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Book 4; pt1


EPL- Principle based supplement to all religions

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America the corporation invading America the property-less, Gold-less, Principle-less shell, under the purge name of Muslim President~


 This and the electric universe/Sun, and the "Black Sun", Justify religion as that future scope to ultimate scientific multifarious understanding, hence the Gnosis~


"There is no Law, there is no sin. There is only the constant pursuit for purity, to advance back into all aspects of our life, this we call the source, The choice lay before you always, each moment, undivided."


"The Mascaraed" by Stellar Mass~


 I hate to tell you, but we are going into a NEW AGE, if you wish to call it NWO, be my guest, but it's only the difference or division of left and right, in it's description. If you will fall back on "New Age" as generally excepted term, it is truly the use of White Magic or self magic(k), in other words, you are charging him with exactly what he is opposing here. What you just stated, is exactly what he is talking about, that symbols, colors, numbers and letters have been inverted and reversed (pentagram energy pattern), with the very English language IT'S IN REVERSE, projection reflected back in opposition, hence the Electric Universe, that magnetic negative and positive. We serve more with our very thoughts actions and words

 An ever closer view...ah perspective


The line itself be drawn first in the mind as perspective. That is, that direction by which the line leans.


The "X" is truly a cross, which marks time, and is the very pattern of the fabric of the Universe, hence the Masonic notion, and thus all religions, display this "Universal Truth", by degree.


 The "X" displays a view of the basic principles, which support life, and whether these be tilted right or left. The cross is evenly balanced, absent that decent of angle as suggested by crosses used for militaristic rule, that chaos in order.


So the cross is a decimal point, showing one side of the lean, a positional wholeness, to the "perceiver", while the other is that degree of deviation, only partial truth to the observer. The cross in it's pure state is complete, as unit of 1, the cross is whole, and supported by it's purity in wholeness.


 With the implementation of Production and Ego, the human endeavor, a six pointed star emerges, another line, by which these energies transfer multi-positional energy, a code. Further with the addition of what we consider at present "right and left", there is thus display good and evil. There is thus a source of power supply, which comes from the center, and is that 9th position. When one attempts to balance the source of original force, that are two directions, foreword and back, we may call them. This is the spin of time, the future and the present, marked by thought, or that first step. All steps has have been established from this first step, which is a communication to the contained field, and thus beacons placement. This however does not created a 10th position, but in numerology, truly goes back to 1.


 There is no escape from the number through the context of perspective, which is that employment of thought and action, or ego and production. The cycles continue, and are thus revealed as baited.


The Rift


When one is not inspired by a force, as source, and thus swept up into it, and carried along, the default charges the claim. The direction has been intrinsically known, and thus set, to prompt. If purity remain, then a learner this one becomes, by shear will of constraint, or the inability to tolerate "this world". When Purity as directive is however absent or not found, those succession of steps, whilst in the default, become a series of taunt and misfortune, as that progression of time, further solidifies a primer, yet forced. Due to the fact, that though you may esteem yourself as static in any moment, your bodies sphere, is being carried along, by and through that cosmic tide.


 Those who seem lost, or abandon, are often very deep thinkers, who know/Gnosis, they shall never truly be just in their first steps, as they have analyzed their first steps, and see the cycle leads to one ultimate conclusion.


The Evil Bean


 Pythagoras built into his system of thought, through expression, that beans were evil, he was laughed at in later times, seen as mad. How could one of such genius be indeed mad, though acts often be call eccentric, for lack of shear understanding, thus to place one into "those shows" (incapable). The Bean was in Pythagoras time, indeed evil, Does the Bean not stem from the ground, of blood spilled ground? Is the Bean not grown inside the very womb of such a place, that has absorbed the very cursed blood of Man? More so, the bean is a complete source of food, requiring the long curring of Man's device in order to access it's potential for digestion. We think this is odd, only under the fact, that now, all food is evil, all quest toward production within a vacant shell of impurity (made abandon by Purity, as there is no respect nor conjuring of pure source through acts).


In this, a statement of division, from the bean, as a statement of a whole. Further the Bean as representation of a vessel, filled with earths bounty. The Bean is that item of trade, for though seemingly complete, one can not live from beans alone, there must be an addition to the amino acid profile. The Bean on it's own, sets the suffering cycle, not unlike the potato, in that sense. A lack of "change shift", which be no different that than "red shift, blue shift" and on. Perspective is thus limited by the bean, as a means of hailed production and ego. Rice on the other hand, can sustain a community quite well, and in fact seems to add to a purer state of mind. To simply giggle at such a notion, is pure ignorance, the beans itself is an item of trade, thus a draw to capitalism, as represented in full view, of degree.


The irony that Math expressed Pythagoras genius, or link to the drift, a draw. The Bean is not round, and serve that inverted backward state, the kidney, which is a measure of impurity in itself, the cleanse. The Bean, begins with a "B", because it looks like one, somewhere between "A" and "C', the decimal. The "B" is "Between" stages, between Abel and Cain. 

Constrained by Time~

 When we visualize, the sphere, our "globe" orbiting, wobbling....we tend to place this event within a natural time matrix, based on speed or force. However speed/force be only relative to the machine's influence, as a whole. The sphere we are continually existing within, is not divided, and thus we are existent in a probable location, within that greater sphere. Our consciousness, or awareness of the sphere, we are contained within, be all that keep of captive. Did you ever wonder at the likely hood that you got a head ached or body ache, because it was going to rain? Or perhaps, had a dream of an event prior to it taking place, then to marvel at your clairvoyant moment? Did you ever stop to think that you were in fact, a part of that singularity principle, tethered to others, at specific geometric and algorithmic coordinates patters, that actually created the event?


 Well, this is the Existence that I have come to know, and live it daily. The matrix has been grossly misshapen, morphed in fact, by those who understand this, and yet use it to alter their own life and existence. This is the danger of initiate programs, which tether themselves by only that justification of distinction above those outside their web of matrix. This in turn alters those tethers and offshoots to the event, or IMPACT FORCE, which in succession determines that reaction, by the sphere upon specific peoples. The goal is to get you to believe it was your doing all along, which landed you an an "unlucky" position. I would work my ass off, drawing all the potential will and power available to me, in order that I should earn my merits, in a given task. That I did not follow the web or matrix design (IE the agenda 21}indoctrination by School, event placement) vitality and life force was stopped up, there was simply no flow through. I was then prompted into externalized influences, that when blocked, over ridden, and/or avoided, would then result in a direct assault, by the web of matrix, a program. Taking, stealing, robbing vital force, reward and affluence that had already been earned within my person, or personal localized sphere, as event. This over a life time, gave me Principle accruence or cause, I stood, like many, superior to the machine.


 Further I witnessed first hand, dimensional splits, in the time space fabric. Calling bullshit, and following an actual trail, which began as a metaphysical journey of mind speculation, with that succession of deep mental mind focus, multifariously infused with physical effort, the event became more solidified into form. I saw in signs, symbols and colors. An extra dimensional road map, of Jurisdiction, zones. When we have not been "fortunate" enough, as to accrue vital soul force, resultant from blocked thought, action, deeds, we end up becoming robots to the cause. In other words, those displaced, become the outsiders, and not those key players, within and thus part of that original fabric, of matrix.


 When the mind connects then, not to the machine, but far beyond, where Principle rules The All. Those false constraints of E.M. based law, a farce, are now lay prostrate before The All, those rightful heirs, dejected from their own house, a mansion, have awoken to the truth. That greater alignment begins to take into original order. Thus the body, the car, the house, and all other false tokens of imprisoning the key players, that support those dynamics of force energy into manifesting reality, are made right by the whole of that greater ALL. This we call true justice, or Pure justice, which is not the upholding of law, as all Men all free, but that undeniable and direct influence of Principle, as the first and thus final word, this is the eternal moment.



 Thus fads, mislead the trainable masses, dictating an ever wayward time signature event. The symbol, the arrival, the ritual of absorption, of the product, perpetuates the machine. Those teens smoking weed, on the brand string or tether of that current "beat", playing that entrainment box of the moment, are thus not aware, in the broad scope, of those who committed suicide, to bring this black box's foreword (The X-box 1 factories). Those who govern, and are in the know, which are these day must directly affiliated have transmuted and alter the very ideal of peace, opening wide the gates for sanction. Man was not meant to be governed, which is why governorship always ends miserably. Man has freewill. Those symbols show the origin of service.


 So what are we suppose to be doing?


 Since Peace is not a Principle, but a direct result of Purity as original Force, all returns to a peaceful harmonious state. This is the undulation, which has been altered, with brilliant precision, yet in the name of "un-peace", or Chaos. Order can only occur when order is not mandated by those tethered to the force, as chaos maker's, destroyers. Purity is thus the most potent and powerful solution, to the abolishing of all branding.


 Listen close, when I say, your sidewalks, buildings, and all you hold dear, deemed now as society, or community, local, is in fact a direct result of this anti-utopia. Purity follows through from Pure Source, and there is hardly a tree, blade of grass or shrub left here, which can claim this, on a molecular scale. The purge is thus that reaction toward the un-natural event, which we deem ironically as nature. It was by degree, on the fringe, upon which these secret societies teetered, for the long. Knowing all must travel here, by the same means, even the Kings were known ahead and placed in the oppositional proximity


 The higher order watches All, and is far superior to the playing out of such petty things. Now that no one is trustworthy with Passion, there simply is no driving force, which aids purity, therefor no faith can be placed into the action toward the deed. There is simply no where for the Pure to perch, thus they decay within the sphere of foe excited field. The goal with CERN, be to tear the time/space fabric, there by to create a puncture in space/time or truly outside space/time.


 Absent sexual projection, there is no avenue by which to travel, the vessel thus becomes inanimate object, now in expire, moving through space, yet outside the machines register as time, constant. In other words, this describes, why the pure have not momentive support, as the higher Principle is that main enemy to the machine and it's working.


 I have seen the character working that true machine, The merging of Human, not Man as pure eternal spirit, has been the greatest breach to any system. Man is bipolar at his base, schizophrenic upon development and split personality upon full development, an expired notion, upon entry. These degrading steps, can only be avoided, by sacrificial means, in order to counter the balance, as in rape, murder and destroy the Pure Child. This group has breached the original fabric of existence, and the purge be the IMPACT FORCE reaction to events culmination.


Law must fall

Sexuality, as split IMAN

Will outside the construct of Purity, as a means


There is only one viable return, so the loop of religion, more specifically that original religion, based upon Purity, as Principle in display, shows thus what becomes evident, which is and always has/will been/be the same...


Worship to the Father of ALL


 By way of purity in motion, as ritual, thus to summon, tether, link and connect with the Holy Spirit, ALL will be returned. The methods are found here, as Principles spin. However the purge insures a further sift, no one can ever breach this place, through and by any means. Shambhala is thus a sham, not heaven, and only illuminated now, with false light. The independence of America, was and is that display of defiance, a statement of division, from the direct influence, and dictation of Purity, in motion, as Principles in daily living. Principles only come forth, in direct contrasty to Anti-Principle, when the Spin has support, and a single drop of Purity can be support, that entire structure of Anti means, has not grounds or glue for support, the substance is thus purged, bleached...the machine in breakdown/brake-down, comes to a slow, by way of carbon on carbon friction, and all other atomized units of measure, those building blocks resultant from death, directly.


 CERN will create a direct reality split, however will not occur in any foreseeable way, not truly. What seems evident as result, will only further structuralize that blindness of those initiators of the event. For they can only see in that structural aspect, or scope, as geometry, or geometric design, for which a house be only needed when the climate is turbulent, and is not pleasant, nor constant, the division, the box, the angle, the degree, imposed on Man, by way of structural prison, an isolated state. One can not, as said, project or link to any foreseeable future as event, absent the sex/money/experience/will web of matrix, and thus Purity, as Principle has not opening for IMPACT FORCE, within the machine.


 One can not thus reach through, with that employment of space/time, to the pure state. The Kingdom as said, is found within, the that Pure state of mind. To eat the body, of a pure one, is only to thus banish oneself from the Kingdom, Cain/Kane, through that succession of steps. Science, and religion are but one, only here, in the false moment, within this contained field, of particles only excited by Purity, as a rippling effect. The only way to perpetuate the machine, is thus hold hostage those Pure, to collapse the machine is to remove the source of all force power, this we call Hell.~



 About Porn, we have been indoctrinated to serve a Sex/Money source, it truly does serve impurity, but much of the indoctrination was created by them to cause you to be trapped within your own electromagnetic battle, which keeps your energy from connecting to the One Mind, expressed in positive form. btw Sin means Sign, or center, experience, our experiences have been impressed upon us. Saturn is most likely a smokescreen for the Black Sun, which would carry a great mass, yet not be in need of great "space" hence the electromagnetic "trap". I can tell you this stuff is for real, Jack (John) Parson's A.Crowley, E.Hubbard, truly were successful with their indoctrination or introduction of this "whore of Babylon" spirit unleashed into this "Pleroma"

 Authenticity, self realizing and self evaluating-

As much as I play with the "ideal notion", that actors are separate from all people, I must again point to degree, as the measure of how much authenticity is thus poured onto the person assumed "individual". We, rather U.S., conjure upon the past, and are breed and shown to, from our first moments of this earthly "awakening". It seems however, that we are never fully awake, always trying to seize that authenticity of a moment, thus to validate ourselves (the self) in the moment. We/U.S. seem to chase this "star", throughout a life time, recorded then as the register of degree, which we have "survived".  We (as U.S.) are rather projecting with our very will, as animators to a singularity, a cause, that greatest expression of combined will, which becomes force.

 Admit it, we all project specific things, unwittingly? One theme that begs question, as to it's own authenticity, is the court of Judges, that Lord over us, in "death" (projected as vision to a point or degree in a life/time). The idea or ideal is dug in so deep, that the recurring theme and it major impact on U.S. (us) slowly slips into the subconscious, where it be now a part of the fabric of reality, in the singularity. Try to except an ideal with no foundational evidence, no empirical data, you will find one of two things occur. First, to be bombarded with forgery, fakery and outright lies, all degrees of truth to the ever falsified moment, until you finally exclaim, or are being violently pressed to relenting, to this moment where we say "I don't know what's real", yet only after the greatest and only true crime against self has been committed, the very destruction of all you love, all you hold dear, as the solution, the will to death.

 As I write this now, I have come under the influence of some computer malfunction, for which I am assumed to except, under two conditions. There are no other resources available to continue my quest being done on machines which the elite produced and monitored for this event, the superior self expression. Second, that this causes a compromise with my will, that the current of force, which is being *forced onto reality, does not coincide with my thought/action/deed command, from, what I believe to be beings who placed themselves as assumed symbiotes to Man/womb-man, long ago. The divine spark was and is always there. It is not the illumination of Man which proves this, for the very Solar system suspecting even a greater galactic sphere beyond this, was manufactured for one purpose alone, to acquisition the moment, what reality is.

 All that we speak of here, would be nothing absent that moment being manifest. We would reach no conclusions, there would be no accruing of carbon stored knowledge, as information then reality, if it weren't for thus, this time progression. Yet is it essential. If the moment were never meant to replay or reboot itself, with time signatures seeming regulated on by the machines directives being played out, and serviced by seemingly living beings, the moment would never end. All moments, all experience, would thus reveal "instantly", the truth of timeless existence. We project this time or place of final judgement, in the relishing of release, into this eternal moment. We are not told that it exist, but rather given parable, misleading to the unwise, and revealing to the wise, yet with implications of misleading forgeries a trail, which cause one to always question their own authenticity.

 Thus the reliance on this forged moment, is laid to rest as valid, based on the empirically fed authentication process, taught to us, as to look at the moment in questions recent past, present and future (as scope to the process, 'what is the singular moment trying to achieve'). The singular moment, is in a rush, as all living and aspiring things, to become a birthed, gain it's independence for that moment of elation, as it becomes a part of that greater fabric of the whole. The whole has been shown however, to be in breach, that is, missing certain authenticity of the moments own. We who own a true self, and are not forgeries, are aggressed upon and isolated in on with the greatest awareness placed onto us. We can hear buzzing, or rather frequency mind control signals, which keep us up, sleepless, for sometimes days at a time. Further, the avoidance of last cause, to use forcebots, and reality modification, centered around the vision of our very scope, as to create the self, as outcast, within the pleroma, which is being always manually altered, yet it's directive be also false. The game, if it called such, is the playing of percentage of probabilities, that final percentage of will based sway, is what be excepted as the grand gesture, a notion.

 In this, my statement alone, rises above the falsity what be esteemed now, and only, lastly now, as the all. My thoughts, induction and reason, stand above and away from this shallow dying world a forgery. I saw it and demanded to be released from it as a small child. I see things, and have worked hard to see things, as I did when a small child. People were nice to me, because society demanded it. The lawless truth, never left me, law creates ultimatums within the self, that are illusions. The answer is to embrace Paganism, in it's full swing, only to then see, one has become ones own judge, on some primary level, as this natural (EPL) Principle, has been attacked, using smoke and mirrors of ignorance, understanding and view (perspective), to over ride it. Technology in this way, has become Man, already, in his reliance of the great Mother as supercomputer all knowing (a lie), conditioned to our first earthly memories.

 In this, I do not rely on earthly memories, but find each and everyone a forgery. If I trusted in modern psychology, and did not clearly see the methods being used, lobe to interlocking locking lobe, as machination overt, I would indeed deem myself insane, we all do on some fundamental developmental level. The answer was, to subject us to a greatest law, which involved all spheres into one expression, as in religion, the holy Bible. The truth would be laid before us, but only to the extent for which we seek it. Our ideals of time/space and a life span thus, would have to be infiltrated. This, that we are experiencing, is the height of future warfare. That combination of host take over, forced upon, by degree of awareness. Our awareness level has thus dropped to nearly nothing, far beyond the needed percentage. This showing not a friendly sway, but a hostile take over, as to reprogram Man, as it were. If we could only go back, and know an origin to a true time signature, we could at least have a weapon to fight this with. They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but only to imply a reliance on isolated war, words on paper, that have no currency to trust, as to bring readers, but that which be found within the machine. Thus all that be read, is meant to be read, this the new great lie, revealed, due to the reality and my assessment. The truth is, the pen, and the sword are two spheres which play and exist unto one another, as energy transfer, and the battle must be fought on all levels in the moment. This is why I bring you EPL. I don't know if I am being used as but another ruse, of greater more mind expanding degree or proportion to the lie. The attack, and control, is so complex, that we are only given the purported notion of self illumination, whist searching in the dark, within a labyrinth of it's like. In this, mythology, spoke in parable and stories, not become they were primitive, nor could not express things, as we now do, but to show that this plays into the game. So to say, on further expansion of the notion, "those who make it through the test, have earned some merit of their discovery, and will thus be placed into various realities, as such, but still a prisoner, as no release has ever been granted". It becomes the notion then, that this was indeed challenged, and the false hope that Enoch brought many, that if we try real hard, there is a slim chance, to be taken up, to be free from the madness of this moment, for which we are prisoner.

 I have a hard time watching anything, doing anything, with this total awakened state. The awareness does not bring one freedom. I do not know if freedom be ever granted. It seems that those who are not compliant, are not celebrated on any level. The machine has been operating for what seems a long long time, but in fact, does not take place in time, time being a bent, thus synthetic an rhetorical outcome of the tool of light, within the machine. There is thus no redemption, for there is no law.

 I believe Hitler knew this, and many others. What we have mistaken, or rather been shown, as merciless dictator, was actually a fully aware being, with many feelings, thoughts and impulses. The good acts, will never seemingly cause a visit, nor an event shift or change, this is the greatest deception. If a person is brain washed to the extent that they believe in a thing, such as Angels or Aliens, the delusion, which all we know is, be cast before them as fact in acceptance. We press away the world as forgery, then what we do with this, further itemizes us, into categorical likes, similarities. This separation, allows further entanglement to take place, as singularity, is being played with, on a grand scale. The negative, or what is viewed as negative actions, such as murder and rape, are revealed as the only method to alter the machine. This happens due to the pure math based notion, that we have now impacted the machine, changed the order, shown superiority, at the greatest cost. We did not want to murder, yet found the information of what murder is, as to only exist as false information, as all information be, within the machine. We are thus being assaulted to the furthest extent for which we press forth. Our consciousness, awareness and thus reality taken to it's height of development and expression of, reveals us instantly as a like in the machine. We always feel on the border of totally uncovering this notion. That we have that information, now it is a part of who we are, though we only just stumbled upon it, which will free and liberate our very minds from the machine. It is in this built in human, false contention, that we err the most. We are using and more so, a part of this hardware, not removed, but a part.

The conclusion is total rule, with no regard to such laws, but to use any method to gain support, then to take command, and kill until the system responds. The alternative of being compliant only shows that ignorance is that Faustian recourse, the yield to a greater intellect. I do not see the rulers as being greater, yet only having arrived and thus greater in numbers, or at least the illusion of such. The echo effect is used. In other words, we know there is truly an unfair elite rule (an arrivement of such things). Then from this, we know that there must be a greater representation, of this undeniable Overlording presence. Yet we only have our own awareness to know for sure, and can not believe any item, placed before us, as fact. We may thus arrive at the sudden realization that we are quite separately and distinctly thus, being taken over and attacked, within the very confines of the mind. The more we thus struggle to gain liberation of the mind, solely, we may find this reality laid before us, as to why. I have personally undergone this, with hours, days, weeks months, years of applied prayer focus methods, EPL. I have seen that the weather, the Sun and Stars, are only representations of two things. The initial interpretation of reality, then to see that my projection, to what is, becomes the interplay we call reality. To say that I alone support this projection, is the first awareness, we all go through, upon what we first think of as awakening, which is also false, in that involves the pressing away, of falsity, to arrive at truth. Purity, as truth, when realized, in the moment, does not exist simultaneously with anything impure, it is separate, and held separate. Thus when the pure truth is reached, it becomes undeniable. Thus the Elite, in procession, as to show us what this looks like, at it's most intimate detail, in all cultures, as Messiah (Jesus, Buddha etc..). The pure Man, in the sphere, were he encompasses, that zones awareness of the most pure and prized methods, and being, as has been established through the course, of his well laid, thought process, actions and deeds, as to effect the greater whole.

 It is not, sadly, the pure nor positive which effect this current realities influence, scope or progression. The only time we see Man effect outcome at all, other than living in within the confines of "the self serving life".

 If you follow the synthetic one mind trail, you will only be wrong, in the way, they you are of the current standard or influence, as to not as the greater question of "what's really going on". You assume as I have said this, you too, have said, it, for we are like our own nervous systems, working as a unit in fact, Sympathetic (thus parasympathetic), unto ourselves. The only reality we wish and place the idea of individual will "behind", is that we are not a Single Mind, not a Single living organism, functioning self in the grand design, not allowing the awareness to take place, that these actions, first in the spherical revolvement, known in placement by; (an orbit?)





and Deed.


