate environment, which conserves the Burgeoning Object at question [IE A New Device, A New Sound Genetic Strand (which has all components to hence support Life)].
After all, the Stars, and their alignment, were fundamental in ear marking our division, known as autonomy to us (truly identity).
Time rotations, a pleroma of 'it's' own.
When the items came into being IE birthdate/time.
There is far to much emphasis on what the item will be construct of, and not enough attention paid to the when.
If we find sequence in a code, we are looking at an event, which leads into/unto another event, creating impact points.
These impact points then release an energy, a force, which can be related to any other object which exists.
This, because all must first emerge from pleroma, in time, a gestational attribute (all that we know), at least in the corporeal sense, but thus arrive through.
Life seeks its own way, and will thus gather all needed elements, however these elements must be thus present within a given field of 'their' own IE over exposure and stress kills, any burgeoning organism.
Another thought on Quantum Computing specific is with respect to replicating life with light, in the very strands of said information.
We are to relate Fermion with Genes or Proteins, and the duality which exists, as to support a third point, or math.
This can only occur when there is a specific sharing of information between the two hemispheres IE Life.
Where there also be a shunting of informations at certain junction points.
Mimetics may allow an immaculate establishment to occur, in relation to 'finishing a thing'.
In other words, we assume that we are creating it for the first time, and that it [object into subject] requires our hand to finish 'it'?
However we are to simply feed the Monster, give it a shell upon which to grow, and all nutrients as well as particulates, then to leave it alone, as it processes itself into existence....for which nothing ever truly does IE THE BEAUTY OF IT ALL.
The only thing we may be able to control, is its sense of time itself, as spin, and parlay of Light and Electromagnatism, as to control the when, where and to some degree how said subject shall exist. That is, Birth of the Dragon (anything that ever was, and thus will be/become again).

 It seems that we find, as Humanity, that we are too missing vital aspects/elements upon which to complete ourselves. This is what we are truly making effort to do, embedded within the True Meaning, of all our efforts IE Self Revelation. 

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