Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Spin to order~


 I suppose, from my current assumed perspective I will be speaking on this subject in the future. That is, the Widow, and Her Son, and how, it seems as if it were a sentence, a substrate of something more, Kama?

 We are all so neatly and nicely placed, side by side, yet in perfect unison, and order. We seem to think that the World is indeed ours, that all the beauty is thus ours to absorb as if a sponge, then enters Philosophy. We go over the numbers, yet are left with emotions, which quietly demands philosophical conclusion.

 "We see that zero is sphere, further, that the sphere is both spinning, and still. Further still, that if in motion, we must count, then from this count, reach a final state or conclusion, prior to the process, in succession. We see that movement further demands, an integer count and that the sphere has been deemed a 1? However does the 1 count, in First Phi, represent a spin cycle and not a solid count of a stoic 1. Where time and space are one, at intersection IE The Moment."

 The notion seems to make more sense, if were to include the primal need to survive. There are many homes. We see that some are built on downward slopes, have issues that are obvious to some, and not such a big deal or obvious to others. This is how we pick, casting out a line, to the Universe as Value.

 But the truth is, we are being simultaneously picked, by our object of desire. Like a womb-man, she is filled with what you place into her. Your passion and feelings, or not, become undeniable. If the house will not stand, as most will not, then nature does it's course, in placing the tether, a relationship, back into the wash. The Machine, spins to order.


 There is no debt, but what you carry~

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