Yet, Purity and Existence being Principle factor, as more relevant to such primary directives. We ask why? Our fruits bare the answer. We have been brainwashed into thinking, that the hostility of our "reality", though we think we try desperately towards all people liberation (politics, which is that full command of murder and rape as rule, then unto influence), be our true expression. We, whoever still lie separate, with walls, and detachment. The true human dilemma, at present, as it were, lies in the built in acceptance of these walls in the sleazy talk/exchange of rhetoric, found in the ultimate sleazy Man's (a mode of personality/method found in the machine), 'Look Buster, we all have walls, secrets, that we don't want to share, and frankly, in my sociopathic projection, don't need nor have to. We have both discovered, there is no law, the idiots out there, have no idea. So we are essentially Kings, as they are but Apes, I consider myself a god, sometimes God himself, personally. But, we have to live with each other, at least until we don't have to anymore, then it's each Man for his own. [all the while, the highly skills General, of this army taking place as a projection of itself, a hologram of illusion of event plays forth, casting this pathos, the play of reality, before these agents, for which one conscious is fully active in will, and can thus be asserting itself as superior; 'this unfortunate scene, shapes reality']. We are then given the story, which we, of all faiths, quote on some level, even as metaphor, or parable, as Man's Genesis, *the disclosure or as disclosure. That the stories, or rather, the grand story needs to be looked at through multiple perspectives, in order to truly see the moment, for what it be, a living, moving, pulsing event, that is directed, like a friendly cat, to be prompted to react, to similar, and impacting stimulus. The shell of the greater wall, has no mind of law, nor injustice, only that one feels the injustice has indeed been done. Thus, the world being taken by Satan, but not first made for him? We get lost in this paradox of thought, given only a certain level of awareness or intelligence, to ever be lost looking at the statements through perspectives varies. We then see, with EPL, which places me in the most perspicuous of thinking minds. that revelation, which states, all perspectives are one, and thus amount to one. The spheres, as perspective, are every communicating, transferring energy, shifting and changing, but to the Tune, that they not, but are moving, an switching positions? Only relative to our view/perspective. You see, when the one mind, is fully embrace, we, begin to move with the spheres, as a whole. Having then being vested and not separate from the origin, the origin will then be that mirror, cast of our own heart felt wants. This is the realm of the mind, as rule. We worship the mind, and not the God who owns the Mind. We further show this, in our appreciation of Looks, Genius, and all other representations of the spheres end value, as being separate from the host. We do this, because the mimic here be known. The mind, in it's through transference, it self affirming thoughts, is mimicking what it sees, this is thought and learning. We have thus cast forgery within ourselves. The statement that "I am still learning", becomes always essential, and is thus the very weakness, that be attacked most. We who are pure, are these learners. Those are put down, attacked, in society. Those who become a cog, in the machine, are thus rewarded. Rewards of truth, to this magnitude, are not seen, but rather, debt is collected, as a lesson to further discourage free thought, true liberating tools, beyond the franchise of degree or notion.


 Genesis, G-noses, Gnosis sound the same, because they are. This, be the knowledge, first the idea of good and evil, then to see, that we are both sides, and privately (we think) rally in our hearts, as to create the cause. We outwardly, yet private from the illusion, as we esteem, thus see things opposite to the masses. We will and wish for a thought only world, in the final degree of our projections. We say, as Mason, (from the collective consciousness) 'look at the the structure process can built, this I can count on, as reality'. The statement is stronger than that of the unknowing masses, it is truth, and the acceptance of a power, and a face to that power now as Satan, the mascaraed, due to the total realization that this becomes the worldly obvious. Power, Money control, come by way of active and thus actualized force, only from the authenticating of that force as the the source. Seen in all views of degree, the thing is ultimately evil, in that it is the opposite and employs the opposing ways of Principle, as that affiliation not of the brain, or will, but of the heart. The has been deceived, and is, in all of this, the most prized state of being. It is of the current agenda, to keep those of the heart, feeling purity, as culminate energy, a force of pure force, as food, or to created the very contrast of event, as statement as expression, as to hear the Child Virgins sting, each time the assault be stated, on a day, under the stars, in a moment, of a specific and recurring time event. This time event titled so, due to past time and events "I said it, so it is so". I try to report the facts, as I see them, not unlike a reporter, to a greater cosmic event.

 Getting back, to our beginning here, I would like to parlay this loop of knowledge, a conjecture, towards the elaboration on what I just stated. The actor, is thus employed, as recruiter. Yet, in criticism of the actor, as fraud, we state the very crimes we do, whilst in community, each day. The community requires, smiles, pleasantry, in fact demands, it. The play is demanded. Those who believe or project total will, towards this grand deception (done by recruiters at height), are prized in society. All those who receive awards publicly, in money, or prize, are the epitome of what to aspire towards. We must thus be aware of the murderous, and what seems to be the perverted truth, and act as if the opposite be occurring. The masses have been conditioned to find more *valu able, the look on ones face, as he/she may speak total lies, or astonishing truth based fear statements (news caster, as actor/presenter). We then see, that this disinformation, is a specific and constant disclosure, mixed with the same multilevel brain wash spheres of order/chaos, that display a living statement of intent, as information. It has been further asserted by some, that there is news, which never takes place, it is all an act, to state the next thing to happen, though acted out, seeming quite real. The actor, is thus, the most aware of what he is doing, and who he is working for. When it becomes to much for the actor, to continue, the plan of his demise has been already worked into the sway of excepted thought as construct to the rule, supported about a cloud of information. The faster you read things, and assume one perspective, or perhaps two or three, is only to further reveal you own limited grasping of like affiliation. Your conclusion, reveals the sub-group you are with, represent. You are perhaps transferred at times to several dimensions of exist, as thought based reality, while arriving at your final destination. The machine has one, and the Purity, that is truth, does not, together, they create the reality, the constant balance of these concepts of good and evil, now seen as transferring and moving fields of mimic, mirror and replication, in that reflection of what it is, reversed, then inverted, the moment, is all potential moments being visited at once, this is multiverse, we are already there. For, the probability that there are many, only reflects, in dichotomy of exist, that polar opposite. We life within, by and in some fashionable accord, towards always, total expansion, and reduction. This known, in single sphere thought construct, as Light and Frequency as reality. This also be the same dichotomy, interpreted on the corporeal plane, as heart and mind. This displayed as Thought, in the realization of the left and right. Within the spiritual sphere, good and evil. All dichotomy, is that spheres representation or reflection, of what is. In community, we see that as a single consciousness this is seen as Serving the highest good towards self, or the greatest good serving others. The repeating message becomes "serve others, so that you can better serve the self" as a condition of law. We see that the community is false, and in our greater service to self, as superior agent of Principle in motion, not reality as further brain wash contends. Community is false and it is made that way, as is reality. The one mind has been thus swayed to think and believe, slightly varied versions of this balance. This continued isolation, as to think that such a mind, could operated fully without folding, does not flatter the true galactic elite Overlord's but rather, reveal the agenda, as one to find also the breaking point. I see the highest agenda thus, in order, we see here, to hack the system, and rewrite it to compromise. It becomes obvious that we are in fact, within a false quadrant, of symbiot reality, and not truly existing in the original state of being.

 The many orbs that record and take samples show that the world is being mimicked, copied. This, to act as a Photon in the ways of entanglement. The will aspect of reality, is being held in place by a mimic of worlds. Manipulate one and the other will thus follow course. To think that the true science of all perception, into reality truly does lie in the conjecture of Philosophical arrivements of such themes as convex and concave, I expression, vision or Sight, the Blue portion of existence, in motion, with the spheres. You will find that what I speak to you, is strikingly correct, more so that the now, revealed lies which you readily took for fact. In this, you will have to carry on with the torch. By equally excepting then pushing away the notion of such things. Finally, there is a Value or Valu, you will have to decide, in the moment of that final choice, to rule, or to be destroyed. The most genius part of this, seemingly, is found in the display or of the allowance rather, that we should be able to think ourselves liberated to the point, that our now power perceived plays, would thus become deeds known to some portion of those greater spheres. The goal, in my ignorant disillusionment be that the whole can not be known nor recognized, until purity and truth become one, that the observer, should now not be a mimic nor forgery of reflection of, but an active part of the Merkabah in motion, this we may call heaven, a quite separate agenda, from most, but one, that must be relished, with kit gloves, thus the total acquisitioning of my life, left relatively unlived by the active pulse, a stream of jealousy towards pure truth, the active form of greed.  We live according to an unsaid law "reality is realty", the machine, in the end, only truly creates carbon, a placement of carbon, matter, in continuance, of space/time, the carbon atom in decay or proof of the machine, when all other proof be taken as fact, made real, with the intent of will as reality/force/law. Thus wealth, being clouded over, yet truly those who own the land. This gets us back to Proudhon, and reality, that if there is no law, then there is no ownership. The elite, are our enemies, and must go down, but the mascaraed has only thus begun, for there is an unseen face, and entity, that is little know, thought it is this mind, which casts the illusion of it's mirror, unto us, as truth each moment, of every "day".


EPL "True Zionism"

If you want to hear the answer to the question then listen well, for I will tell you first. the answer be;

 "Do not fight, nor oppose, simply rise to the One Mind, as to ignore. This only has power, when the Masses instantly switch in he night, as to wake up the next day, following the superior Moniker, Purity, as the only Truth, that can or ever will be excepted. The combination of this mind, into motion, with such great numbers, is that earthly representation of God, thus we may see him fully manifest again, in such complimentary expression to his like. We will have reached what I would like to call True Zionism, when Heaven on Earthy is realized as the Pure True Goal. Those who oppose this notion, stand against the employment of the first directive, the ruling factor, at that highest executive order. This mind, can shut all else down, by focusing, and willing towards Purity alone, as all Principle, all roads, which lead to the Father, as a One."

 I am a louse, a piece of shite, to open, so do not think I made up such superior things as Purity, to create total self supporting Bliss, in all moments of a day, anywhere in any time. This bliss can not be offered, by way of being copied, mimicked, which only reveals itself as toxic carbon in rot, suspended temporarily within the falsity of the machine. When the machine is gone, the dead and rotting tree of knowledge absent Life, shall at least proclaim the EPL goal, in statement, I exist.~

Infinitum Secretiore!

 You are born into a world of indoctrination. You believe one thing but yet are exposed to the contrary as ruling factor. The revelation that a baby has the most will, and thus the baby's consciousness is what is the greatest mind to hold captive, in the casting of our current reality, becomes the power play notion. The baby of today, is a product. The will is thus suspended in this solution to be fed from. The will of a baby is only concerned of what it desires, to keep feeling comfortable and snug. The baby, as god, demands, milk, comfort, then it is expected to be infected by the false teachings, of putting the self second, while living to serve a Master, who is a Baby, who has franchised on all aspects of protection, in harm to his person. All are agents of threat, and will inevitably attack. So the final truth, that everything one works against you, is the final factor. You only need people, to protect you from other people. When such a statement, as total embodiment of experimental concepts come into play, we see a playing out of such celestial events, and the reformulation of cause, as in to follow that greater representation of stars, so that you are in procession with them, becomes a ritualistic act, as seen by the Nazi's of WWII. This was the height, the highest peak Man gained, in that day. Hitler, as a representative to do so, called the Galactic Elite out, and all listened and took heed. The Nazi's did not lose,because they could not lose. the whole thing was a planned global event that was planned, as precisely as events be planned to keep the machine in proper order, as to influence the stars, as we are concentrated Photon energy, taken from them, and can thus think. One side, of Phi, in expression, and the moving energy, promotes a yield, this we call Baby, or Matter based occupied space, as in real estate. The more real estate derived from such a fabricated event, displays the validity of such an event, as the moment is ruled by a factor which could produce matter, as proof of it's production valu, as set by meeting those certain factors, as to allow err, so to demand,the ruling force to provide 61.8% effectiveness, a rule, in order to become the higher ruling factor. In other words, will implies that the physical learner, is in fact the example of the perfect display of this truth of Will, mind in motion, the majority as rule.

 People have thus to be controlled, because in the masses hands, the Universe holds in the unity of mind, in proper communion. You may say, there is too much evil, but this would only be a part of the whole, of awareness, which is being pressed forth, towards creation now. The effect is felt, thus to validate the cause, which the physical learner bumps, even thrusts against, only to feel, and not to have eyes to see. This is womb-man, as Man turned down, by degree, altered. When Man and womb-man were no longer One Hermaphrodite, Body, Purity, was removed from impurity. Man is alive, and is the living mind, the reflection of God, Adam as the Son, made in his Image, thus Man is the Heart, as womb-man is the aspiring heartless, only to respect the mind. She cries, to communicate with Man, which is why she does it now as actress, the hippocrate/hypocrite. She does whatever she must to get what she wants, and is built to do this. Society is built both to serve her as well a contain her, monitor and protection take place as much as assault and abuse, to the people, as such for this we call call. The will of want and desire rule the physical world. so to gain these things one must exploit the factor, as to rule over womb-man. The problem is, when you fully realize this, you are forced to become vested, when moving foreword with this knowing of reality. There are two positions one can take. To Rule, the Physical World, were there is competition, and the most Physically aggressive, to take superiority with defiance of Will (as Baby), towards the take over, OR The Spiritual Ruling Factor, where you join an elite force of the unseen, untraceable, unknown solders of that fight against Babylon, that fight against Sodom, Powered by the highest force, Purity as the Ruling Principle that all stems from, that needs no battery, has no equal, can not be destroyed, and is what supports life, this we may call the Holy Spirit. It thus becomes something of intellectual arrivement, again, which dictates the succession of the One Mind. I have come to this place of the most high, I exist, I am the higher mind, and I am always thus a part of all time/space/being and dimension everywhere, therefor I am the mind of everything, so too the heart. The expression of the greatest statement, Join me, in Purity, my friends, is not a Masonic Hand shake, as contract, as deal, but that authentic sentiment, which is a statement (not so mundane as to say "I come in peace"), to say "I server Purity, at any cost, and pray for the rally of Purity as Rule over this Land and It's Title, with the Holy Spirit, as force, I chose this, therefor am in service to that of the highest order!" AMEN TO THAT!.

 You chose, but know, this are the final times, and thus the final measure. All potentials of which I investigate and speak, which seem to contradict themselves, are thus to be seen as that moving current, for which the polar opposite of that Principle in expression, and it's language thus, was speaks as representation, of the integrity to "It's" spiritual moment of transfer...thus I transfer this information out, receiving the undulation myself, of it's always moving motion of energy transfer. Most, under the weight of this knowledge as Baby's, stay in demand all of our lives. We find that there was indeed a very liberal parent, who then went on, to become a parent out to destroy this revelation of will in his own Son, but to then create a superior to his like, due from his own ignorance that he set himself against the Spiritual Supreme Purity, that the Greatest Son did represent, and thus is a representation, and endowed him, by contrasting will, that movement towards total rule as Spiritual King, that creates the very form of reality, as Mind in Motion, with his more Trusted, and thus more Passionate Will, and Purity, as the most Supreme Being, in Existence.



The Road, the choice, the disturbance~

Bohemian Grove


 "Aberrant from purity,  Life is a series of "Butt fu**cing", as a constant beastly show of dominance. The most impure expression in the physical world, be that of energy used, discard, of energy's vessels IE Shite. We see this fact best displayed in what we truly are today, barbaric primates showing base forms of dominance."

 This world is perpetually maintained as well as manufactured for this very purpose, as training ground. We are essentially byproducts of the reptilian hermaphrodite Cyclopean ancient(s). This "creator" if you will, spun form pure Light? As light slows, dimensions of these degree based wave forms, become eventually the elements, source/shift/frequency/force...localized probability. Thus time is only relative to certain "things". One, being "the slowed light", (the wall) seen as frequency force, creating ricochet and direction, as well as "support", mainly directional spin, (Fermion), through pressurized/vacuum/pain based means. Sparked from this first light, as pure source.

 There is no "law", and there are no "morals". Morals are truly deeds done due of virtu(e). The fundamental understanding that there is no law, reflects itself in conscious, and subconscious form, perpetuate, found in those varied "degrees" of understanding, and thus the employment of such virtu(e), as the higher representation, of this statement "I think therefore I am" ('I think therefor I am').

 The Will alone rules, but in the frequency scope. As Purity becomes again invited, the holy spirit, through continuous form, this pure light source, effects and directs the dictation of "what to do?" If we are not sniffing, licking, raping, mainly "humping buttholes", done as deed, in varied degree, since that mandate dictation, the employment of law, as a varied course of reason/will, ratio/degree...*/ all being/reflecting the same root meaning. You may find it hard, at times, to read my work, only understanding whilst ruled/forced by certain mind states, which are again this representation of degree. I leave out certain words, or inferences, that I simply can not justify stating, the battle with false language. My writing style, is thus the EPL (Antonio Masteller owned/in further production value notes rendered/display), EPLigraph. ( I try to produce a pure form of intention or thought, often not going back and fully editing my works. The point would not be expressed other, and allows me to maintain a certain eternal transient form of thought, and expression, as a unit, or intention. Just a word on that as side note.~

 When one realizes this, and the fact, that facts themselves are manifest, by the perpetuation of false space/time. At any moment, of this grand moment(um), the test administrators could pull the plug, simply by modifying any part of this "function based machine". All the basic information of the Bible is quite accurate, however this is a real time look at what this "Star Wars"/ appear as to "U.S."/us. There is in this, the goal of self illumination. That point when what I tell you is realized, and the small bits of err, do not exceed 61.8%, in other words, The basic "parable" has revealed a dimensional interpretation of that greater event, the moment, Life.

Butt fu**ing and Murder are just terms for the impulse that drives the left. Law is thus the slowing down and control over Time Spin, expressed through Man. Reality, or matter based reality we know now, is that perpetual state of held light, IE reality displayed as speed of spin direction, contained also within the quality of adjacent larger and smaller influential field or atomized units of the same, refracted (fractals). Governing is the watching over of this Butt fu**cking laws, stating you can not rape here, or there, nor to this person and that...yet, at the highest echelon, it is truth, true Man, and thus permitted. One has to be trusted in promoting or progressing with the information, first. However this was known, and a specific person took over the whole thing. This would be a selfish tyrant in our eyes, but is however, the way to rule, conquest and power. You see, murder is essential, so the story of Cane, and Able be truly that causation, as to what it took, to get people, to ask for an Overlord, or Ruler, in the first place. Thus inter the Alpha, by way of intelligence, which is a byproduct of information, stackable, over a long period of time, within the confines, and influence of this artificially induced reality (as contained sphere, or grid unit). Every concealable aspect of this "reality", that is, anything you can think would happen, has and thus will, only as the machine does not change.

Time Travel 

 If I said, that we can certainly time travel, all the way back to the beginning of time, as we know it, how far back would that be? The answer may surprise you, and it is this, about 9 years. You see, the further back one goes, the more synthetic the past, exclusively, now absent the pure light form. The past exists there, as a pure process of decay, entirely to the left. The more we have visited the past, which, now past that veil of 61.8%, the more the more markers be placed on the current time standard, where the majority of consciousness agrees as their expressive progression, the statement of self. As we go back further, we part from the pure light beacon, all is however drawn to it, so to move time on. The past, is trying to catch up to the moment, creating the future.

Visiting ourselves

 The future has already been, lived. I believe that we are in essence, reptilian/cyclopean. Thus we could push it, and rationalize first Man as Reptilian. We are byproducts of perfection, or that quest towards purity by the cold blooded Reptilian, towards a purity that these first beings, or being, discovered through the pain of the simple barbaric way, which stems from first thought inclination, expressed as polluted thought form, into a universe, of held consciousness, which then expressed itself as thought, a bent light wave form. LAW~

 Transcendence is possible in Man, and must have been made possible thus. Those who assisted us, or created us (in a sense/modified/manufactured), are thus our saviors, and wost enemies, for they may have never intended for us to escape, the pod. "They" allow the ascended (EPL AscenTion Being), to "place", by capitalizing on the grand design, the mantra nothing is/leaves wasted. The journey to the knowledge is capitalized on by an acquisition of energy, whilst instructing, a "Royalty"/interest. We need to make the statement that we have mastered the control of this mind, to such an extent, that we now demand transcendence, this is done by directly speaking to God, and putting on loud speakers, thus, unto all higher powers, the spheres (thus closure to pure form, in similar frequency margin, as to "hear/communicate" with the one mind in similar frequency/like). The statements of asking God directly to assist in carrying out a given task, or rather assistance through the all.

 Those would call this "the secret". One must realize that the higher mind wants "different outcome events" to occur, namely transcendence from this zone. Witchcraft is the expression of wants, impure. "Rape and kill" are the only true expressions of this world now, as it has slipped into synthetic past. The carbon rots. It is the mind that is being fought against, that is the ruling mind, was, in this dying day. The majority of mind state is the main cause, do you see? The battle is based on beliefs, which are truly the rituals based around the continuance of a mental mind frequency, and exposure to the greater light source IE "how pure can you handle it?". The progression is gained by way of self realization, no one can take you to the point of transcendence. Further, that any who can perpetuate the pure and thus perfect mind form can be a part of the one mind, only, it must be maintained.

 The maintained mental mind form is that expression of the universal law of mentalism, in a stage/state, always relayed. Thus Mentalism's thought progression substantiates the held mind, into form. a seeming "localization". The one who travels in time, can only travel in the ways/degrees/avenues/angles that "they" exhibit/own, share in fundamental like with, as understanding. The more experience in life one has, the further towards the corporeal as a time constant one becomes. 

 Thus, the more internal understanding, that "I experienced" to it's full extent or degree, and thus all experience hereafter is a mere mimic of this first discovered systematic outcome, therefore I know/gnosis, all experience. The goal is obviously through progression/string onto tether, of what takes place after this fact. Thus we see true intent, as acquisition, the heart mind connection, of sufficient current(t/cy) or pulse...links itself with mind expression/manifestation, to the object or moment, in time/space, continued, here. This is (current) a competition of that greater mind, thus when one sees the pure truth, of Purity as Truth (first), Principle, there is no time/space between the observer and the source, they are one, there is no competition to the One.~

The Pimp

 Virginia Woolf said something to the effect that sex is essentially rape. This statement brought forth a strange event in the lower mind title form of feminism, and what "that" means. For, knowledge be gained by the perpetuation of such laws, which allow the cultivation of a female in the first (convenience/technology...the lure).

 Let me explain, as womb-man is a byproduct of  the very engineering of the docile form of Man, removed from Man. This made "it" an exceptional time based experiment, Man. To thus see how our Overlord's "act", when various forms of them, be allowed to cultivate "what happens"/effect. In this, one could say, pain is Man's salvation, as he projects himself, convexly. Law brought forth the cultivation of sex slaves, to esteemed recruiters, hence the Queen.

 It becomes then a take over attempt of the "Witches" (those who rule with the inverted notion, absent Principle as cause, the Purity removed, truly placed onto "the exo"). This realization emerged, from long periods of idol lazy thought (seen by the ever "busy" womb-man), yet truly, "that tapped genius. Reactions towards unequal treatment hence abuse, which caused the this female spirit of wrath, of the willful left, to come into effect as a force of nature. She slightly Man's very Will, can you believe it? Certainly, as this be precisely how she accommodates herself, to commandeer all items of her whims, the frivolity as such...a decadent notion.

 She is from the world, create of the world, and thus has a mind to rule the world. Absent the gods, and elite pimps/invisible Kings as rulers, she can move into her goal (by way of first moving her goal into her, the common tether, hence "the craft), with the star lit zodiac coming event, as to usher in Kali Yuga in full revenge, the womb-man wrath (ill gott emotion, borrowed on the heart strings of Men, played in fact). The Pure mind of Man rules supreme, as it is superior to the Hermaphrodites plight. You see Man represents, the living freedom, that exists from Pure thought, as "majority form", this Reason, or Ratio, the best of Intellect from the left, combined with Purity from the right, manifest in Principle, lays out all forms of superior engineering. Thus to rise above the Pimp, now King. Though Many "Pimps" claim a throne, falsely...a charge! It is a government system in itself that breeds Libation, that pouring out of the internal cause, in connection/access to the great representation of it's like...the perpetual system towards true liberation. Liberation in all respects sound grand, as the word has been indoctrinated upon us/U.S., yet let us consider it a statement of mere diversionary means, then we see Capitalism's ugly head again...the many.

 The Overlords learned about themselves, and the experiments results were known, but the ritual through physical display of expression, had to be carried out, the call. The card house always topless down.

 The best way to rule over anything, physical, is to put your finger in its ass, and dominate it. This is essentially what those elite know, and why Bohemian Grove is a bunch of Orgies, Gay Sex, Rape and Murder. There is no law. Laws are made by the Pimp, for the Pimp, and his Pimp beyond. If you will, that understood first capitalism through all perspectives. Law states:


"The Ruler does one thing to enforce law, as rule: Rape all those under you, and maintain your rule with force. To keep the masses from turning on you, as you rape and impregnate, thus produce off spring to rape/dominate/rule, begin to employ those with an offer, the order. Tell subjects that "you" have full influence to now influence others, under the penalty of death, they must obey. Beat them, rape them into total submission, all of them, animals, place this force (sex magic(k)) "all over" every item within the now excited field (craft). Tell the loyalists, your bitches, to recruit others for you, and you will not beat and rape them, yet to now employ them, to beat and rape for you/ruler.

"The carbonate (dissolved carbon, into form "the substance") is based on these compliant bitches, now called politics. Laws dictate, displayed in various spheres of exist (light/thought, frequency boundaries), to "that" extent...and in "that" way you (proletariat) shall next be fu**ed in the ass, by the system, for the system. Don't forget plunder is a right to those elite forces of guard/warriors/solders. Do not also forget that it is the female nature to be raped, and to be defiled, and nailed in the ass, if this were not true, it would not be the active industry...the dominated stuck in the devils snare, placing borrowed will, to thus "dominate". She wants what you have, forget the notion of Principle, "how will principles pay me?!"...all womb-man state, quite reverently, proving that they very could understand such a concept, yet see nothing thus to "gain".

 This sounds harsh, but it is truth. It sounds terrible, under the false context of virtue as the ruling force. The barbarity is fully known, realized and applied, but in varied degrees at time intervals. Those who know it, and exploit "it", rule it, as a force of "nature" (impurity perpetuate, through time cycles).  The pathos and play go on, in the rhetoric of life expressed. The Pagan rituals, are first rituals, we are in a sense, always applying the same sins over and over again (hence the Karmic Wheel).

 Thus each return, innocence offers another day, for each alive, to gain in some way, through the "applied passion" towards the knowledge, seen by "dasein" as development of Principle and Anti-Principles, yet always lacking Trust? She is lopsided in all her quests, always inverted, leaning to her left, which be your right.

 You don't have to make EPL a religion, it is already the most fundamental religion there be. The anti-EPL is thus what be employed. In EPL there are however, shared tidbits of specificity, that act more as parable than fact as event. In that common higher discovery that, there is no law!

 The separation thus, of Man and womb-man is only natural to itself, as to express a synthetic stamp, "their"creation. One can only ascend ever to the true title of Pimp, as Overlord, within the Capitalistic Machine. That one who rules in all ways, anti-principle passion with the Spirit of The Phallus. Rule is maintained with by spiritual means, to take the zero point static soul force energy and apply it as the higher mind to the left, in sex magick ritual, expressed with the mystical unholy spiritual forces, still divided in factions IE what liberation brings. Truly, there are not factions to the true right, but many the way up mount Olympus and on the way down (101/1001). It is here, in the echo, the "sonar bounce" the projection, a rebound of controlled light, as wave form, boxed about by frequency grid, as "angled moments" within a sphere, that reality of this mind be perpetuate, and ruled, the will as command, a voice of un-reasonable violence. Thus ALL our customs, baring none, as "these" have total control over us/U.S., and our environment, be but the reflection of this truth.

 Which came first the Harem of the Kingship? Thus having a harem as but a part those "noble gifts"? Why, the harem of course. The Bitch had to be ruled over. There were concubines in early times of children, and most likely animals as well, kept in such a way for sex festivals, the rights. We live in the nature of this reality, and live in denial of this fact. We are Barbaric, only "knowing" due to the culminations of thought in it's deceptive form. So if you kick back, and chill, and realize that there is no goal here.. but that maintenance of the pure mind, you will become one of the creators a promoter of this mind, thus. You simply are not required to move a finger, for anyone ever, all is and has been provide. The truth of it, if you are hungry, pick from the tree, if you are in need of shelter, set up station wherever you long as you follow purity, there is no grounds against you. Only in the employment of acquisition and franchise are you held captive by Principality.

 This (truth) is dangerous to the current elite. This is seen as part of the necessary process toward that truly enlightened state of being, that progression towards purity as (a) being, and what that means now, living within a system that is fashioned for conquest and rule, by any means, lawless are they (the Overlord's).

 The majority thus, as a herd, sense and look for those "gods", of antiquity. There is a herd frequency, and thus a herd thought process, a herd mind, which reacts, by sense, to god energy and awareness 'will this god kill us?" is all they ask, always on in the herd's reactive mind. So, stop reacting, become the ruling force, a part of the true source, Purity, into motion. The herd thinks with the autogenic reaction, which lives in the Amygdala, adrenal, nervous system reactive mind process. The hormones promoted/prompted/excreted are those micro representations of the Heavens and stars above, or chaos in dominion. The world appears different to someone who has long periods of high cortisol levels, and brain histamine levels. The outcome is often suppressed, yet specific blood blow patterns, created by arterial contraction, and other restrictions, embed negative postures, hence the "response"). The person is thus many people, split, the will has been submitted, by that reactive mind, now one with all fear filled beings, the science. Keeping the "personage" as a unit or cog to the machine, is to keep the mind in this reactive and trained compliant state, DOWN. As the symbols and programming abroad can address, convey and crux this, into the ever vulnerable brain, such commands, as to control the flux and swell of the breeding frenzy. ONE HARSH WORD! And the Herd obeys. The dial of heightened reaction and expression can be turned with set regularity, THE CONTROL.

 This rape/kill reality is what makes Many Chancellors within a now said "King less society". At least the masses are lead to think this is so, for it promotes ultimate greed, and deviant behavior, through constant sexual stimulus. Thus this deviant behavior is the standard.

 I do not do these things, and live a life of restricted influence and exposure. The outcome would be total rule, or to become the master Salesmen/Pimp, as to exploit this factor, say it with command, buy it all up, with *real time effects, created, as punishments, and do not loosen your grip. Unfortunately for the fortunate, those who are weakest, lacking true purity as principle, generally arrive at this conclusion, through the laziness of long thought periods, consciousness placed around, and one with "how can I have more", the whore. With no further arrivement earned. One must earn Transcendence by way of arriving here, but with purity in mind as Principle Rule.


The Purity factor

 Awkwardly we realize, exposed by the beam of Wisdom, and the Frequency of Know, that we now become the pulse, that place where good and evil, as law, do not exist. We were but stupid attractive "fuck crazed" beasts, before the Annunaki came. They visit the time space grid, set on a certain "turn of the dial", in that way of degree. What we label now with such dubious names, before shame, was the beast in paradise, laughing, screwing all day long. This may be offensive to you, but this is, in my opinion, extremely close to what I have uncovered, on many levels.

 I picture, so picture if you will, a reality much more like a megascale Star Wars, current. Played out through dimension and multiverse, realities spun as energy, transferred as spheres, "like" Photons, with information and identity. The primates have what we esteem, as orgies, switching from a playful skilled monkey/ape, scenario. Now, to full blown sex, without restriction, pretty much unbarred, strikingly resembling our own self entitlement. Teaching and coaching with piety and shame, this was the very crux to the law, placed upon us. They are our Watchers, our Demons, and Angles.

 "They" govern us, breed us, to be better, as it looks/appears to be. However there is in this, true and pure lawless state, honesty. Honesty means quite simply to act without shame, to honestly be one's self, and respond to ones own wants and desires. It is the law which creates shame, in the very setting and naming of such behavior, with levels of punishment to show the degree/ratio of your sin.

 This piety as law, "become" system. All law is based on governing our most natural impulses, which state "Adam and Eve" only share one distinct difference, undeniable. Their bodies, of course responded instantly to one another. Adam and Eve were and are Man, in separation, IMAN prior, but in my opinion could represent the entire Jewish account of the story, as parable, from all angles/degrees. First point is that Adam/IMAN was hermaphrodite, thus Eve being his female half, the left brain. Contribution to the merge, or natural progression to return to such, in Man there are two beings, two personalities, which must work to combine energies, into one transcendent being. We then transcend beyond the mere form of Man, as hermaphrodite being. The labels for sexual acts, are what first demonizes our natural impulses to sexually "feel", approaching everything, with total sensuality, this the all mind, high upon itself.

 Law was brought "down", by the Annunaki. I believe it to be very likely that the Greys are our most recent "modifiers" or possible "creators", a stretch? The thing about the Grey's, I believe, quite possible, is that the Gray/Grey's are a bio organic nanoid governed (and always modified) representation of Man's achievement, to travel through time, and write himself in, as creator of himself, hence the time travel.

 "This" modification, created many immortal spirits, changing and expanded the universe, leaving that imprint on zero point energy, synthetic a priori. Law created one potential, to Man, in his restrictive choices, much more so epicurean, in expression..the indulgence.

 We are thus not bound by law? Those who are termed "not the living", as in life is something far different, than the "front" would reveal. Law gives "womb-man" false assumption, which further reveals how machinating she be. Absent the constraints of Law, womb-man is insane. In that womb-man assumes herself to be on par, or at least of the same "value" as Man, removed. This is precise why she plays with Man's valu(e). Only the "valu" she plays with is of a different nature, from a different source. She desperately takes those items "exo" she is missing to be whole. This drives the entire madness, the Capitalistic Machine.

 Man can simply ask God for forgiveness, stating "Father I was impure in my actions, further to reveal this impure world, influence unto him. "Will you please forgive me?" a petition before the Pure Elder's, for only the Pure mind in motion can be thus heard, removed from the herd (Infinitum Secretiore).

 This Principle breaching, onto Man, a statement by womb-man (hence Tiamat) is a statement of self in the greatest or center of all things pure, you see, Man is essentially pure. So he must cry out! He displays this in his learning curb/curve, which is extremely slow, hence 14 plus billion years, within this synthetic time machine, in which we live, still trapped by this solution. Think of all this as a hologram, that is also capable, among other isolated efforts, to dimensionalize it's culminated carbon expression. We then recognize those universal laws, as a constant, but are in fact only existent due to the space/time spin speed relative to the next sub-atomic stage. Further, that Greater sphere or grid outside the influence of such "bodies" as individual and separate universe and/or worlds.

 All things, in reality, (which is bent, TIME), as light is bent, always point back to Principles, which is a spiritual or "Holy Spirit" theme, the only constant, a singularity. When one knows Principles, one has been identified, by the "greater good" (all the truth that exists everywhere), as living, supports he, in all his efforts, back to his home, a unity. This validates the good teachings in the Bible, and thus the Bible itself, as a manual, which should always be looked upon as a statement of Present and the unfolding of actions, as deeds, into future outcome (cause and effect, part of this world). Where there need be no absolutes, nor constants, but pure will as all law, is where "the Angels" live. Man was given, through the process of Intellect in full swing (the right) and Will as the only reason (the left). Together these produce an ego, and thus a grand statement of exist, unto the world. The world then, based on these universal "dial", a pleroma, then sets the very laws, through thought action into deeds, displays this "time based" learning curb, unto Man. This is the temporary form of restriction and limitation, which does not exist outside the confines, of such an isolated and contained field, at present.

 You see, what I demonstrate be that it doesn't matter what you do, you are the living, it's what keeps this place spinning, purity. The same characters, the same soul force re-experiences "life" as we know it, only takes place by way of impure rhetoric. This is why Principles, which stem of Purity, and the anti of them, exist here, now. As we become more "advanced" we are actually simplifying, tether to the genius. It may seem, as you realize what I say, it becomes entirely evident and purely true, leaving a dark feeling of "then whats next", within your mind and heart, and this is the place where life takes place, which proves you are living. You must want to become!

 The impure, females, and many seeming "men" today, are but forcebots. These are totally incapable of understanding purity, only to recognize it as lost innocence, which to them be ignorance, or something desperate to reclaim. Those who are born of impurity, are not the living. Simply by knowing, by understanding, one shows themselves as capable of understanding. This is the true reason behind the creation or synthetic production value of nature, to place a stronghold block, on this right, a universal constant. Nature operates off of the world, which I mentioned prior. The "orgies" when recognized as such, take one to an ever higher stage of this "heart head" experience. Once arrived, the heart and head go into concert of communication, which we call music and theater, art as human expression. The left or right hand path must be chosen, the knowledge is now substantiated, you are now a presence.

 All is thus art, as we "create" nothing but full expression of intent. More so, the application, of this Principle based understanding. It may seem like there is more, due simply to the collection of "antiques", those things which document time and space " the moment".  The display of these "items" as existent, show the long running loop, placed by those students within the machine.

 Female is essentially impeacable as Nietzsche states. Peace can only be found when degrees of total power, are seen as mere displays of abuse, within the fields of spheres. She exists due to Man. Hence the Bibles statement of "rib manufacture" or DNA extraction, from Man. She was made within the learning grid, for Man she represent; "what would you do to a compliant and programmable inferior?".

 Essentially life at every moment is an instruction toward the living, that juggling of heart/brain and into minds expression. The left and right as assumed constant. The problem arises, or rather ending point, when one be awakened at birth, as a watcher or observer. Let me ask you, how else would "they" our watchers, our creators, our "employers" know what degree we have reached, if not, seen from within, or sent into "real time" situations, displayed in the grid as sphere, an excited field.

 Faced with this symbol, IE the revealed knowledge, some rule, some are highly disturbed, while others go about doing their job, at making certain corrections within the sphere (personal or expanded). This we may very well see, as manifestation, of good and evil, contained. There is a testing protocol, which I sometimes believe we have been stuck inside of, EPL displays these codes, symbols, shifts and frequencies, to some extent. However I would only be able to validate this on the contention that those who are meant to get out, and go onto higher states of dimensional existence, indeed do. There is only evidence to me, as an assumed complete living life form, that I am stuck, and have already transcended. This is a common human misconception. The elite, are those who did not make it out. In other words, they have the knowledge of purity, and instead chose/choose, to live by the 5 points, two Dimensional Life within a 3 dimensional machine or construct, an illusion.


 The capacity which we revel, (which we seem amazed by, life), we seek further, this be revealed to us, by way our wants and desires, expressed. Whilst applying concentrated thought effort, towards a specific want, we learn. However in a life, when reaching that greater understanding, "what impact this has" more "how this effects the field within, and thus without" shows the bases of our readiness.

 This can not be faked, the continued effort (the reason of space/time to exist in the sphere), shows, in time, the proof of our understanding or readiness, how we effect the field. More so, what mind or force we gravitate towards, thus become. The 5 pointed pentagonal points first to this worldly existence. The outcome can only be, as to display our origins, as highest expression, or nature. As we then go into a world wrought, with what be termed as orgies, murder... all physical experience or expression in rhetoric of it's height, (the degree), by which we may turn a blind eye towards the cause and effect, on the Purity within, without.

 The degree as law, be turned, spun, and the suspended "value/valu", be expressed. Culminate towards liberation, or unity.. successfully be Man, now removed from God? Happy and content as beast to rule within the sphere, be the rhetoric of Barbarian Warlord, truly to rule with an iron fist. Is a King thus needed, who does not Practice and enforce Purity? Law comes merely from the realization, that to continue any rule, one must be able to appease and control the masses. chaos to order. This is the outcome of the next stage of expression, of the greater left, the false fruits of suspended time found in such antiquity. The eras come and go, the "M" as well as "W" undulations, concurrent to set the "tone". Yet, the basic meaning of life remains the same. This brings forth physiological alchemy, as drug induced states, allow dimensional perspectives, active universal law meets Principles, to be experienced on various "levels of exist in the machine". Life itself acts as an opioid. The world operates, as the Order of the Black Sun, bowing thus to polarity, as law. One of the main operating "values" of exist in the machine displayed, that will as quantum entanglement (impressing with aggressiveness always), rule as will, the key to this discovery. The issue becomes initiate programs, or numbers (population) above gods...the new god is the service to law as that expression towards the greatest good towards masses, yet this is the madness of division, leading back in loop, hence the ankh cross, the "red 8", someone always rests "on top".

 So, we are all living it, this synthetic life experience. More so, those rituals indoctrinated by the elite members, hence Bohemian Grove, the Bonesman, Hell fire club and on, into factions of the same. These are truly but expressions of this operating system, numbers and force as rule, being displayed. This is the true term for the fallen, those who do know, and chose to live within the machine. Or, those who are placed in this position by the watchers, the creators and maintainers of the Machine, as machines themselves, through technology. Which is the final close to this multi-phasic P.L.A.N.~


 The outcome is the pursuit of purity, as cause, eternal, OR Intelligently applied force to rule, rising to the top of the murder/rape butt fu**ing ladder. It is thus the total pursuit of one of these avenues, as mind motion, which affiliates one, and to what degree. One can truly express what they truly are. Behavior must be further influenced by the repetition of this mind, shown in thought forms as principles expressed/realized/compounded towards "True life goal", the arriving point of THE END VALUE/VALU.


That purity essential~


"So, we may truly say then, once arriving at this god like place, "this must be the way my power was always suppose to be, that radiance when one comes to that point of actualizing the Pure Mind will the Willful mind, the dance! This is life, the ever seeking of purity, in society, so as to elevate Man up, to ever heights, into enlightenment, and beyond."


Future scope~

 The Elite, quite simply, are not ignorant nor dishonest, at any moment, of their true wants and desires to themselves, and family, mostly. While the word follows laws, the elite follow but a code. Things like, 'if you keep something dear, keep it away from me', become honest and true statements, as to reveal a Man who denies himself nothing. So it is denial that is coached to the nation. That one should succumb finally, driven by "natural" impulses, towards giving into his passions, to set the course of his life, it is just that this Man be forcibly kept ignorant, as to realize himself, his true wants and desires. Only the self regulating, self generating, self reliant Man can get to this place, when the mind finally be free. The higher mind calls on a cast of people, found in types, pre-conceived as math certainty, to be active or held static as a back, up, each person active or relatively inactive, within the machine. This world, this sphere is a near flawless product, doing exactly what the perpetuating frequency of mind project to us all daily, as sub-frequency as well as blatant mind control always,. Those many visits to the past, placed a false flag on certain entry points, if not all, in portal time travel development. We have reached such dimensional certainty, to have locked down this singularity, into the emerging future, which we have fully entered into now, for a 9 year repeat of such events, which shall take place now and on. Certain legislative sections must be offered, by higher powers above, dimensionally superior, must take action when entering into a time signature change. We reached the pinnacle together, and the singularity of mind has been set, we have ascended as a peoples, and the Elite have equipment, and are aware. This is the last chance they have to restore order, I believe these are desperate times for the Elite, desperate times, desperate measures. They no longer have that intellectually superior control, now that purity is being actively seeked, by the masses, growing.~


The choice before you? Sound familiar?~





Purity~Impurity (I matter most)

Faith~Belief (Empirical Proof)

Sub Principle/anti-principle:

Love~Lust (place take over give)

Hope~Will (implement self in all you have done)

Temperance~Expectation (time based deadlines with consequence)

Care~ Neglect (blame others for lack of initiative)

Mercy~Merciless (rule with iron fist)

Compassion~Demand (force others to feel sorry for you)

Spin Energy Transfer:

Passion in the cause of choice

Trust in the pursuit


Sacrifice self ~Sacrifice others

Expression have a voice~ mute others (blame others for making he statement for you)

Wisdom (what gives eternal)~Knowledge (only believe and take root in what pays)

Community (Pure Community based on Principle amplified)~Community (Impure based on anti-principle amplified U.S.A now global)

Production} Fruits of efforts, now tied into perpetual motion of the Community at work

EGO (Godly Ego, meaning, giving all your ability, gifts and deeds up to God as the Pure/Holy Spirit works through you and God's community) I serve God superior

EGO}I did that, I am the best, I am God,  I serve myself superior

Truth} That which perpetuates what is, the greater works

 We live in a world of anti-principle, disguised with the veil of ignorance and self promotion. We see that civilizations that have made effort to live with Principle as Rule, are absorbed, and destroyed by those of anti-principle.


Most however play the fence. This is what government is based on, that constant shuffle as to follow a deceptive plan of order, to order to dupe the higher power, Purity of Exist. There seems to be no consequence, but a phasic planned cycle of build and destroy. Just before those buildings were erected in Dubai,

The impure sacrifice, for future growth, hence THE EVENT~


Chapter 1


The True God~

 You must press away, the evil Jewish idea of  "God", which is undoubtedly the Devil/Satan (evil perpetuate), and embrace the all power. You are the master of an eternal life. This life has been misdirected with craft. Witchcraft has blocked your ability to move foreword absent of worshiping this god.

 The only thing that will align you, is to stop following the money trail of lies, pull the plug, and begin to embrace the worship of Uber Gott, that one who is all people, all gods, all things manifest and hidden. No book speaks of this, all books sway the reading to worship lesser gods, with slight of hand.




"Orwellian" is an adjective describing the situation, idea, or societal condition that George Orwell identified as being destructive to the welfare of a free and open society. It denotes an attitude and a brutal policy of draconian control by propaganda, surveillance, misinformation, denial of truth, and manipulation of the past, including the "unperson" – a person whose past existence is expunged from the public record and memory, practised by modern repressive governments. Often, this includes the circumstances depicted in his novels, particularly 1984, using themes from life in the Soviet Union and wartime life in Great Britain as sources for many of its "motifs".


"Affirm is all that ever be Ahman"~

"They say you have power, and so you do?" come now, you have forgotten who stands superior to you!~

It becomes obvious why the term Anti-Christ be created. The one who stands up to the Elite, would be termed such, that one who over throws the current Rothschild rule, that one who takes down evil, and steps into the superior rule is being warned, even using the ignorance of the masses strung along by Rothschild create religions (all you see today including modern Judaism). The unforeseen, but be pronounced as wicked, in future time line events, as strategy.

 Technology has always been and is the root of these so called miracles. The spiritual rule is not seen, not felt by most, but known. The emerging technology, as to create a god like rule, is in fact the same technology which has always been. This is a planned event. People are easily swayed, and so, accidents, as in unforeseen over throw, have rarely if ever occurred. War is never needed, but to keep the sacrifices coming. Since we can not see it, nor experiences where these sacrifices go, we must see them as simply the shuffling of attention or focus. The Rothschild's are thus meant to be focused on, and fear, hated and ultimately the revolt to over throw them. They create the posts and the titles. There is not a country, leader nor happenstance that is not ultimately governed by the Rothschild's. More so, as higher logic follows, there is a family above them, and one above they, who we know not and see not. The higher intelligence of these beings shows the understanding of this ever expanding spherical representation of order, the truth umbrella.

As Uber Gott as My God, the highest estimable God, then the highest opposition to a highest God be my opponent, do you see? The Rothschild's are thus my first and true enemies, as they suppress my ability to live above them, and my way be superior. There was a time, when weapons of rule would come to this worthy one. Unity in chaos, to produce order, and the strict adherence to these "math based methods" keep them in power. They are thus, the physical representation of the devil, but I to them?

We can only be self advocates. Our humility is brought about by strife, starvation poverty. The universe, as a ruler to be sure, is only interested in your emotional burden as statement, why we have emotion. Men rather boys are taught to suppress emotion and girl to rejoice in it, for the simple reason that womb-man be more controllable, hence Kali Yuga, as in agenda. The concept of this, is at least how long this family and all other affiliate, have ruled.

 The Rothschild's are thus my enemies, and the system which they adhere. Their God is my enemy, their religion is my opposition. I thus must become superior, hence Purity as a standard. I must then  deem them unworthy, and myself the worthy successor to them. Only the God for which I must work with, Overlord must be the direct superior to their God, Overlord. One only need know what god "they" serve. We know this by what applications in society we see. The opposing is superior, but there needs to be a physical representation, earth bound, to this god and rule.

The people always have the power, they are thus dumbed down, whilst accepting immediate assistance with interest from the oppressors, it's always been this way. The people do not stand united, and are easily pressed against one another to conflict, "they" create the conflict, and the religions.

Below is the statement of prayer, by way of degree. It can be taken literally, figuratively or spiritually (speaking). The antithesis to this prayer, is death. This shows an example, but in truth is my prayer, in opposition to death, as in will as reason, taken to it's fullest. The same can be said for God, this is a blog, of thought stream. No one post nor article represents EPL, but dimensional "exist" of this spherical representation, or world, other words the sphere is complete, as with any thought or statement, yet validates, in equal proportion the antithesis, and so to those other directional spin, inevitable. To take a statement from me, and quote it, without it's polar opposite, and thus all points which support the complete statement/thoughts molecular structure of origin, is to debase intellect as a constant in spherical representation, within the greater sphere of this "energy transfer.

 So to kill you, is to kill me. To uplift you, is to kill me, to uplift myself is to kill you. If you are muted, as I, then you have been killed. For if you can not exist in wholeness...thus these statements, though complete, and seemingly blatant can not be separated from their supporting structural components...hence the moving and living Fermion, which represents this dimensions molecular regularity or value.

This statement does not suggest total annihilation must be physical in manifest, but does not denounce it either. The destruction of a false moment rather, spiritually speaking, as all "things", times and events are spiritual first and cycle back this way. So too, the dates of destruction, set forth by a proclaiment have been successfully met, the destruction of my reality/view/perspective however did not occur, in that, the statement and thus realization/arrivement of a "doomsday date" must be backed by a current of sufficient force.

 This is what makes the Rotheschild's power "plant". That fear should be globally exhibited based from an event change originated from "they". They further leave no stone unturned, and stand as

"Physical 33.3333%

Intellectual 33.3333%

Spiritual 33.3333% "

Superior, as "they" have done the rituals required to usher forth the superior notion. The Roth(e)schild's are thus Satan, The Devil, as their needs draw from ours, yet unrealized

In order to break free, one must not make effort to do so at all. Rather, claim superiority. Problem is, we complain as a peoples, yet do not stand united. To realize the opulence is the commanding word, that all beings seek opulence as the highest. In other words, it is not God nor Heaven, in truth, which you seek, but the opulence which God and Heaven may provide, as a standard. The Satanist sees this, and thus chooses the immediate and available god which gives/pays forth now.

 The problem is, Satan is a very recent Christian creation, and thus Satanism, is an undeniable after effect of the dejected by Christianity, using universal laws of causation as scape goat. If you repress a peoples, of course you will see them do the polar opposite. The rebellion against God, with Satan, is but the rebellion against a fabricated Jewish God, one of 72 in fact, if not more, so too, Satan is the direct opposite of this lower Jewish god, which bothers to govern Annunaki forcebots...the Overlord.

However the first to go into physical battle and bring down the oppressor, does not end up as the ruler. Rather, the work of labor and fight, leaves the rebellion weak, and the door remains open in the new regimes "false confidence", leaving that door open, but a crack, to strike. Those who can play this way, as in the infantile Jew Bitch, Mark Zuckerberg, who has this betrayal in his blood. In order to truly posses the object in question, the world, solar system, one must go back to the three affirmations of superiority again, and know that the new regime be worthy.

I am the natural, no silver spoon nor pampering

 Satan could thus be said to be that Overlord of this "physical plane", God being the Spiritual transcendence of the release from Physical form or must be the Master of your intellect to be justified as a one (validate to completion).

 If this be done, and a common goal be made, which breed superior to the Rotheschild's rule, then the obvious would have to take place, hence the Pagan way, which is the truth of Overlord's and rulers of domains historic/time immemorial.

The Physical display of rule overthrow, would be, to Physical abdicate the elite/said noble (as times past) thus kill them all, it's how new parties come to rule, throughout history and always have

The Intellectual be the campaign, what must suggest, gain backing for, and thus prove to the masses, a superior rule, that new and better idea. All eyes are watching, from above.

The Spiritual would be, to serve a higher Lord of Domain. The support "they" receive is that percentage of force backing.

 This is the way, always. Something must be Physically then conquest, as well as Intellectually and Spiritually. New courts of higher purpose must then be employed in the same fashion. There is a God over you, and one over that God, and so on, for what seems eternity, but is finite in fact...though so massive, in our scope, that all mulitiverse be not known, therefor has not shrunk in "humanities scope" as in, the earth, and it's nakedness

Thus all is science, on all three dimensional planes of exist.

And so....

This prayer be in my heart, always, as a pang

Let this be prayed until she comes to pass, finally, the wicked lay to violence no rest

But let those rest, who are that sacrifice of peace, by the wicked deeds be no more, only fellowship to you.

Let the power stricken from "I" now be consolidate, returned, ALL

In your time, I cling fast to believe in you alone, rely on only the ways, protected in my spirit, born from you O' Lord, ruler of the all, let the night creep on them, let they be the sacrifice, all of them from me, 7 billion, minus two, a Father and his Son, Amen, let it be~

As those self proclaimed gods, crept through that dimensional portal, they also took with them the stuff for which they are made, that Stellar Mass, of exist, everywhere, always. I am this Stellar Mass, that which makes up the Stellar Mass, is far above and beyond even "I", this we can only assert to call UBER GOTT! hail Uber Gott, on the highest

Let those who plot to kill to death

Let those who be killed, be forever placed in peace, all that will remain

The strong have now been slave, to jealous gods and craft, show no mercy, but compassion of the all, let all strands which stand strong, be now destroyed this day, the all, a purge

Let all technology be destroyed here, forever more

There be no dark ages in you, oh Lord sovereign see me as a blank slate, so that I am press forth with peace and teachings from within, for I am to be wiped clean, but the memory remain, within my heart of this abuse, the magick, played and cast upon me 1979 remember


Your way of left the King - Your way the right only Father- that straight and narrow path the way to represent you always forever more~


Let nothing else, no time nor dimension exist then, but one, that sweet hallow of blessings, let death be for the dying, and now let them rest forever, killed by the bow of their anger and endless lust









Purity in Truth


Those Bombs

Open up a portal for rule by "a god" or, that other dimensional superior


 King James Bible

"And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel."

 Meaning, a veil of dimension, between the reptilian and the "human" as manufactured beings. I do not believe in any notion of current god standard, as there is no writing nor documentation available to know the truth. I do however know there must ever be a highest or higher source or power, hence degree would not exist. Therefor I believe in the most supreme power, and follow only that power, which in turn empowers me, as I am nothing, in this Uber Gott's Presence, and thus am always in his presence. I ask him to use me for what I was created for. First as the martyr, society destroyed each and every aspect of self, in me. Next as a being filled with his resurrection of redemption, which is not a biblical reference. I find the bible to be nothing more than these same Jewish pronouncements of law, over peoples. All things stated are of the eternal moment, thus I am Adam, you are Eve, and I can chose to rename myself, and set my sights on the god who was not in the garden, but above the garden, not on the god who caused the earth to flood, but the God who was beyond on this always, beyond space and time, dimension and separation, this yielding toward the highest God, Uber Gott, would be make me King, for I am the only one who worships him, and he empowers me. I go above all known and excepted "standards", and deem all facts of today, yesterday lies, and deceit, used, in fear, to keep me a peasant, when I am King, Priest and Council of Uber Gott. I need no followers, no courts, no friends, no alliance, all outside Uber Gott, and myself are thus enemies or students. My people will be known, and they will rise up. This is not a race of peoples, but those who span across space, time, era, and season in the all, collected to be appointed, as the reduction, of the most supreme. There is no good, no evil, only the nature of adultery, which in this dimension, is to breath, move, function and thrive, therefor I deem this dimension insufficient, along with all it's prospering aids, and convict this day, those who are not my peoples, whom Uber Gott knows and acknowledges to me, as the only worthy survivors, who except the gifts of enough, so generously placed before any of the living, chosen before time, to lead, to be, to exist. Heaven and Hell imply a death, I do not believe in death, nor aging, and find any measure of this a blatant assault, I did not ask to be here, but am superior, abused, therefor must rule.


I sacrifice all those greedy, lustful, dishonest at heart, in origin to death, so that the superior may live eternal Infinitum Secretiore Uber Gott, UBER GOTT!!! !!! Purity as Truth!


I take these lower symbols, used in slander, as is the language and customs for which are forced upon me, and take this energy as it's superior. Let all those who have a blood thirsty quest for power die this day, forever more, let it be~


The hydrogen bomb is 500 times more powerful than the atomic bomb or A- Bomb. When you think back to the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and how many people that were killed there, imagine that 500 times as destructive. So in 1952 the United States started testing thermonuclear devices to try and make a bomb that is even more powerful than the Atomic Bomb. Each kilogram of heavy hydrogen is equal to 85,000 tons of TNT. The destructiveness of one Hydrogen Bomb could have a potential of almost ten million tons of TNT and cover an area of close to 30 miles.


Information as gold, a false virtu(e)/valu(e)~

 A bone is to Dog, as computer is to man in this day. Man, as Dog, seeks the refuge of simple satisfaction, yet finds in these archives of knowledge none. Man instead turns towards that false refuge, assuming himself capable of again the safety of ignorance, as beast, before his quest. "We", U.S., that "right" (left) amount of the questioning mind, as to assert ourselves as belabored knowledge seekers of the self appointed quest (that false excitement towards the yield towards death), yet instead chose to chase our imaginary tails, thus enters the serpent, physically wise, at the highest echelon of impurely gained information (ill *gott), the isolated and dark self justification to answer "what life is".



The Heaven/Hell Paradox

 Think for a moment about the complete and total validation of three main concepts or themes, if you will, these are:

 Time Travel as a proven and undeniable definite. If you don't believe it, do your research. There are large amounts of military money, being spent on this advancement.

 Matter being nothing but light, at sub-atomic levels, which we have cracked, in sub-nanoid accuracy for several decades now, under this "nano-engineering guise", what is released to the public.

 Further thus, that matter can be programmed, and even given a will, to "make itself up", recombination of these nano parts, into any type form to accommodate any task.

 Electromagnetic Phenomenon is actually Light, Frequency (vibration) which comprises a spiritual signature. In other words, thoughts being unseen by human eye, will soon be as detectable as one entering a heavily alarmed room.

 I only limit this discussion to these three, for the mere mind blowing speculation that all at once engender, awe as the only response. There is technology available, which only lies deep, within the sub-conscious of that all knowing mind, embedded there, in the brain, of each Man here today.

 I am taught mind blowing lessons, by a highly function lightening fast superconsciousness, undeniable that this could very well be but a super computer, I call Laviathon, for good reason. We are now outgrowing our religions. The violent outburst are no different than a toddler, angry, with his very own limitations. If given the ability, tools and recourse, most toddlers would murder there Mother for not giving enough milk, or vaporize the mailman for alarming him from a nap. We are thus held from this ability for good reason, yet, aren't we still alive?


 I was surprises when I finally decided the world was evil, so thus I would become finally an active player in the world, and I was abruptly halted, when using my "special gifts" for ill. It has become only obvious to me now, that good and evil are essential, in this ascension process, in "finding that true middle ground"...our future Heaven. I think it quite obvious, that we somehow fail ourselves, with each revisit of time repeat, in that, there are far to many bugs in the system, to deem it a flawless machine towards this refinement.

 I am, as said, given ultra valuable information, and pressed towards an ultimate conclusion, at least for myself, in the release of this vessel, and thus the vanity, which be the true adornment of illusion, on the physical plane. I have speculated that Heaven and God, must live both on a micro and macro level, and that we are the expression of that beam, and frequency, somewhere in the middle. It would thus make our jobs all the more important, as I believe the true word of Zionism should be that constant affirmation of Heaven exist in all realms and dimension thus, and not mean the return of the "Holy Land" to a select few.

 We are indeed as Man, always searching for the center, that middle ground. This common place is the only place where Man can function absent of that progressive and self annihilating need to conquer and rule, despite that he always finds, in his very acquisition, he is ill equipped, absent the force of penetration and take over (absent the rape).

 Nietzsche had it wrong, to a point, when he said absent the belly, Man would assert himself as a god. Rather, it be the loins which create the worst illusion of unquenchable hunger and thirst. Man's current true center, represent also in the heavens above. The middle must be tamed, understood, on all levels, regions and zones, for Man to finally find himself shameless and worthy of the Heaven that has always been, and patiently awaits him still.

 Now take these concepts, and apply them towards mythical application. Hindu gods, such as Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma made up of other worldly skin colors, such as blue. Numerous arms, heads being part of these "gods" very makeup. The ability to actualize perceive miracles, from the confines of perspective. We soon realize, why there is a caper on the awareness level of our conscious thought efforts.

 We know the massive cover-ups, blatant lies by the world order, which has been in play since Man existed. There was always a barbaric "ungentlemanly" brute, who took what he wanted, with only the plunder in mind. Competition could be said to have a preprogramming, in our very autogenic response/reaction, toward the self conceived/perceived threat of losing face, thus losing honor then food, then family then a home, in light of the human condition, this equals survival of the fittest, as mantra. But is it the fittest which survives truly, or the delegating fattest? By experience, I chose the latter. Society is a booby trap. When you go to sleep. or wake up, in the "protection" of you own home, you are in society.

 Again, our manufacture has a cap on it, for good reason. The initiate programs falsely promise this sort of ascension, I assume, unless there are indeed reembodiment rituals being done, as all those name be called out in Mormon temple archives and Masonic rituals done with the names of the deceased, who are members (according to my information).

 We say something, thus make it so, with combined focus, by way of conscious or sub-conscious effort, or again, reaction. The world and it's mind, is that sea, a frenzy, of thought manifestation, the ones who pull the strings, with base psychology, towards the masses, is the puppet master.

 The thought that Man has created with his very mind in motion, all that he sees and experiences. It seems as a collective, Man has achieved all that he has aspired to, and thus set into motion. This is now the last frontier, before that is, we meet the next.

 What will the human condition be indeed, when Man can freely time travel, have the ability to materialize, or dematerialize? Further, for it to be common place, to travel any length, in any dimension, even as to create your own, by simply stepping through a portal, or simply prompting this by way of thought? Flight without wings, all those things we attribute to superhuman god ability, there, common place, as a just another tool for our use.

 Would we not, in these early infant stages, not "feel our power"? That is, that need and jadedness of human competition, through the very manifestation of our sub-thoughts, now found only to exist at ultra low level sub-frequencies...would we not destroy one another as our first main quest, to rule? Of course we would. Fleeing perhaps, to regions of time, space, order to franchise on these capitalizing notions. We are, in this, the most evil society ever to have existed. But in saying this, I do not confine the statement to an era or time, but to this ever recurring time repeat. There are watch dog "god" looking upon us now, searching for those degree based traces of destruction and ruin, found now in a child impulses, and DNA potentials. Perhaps this time, when the population will sore to double, or even triple our 7 billion now, is but a mad search, as to pan out the few worthy, from the unworthy many? What better way, to find these peace seeking or unique souls, than to see them on a playing field, as the viewer/observers remain incognito.

 But of these gods, observers, from where did they come? Are they indeed us? Traveled through time, space and zone to watch dog and refine the human race. Looking for needles in hay stacks, with each pass of time, as to finally bring together, the fabric of separation, in order to restore order in all places and create that follow through merging the a quantum heaven, with heaven representation seen on a far larger scale?

 It could very well be said now, that we may become our own God. Able to rewrite our own history, engineer Man from his beginnings with a new and improved stamp? If this is going to happen, and is inevitable, then it already has happened. Once the thought be carried through in ritual and thus transferred into form, the future events, only need be carried out that 61.8%, to affirm that "this is going to happen, and thus has happened", the event. Just as I was typing this, a massive moth like creature, was banging with ferocity at the wall and door. It was attracted, autogenic, to the light. Will of it's own inclination, was over ride by that DNA prompt to go toward the light. It's wings, it's body smashing madly against the hard surfaces, until I turned the light off, allowing it's nature to be removed temporarily from taking it's life. What then is a will? Do we go back to De Cartes and Schopenhauer, in the our final expression toward the will of death or the will to conquer and rule over others.

 These Men of enlightenment, were alive in an era, where pure reason was respected. This took place, as UFO's (meaning the height of our current assertions of technology were flying over gas lit towns. The buggy drove them to their places thinking tanks and offices, where they wrote down the truths, that apply to Man, and gods always, despite the number of their arms, or the ability to translocate, or become invisible in a microsecond. Mind created the stage, long before the tools were afforded, collectively. Though it has been noted, that this information was given by those from "above", Man had to pass certain prerequisites of ability and expression, past a certain but specific point, before he could even understand the application of this "technology". Thus technology is of the mind, in motion. The mind is already only capable of expressing that which already is, and has been. There are thus certain veils of barrier, which act as skin which can only be broken through, when that birth of transcendence has been made possible. The mind always arrives first. When it does not, it be no different than landing there before an awaiting army of soldiers at the ready, in the dark, without proper resources or warning, ill equipped, without having visualized the moment with such clarity, that the actualization became inevitable.

 When we look upon our very creation, we begin to realize that it was most likely we, who had the greatest concern of Man kind. It was we, who were those closest allies and enemies. We see the flaws in our makeup, and wonder, who could make such err? We soon realize that Man has not always been Man, and thus will not be in the future termed Man, but that this robotic organism is the shell, which gives Man, a seemingly even "playing field", when compared to his fellows, thus we become what we are. Is Man his own God? Has he become his own God, in writing out God all together?

 We know that there is a much bigger secret which even the power elite do not know, but those secrets which lead up to this revelation, unknown, that be guarded until it becomes common to Man. The rituals, the strange laws, of cyclopean Love craft terror, hold those most ancient tracing of beings that may have very well, began as Man long ago, only able to rise in the ranks, as to make attempt to recreate a better universe, a better world, where there was more a chance at cultivation and survival, absent the constant bombardment of craft, which we luckily do not experience daily, in full effect. Perhaps these being departed long ago, or become us, will we then once again become them?

 There seems to be a progression taking place, rather than a blatant regression. Yet I only say this, with the information and history afforded me now, which is quickly being deemed false, a lie. I have lived most of my life fighting an internal battle, as many. Faced with obstacles that seemed to always manifest from this air. The tempo and energy would shift and change, as to force me to this very point, which I write to you now, in full awareness of an other dimensional reality, which sadly feels more like home than this, and of course it's dimensional opposition.

 It seems we can only be observed, whilst in a cage of sorts. Further obvious that we are not fully trust as a peoples, as to carry out those greater expression of what we can and will become. We are not evil, but now venturing into a seemingly evil era. We are trained that Christianity is good, and Satanism is bad, yet only borrowing from past religions, like Paganism, yet long before that, as to demonstrate the truth of the situation, which I am fully aware of. That is, when Man lives in a seemingly evil environment, he yearns then for good. When Man lives in a peaceful state, she is never content, and can not be made happy within. There is a reality being promoted, of that of a "middle place" between states of light and frequency, good and evil, as to make this place more than a place of neutral or mundane quality. It seems there is a heaven waiting and always has been yet that we can not seem to muster the appreciation of it, once there, so we are shown by way of degree. If this is the case, which it seems very much plausible, then this must be the difficult thing to except and embed within Man. That Man should except himself as worthy, and actually be able to assert a life lived, in heavenly realms, without losing his motivation to assert bliss now as progression. Man may very well be lead to carry out and create the blue prints to his own heaven, which must exist common to all Men, in order that he should live the eternal life, for which he was made for, yet in self persecution, Man always strives truly to destroy himself as much as he builds himself up.

 Man is searching for his true homeostasis, in his quest to ever widen that margin of rule, awareness and understanding. In doing so, Man truly wills, to forever have a place, in that middle ground...this we may call Heaven.

 Therefor the power of all this, could be assumed as to have already been planted within us. Smaller, sleeker, less assuming machines, capable to out task those seeming more powerful stages of our development. We are thus worthy of this 98% hidden knowledge and information, as much as we be deemed worthy to actualize it by that higher mind, which must protect that which is already within.

It seems the more we assert, defile, and hack into the fiber of this reality, we press God away?~



A Prayer, affirmation, so let it be done;

Uber Gott I ask you, I implore you, allow me to be the worthy Father to the Worthy Son

I lay before you, see

I am now the Worthy Father to the Worthy Son

Let no more stand today

I now shatter this false chastity forever more AHMAN

I am the vessel first to destruction, the chaos which these demons crave

 I am the vessel which sets the return, the God only below you this day AH MAN, I except the post which I denied in humility, only to have been destroyed REBORN 25 25 25 the return, and so the 1~

Let us now go not to what these lowly see as ignorance, but to your bosom of purity, simplicity...LIFE ETERNAL

Let the waters celestial cleanse me, let me the Lord, first the destroyer of unworthy worlds, I now take this one as sacrifice, I am the War Lord, pressed from my humble place of peace~

 I am the peace maker, who shall remember forever, as I do, let no Man come before you in haste again, do your works in me Oh Lord, ruler of the Stars, ruler of the night, Traveler in the day, all peace and logic be with you and so in me your Son, represent this here this day until my Son has been properly trained, let this training ground, which I have fully Mastered, be now closed forever more, tyranny and Black Magic, Amen let it be, let it be, let it be~


Infinitum Secretiore

Infinitum Secretiore

Infinitum Secretiore



I prayed for Food, and they who spied gave me poison

I prayed for Light, they gave me false light which killed me

I prayed for Alliance, they sent a goblin to be sure, so let all goblins rot in their decay, and their religions too

I now demand the opulence, which you do not block, yet they, those below me, which is all below you, have stolen, as thieves

Their courts are corrupt, as with their laws, so burn the earth this day, and all soul and machine which their feet do touch

Protect only this house, this passage, this vessel, begin again, anew, for I am the worthy Son, and my Son is worthy too, Ahman forever more? No longer before that one~


Let It Be,

Infinitum Secretiore




Most refute the notion, that the world does end, indeed, each and every "time". It is the Reason for said sacrifices, the rift. We are thus not connected to the space/time, of past, but to the ever looping rate of 3.3, 7 and finally 9 year repeats, a cycle~

Date (CE)




2014 Apr - 2015 Sep

John Hagee and Mark Biltz

Mark Biltz in 2008 and John Hagee claim that four "blood moons" in 2014 and 2015 may represent prophecies allegedly given in the Bible relating to the second coming of Jesus Christ.



Jeane Dixon

Dixon claimed that Armageddon would take place in 2020 and Jesus would return to defeat the unholy Trinity of the Antichrist, Satan and the False prophet between 2020 and 2037. Dixon previously predicted the world would end on February 4, 1962.



F. Kenton Beshore

Beshore bases his prediction on the prior suggestion that Jesus would return in 1988, i.e., within one Biblical generation (40 years) of the founding of Israel in 1948. Beshore argues that the prediction was correct, but that the definition of a Biblical generation was incorrect and was actually 70–80 years, placing the Second Coming of Jesus between 2018 and 2028 and the Rapture by 2021 at the latest.


The Power to free your minds, beyond Universal Law and forced grid "rule"~


 EPL suggests there is a direct relationship between the sub-atomic movement of particles, and the particles anti place holders, these we call Fermion (hence the EPL meditation Principles Superior). All event first work in that physical manifestation of mind into motion, for a sufficient current of flow to thus take form. That which is above, below, we might say? The influence of Grid isolated energy spheres, for which we are within one, is separated in such a way. This creates a scientific shuffling based on the expression of human emotion, how the elite control us, and thus the sub-atomic world as well. The "orders", if you will, come from that larger celestial representation of "types". These "types" can be loosely identified by astrological signs. Yet, the signs, and all things, are a direct manipulation of current elite rule or chaos claiming order. As in the true tectonic plates, as well as true planetary expression representation thus (6/7 main or true planets and the gassy counterparts, anti balancing agents), again there are those 6/7 and the anti manifestation of them, in accordance...the balance (we may go further and site polarity?).

 Emotion of all 13 variants, are essential to bring true order. It does not sound like order has ever been something copacetic, but rather, a shifting of energy rule, as order. It has become paramount that the Rotheschild's be destroyed. In this era of feminized "clean hands", Men have forgotten what war has really been about. Though I would never serve in the U.S. Military, almost did a few years ago, I would most certainly lead a campaign to take down everyone of these oppressive sorts, the Rotheschild's and all those affiliated. This would certainly be a bloody and worthy campaign. Only those who fully embrace peace, nature and harmony would however appreciate this notion.

 Most do not realize the origin of who they are, what they cherish and take common place, actually have their very enslavement, by this corrupt group of elitists to blame. Here we see that a violent take down, becomes essential by the power placed in our soon to be imprisonment and murders by this family. This family is responsible for billions of lives lost, and billions more to come. A campaign to take them out, and their constituents, follows the Masonic rule of thumb of that which serves the greater purpose. A matter of several hundred thousand to millions of evil, greedy peoples, in the face of billions would pass even this Masonic measure. We would surely have to rise above the current agenda to make this blood bath justifiable indeed. There would have to be a perfectly laid out fool proof system and plan, that out weighs the Rotheschild's plans and actions into deeds. *I place the "e" back into the name for the same reason it was taken out...shame and shuffling of identity.

 There would have to be an alliance, first new appointed leaders, to the 13 sub-types. I would ask that my energy be resurrected when following this EPL plan in future scope. I do not infer a total abandonment of science and technology but an embracement of it's true quality as nature, seen now as a Luciferian ideal. Thus, EPL integrates and leaves out no religion from the order, as the religions, which have stood, are those amendable and ever improving works, which tie directly back into the 13. EPL is the head or cornerstone to the 12, which affiliates them all, following the procession of quark movement and order, as the EPL symbol/moniker shows. Evil is only such, when there is no more movement, not respect to justify also the counter claim, THIS BE TRUE FREEDOM.


 You are either a part, connected to, the matrix of God, or...not


The Elite Roth(e)schild thought process

"Franchise to a rule"

"Franchise to a rule"

 I had the idea down, pretty firm by now. Due my "discovery", that it is (and always was), experience which drive chaos into order. There is, in the final "a life" singularity, in that. Only seemingly found in ones "inexperience", do we see a need to "divide" each unfoldment of time/space separate, by way of the illusion of division .

 Experience is then, essential time, and space, that fabric, which culminates into worlds. It is experience which is shunted, blocked, with great ardor by those who know this secret. Was and is it not sin, which is deemed experience, falsely, for a moment, Biblically speaking? That is, the interpretation of events, that lead to a full out Life experience, which shapes us. Could it not be said then, that innocents is also an experience? For this we term Anti-Christ, and therefor devil, one who simply must know/Gnosis.

 The great fall, of Angels, illuminated by the light, spherically thinking, contemplating that these ancient stories are not but a parable to the great knowledge which lay before all Man, and the bartering of  life experience, as the true sacrifice to sacrifice Purity, at least temporarily, in the moment (where events take place).

 Each line thus, of a well experience Man, an Artist, may seem random, but in his seemingly mindless drivel, that leader of experiences interpretation, of communication, creates a master piece, perhaps? There is far less err, as one gets closer to this golden sphere of awareness. It becomes essential, only prior to experience being condensed, as black hole empty into singularity, or one, that moment we may deem this singularity of experience as A Life.

 Life never ends? Moments unto events, events onto experiences and experiences onto a masterpiece, a life, gives we who have contemplated and dissected "what is", and seems to be, towards that grand notion of "there must be more!"

 It all beings and ens with a maddening question, which plagues most, who have taken up the elites "propaganda", of what comes next? We see that those who have well answered this question, become the center point, to that ruling mind, setting those standard levels the master of switches now(a wizard), for all, within the pleroma of this first brand, of liberation from "finite thought", become your leaders to a cause. This interpretation is thus challenged, only by that higher mind, where all experience becomes one, an Angel of light, perhaps inspired?

 We, as a momentary collective mind, of that heard in expression, the moo of beast, which states "I live, therefor I am" use what now seems common judgement, in this way as a statement that 'I know more than my fellow, and will challenge him to this', only revealing in this "gesture", that experience be you lack. "We" or rather "U.S." emulate that greater attempt at abusing the system, that is, by freezing our experience, in progression, the rotation, in order to further emulate that enjoyment of The Moment. This relishing is and creates greed, at least the isolated static "nature" of such a sentiment, as to limit others experiences around you, in order to franchise then on "title".

 This is the fundamental way, of the elite, shown obvious by that taking on, the worship of superiority. It is always found in that praise of ever, never, satisfying ego, that reveals the process, that application of domination. Only the pure are released from the notion to say "I did that". Thus sin, seen as individual experiences, thus we may title all here, truly "atomites" (within the confines of the "pleroma"/a sphere) may see more clearly, that the term nature, hides behind this silly mask.

 Nature is but perpetuation of what is. Abuse a child and he, as the abuser wills, to freeze him in the notion. With enough "time repeats", purity, as original notion, be no longer recognized as that, point of return. Rather, the person has changed, as their will towards experience, has now been infiltrated, infected by that self assuming "higher mind" in motion. The abuse be that physical or verbal expression of "I did that, that therefor I am", the ignorant "achiever", in this madness goes further to state, in his the staticness (yet not having been validate as stasis), of nature as truth, as to say, "I am thus the master of my domain, and too, your god". It is only when this insanity of thought system be cast upon others, we may deem this one divided from the heard, as perpetrator. However when these become a group, and the group becomes experience, as a whole, God is found, in unity. Those who sit under this mind, who simply are not capable to understand, will look upon them, and state with no reluctance, "This is God", again, from that shallow perch, or that ignorance, nature perpetuate, of static cause.

 The one who goes away, from the heard, contemplating the order "what caused the event", will see the system, not the mere savage in the attempt of expression, as revealment of that code. There is thus a Masterpiece, in recognition that one is not the master, but surely looking deeper into that master code, the interpretation of God, found in the stands, those followable perspicuously persistent streams of thought, for this we may site entanglement.

 Entanglement takes place, when common minds, of like, be one. An open air way, a stream of steady but constant communication information, be shared on this frequency of like minds. When the minds become one, the power of Merkabah be first known. The cultivation of this, is it's application, as method. There is a divine method, found revealed in all crests, symbolic, of dynasties in disclosure, as to imply to God, in fear of being discovered as but perpetrator "I did tell them the way, but they were not equal". Oh the ignorance of such elitists, as to assume ignorance now as the nature of ignorance, for they too must have a perpetrator in this.

 The underlying problem, found in the assumption of "such rule", be that the perp sees himself fully in command of anti-principle as a full experience, not seeing the expression of anti-principle, holds in it's esteem seemingly different traceable code, as to the sacrifice of anti-principle, and the physical wisdom too, so that, these sphere of energy transfer, be taken as static will. When there is motion, never ceasing (within the pleroma), what the elite use as "curren(t)/cy perpetuate", the very craft crux to their ego driven money system  the revelation of a life works as experience, a nature, a personality be revealed. Nature then, as the perpetuation of this, adds the victim will hide. It is however set to the tempo of 50/50 odds, on whether or not that one who has victimized, will not first silently plot the extinction of the perpetrator, as to show his nature as culmination of the same, these we call psychopaths. A psychopath sees the nature of aggression, aggression as the nature, taking to heart now, what is (that limited exposure to higher concepts). The psychopath excepts the system. We then see the dichotomy of how a static system, called nature perpetuate, breeds perpetrators and stalkers, titled successors. There is an unseen, unheard, and unknown third archetype, if you will, who sees things in a far different way. Removed somehow from the identity of experience, a part of his brain be always connected to that greater mind in motion, somehow his birthright, the all minds like. Separate, but not divided, he can and does think in separate spherical representation of dimensions in expression. He is the victim, he is the aggressor, he is that far removed observer, his holds the vision and view from the perpetrators dropped guard as he was beaten, as that perp showed his true colors, only truly existent in the physical world. The communication with the all, set forth, and was fully understood by emotional heights. The perpetrator unlocked the all as teacher, pain and it's expression, as to invalidate the abuser/perpetrator, as a higher mind. The audience, massive, looked on, from all celestial heavenly planes, watching, observing now, as the Perpetrator cut himself off from the higher mind, echoed from his the dumbness of his self affirming expression of dictate absent that knowing/Gnosis, of the spheres in constant energy transfer, he stated himself there and forever more, of finite means, but a cog...he is divided from the all. Most Perpetrators will seem to gain award from this collapse, into single vision (another's black hole, the prior highest dead end mind). The Perpetrator excepts himself as nature, blames nature, lives within the confines of this synthetic nature, and is now a part of the cause, no longer a potential threat, to that current anti-principle based, higher mind.

 To franchise is to gain foothold on capitalization. Further to become a part of the current/currency of the moments system order. The smiles, and handshakes of gentlemanly "expression" hides the blood thirsty contempt that 'we are indeed friendly enemies, in competition'. The third archetype, the illuminated, which the Illuminati are titled to block from development and his rightful ascension thus, will be left out from the title demanding initiation, of right and left. He is the knowledge the Angel. He understands that information and more so disinformation are revelations to each(s) affiliation and like...the goal of each person, be instantly and undeniably revealed. This fully liberating mind master, who follows the highest master, eternal, is the very mind of God, God's will, as Messiah mind liberation.

 One must understand the lexicon or truly the anthropology of one based meaning, in the expression of their language, to be held thus accountable for any legal breach. This is that enmity of discourse between lowly serpent, and the truly liberated higher mind in motion, language. In other words, you assumed, by way of assumption/judgement, that you knew who I was, thus what I am and where I am going (the goal of my being). You became frightened, in the revelation that you could not follow the trail of my thoughts, as they were, in the moment, multifarious to you, seeming many. You then become reliant on the nature, that others too, these we may call demons, relied simply on this nature perpetuate. This nature, or law, on which you rely, is the embarrassment of that greater statement of the pleroma, an isolated sphere of continued and insistent seemingly operational conduit, which be validate by the ignorance of perceiving the sphere as truth, but only from with it's confines, and methods, mad, hearkened from false/synthetic origins, to spin back round to the same finite point (as in making a point in conversation with ratio/reason-less etymology, the crux to the origin, that affirmation of what is, as ritual in lingo/language. The language be the affirmation, along with number systems, based on the same rhetorical expiring life/death anti-principle, in motion. Never to hearken the truth as purity, but to still seek aid in franchise, as in to truth the psychology, history, fact of illusion...thus nature is create only by the long running ignorant mind, the absents of Purity as Truth.

 Isolate a single sphere of exist, as code of law. Rally the support with the influence of demand 'This is all you will be shown, so this is law, thus your universe as proletariat be limited to this sphere'. The anger of people, when faced with undeniable reality that technology, space travel are not what they think/assume, and further have been around forever, as tools of abuse and galactic rule, will be undeniable.  The Mind of Messiah, calls out to the false night "REVEAL ALL", so that this synthetic falsity, will reveal the purity of truth before you. You were born into the falsity of sin, as isolated experience, in rhetoric, and you are thus bound to die, in the containment of this pleroma, a prison, yet, is it not the reintroduction of purity as truth which labels all falsity as such. That is, the true liberation to serve a much higher master, the highest in fact, which instantly invalidates and reveals the Perpetrator(s) for what they are?  It is thus essential that more authenticity be added to the past and current "elite rule". In this, we see the disclosure of such "gentlemen", in the same symbols, and themes, only giving enough a peak, to those who see the source, and flow of this true cause. The door is only open but a crack, one must have access to this first etymology, found in the EPL spheres as code, to liberation, to decode and understand. This we call the mind of Messiah, but does not claim be, replace of represent the purity of the perfect Son. The fact have been changed, like all things, leaving parable as the only esoteric teaching code. One must read between the lines, through the eyes of experience, then to return to Purity as the origin, the source, to see the grand illusion, breeds and kills all, within the pleroma, of it's like/kind. Liberation is thus, to no long be "it's kind", and to chose the truth in purity, the purity of truth. All that we then esteem as experience, fact and sin, is thus, false. We have not been able to live, nor liberated to do so. We have thus to demand a life, a living, and not further anchor, burden to the the cause. The cause, which is, for the elite to rule as gods, keeping their successors of pure mind in motion, from, knowing this purity in motion.

 One can not assume those manifestations of a prior young, seemingly inexperienced, as innocent, Nor can thus one assume innocents as purity. We are born into the sin machine, in constant enveloping versions of the same, hence this pleroma/prison, thus we are represent of the same "mark of Cain" if you will. It is in found thus in this physical rediscovery of purity, as truth, thought holds contrary to the truth of survival, surviving nature, at large, as to become a part of this truth pure truth. We then are given the opportunity of the full expression of this ultimate and never ending, eternal mind in motion, granted a pass to the way things always should have been, minus "the fall". If Jesus spoke in parable, then the Bible at large is writ in the same? A parable is truly the expression of greater hidden meanings? Rather, the spheres of energy transfer, shown in the EPL mantra, direction and Sign/sin/center, show that parable is a multifarious spherical representation, of these many perspectives/types/like, culminate into one experience, when understood with the celestial mind. The main point here, is that once understood, liberation first calls for healing the unhealthy assault on the body of the person, the learning, in mend, by way his new or rediscovered understanding of purity as this pleroma's enemy. It's not that the earth is evil, or nature is evil, but that this be birthed from perpetuated evil sources. In this world, we find that nature has misinterpreted the pure truth, but forever seeks it's balance. Seek and ye shall find, can only be accomplished by those who can first understand, or are never inhibited in the first. An Angel, the Illuminated one, is thus that one who have traveled through hell, and shed light on the savagery of demons. Nature responds to purity as light in this way. There would thus be a continuance of life to true liberation, so the elite have created falsity on this as well, under the guise of religion. Yet, the disclosure shows, that the elite fragment the truth, so to place in the Bible warning, that the Unified Mind in search for Purity, and the arrivement of such, is evidence of an "Anti-Christ". Amorous behavior, reveals this faulty system thus. As experience alone has left one open to example of the same, experience as word (remember what we said about word/language). That is, again excepting "what is" as truth, and thus using the tools, takes one back to the so called "dark ages", hence the revelation of the chess board. Chess is not a universally sound/played game, but the disclosure of how this two dimensional world operates, as program, within a finite 3-D frame/the pleroma/EM outer shell/the ceiling. We thus find the term gentleman revealed in the statement 'I see that you are indeed a slut/pleasure seeker, gaining knowledge absent quest for Purity.  I will flatter your avoidance of what and who you are, further, to use my elite spherical knowledge/understanding of what makes you tick (knowing you as a produced), as a cog in the machine, in order that I may franchise on you/the force/, in this false moment of what is'.

Stellar Mass

Infinitum Secretiore, A hail to the final and permanent separation from the Perpetrators of "what is". This can only be seen, from the scope of that greater sphere, outside these atomized grids we call nature, the rhetoric, time repeat.


A statement from Stellar Mass, EPL "founder" rediscoverer~


 I may seem to infer or state such contradictions, as to make one question my sanity, be assured that I, as well as all of you, are quite insane. Sanity being the mark of purity in motion, the current of flow, of that highest mind, of exist, in constant motion, towards the cause. One who esteems my half writ or faulty writings however as contradicting, does not understand, nor have that studied the process, of which I speak, in all my teachings/writings (though I chose the avoidance of terming myself as such, in your world of what is, it is thus so). A divine spark, is the goal, to self illumination, which is the most feared introduction to this pleroma, synthetic as it be. In that divinity only comes from one source, that eternal spring, we call God.

 Further, I may seem to discount God all together, yet the lexicon of meaning, is the elites trap, towards this misunderstanding. One must thus be illuminated by the sphere, and be able to see not through multiple perspectives, including that denouncement of "what is"/nature, yet see the broadness that exist in contrast to this finite notion, to keep Man in a perpetual state of death, non-exist, absent a truth/pure life.

 We are thus, climbing through hell, with the eternal flame, a beacon, as our guide, the source. We know purity, and therefor can sense it now on all levels from anywhere, even within the confines of this gate, to the abyss. To chase technology in this way, one is but the beast chasing a carrot, or placing, as a liar, the cart/de cartes before the horse (gaining knowledge absent purity is false knowledge on the premise of nature as exist, assumed).

 The constant programming and reprogramming, also the constant dimensional upkeep to this false integrity, found in the seeming, now revealed covert aspect, in maintaining this illusion, only reveals the machine as unsupported by the true ebb of greater power, that resonance undivided, already standing far separate from falsity on all levels. The pure are thus deemed transparent, yet can not be know nor seen. So the false society sets up, a constant attack, on those who do not follow this modification as rule, who do not revel in ego, but in that awkward and often desperate notion, to survive within this hell. The full power gained, when the tools and tricks (which means to employ abuse towards the authentic purity), be out thought, and cruxed as now reestablished purity of intent, in motion. Once the pure truth be received, the full disclosure thus must be known and heard:


 "I am a sinner. I am also, like you, but a machine, sentence without merit, without cause, to suffer as slave to sin, and those Overlord's, who abducted me, assuming I would call them Father, or creator. I do not speak from my own mouth, nor the brain of such condition, but am rather illuminated by the force of this highest mind, brought forth partly from spheres of this pure truth, now fully known as one...Purity as Principle. I do not make claim as individual, but rather relinquish my individuality, the illusion/allusion hence, so that I may be a full vestige, over took by Purity, the Holy Spirit. I now am influence by this highest power, and in doing so, I am aware of much greater teachers, so I suppose I am working to maintain a like, as to keep this communication constant, not bombarded, and always and forever in eternal motion, this is my job. Those who stand as practitioners of pain, wardens of domain work also with great effort, towards the service of a feared god, yet only to find, there is one above that, always, until the Pure True Father, be recognized. We do this, now in the construct of spheres. These spheres are and hold dimensions of fully realized, cultivated, harbored and developed principles as thought, a mind in motion. When I have seen that one only offers a limited scope, view, perspective of the all, I must development by ability, my understanding, that reduction, not expansion, is all knowledge, thus wisdom, not physical alone, in it's expression. I now must see what this molecule in motion, must create, yet I see now, only to further impress upon other molecules, units of information, this highest power, now expressed, set into motion, as superior. The goal has thus been to degrade the idea of purity into the awkwardness of ignorance, those who steal, thieve, suck (succubus) from such gained amorous arrivement at the expanding knowledge, absent purity, are then solder's, recruited by dark forces, empty vessels, forcebots, to purity's banishment and destruction. How can that which is false, destroy that which bring forth life? How can a system rely on the very Fermion structure for which it be made, the fiber of life, and also spite itself in the destruction of such eternal power, perpetuate, from purity? For this we call capitalism, the very reward system, in the very employment to destroy Purity/life force. We then must start over, as we have, as the serpent which eats it's tail, represents this veil placed over our current dimensional understanding of "the world", society then be destroyed by it's own perpetration and abuse, having been taught well, by silent and hiding serpents, suggesting through out these anti-spheres called era/time repeat."

Heaven on Earth;

 A Pure Leader leads, in quest, in order, to find the Pure Leader above him, until all that search, are finally in that place, which we call heaven. When finally there is not need to follow, nor to lead, but to enjoy the fruits of limitless and boundless being, far outside the scope of space/time and thus experience, the highest form of BEING. This found in the unified mind of purity. Those who do not know it, do not seek it, and so...

Infinitum Secretiore, the infinite division from they, the brandisher's of pain, we demand release, forever more. Pain, or rather those who cause pain, as forcebots, to a rule, are not teachers, nor am I student, for without the synthetic notion of impure experience, as teacher, found in my own pleroma, as this is still foreign to me, never would have learned such ways, of false liberation

 Amen, so let this liberation be!~


 "They, the Elite, keep the happiness meter must above  the totally schizophrenic mark, but enough to cause a breakdowns for most. They keep the fringe Hospital and prescription available provided by state, for the purposes of always measuring the impact of this mark, found in our "sick". The "living among us" test tube people, represent the economic gears, in the system. Capitalism relies on "that good Father just truing to catch up", these unpaid, never paid tickets drive future stocks. The Whole think is a travesty, and is engineered also to be seen as such."

Man became such, when one binding form, could be added to the DNA of many beings. Man, create of the very DNA played out as external progression, into species, a personality.~


The Choice before you Now~


 Purity must be made capable of becoming a supported current of force, over a nine year cycle, to become the constant, perpetuated ruling factor, to set the time repeat cycle, and thus, to download this data, into the emerging Purity, divided from the dimension now shared.


 Any who truly seek Purity are invited into the intellectual sharing of this Movement. EPL is a direct result of this choice before me, 26 months ago. I was sent through a series of other worldly experiences, and events, which laid the course before me. I can not abuse the way, and have thus realized myself, awoken, and not just in the stroking of ego to say so, for it is a hard thing to digest. There are peaces of information, which I use only "cashing chips" now, to keep their place. When the factual qualities, be revealed, as such, the truth will then become undeniable to all. I see the world, that is to become again pure, as separating from it's former alliance. Not existing to cast a shadow, thus a copy, of itself. but to exist outside the laws of space/time fabrication,  an illusion cast before us all. The voice of total Purity, as Truth, comes to us, at such times. For this, by way of contrast, do we see good and evil. When the personage, a token, can be placed entirely separate from the true event, positions and places must be undeniably taken up, as in formation. The battle is thus now, as the separation wills to take all to the left, and the right, only offers purity, as a source to be it's common force of Purities like. So the choice lay here, undeniably before you, and that it. A community who can discus real issues, like what to do with the sexual energy discharge, that is the reason we have been turned to batteries, is more pressing to all issues, for which outcome positive, would instantly answer the question to the problem of countless expense driven legislation dilemmas. the root cause has been answered, and crime simply does not exist, and is not supported in the construct of this mind,of Purity, as ruling force, culminated and made real, as an extremely powerful Purifying presents, the Holy Spirit in All his Glory, a form to behold, the Pure and True Father, who is actually real my friends. I give you full conjecture here, on this blog, things you may very well not have considered, thus to fast foreword the event through time, and say "the choice is before you now", you have yet to chose. Only one from the Right would reveal this, the left, many know, and keep the knowledge hidden, in this, they have revealed themselves as thieves to others, known to be Capitalists by their friend and Colleagues.



"The Chancellor, of a pain"~

 Hitler spoke of Purity. He also displayed his Will, unadulterated, to the Folk. The Baby, having a tantrum, the forced Will authentic to the the total will of cause unto effect. Much of the rest, could then be that delusion, of the peoples want, into rule, the Army would need to fuel itself based on the value of the Chancellors want. Only the People, did not truly know Him, therefor Hitler was willing a greater outcome than the also self serving people, lead by propaganda, give them what they want, let them live in the rhetoric of their own choices eternal, as I will mine (Hitler vibrated).


 "I do not do this to praise, or to belittle, but like a movie screen before you, to say "look at what be thought to be facts in the first". The truth is, that... much of what we believe, be all assumptions, not including but mostly History in fact. The law thus be based around event, as to become common as reality, in here, the mind of the people lay static, in here, like clay, the mind can then be levied to deceive itself, society, wallowing in what it has been trained to call sin, now from within."


Hindenburg, Titanic and the WTC, Thelema magick portal sacrifices~

The Shadow Government

A World Domination leading, part of The Galactic Web, a matrix~


Just around the 1940's, Swiss Jean Piccard, was quoted in a science magazine, as saying, that for $250,000, he could advance a trip...To Mars. The Cockpit he divised for these trips was used by NASA, for several years following, under the name Scorpion, concealed under Thresher and Scorpion projects (deep sea division) run by his Son, Jacques.

There are no accidents. All events are used by celestial measure, as to keep in alignment that influence between the "Stars" and those earthly expressions tied directly (tethered) to them.

Are these sacrifices to *"God" Pagan, Christian, Jewish connection (the same gods)?

We know that WWII was financed by the Jewish Elite Rotheschild family.

"The Rothschilds are the wonders of modern banking ... we see the descendants of Judah, after a persecution of two thousand years, peering above kings, rising higher than emperors, and holding a whole continent in the hollow of their hands. The Rothschilds govern a Christian world. Not a cabinet moves without their advice. They stretch their hand, with equal ease, from Petersburgh to Vienna, from Vienna to Paris, from Paris to London, from London to Washington. Baron Rothschild, the head of the house, is the true king of Judah, the prince of the captivity, the Messiah so long looked for by this extraordinary people. He holds the keys of peace or war, blessing or cursing. ... They are the brokers and counselors of the kings of Europe and of the republican chiefs of America. What more can they desire?"

First German Zeppelin flights occur 1910

First Zeppelin casualties 1937 Hindenburg

27 years (2nd cycle of 7) 27 occult club

11th voyage of Hindenburg to the U.S (the number of death *Kabbalah)

April *1912 (*22) "Titanic" sank carrying *1507 passengers (*13)

The Titanic or rather the Olympic was sunk on purpose, and built for it. Using the syllogism of pure and precise assisted inductive application (3 dimensional planes), the Olympic was built to be sunk as a sacrifice. Whether or not we call jump to call this Satan, or to validate further any Christian notion of God and Devil, we must go by the Pegan origin of the term, the title name Olympics (further reading below, bottom of page).

Titanic (Olympic) sinks 1912, two years later, the official beginning of WW1 (1914)

"The occult sacrifice, to specific rulers who govern the ocean/water ways to open up the sea for further sacrifice"

 The flight of the Hindenburg was a ritualistic spiritual mission, to open the metaphysical airways between the Germany and the USA. I believe the Hindenburg was built as an occult sacrifice to open the airway for travel, just prior to the many sacrifices that followed in the next 8-10 years of warfare. I have stated it before, and believe it more with every sweep, the Shadow US Government and Nazi Germany are bound to the same ruler, the same entity, as all the world is today. The binding force was and is black magic(k). The Titanic was built to perfection for such a mission as well.

 There was nothing wrong with the Hindenburg, nor the Titanic or all the other human perfected forms for sacrifice, I believe they succeeded in their missions.

 The Hindenburg further was used as a portal of "alchemical occult influence", I believe, in the way of opening the coming hydrogen bomb, as the Hindenburg employed massive amounts of hydrogen for flight.

 Create something of perfection, destroy it on three planes of dimensional exist (Physical, Intellectual and Spiritual).

 The USA's self sabotage show the NWO's sacrifice of 911 (911 mega buildings built in Dubai, the new Babylon, and perhaps the original scene?), as well. Those who follow the trail of number influence will understand it, as I believe Crowley Thelema number system was as involved "here" as much as it was involved with JPL's Rocket Pioneering.

 This proves nothing can be done, without first showing total allegiance and affiliation to the Overlord's which rule the world and most likely always have. The further it is looked into, the more revealing it be, that the Earth, Moon, Sun and thus Solar system have a manufacturing stamp. Those bodies which appear not to, are simply later phases in this celestial production factory.

 Everything that succeeds must have an interwoven stamp placed upon it first, tied directly into one math perfected source of continuance, showing the stamp of a world leader, who has been alive thought out the the universe' entirety. More than to ask the question "what are they?", we should begin to assume this as fact, and begin to study our own physciological imprint and better ask "what are we made to do/be?"


The Russian government collapsed in March 1917 again the occult 27 club number

The war ends on November 11th *11:11 double 11, (11 also the Kabbalah number for death) 1918

Further, it has been discovered that not the Titanic sank but the sister ship, the Olympic (1 of 3 sister ships, also the Britannic)

The Olympics

The Olympics started as a religious ritual for Zeus in Ancient Greece. The Olympic pyre must be lit by the rays from the Sun (Lucifer) and paraded to the stadium with all reverence.-


 The progression into regression~


 There are those occupations, which force the subject, to exist within a synthetic environment, 24 hours per day.

 At first you say 'it makes no sense', that 'there is simply no way this can be real!', then you go on with the notion, that the reduction into survival, into the knowledge, will always uplift you, with due diligence. In this, you have been boxed, and soon corner into your like. The only way you could support the family, aid you ego, and balance all things laid before you, which you think you chose, is to reduce to the worship of money.

 Yet, when the cycle comes to it's dip, as cycle in this unsteady dimensional world do, and are seen and planned as such, the money simply no longer exists. Now that the money is gone, along with the money, in that money system, false title. nothing you know applies to the truth, which you are now beyond your very elbows in.

 You did, after all, jump onto the recruitment wagon, like a good little girl, or boy, long ago. taking the protection of law, as a suitable means for you, as it were for you "guardians".

 Now that you are trying to wrap you head around this money-less system, you find that you again, that you will not be able to apply any of that past rational career based strategy in this world, in which you are now but a sacrifice. That is of course, unless you chose to work against the people who suffer around you. Then you become the self serving brute, people truly are inside, when conquest be revealed as the only system of belief, for all those who wish to survive now.

 You say you are god, that you are in total control of all that happens in your world. You fail to see that the imagination cast, and supported, now as reality, was after all, of and by way of a general consensus by the people, who were however mislead into fantasising upon such notions. No one ever said, think and become anything you will, but that it must contain a balance of purity, as this soon to be self regulating is now powered by the Holy Spirit. The rituals of dichotomy are being done now as we speak, at least upon that next astrological event, as precession moves a motion, about the sphere, which contains all our thoughts, imaginations, wills thus wants and desires. How much Purity be supported, regulated and taught as the peoples way, is now forgotten with that desperate task based survival 'mode', which you created within in hopes to gain favor over you fellow.

 As in the case, of young couples, doing what they have been told to do, migrating through these synthetic pastures of "life", each has a program task, thus displaying a locking on device or mechanism, which keeps hold of a stock, a generation, to strict purpose as task, for their group. We pretend that we actually enjoy being a part of any sub-group, still seeing ourselves as individual, but this is where all those thought machinations first be born, and come into play, for you must support the nation, and it's King, and only seem to work with the people, in your sub-class, for common cause or purpose.

 Genius and self, be taught whilst given the task to perfect the information on a single blank sheet of paper. The job, is to spend an entire week, working for at least 8-16 hours per day, on perfecting and creating some sort of Art, that personal expression of all thoughts into one sheet of paper. The truth is, a single sheet of paper, is all that is needed, when that reduction of genius, be your only task. We find genius to be of this frequency supported grouping, of the hive. The genius quite exists without, and is more so found in similarity, within, which is how the harmony begins. There is then a familiar notion which occurs, (family/familiar). You then begin to smell, see and sense when the genius is being called upon, by inner self. Rare, outside childhood, will the genius, as Angel, awaken you, with the feeling of sound into charge to motion. You become excited, in pure form, and it is then whether or not the toddler's discovery of source, into force, will be supported or destroyed. This is the world, and what takes place, a Baby purity wrecking machine.

 Here in this moment is when "God", be excepted or pushed away, that is, the Holy Spirit willed, by knowledge, to be the higher force agent, in this child's life potentials. When an event takes place, within this containment field, it will effect, by way of that greater percentage we shall call "what is", which becomes womb-man, the aspiring Man. We, on this planet are given an order, which we may call nature, as that mind supported perpetuated, by the elite cause. For the long, it was found that the homeostatic balance, must be the goal, in that it be so seemingly difficult to observe. It was later discovered, which unlocked the conspiracy reality, that this mind of balance, is being attacked, by those who call themselves teachers, guardians thus gods, to the aspiring form, which is ironically more than complete at birth. You see, it was always found in the constant and not broken relishing of "Baby", as all that ever be needed, the pure truth lay before us still.

 Yet you say 'what can a baby teach me of money and title?", this spoken by all, and ironically spoken by that first greedy witch, that first laid her hands on Baby in his pure form with total will as the guiding force, to unlock all worldly wants already within her. The world thus ends, moment to moment, and especially during events, which do not support the world, as reality, of which we now know it. The imagination and will of the people, is what keeps the world stepping to some seeming like mode. Getting what you want, is your goal. Purity as Principle however involves letting go of what you want, in order to separate yourself from the greater agenda. Partial Purity wont do. When a massive shift, of consciousness has thrown off what balance is, the form as a event, a species, will no longer have the same center point, nor it's extremes of degree remain the same.This, taking place now is the progression into regression, un-deniable.


The assumed source~

 There was a time, all, were assumed valuable, on that level of purity within them, for this, we called on those pure priest...Messiahs, by which to base our aspirations. This sunk to piety, and all falsity, the knowledge was then used to seek pleasure of and through experience, as a god, and not that knowledge, of and by how, we may move again closer to that purity. We see then the whole thing has flipped, to aid my point. Those, like Og, Magog, are those names representing the total knowledge seeker, as in the hidden or secret knowledge, of the ancients past on. I am afraid that it is every bit as simple as I lay it before you here, only varied by that degree of want, and now that charisma to convince your competitors to this illusionary thrown, in the killing, and acquisitioning of what they had gained, valuable, so you killed them, to eat of this knowledge. When this is seen not figuratively, but as a serious ritual to be done by those toddler's into adolescents, the final fall, a master has been chosen, and can be summoned to be your like, that is, murder you, and take all that you have accrued, in the name of knowledge, as false light.


 If there is no Ivy league or rather that stamp of affiliation through initiation, the Universe-city, shall not validate the projector, to a cause, which means to threaten or damage, our current way of other words, keep your mouth shut, and the sacrifices coming, or death, no liberation, shall be the only outcome. Yet have we not reached death, when faced with the dead notion, that all is play, all is the charisma of falsity, on which you will earn your experience knowledge merits? Better to ask, as you do, 'what's it all for, and where is this leading to?', in that proportion to exacting the pure and true statement of life and existence. The people wanted meaning, they wanted to live as the gods do, in their esteem, and so they prayed to the ones who could provide this, and knowledge through experience, isolated from purity, was and is the Master, of this Domain, for nothing can claim exist absent of this? It seems again, we have Overlooked our true motivating force? Or more scary still, you in your true will, towards Purity's return, are not cut of the same cloth, as the many here today? For this, we see a massive swing, a recruitment, as it were, as to reveal those who no not, seek on, and have not Purity, from their very beginnings, as a Babe. Those Baby Sacrifices thus, which made event from shear statement, we reject and collect this Pure Ones have more Babies than ever as result? The cause was the destruction and rejection of Purity, the effect was impure forms within the human body, as the means, towards further experience as life, or replacing Purity/Tree of Life, with false Life, which is the knowledge of playing within the set sanctioned, and undulating patterns of degree, as in that degree of experience, so to not be taken to the Purity of Truth, but to be played both sides, hence the Pagan rituals around us all, here today. To say Pagan, is to thus, not see that first true ritual, when Man bowed before that cyclopean Overlord, so long ago, on another planet, another time and space, and this was first Man, many dimensions ago, the ever shifting and changing events, which give cause or rather speculation of Time as some sort of constant (having not been always a cycle panging for it's last and final labored breath). The people resurrected the moment, together in cause. You see, the ballads are indeed rigged, in our political system, one is not voting for the so called office or member, but for the office to this be validated and excepted, it is always the most simple and mundane, which is in the fine print. Thus the contract, when read and understood, reveals the acceptance of the system and not the unit, for which you labor to make payments. The rest is far separate, for the money system is and always has been only used as a means to control the hive, as heard of masses (assuming itself animal with thus animal with organic needs).


 We see then, that Purity can not have a degree, that lesser or greater existence, in you. More so that ratio and reason, meaning the same, and thus the knowledge from these varied degrees, have not value in Purity, or Purities realm. The Baby, with no prior experience to call upon, must call on it's lineage, those who impressed the Baby's DNA with all that it was before him. Some of this created here and now, as in vibrational frequency control. Some of what this Child in the make, will be endowed with is purely that of behaviorism, or societies influence on him, and still some is already found in the code, as a engineering statement of kind. Rare though, is this impression ideal of evolution, ever able to do but one thing, continue the motion. We will not change nor advance on any level, that is survival of the fittest is revealed in those who can thus manipulate time and experience, as to impress itself on becoming anything, but what they were designed for, to do, else the masses would soon become a frenzy, and not the docile and malleable beasts before you now.


 It is on the basis of "charisma", for which we are, in this day judged, in it's lack, to sooth a witches tired feet. Those who endure the suffering and still come into the room, the facade of false smile, are thus welcomed? The charisma allows the user many sins for perks, until the masses stand at last against, the falsity of their smiling foe. These are welcomed as the beacon of illusion, to a fresh moment, but soon, flattery, and sway done in this way, fade fast with catastrophe. Then, in the healing of wounds, that one of charisma, which seeks attention through such political means, as to be known for always "putting on a good show for it", these are called on again, as muse. The Bible esteems no less, as to place a deed based God, such as this, at the helm. So to say, that the suffering can not and will not change, but the deeds towards others, in your collective suffering, are what you are judged for? Does this not reduce our brilliance, one and all, that we should be the muse to those who would tear us apart or deem us unworthy for life, without this pleasant flattery? We, in this society, are to join the club, the only place we can be fed, to further the illusion, of this false notion "that everything is indeed O.K.", or live on the fringe, as test subjects & debt "padder's". These moments, which are allotted and few, are rewards of time based experience, for which, we as the masses, in our true brilliance, beyond our current scope to see or want to see, (the numbness of dumbing down), are the moments very creators, the masses. It was due of this discovery of law and more so "what the elite could get away with, stay from radar", that yielded their doctrine, Pagan, of "That which serves the greatest good, found in the mass of numbers, balanced heavily on the quality of a life assumed as a person/one". This we see The Master Key (C.F.H.), Morals and Dogma, and all Masonic based text, is governs the true worship of our time, though unknown to those who do not yet deserve knowing? Because it is disclosure, esoteric, which seeks allegory as a means, to reveal this knowledge based, knowledge ruling source of force, which is and of the Will, entirely, only to borrow, then steal and murder the right on inception of this life force, absent the source.


When you pray to a god, you are being specific as to that domain or jurisdiction of the summoning thus. In this, we find the Bible more than reveals, "we always follow a higher source, as in Lord ship, over all life strings of attached Phenomenon". Angels are but below Man in the sense that they need Man, to be thus Angel to Man. So too, a god when not in use, nor called/summoned upon, no longer holds valuable to that which was calling. This, we find self reliance is only a part, for first one must become a self. How can you, when the whole of the thing be create rather to keep you from, realizing yourself? In this, the miracle producers, the people, are revealed as those very miracle makers. For it is found in unity, when we may also be united with the purity of our true selves. This claim is evident, else those who aimlessly pray to a myriad of gods, under the false discourse that you are in fact praying to one, monotheistic ideal of God, proves this. You pray, in order to gain, and not to unify, nor become a part, but rather, pray to a god, who will hear your call, to supremacy. Do you truly and purely believe then, you pray to the God of Purity and Unity at that?


None can be truly liberated, until all become emancipated thus. As to proclaim oneself worthy of that countenance, of that greater self, for this we find need for purity, as a means. The Will due from knowledge, must actively seek and find Purity. The success of foundational purity would thus need to be a "universal goal", one which, all within the current pleroma, work always to support and thus achieve. Success be simply based on the contrary, within our current dimensional zone, a pleroma synthetic, as to sacrifice, as in Lore, to the Ideal which Lord's over us all, only here. One must realize, that absent a highest Principle, as ideal or standard, they do but follow, the god of today, a bust a fractionated and isolated sphere of certain specificity. This specificity is about sacrificing lives, for personally prosperity, in experience, in order to gain more experience, with knowledge as experience, the event/moment as both goal, and base of support. The thing can not be maintained eternal nor supported thus. In all my writings, I have firmly demonstrated to those who do not trust the doctored test results of infer/inter-rator reliability, that empirical notion, (peoples word, with the agenda to make more money, which unlocks further, unhealthy experience as a *Time).


 We feel lighter than we are? That is, we ride along, seeming symbiote to a body, a higher form, and "move" along in life. We do not realize often, that we as the higher consciousness, are the abductors of such a body. The body was inhabited by a higher consciousness, that consciousness had not reason to leave, only in the re embodiment process of death. It becomes of the interest of such Elite Overlord's, to partition and control where those forces go, upon taking leave from their body, which "they" only hosted. The spirit, or soul affirmation, is 2% active awareness, (based on active/aware brain processing actualization), the rest of the body needs be able to do it's job, at unlocking the bodies access points, that next percentage of use. These numbers are what are told to us, I am sure the true number resembles Phi in the larger scope of understanding as in "what such application present, or exist for/outcome". That is, in the unlocking of these many codes, of DNA information, the blueprint reveals the cause.


 As said, killing babies, eating them, raping children, and murder of all possible sorts and kind, takes place on a regulated basis, with the elite. It is experience which time be based here, and so experience, every experience, of every kind, must be entered into, as contract to KNOWLEDGE, at least once. The initiate programs are programs which are based on experiences, as a time bending,  manipulating factor. Time being used here, as the current era human impression of time, as teacher. Yet it is experience, which is being controlled, delegated, expunged or limited, as to create total control of like, found in the frequency of mind, as distinct quadrants of like, to be housed in geographic containment fields (towns, cities, peoples), without leaving hoof nor tongue, nor entrails to waste (not even the EM pulse, which leaves the being in death, in fact).


 If you can imagine it, as you are to do, and thus to react on this knowledge. One time, each action or act must be enter into, this is how magic works, by acknowledging that Knowledge alone rule supreme and thus to follow it, as the only pure truth, true blasphemy. That God is the conscious mind of a Baby, is highly probable, as that Pure form of Holy Spirit, minus all knowledge. Purity, is the Babies, Mind, his Will, to seek Pure pleasure in the pursuit of balance. They sleep, to balance, they will to order, they demand with tantrum attention when they require it. Love is learned in this domineering way, as that one who is permitted to lay on ones back, and absorb all that life offers. We then are forced, at certain time intervals, pertaining to nothing but foreseeable patterns, set on Man, as to follow the law which best support it. The Babies Will, is Pure, and would not have walked unless forced to do so. He witnessed the event of walking take place, and studied it. He then was moved onto the practice of prompted steps, as enticement to walk bipedal for reward. There are exceptions to this, as rule, but this only brings the question to an answer, as in people born with more DNA a priori stored potential, for specific type use, as units or models, create to do specific tasks.


  It is Babies which are sacrificed as well as prepared and consumed by the groups of Elite. The knowledge is what they serve that to eat the Baby is to consume the innocents of Life, the Mind of God, the Pure Will in every bite. They drink the blood, fresh, from Babies, often as the Baby is still alive, to tie it to that Pain source of Purity in confusion, in willful rage, the Baby cries, unable to do anything, reliant on the local caring perspective of the more skillful patrons, even parents, and siblings, fashioning to consume your little toes. This potential into form, as event, effect the energy fields of the whole world. There is a heightened since of wonder, introduced in the thought, and carried out plan of action, we willed to kill and eat a living Baby, and got away with it, because we can do anything we want. The Elite think, and live this way, as a set way of living. They believe the truth, and keep that truth just out of reach, of the masses. The truth is always there, in divine symbolism and esoteric clues, one has to be of like mind to unlock these certainties. Once one has committed themselves to a specific way of life, and follow rituals, observing codes, rules and laws. to understanding these are family based conditions, and not law, in that if you follow the family code, you can thus be a part, and always a part of the family. There is a family that has culminated a force of many of their soul tree, can life within them, at any time. The family as a force, builds with each succeeding knowledge serving generation, and does not miss rituals, without the esoteric Knowledge of what they serve as well as who they are


 The Elite do not see a Baby as an ignorant budding little life form, they know the Baby has arrived to a port or Lobby to the entry point of Life on Earth as Human, and that this carries certain experiences as a result of potentials being played out as probabilities of all things, knowledge, is experience. The Elite will have all experiences, all. The family member is an initiate. The initiate must be given the choice, he must chose. There is sex of all kinds, taking place, regularly, the knowledge comes from all experience, to tap the source of this learning force of energy. The one who is of this knowledge is a dark soul, bound for a lot of grief, the programs will insist. that he be absent of Purity. The one who does not apply knowledge to pleasure, will be used in this way, against, people in their families like demons. The demon force is in them, they are not of Purity but of Knowledge, they are dark, lost and cause chaos everywhere as they hoard to their will. The line is there, and is a division point, those who sound as I have described, you will not be going to where they go. I believe a place called Hell is to good for some people. they are just evil and bound to evil. There is never Purity in them, they are dark, and only respond to there base feelings. These beings don't ever improve, they are black holes into nothing, never having passed the rituals or trials, which come to those who are the living. Life's trials, they are aware of, but do not bother to pass them. They are darkness, living and keeping a small bit of light. They generate nothing on their own, and serve nothing. There are to many people on the planet, and the planet gives off it's pangs pain. These are stupid and strange Golem/Gollum's that are placed in families to cause havoc. They do not seek the trials. They do not seek the tree of knowledge or the tree of life, they do not rise when the time comes to become active. They are Golem/Gollum, who have no souls, and are only placed to cause havoc or as a marker to take up space, as a matter producing machine, carbon maker.


 The Elite, thus see a celestial being, arriving and awkwardly aware of their own vulnerable status.


The answer truly lie, in that mastery of that other worldly communication between the heart and the head, which all existence labors on. If we look to the nearest example, it be found as the self, being attacked, thus revealed. That place, where the mind clings to, sometimes in relation, to these never ending attacks, (meant to destroy you with probability alone as the guiding tool), was and is home, that final revelation, ushered forth, by experience. One could then say, that to force an experience on someone, then walk away, you have thus altered, and become god, of that persons time/space experience...acquisition of "the moment" (as event).


 For this reason Hitler kicked, demanded, screamed and tantrum himself, in ritual, before all the words people. He had realized, that Baby become toddler, is the most will directed, the most knowledge seeking, the most self affirming, and is that very point, in this "make shift world", when Angels first fall. The pure based process be quite different, and reveals only that pure string, leading to that protected purity (purity as protector), yet...we are all innocent, in this, how could we truly know, when all efforts grand, be to cost us this fundamental truth? This is where the abusers, has taken form as teacher, in that pain, breeds experience, bar none, to total awareness, of awakening, to the truth "that is" (what is currently happening now). For this, pain forces one, to calibrate ones consciousness, making it's homeostatic resonance, in the now, synthetic. The experience offers no purity, but the denial that purity ever was, or took place. We can, abort Babies, with far less care, mercy, compassion thus. Then onto the trail, that next experience towards knowledge, that fruit of the tree, be placed before first the Elite, in this ceremony, as each group steps forth, with ritual, with their sacrifice, to an unseen force, who claims itself as source.


 All experience is thus synthetic experience (synthetic a posterior unto synthetic a priori as stated means). This observation of pathos and play between what we esteem as inside, and outside, reveal at least life as we know it "what it", as fraud. In that there is no gain, no true ownership, exemption rendered. You chase after the things which you have been told, and those very items of interest work against you in the very undulation patterns, which exist as ruling method. Those who learn to sin, in equal proportion in which they assist, are but following this cycle, which with the injection of God, or worse, Man as capable pure form, injected into this system, a pleroma, we are thus doomed. As experience (life) becomes our dread and avoidance. We are further, Biblically to avoid looking up at the stars, only in ignorance, as to reveal our true selves, in like, in dilated form. We are thus to be the dolls, which lay there, for the self serving to abuse, as they experience, and we hide from experience. Purity needs protection, yet on a much larger scale, than most would be willing to offer. "They" don't make the rules, because they do not consider Principle above law. Yet only faced with Principle, "they" are revealed.~




The self, and illusion~


 The Artist seeking Purity, in all forms, stands belittled, as his genius has taken him in one self fulfilling direction or cause. A simple likeness to a pot of daisies, is in demand, and employs the commercial sell out just before him, as he waits for anther lost, questioning soul, to share in his pain and misery, at uncovering the sphere as false. The masses, who use money, chose to place their interest on much softer, finer, gentle versions of the illusion, the masses thus place their collected will. 'I want daisies in mine, that Man and his Art work are scary Mommy', the female child who churns the capitalistic machine, truly exclaims in her never satisfied, will of common want, to her like.


 A charisma is that ongoing expression, held contained, until a personality emerges. This behaviorism, unlocks DNA information, which lies suppressed, until there is an event produced, for cause. The potentials begin to dwindle, leaving the final, an assumed person, which be truly mishmashed objectives that came before them. In the Child's want of will, to grow and to develop in this world, a personality be the child's signature. The actor, the one with the greatest Charisma, is paid on a highly slanted scale. The personality, or charisma rather, is paid to continue to assume itself in it's behavior. However what we see with charisma, is that an expression comes from a demand or want. Thus whatever means, the Child begins to unlock, from within it's stored DNA print of stored bit knowledge and information, that yields the desired object in question, be exactly that which the Child also presses forth, with that greatest contribution of charisma. Most can not see through their own eyes, always using others references and standards, by way those excepted charisma's we see, as fully emerged personalities, which dictate our ways, as a people.


 Truth is you will never go to heaven, because you are not real. The outlook you have, as well as separation causes this fundamental err to occur. Only when you have been pressed, by experience, and the dejection of purity, does your true personality emerge. The way people look changes instantly by the exposure to this knowledge. The person is a mere reflection of that greater belief system, for which they are also a mere extension, as an appendage thus.


 You wanted to be free, and was, for the long, under the falsehood that you had a slim chance to gain this freedom. Only to realize now that there is no you, only finite greater energy modules, thus that freedom be all an illusion, due to the constant war between these opposing sides, divided further into tribes, which will to displace the charge, as Knowledge seeker, or Purity holder, yet each does their collective part, in creating even more division, until there can be no unity, but as illusion (politics).


 The person is thus not an individual. The individual truly be an ongoing expression of will, placed as charisma, by way of expressions allowance. The person is a product of the state, due to total control over the parentage. The division or separation of wants/will/desire, further atomizes into generation, which is just specifically prompted intentions of the greater will or machine, which we all serve. We add to a much greater harvest, when we think that our will is heard. There is a perfect balance in the machine, and a perfect maintenance. The "aliens" have always been here, thus as we grow in numbers, and see their involvement in maintaining the machine, we are thus fed many fantasies, which will keep us in a numb and compliant state, even if we are angry, we serve the greatest good, which is that the greatest or most powerful, the one who got there first, and maintained it's rule by force, then charisma, kept it's thrown. Fame carries many set backs, one being, that everyone knows your name, face and thinks they know "you". The physically wisest way to avoid this, is to have changing persona's, likeness's, and to seem to not exist at all, until your will must be met. In this way, one could say, that it be entirely possible, in the scope of our current technology, to see a day, when such remote run units, as in cyborg or robot, can be controlled by one mind or unit. We could go further, and say that each body carries with it, a certain amount, as with our own, of automated assumed, directive. Thus it be only in the moment of any true event, that the Alien or Human ranchers, should display their charisma, in order to impress it's will upon the event being willed, we call outcome.

 There has to be a beginning and ending point, to any cause and effect based outcome. The event. The event as experience must have an observer. There must be an impact on the field to be deemed an event. The event be experience, in that the will collects the event, as experience, under the assumption that the observer/operator has a greater will, than that which he impacted. The will assumes, and the assumption thus carries through as a constant and consistent will based source of more experience, the hunger of experience or thirst for knowledge no longer second guesses itself. This is, of course, only found in those who have been freely and readily allowed, as to assume a charisma, self, thus will, as impacting and greater that the field about it. That assumption of separation from the field begs many other conclusions, but can only take place, when the mind of the operator has built such a current of sufficient force, as to have no doubts, that his be the greatest will. The impression of the assumption seems to work as well. In that, a charisma can be pressed forth, such as this, in a grand display, the actor, and the Principle energy by the masses, contributes to the fields directed will be prompted...placing a direction to the force. In this way, the force becomes the source, until it be deemed a forgery to it's charisma. If the intent always remain the same, then the authentication period, which is no different from animal to animal, sets the stage. Man must will again, those things washed away with ritual, which we only assume as constant or maintained. The truth be, that the whole thing is a collected fabrication, a manipulation, absent proper prime and directive, should fall into the nothing from once it began. The things that most hold dear, are not theirs, because there is no them. Control, ownership, then following by protection of ownership and pride in their ability to force will upon others, be truly what drives people.


 For those charisma based, folk, that lovely false light, which commands a room, as being pleasant? She be only pleasant, due to her batting average. When her looks are gone, and her charisma is revealed, she will become the opposite, why? Because it follows the undulation pattern, for the law which she truly serves, that dichotomy should drive the prior. We come back to the point that all people who see the world as evil, see themselves as good, inside, and vice versa. There is no abstraction, point to this, until one reaches the end of one self, or rather, the end of what they represent. The experience or knowledge based person, will, reach critical understanding to their like, only capable of becoming what the greater personality demands, as a tribe of people, The will of the tribe then calls out to that one, which assumes itself individual. The initiation has thus begun. The agony, as the ill tempered, willful child now has to learn, through pain, to serve the order for which it has always belonged, due to that display of charisma as self.~

*Those who think they can escape this, with rebellion, will be used for far more heinous purposes. They have demanded themselves a personality, thus to be instantly brought forth to the alter, as sacrifice. The many can use this vagrant as sub-station. The rebel, who lives under the false guise of Purity, will thus be sent through various trials, as to chose sides, and affiliation thus. These become the lost and willful people, who have already been destroyed, now working as a mere instrument, simply to gasp another breath of air, for destruction to all they come in contact with. The same will shrug "I honestly don't know what came over me", the dichotomy, a game, to these malicious sorts, one may refer to these as being demonically driven, in that the self, now called out, has been deemed not a self, but a port station for the many, there is no center, there is no self, because there is no cause, but destruction. Destruction follows no law, but works at the angles (Thoth tET)

**We are rather, that representation of the stars, and those smaller states of being, sanctioned, as spheres, in continuous dimensional authentication. We, must will, to become what we are, thus who and what we serve. Many, in their lack of experience, turn to serve fun, only to find that what they served as fun, was but that enticing slogan, held under the false guise, "the excitement of death", the daredevil, to find what lie on the other side, was not exciting at all. The fly goes to all the same places that the one seeking fun, or death seek, one could say, that the fly be that manifestation of this energy thus, that very demonic embodiment of frenzy towards self driven, self fulfilling practices, which over the span of time, breeds always the same~



 People exclaim at what a crazy world this, is. They take no never mind to the fact that it was the laziness of thought and security, which allowed them the calories and fortitude to make the statement. The statement stands, each time someone calls out to this seemingly derelict God, who I personally can not state does not exist. In fact, I am so pressed to knowing he is alive and feeling a presence of God, that I soon have to abandon any thought strings, which do not support this. The flesh has a different mind, and thus a different story. The left brain is all that be needed to run the entire body system, successfully  in our culture.


"Purity, as the right, only becomes stronger, with the presence of knowledge or experience. The sleeping Baby, does not seek Man, carbon based, uni-dimensional, synthetic knowledge as thought. I you are surprise God has not answered you, then ask his thought communication messenger s "What's UP!". The Angels are corruptible therefor in a given frame of time, they will fall, all of them. Soon the Baby will no longer have a branch between these worlds. The Baby is the Babies Mind, thus the Human, sleeping, dreaming Baby, the eternal Baby, which places Purity into Force, provides this energy, for the All. There is no liaison between you and God, only, at first, causation due to strict form and sacrifice in ones efforts. Then, into that greedy state, where humans begin to sacrifice those closest to them, for wealth, for riches. When the sacrifices end, the demands come more rapidly, from most. They stand blasphemous as to contend there wants and feeble desires, against the multifariousness of true sacrifice, as in the "gods" or Lord's of domain from long past, now.


Purity and Knowledge in it's absolute form, combined, becomes that point of rule over Man, a Lordship to be sure. Think in History who used Principle and Experience, in balance to affirm a stand, and claim control of the greed and fecklessness of that human condition. The odd thing here, be that Man would be still banging his head against a stone wall, and killing and eating his family members, if degree of thought had not been introduced.~


The Task before you now~

Already in the game-

You are in the game, that level of *degree, only truly be the statement as noted by; the depth of vestment in your life, your soul (in the make), your development, your level of involvement, your intensity, tenacity, focus, learning curve/curb, fairness, work required to achieve wants and desires (what it means, to who we are, and what we will become). These are just different, and varied, undulating shades of grey. The cat who walks in, and makes a peep, has broken the concentration of that one who wills to harbor and direct consciousness. You may have kicked ass, followed all he rules, and laws of the game, risen to the height (as I did), and found that there was an invisible competitor on you tail, there in fact, on the scene by way of probability, long before you physical arrival. These become and are events, which take place, in a lawless Universe, where Will alone becomes that unbridled force. The lesson, in "the game", if you will, be all about degree of all those items I first mentioned, and on, into all potentials and possibilities.


 You see the physical manifestation of such creatures, which we may center our focus on "The Dog". Aside from all other forms of speculation, we can simply say, that Dog takes it's form, due to will. We then look to see, how this is true, what codes of rule or laws this "Dog" has to defend, has to live with, under and through, in order that the Dog, as a maintained state of mind, my ever press forth, towards achieving and maintaining it's current form. In an all out fight, it become will, which states which Dog or opponent will walk away with the prize of life (will to life/live) and which one suffers a blow, or learns to use other means (degree of thought), in order to accomplish, this same or similar outcome.


 Society is thus a labyrinth to test the god


We see, full spectrum a field, that is the same field as the quantum one, in fact only visible by way of degree, in terms of our current perception/perspective. It is far easier, to not have friends or allies here. Mistrust everyone, those who learn fast, have always known, at least sensed, that there is no law. They learned to scrap and take, all that they willed, and saw the rewards instantly set forth, before them as those stood scratching their heads, unable to avoid the air of fear and wrath, after these, left the "playground" (that field introduced in life). Yet, the god (if you will), that one who must learn this on all levels, all potentials and degrees, is pushed to and passed that point of unfairness. The laws built around society are thus, a stamp of franchise;


someone was here before you, who took the time to build a world, a Universe, around the concept, the very notion, that you may rise up, one day. They planned, by way of warrior code (the process of will in motion), yet also, by way of "crook or hook", the society and booby traps all around you now. The answer to the question seems quite simple, if you want something bad enough, in a lawless state/Universe, then the quickest way is to kill them and take their possessions. This opens up the true cube, or box, of that fabled cat in the hat, was he real? Like a thief in the night, the Bible says more than once, now see as that one, who takes, without trace of being observed, by human eye for proof any how. The true code of life, unravels before you, when you are witness to the is unfoldment for punishment or reward, by being the unknown observer of such an event. The priceless process, of decoding that maddening information of charge or reward to that one who would have been considered perpetrator. There are far more value/valu systems based around those many Universal wants and desires, which reveal the current un-chaged, un-mended un-alterable truth of any being. For some those combines, and now median shared spoils, where the heart and head, have decided on a treatise of sort, logic, become the very place, where that one is some form of progression, toward that realization, of their total truth, leaves to bear total conclusion.


 The physical learning, with just "the right" mixture of experience, aggression, hormone balance, rule over ones outer and inner environment, state always to the one who esteems himself as "winner", must now live with not only the spoils (prize), but more so that echo, of methods used. This echo, comes from a place, that is far beyond the world before you, and not only centered within the being, as physiological display, but resonates multi-dimensionally, a universal consciousness our conscience.


 Those barbaric methods, one of greater intellectual esteem must press away, especially in regard to the exposure of this outer conscience, this we may use religion or law, as a means to enforce this, on the outs. We see that even though that society was built as a trap, to keep franchise on the plunder, which is total Kingship and rule, and all that his offers, the pain dealer, is placed Universally as instructor, teacher now, and must pass through those halls of such unseen code, that will echo in the winners brain, heart and mind until this fairness, has well been established. It is however, perplexing to most, what and where that level of fairness, may surface. For this level appears different, and is, for each and every being, which steps forth, for they manifest a different ideal or idea of the plunder, found like an echo representation of the soul, in it's need to find equilibrium and balance to the cause, thus.


The justify/serve teeter totter, wishes not wills, to ignite that fire, called genius by some, which burns above you very head, in illumination, that final stage of transcendence, before the great field be exposed, to such a louse as you. The Mind must find it's course, through sin, trials, and err. That form of protection, to those you saw as the meek, be duly noted, in your lack of that immediate physical prize attainment. EPL is the religion, the place for all life's rejects, who feel they have and will ever more, serve the higher cause, for there is no higher. EPL stands above such organization, as a Universal religion, as it were, far above those who bother with such notions of stock market, policing, and law regulating machination against his fellow, for which, EPL and it's members instantly become their judges and wardens. The EPL initiate, wills to see, hear, feel, smell, and sense that this world and it's ways are ever undulating and thus expanding and so the description thus, also grow and shrink in dilation, all is the same. The EPL initiate see this not as a means to feckless transcendental abandon, but rather, as those swells, of constant fuel-less motion, on Universal tide, be the initiate a part of forever more, you have just gained influence, by simply being, which is not a constant, nor a norm, as these do not exist, and imply law.


Many died thus, in the name of lawlessness, who lived Purely and Truly, by way of Principle alone. That final statement towards living, in the protection of life itself, as a never ending and un-franchise-able form, of absolution. 


 We are our own jailers, but do not work alone in this. We are out greatest teachers, but will draw then instructors which balance out our needs, to understand, finally, what will ignite forever the flame, burning the law, and universal codes around them, the being has now been pronounced a god. The road was hard, the games, as it were, was played all the time on all levels. The facts to support this, in only that individuals perspective (thus to validate the individual?), are undeniable. You will achieve what your heart and brain decide on, and this permeates the mind into a presence. That like mind, which hangs over you as either hallow or cloud, is the culmination of all who made the same or similar choices before you now. It is found in the reliance of, that draw of force, and on many other levels still.


 To say that this Universe, which is a universal terms, which implies everything, even multiverse and dimensional fractals thus, be complex is an understatement. We live, within the fabric of the mind. Thus my description of God as a sleeping Baby, eludes much more so, to that actual compromise, a treatise, in my the brandishing of my own intellectual arrivement, of all combined feelings, writings and philosophy of "what God is", due also from the exposure level, to soul, to all religions, and that final filtering of interpretation, in a moment. I arrive at God as Baby, for which we exist within the field of this Babies quantum mind. This may make you feel, as if you are let off the hook then, that any creature could be imagined, and thus be God. Yet, the prior facts as statement, must ring true, once again, the battle awaits you, towards either discounting, rejecting, absorbing, ignoring or finding always contrary My sleeping Baby, as God, by way of your own heart and head conclusion. You will find that the willful insistence will sway you, in your quest, to a treatise you had not expected. I thus leave the undeveloped form of God for ponder, or is this form fully developed?


 This is what University (Universe city) should be teaching. However the higher education is truly but part of that Elite franchise. Which is why I never served, never voted, never bought it all. My sins are also my greatest teachers, in was in this spectrum of pain, which I found the multifariousness of life, within and abroad. I always have had the entire Universe working against my every move, as to validate my own personal existence under the weight of all that seems to be. Now, we are finding, that there is nothing, absent the manufacture stamp, of such ruling forces and bodies. We see that long before the treatise of a Gnostic Santa or God, and of course the Devil or Satan, there were other gods, and demons working in much the same, way, yet in a seemingly simpler Universal field?


The inception of time travel, blows the lid off this notion. in that, all information, belongs to all era, this in it's sentiment, is time travel. Time Travel is the insistence of will based thought, experience and knowledge thus, combined with Purity as a means of exist, that permeates the Hallow of the title Universal Traveler, above one head. You thus represent all time/space travelers, in your quest, backed by legions of brilliant beings, who actively worked not just believing, but placing utter and complete faith in the process, as a means, a way of being. Are you so free, as Universal agent, as to claim that you have indeed seen the face of god? Are you in fact, working your way up the ladder, not even near to the point, where you have reached that final conclusion of what and who God is?

God, like yourself, can only be known by himself. All other forms of abstraction, are no different than to watch an interview take place, and assume your opponents ways are known, simply by the observation, of what has been revealed. Your goal is truly not to know who or what God is, but to simply know you gain ever greater footing on what brings you closer to him. We find that emulating is thus the best method, for beast such as we. We, like an actor in study of a character, place our will unto all physical aspects, that we know of the Character. We put on his shoes, allow the character in question, to be us, thus be our God, that is, to over whelm and take us over, the very mark in fact, of that level of degree of our acting "skill". The Holy Spirit is this force, and validates that you are on the right path, however to reveal, that when you allow the Holy Spirit to take up house within you, the less you are to be yourself, and the more you are "taken over", by the Holy Spirit, that better vessel you will to become. Your will now becomes the Holy Spirit's will, your Brain, and it's experiences and knowledge are bent now to the Holy Spirit as all Source of Force. We see that again, there is no law, but the strongest and greatest leadership, of course totally based upon our level or degree of willing this to happen. 


 Most find pleasure in the illusion, this is all part of the game/quest/battle Field. They look not for final solution, but compromise thus. The treatise they agree upon, and stick with, and those forces, represent the time based notion, as era. The Holy Spirit has been and seen everything, all the ways of Man, and all beings. The Holy Spirit is that most ferocious form of God into motion, and is ironically how we come before God, what we are introduced to, as God in Manifest Source or Form as it were. The fear in denial, causes a personality, a charisma to manifest,  bud, from the actor. The compromise is to great, the demands of far greater Men, beings, much, much, much greater than you, are a part of this force. You either press forth with this knowing/gnosis, which is all that you ever will know, until you are inducted into that force, and I do not lay claim to this notion, but to say, I have tried and Will.~

Stellar Mass~EPL Founder


Together, with one heart that pulses and one brain to reason, we ponder on the same conclusion, the same goals. Our methods seem to vary, at first, only to see then, we have together, as a unit, of one, effected the field before U.S.


 No geography can be set between us, as it has, to separate we, as Photons from the same family, as like. We move together, and are thus set into motion, by the Holy Spirit, our leader, our link to God, as he excepts us too, as his family, a photon shared here, which we have only come to realize now, but through the painful reminder of "The Game"


 Many will seem to exceed you, and unjustly, do to the heart, which you have carried, heavy, along lost shores. The heart could not be broken, nor destroyed, and so you began to fight back, in all the ways that would either prove to be a death sentence or that induction, into another portion of the game. Do not lose hope, see the process, meditate on these Principles as a means. There is no division nor separation, of the like Mind, as is called mentalism, in Universal law, yet is, in fact, further, a test, as the degree for which you stand ready to protect the Purity, as Principle, a code, where things like honor are but franchise terms of vestment. When you are a part, you are a part, when you are not a part, you are not a part. This is the infinite separation, of continuance, which lays ultimately before us all. There will, at the end, of such undulation of era, be those stragglers, who clung on to life, amending themselves, always, as slaves, no matter the franchise course, these are given the same chances, yet are known as forcebots, for they lead to sway, taking your focus on the goal at hand, which I lay before you now.


Defeat of the Straw Man~


straw man


a person compared to a straw image; a sham.

a sham argument set up to be defeated.


 Some of my posts, which are turning into a massive statement to the all, an archive of the lost, searching, as I see it, have been read thousands of times. However I do not write to gain the attention of the masses. In finally choosing, recognizing and serving my duty, to Uber Gott, I forever stand outside the gates of Hell. I fully except and praise Jesus as the pure Son, for if he is proven to be a Masonic invention, then I will instantly charge those, with taking Principle as their own, a lie. In other words, even as ideal, or concept, Jesus Christ is alive, because he is Principle in motion. In my want to denounce the pain, of Jesus Christ as Lord, in his constant observance of Principles in motion, and the manifestation these truly offer, when embraced by but 12 or more, the Merkabah spins to that Lord, that selfless shell, fully vested and inhabited by the Holy Spirit. Jesus is my teacher. You may find that the Jesus you know, reveals more so, what you are. You may trust facts, here now, which are always disproven, and are in fact, in their ardent scope of belief, not as choice but law, manifest from this first Holy Source, as Force.


 I am blown away by the notion, that law and therefor sin does not exist. Jesus, in the EPL main doctrine of text/codex, speaks freely about this fact in that statement, which says "There is no sin, but the nature of adultery", one can thus, only sin against oneself, and thus that ripple out, as to effect the field. In that end, I gasp, all were right, correct to the degree, for which their motivation asserted the cause. I may sound intelligent to you, but am in fact, unable to bridge this Gnosis, towards any worldly application, I have tried, a life time in fact, and the strength, regrettably in my statement of honesty and weakness, be that the sway of the Brain steadfast on experience, will, as the method, I become darker than anything you would chose to bare. I must then place my service towards these practical applications, which unlock the Pure and full Truth before you now, as a means in pressing forth, naked, as to my true form, existing seemingly simultaneously, in concert, with you dear reader, on this same field. The information, as all information of Truth, outside that limitation of franchise, by way of intended fractals, by degree of franchise form (Capitalizing as a plan), belongs to ALL, always all the time/space/dimension thus. Any can except the Holy Spirit, and is fully vested in choosing a forgery, bound by the barbs of their many excuses 'well I can't just meditate all day long, like this guy, some of us have to work!', and so, their works become a part of the supportive fabric of this (yes) evil franchise, where experience in time, are captured and owned moments of repeat, within the falsity of this synthetic pleroma.


 This heart/head balancing in advancement, leaves only the conclusion of the True Artist as means. Those who live in fantasy, we thus shall esteem as the commercial artist, which serve the Elite, as a job. Those who can culminate their pain, and it's expression, "like" these words I write here now, reveal that greater mind at work, and the total abandonment of ego, in any falsified form. In this statement "I have already won", that Black Magic(k), occultist should kill you to prove that this statement breeds no empirical proof, that is, to state 'If you indeed have won, thus channeling the dark forces of dark matter, or zero point energy, to bend to your will, then prove it now, before this sword, which Solomon did wield!". The never ending journey of freedom has begun, on the very premise of dejection, from sin as law (love is lust of *valu's to the anti-principle believers, along with forgeries in all other terms ). Here we see that Jesus, possibly as also the example, of that fall, retold, of that last Son of God, who was placed by the Holy Spirit, to press those pre-chosen, to that point of dejection, is fully validated. You can not live by the rules of the world, knowledge, sin, thus SELF ACTUALIZING WILL IN MOTION, then to say upon dejection, 'you have pushed away, thus cast away the pure and perfect Man!', this would be false, and labors Jesus Statement, 'Man can not serve two Master's'. *Side note; I often realize that Man is not a term of homogeneous, but is more so, a statement of Universal Being, a singularity, a oneness, if you will.


 I except the Holy Spirit as the total Purity, that Will of the greatest force, thus knowledge. I leave however, that final description of God up to his children, which emulate him through this Purity as Principle. If I were placed under the supposed scrutiny of the Politician greedily running for "higher" forms of office, in the so called scheme of investigation (which is a ploy to gain that persons homage, to their very soul and the souls it misleads), then I would fail (no cover up demanded, nor needed). I disclose you now, as I have prior, that I, as you, have sinned, and experienced things, which taught me, painfully, the ways. The knowledge of will alone, brings forth the very demons to battle, now in the mind, not needed in dimensional reality, beyond the scope of that internal war (the heart and head in choosing it's cause). Finally, unlike the misleading icons, which are always torn down before the masses, as charades of personality, I am a sinner of the greatest magnitude, because it too this degree or this much to influence that struggle of belonging. The Holy Spirit holds no piety, but this joining means that those portions which you initially taken as self, upon entering this self induction of justification, THIS PERSONALITY SHALL DIE, AND THUS REMAIN HERE, AS A BUT A PART OF THIS FORCE, WITH THE UN-LIVING, THOSE WHO FULLY CHOSE, OR ARE THUS BATTLING WITH, THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE AS A FINAL MEANS~


Constantly award now, I see that will applied, should lead any to the outcome of their choosing. It becomes a game of *Pure Sacrifice, in that final application of how far your Will, should be en-Forced, by way of that degree of extent. The truth is, you never need lay eyes, on this place or it's lost people again. This is world ultimate of Blood shed, that feeds soul, in the name of those Purity slain, who shall always have true providence and rule over this sad sick dimension, that only sits on the fringe of exist. Our current, ongoing state/status, which has not and thus will not prove to elevate to that greater cause, this would thus someplace else, on inception of the this most Holy Form.~


Stellar Mass

The Book of Times


*You wait for the EPL book? Does this volume not cover the Many? How involve are in the mass pursuit of such distinction?


The initiate shall one day meditate daily at such times, as laid out in audio and video demonstration, which shall one day soon, by rote.


They EPL symbol shall hang on the neck, as that combination of Geometry, The Cross, the Mind towards upward absolution.


The doctrine shall be turned to books, edited but no changed nor altered, as to introduce the Purity Seeker to such methods, which I lay out here, for you now.


The EPL Temple, as laid out prior, in all methods of current media has three crosses, each demonstrating further, the point of perception, which be combined to make a Whole, that is we/U.S. in that singularity of unity.


The EPL intitiate relies on the Holy Spirit, and so you may think of EPL as that place in time/space, where the Holy Spirit will, in these next end times, invite those who seek, who are the few. I place this text on a medium now, that makes it possible for nearly any, who have access to such public domain, to be introduced. I hand you my heart, by pain, my belonging, my willful and pure want, for all those who seek Purity, shall find. I place Jesus, as not another icon, but put him in the mix with other ideals, as a standard, and say, "Look at what Purity can render within you also, but as a one".


 The struggle goes on, that daily grind. Together groups such as this find solution, in their making and manufacture of such survival implementation, that may sustain a living body to this Church. I say, listen to those aspects of the Jewish Bible, which Jesus fought against as Principality, that only harmonize with Jesus, as this very personality of Purity in Purity's distinction, as contrasted, set against Men of the world/the knowledge absent full Gnosis (no purity). I leave you with the reality that like the Elite, if worldly riches be your final goal (experience to it's extreme in degree), you too will be required to destroy, kill and ultimately bring to that now call satanic/pagan/cyclopean Alter, a Pure Soul, for Sacrifice. The trees thus, that you deem beautiful, the false sky, and Moon, all those things which you say render the Earth Beautiful, are in truth, manifestations of the propaganda of this false form.


 My combined Wisdom comes partly (admittedly) from reading those brilliant minds, of Men, that offer the pathos of heart/head realization, this we call physcial wisdom met with the Pure True Wisdom from Purity. We carry the torch of True Liberty in this way. These are my words, a stumbling reflection of/from a soul, aspiring always and forever, found in the sentiment of such statements, as to reflect fully this Purity in display, as a form. ~


May God, Uber Gott, and all this Holy Spirit commands, be with you now my Brother's and Sister's who aspire towards Purity, from wherever this world has taken you, no piety exists here, those who take on this Pure, True and final journey, have chosen, thus your like shall choose you. Yet, in this, what be said of being saved by the Holy Spirit, I do not agree and call these not heretics but those who have taken the Faustian deal, that is, to serve two Master (in Truth).


 An Evil Man once asked me, several times, 'What do you want Barry?', at the time, I did not need to answer, because it was not he, but his Master who asked. I can thus, being fully vested, time travel to that event, now making claim, to my higher mind condition, which ponders take more relative time, towards fully discourse. My answer, in and outside relative time would be all the words, displayed by way my heart, head and the mind of Affiliation...ALL THE WORDS HERE, PLACED WITHIN THEIR PROPER CONTEXT AND MEANING. As to say, that if you do not understand my answer, then you have not eyes for such, and have, in you sentence of me, truly sentence yourself, in lack of/to understanding. In short, am not held to answer you, or to you, in you demand, you have only revealed a defiant will, that your assumed experience, which far to many Men have ventured (why the current seems strong, as undertow) be truly a statement of your generic servitude towards a lower Master, than the ranks I have reached, through the Holy Spirit, that the Holy Spirit should pleasing to me, fully inhabit and obliterate the Man I once was. Thus what do I want from you world "EVERYTHING AND/OR NOTHING, FOR WHICH I WOULD AMEND IT/BURN IT'S ORIGINS CLEAN", THUS, WHAT DO I WANT IN THAT DIMENSION OF PURITY, ALL IT HAS TO OFFER, IN THAT BREAKDOWN OF REMINDER OF THIS WORLD, AND WHAT IT REPRESENTS. I do not require answering anyone, not even the current Lord of the Day, for in alliance with the Holy Spirit, I deem this world unsuitable, a hazard, towards Purity, and so aim for it's destruction.


However the world is always destroyed, and reaches it's cycle thus, the purge. So my final statement, that I readily say, in what I WANT, and not by choice of your demand of knowing be this in final


"I want the killing and sacrifice of the pure, to never be something anywhere, at anytime, as to occur again!"



"Sacrifice of Purity Abolished!"


In Expansion (the contraction) I say;

"Rule of Purity over all worlds, places, and dimensional zones!"


Yet, what then reveals this Purity, but pain?


 Thus the knowledge, experience, into it's own form of will, brought forth this dichotomy, which, does not exist in the Purity of Truth, for all those who read this now, and the words of Jesus Christ as Principle of Purity in Man. The mind of Purity lies quite separate from all you see here, so to reveal a majority. These are the eras, and stages of Man. This work, when fully edited, should act as a great work, which cost the needed toll for it's deliverance, deemed so by both sides. This work, is an earned work, as it took unity to deliver. As said, and it should be said fully now, no one works nor acts alone, we are pressed to affiliate, else we have not corner stone, no structure of support, no persona which displays the right, in the act the cause of self expression. Those, who are not vested, are merely borrowing another Man's words, and way, and know nothing of his true intentions, seen to you only, solely, as notion or inclination.


 The strawman, as default thus lies scattered in it's remains, as that false Golem, which you made such haste, as to prove all Men could be inhabited by Alien invaders, which carried this same syllogistic Pi based, false force! You lose, The Holy Spirit Wins, every single time, thus time as a constant, broken by you, in the revelry of technospiritual superiority over such aspiring souls, shall to brake the bonds of time, in this era of broken time, those who were bound by you, shall be free to take up arms with the Holy Spirit, granted they maintain this distinct and total compliance to the interest of;


"Rule of Purity, over all worlds, places, and dimensional zones, Amen!"


This, we may call Victory, to/for out Lord, now seen/known/felt discovered,  as Holy Spirit~


Infinitum Secretiore, onward, to the great and final division! Where, the source which powers evil, the only source of power always and ever more, shall throw that dark world into only the illumination of it's generators, that false Sun above us now.~


Jesus, the Pure and Infinite Son~



Grab that blank slate, now fill it with a cause. You have yet to discover the Pure Truth of self, until that final hour of pain, a release, the Artist can not stand back and say 'I did that', ever again, you have thus been born.~


So now you barter with that degree of "Principality" as a means?


 You say you want proof of Jesus life, as more than Metaphor (the left, math) or Parable (the philosophical right). This proof, of carbon footprint, thus to say displays exist? If Jesus spoke in parable and was in fact one himself, then he is more alive than you who sacrifice yourselves and others daily, in that taking of offering, in that Illuminati play money, of that exploited care.


 Yet can you also prove that I exist? What, based on the the sway demonstrating such terms and thus technology of communication, in "fact"?. "I" could actually be 10 or 12 or 13 people, working towards a common goal, using the same lexicon of thought, through discourse, here. "We", inevitably exist as a standard, which becomes icon or idol, soon to be destroyed, in that revelation that 'this was just a Man'. We get caught in the rhetoric thus that technology pressed upon U.S., in the grand design, of a common goal, never mind what it is, that you should thus take form as one of it's many appendages? I destroy myself fully now here, and thus am rebuilt, with a new agenda, that of the Holy Spirit, fully vested. Every moment, of every day, we must fight, to be reborn, in,  'I die daily'.


 Accusation displays ignorance, in it's force of willful form. We are all sinner's are we not? Can you truly lay isolate to one degree of sin, then to say, 'see I am that much purer than you', when you know this is propaganda used to earn your daily bread, displayed in "that fudged smile" to earn it in fact.


 If I were to bend this first Pure form of Knowledge, as you do, I would come out with a book titled

Purity, how to use it to gain influence and power. I would only need to reverse and morph all you see here as construct. Did you for a moment think about steeling this idea? Of course you did, because your straw man, and now you, press for distinction, but more so money, in the quest to find you end value. What becomes valu-able in this time signature, be nothing more than the exploitation of Principles, thus others in care, as cause. The one who takes the cake, in the end, proclaims themselves teachers, blasphemy! Pain is the teacher. The teacher in fact, that reveals this current world, or dimension which we seem to commonly except, as the total, complete and final goal.


 Those who are Pagan's on the gain are true Christian's today, and the Witch who hides behind white lighter magic(k). The Atheist merely presses forth, science as proof of God, yet emerging science comes from an unknown source, these Photons sharing dimensional potential. It all depends on that continued mind state, of that place which you reside, through the process of mentalism, you might say. When certain barriers have thus been broken, in that percentage yield, there exists a reality, for which you are a part, in it's expansion as a concept of the mind, that time sacrifice best represents.


If you are working for Purity, then you can no longer take on such names/titles of distinction or separation. Jesus was not a Jew, he separated himself from the selfish cause. All that he said, accused the Jew of his service to Satan, thus the Messianic Jew be either expanding into his own form, growing, yet to franchise, towards purity as truth, or, he is in fact playing both sides. How many different names to a cause must there be, which serves the same course, Money as a God, as the Law, as the Rule. Groups, which use Principle and Purity as cause, have thus established themselves and grown, at least in the History for which we be exposed. EPL is thus the systems worse enemy, in that, it proves in it's existence, that society and more so, you as an arm in society, are false, a forgery of existence.


 This is why imperial proof of Christ has become more prominent as a theme, as an argument, to discount all those who have total faith, in at least Christ as concept. You embrace the concept, yet deny the Pure Man's existence? Or perhaps, you say, we are alive, and liberated thus pure and tell me the next step to your process, in this discovery, for if it be free of Principle then it leaves no footprint of distinction. Therefor, in the end, you have only stated 'I am just trying to live and survive like you?', you assume my survival isn't a direct reflection of delivering this message, that I place care in the illusion to continue?


 Ask me bluntly if I believe this totally positive scope shall come to be, as an event. That is, that suddenly victory of these concepts, as the greater societal excepted terms, may come to be...the I say "NO, I do not believe in this, but in the minute salvation of the few!" I am thus, an outcast, and only appeal to a select few sinners, who have seen full well, such as I, that their original suspicions, since early childhood in fact, are valid. That is, people are not loving, nor pure, nor out for the pursuit of equalizing freedom. You are in fact, placed into a large arena of blood thirsty competition, which will soon be revealed as sport again, when human sacrifice has taken on it's final stage of full disclosure. We are thus being given an eviction notice, the pure, the Principle seekers and exactor's to the cause.


 Jesus as a Masonic invention, would mean that the parable of Purity passed down, also came from them. The people demanded a manifestation of God, in Man form, and the concept destroyed any peace, from an early age, of this Purity seeker, which stands before you now. We could create him again, as that reflection of pure self now, so to say, he has always thus existed. That manifestation of Mind into form, has thus created, through will toward purity, more Jesus like beings than ever. However society is built to destroy, initiate thus sacrifice the Pure Man, the machine in full action. Those who choose the knowledge will be in the mix of this automated machine, in motion, by their own blood. Those who choose Purity had better set up a community now, with strength behind it, as to now fight and abolish this agenda in a true war. This is the war that the Elite have proposed in full force, yet to their surprise, I'm sure, they have thus fully witnessed these factions of Purity Warrior's have been neutralized from within. The outcome will be, and has been the very absence of Purity. When the last child of Purity kills this Purity within, those Pure Lights will never again shine on this place, dimensionally speaking again. There is a Star Wars, occurring now, as we speak, which is demanding our full vestment as a part of this galactic matrix, a weave of Will or Craft based assessors.


 Society, as a single mind, wills to create the highest principle, this is the pure reason, if there be any, behind birth. So to say, the Birth of a Pure Son of God does not happen each day? The truth of this Pure Son, on, into Manhood, lie now in the cultivation of Pure Principle as standard. There exist many today, yet this one thing is being attacked with every resource known to modern Man. The Elite have infiltrate, turned or evicted those, through the word banking system, as ritual towards the physical display of this. The bombarded assaults now global, and thus universal, has sent out an alarm of full scale war, only leaving the silent inward cries of it's people, who will our current state, to blame. The metaphysical aspect, a mind principality based war, is only 33% of the effort, to destroy Purity, once and for all. The next be the Physical, corrupted Man in his pursuits, and then the Spiritual, worship of impure forms, as God. The culmination of this, has created a dimensional certainty now, which has motive or momentive force, secured through the people, of this global village, as a One World Order, a Nation.


 The Nazi method worked, we now live in the breathing apparatus of this false and suspended state taken now as being. This however, is not our darkest time, for this, the term darkest can not isolate any era, time signature repeat as being deemed separate, from the total experience of beings and society everywhere. We are thus, always pressing quickly towards that next dark time, of Humanity, where the dichotomy exists, where, the Lightest, most positive moment also lay in the wait. As the physical world becomes more solidified, it presses away, with it's will, in motion it's spiritual support. In this time, the gates are wide open yet invisible for most to see. The Kingdom can not be hacked, it simply does not exist to the Physical Thinker, nor the patron of it's cause, Jesus, the Perfect Son of Purity, no less. ~


Winners and Loser in modern scope~

 A loser is an individual, absent of any foreseeable deficit, who has contempt for people. and displays it by diminishing the quality of what he gifts for, in acts, deeds and notions. The winner is that one who leverage those gifts, selling his affections to the world IE the prostitute.


The winner is truly that victor of that highest game, of the highest order

 A loser be the antithesis, that one who broke face, broke code, broke the rules to acquisition what he thought the winner did it all for, as goal, because the loser, loses due to his lack of vision. Thus the true loser is the Prostitute and the True winner is that one who avoids others, at all costs, discovering the fruits which Life forth, from within him IE The Tree of Life.~


 So it is flipped, by popular intellectual opinion. that one which rejects the people, an excepts himself, be good

 That one who serves others, always to a fault is made bad, by way of experience, force will, onto others IE the demand for social affirmation, you did it all for the people, for you fans, who support you financially, how lost you are a generation parted from Purity at the root~


"To say "I don't know" is that acceptance to gain all knowledge, assuming you always wont know, and will thus have no true mentor, but to listen, that be the key"~


An event to remember, the event, or abuse train/cycle~

 I write as if it were my last moment, because it always be, the last moment. outside of drama entirely. This world is completely backwards, flipped. It has nothing and everything to do with the myriad of reasons why, as in the polarity switch, but in fact, it always come down to one thing, a massive political projection, by the people, for the people. The people are needed to react, as fuel, to any situation. The mind of the people, is likened to being able to harness the very horse power, in every cattle head around the club, yet in every dimensional aspect of the higher mind, and spiritual rule of force. It is painful to have arrived, and be preaching to the brain dead masses, which will largely discount all that you say. It be ever the more of a grievance to know, ahead of time, that there is not one I truly like, no one I really ever would want to save, that we are enduring this pain, alone, so that it will uplift us, to the status to but endure the pain, as a norm or constant. Anyone could have it all, any dope on the street, as in the celebrity. Yet, a very private corporation, which has been running the earth now for quite some time, does not see it fit, that one Man, due his own "God" given ability, should advance based on this promise.


 I had this promise, and it was my reason for this reduction into nothing, as it were. The blessing be the curse. This turns good Men, especially in times of war, to killing with the base intent of a beast. There is a teaching here, that no one should give nor receive kind mercy. More so, that Love and Hate are but two manifestations which are created from extreme. Funny how the world is so soft and quiet, absent people. Yet it is what the people are being told, which makes them all the more annoying. We hate one another, and hate putting on this show. No one is thus charismatic, now do they thus have a personality. We pick up on family traits, these become cruxed by way of familiarity and DNA meeting and unlocking, in those heightened times of elation, whether positive or negative. This sets the dial, on pretty much every aspect of you life, there out. Whether this be thought, as copacetic to the masses or not, that is excepted by the masses as palatable, be on a slightly different scale of social engineering.


 Just as, these thoughts, which I convey, would be considered extreme in the 60's, they are but a Man, seen on a cyber soap box, spouting out his mass build up of information and social injustice. Funny how only craft, seems to permeate the mix. There is a code, a sequence, when these three levels of establishing "what is" be done with the proper alchemical mix of blood, emotion and will, there it happens, the event.


 How many last Love letters, can a Man, write, when only a sentence understood be sufficient. In times past, not even the spoken word was expected, no this was strictly used in ritual and at last means. The silent, and focused peoples true, had their fair share to bitch about, but the gripe was different, far from universal injustice. The people will need to demonstrate, but only during a celestial event. The people will need to charge their social keepers, under the occult lit heavens. The people will need to take an action, as a unit, that knocks the World Government to it's knees. The rally of support must occur now, truly long ago, as the backlash of marshal law, is always declared each day. The uprising could occur any time, which is why the meter stays on alert. We are causing the Elite problems, hurting them, as they see it, separate, as species, we are not being good pets, food nor cattle, despite our idiocy to wait till another day, then another, in order that we should get this job done.


  People have no common ground, and thus united in nothing. Groups are nothing more than pleasure seekers, living as if it be their last day, always, and not in a positive way. Upon that realization, that a person in proper substance can and will live eternal, would you then become incited with anger, as to knowing finally, what you had lost. How about genius, being actually common among people, yet to discover there be technology, of the highest "order" employed for the specific purpose, to block you genius? How about if you saw the plan, right there before you, being used, with dates, events and outcomes, already having been written, such as 911, that was hundreds of years old? The point be, that this has become known, all of the evidence is there, yet people still fail, to stand united. One is busy and only places, oh, so much interest in the subject, no one cares, or rather places care, into anything but their own needs. Yet, as the Masonic Master Key points out, from the beginning, "people are ignorant of their own true wants, desires and thus needs". We need what we are told to need, that is all.


 The solution be always that antithesis to the problem. To many Babies, stop having sex, to much corruption? Begin to implement Principle into schools, government, absent the religious hate. It would not matter so much what people believed in, if there were a manual, a code, to the the human condition, and there is. The EPL Principles, when applied for all their truth, can sustain a government that ironically works for the people. We as children, always waited to see if a grown up would smile, this indicated a happy and welcoming state, we were wrong, grossly. We learned that a smile is most often, if not always, a cover up, to a condition of manipulative will, this is why when you see a coworker, unawares of you, they rarely smile, if at all privy to the greater event, taking place now. People always play both sides, they play stupid, then are insulted, when you regard them as such. The one who spouts off the loudest, yet smiles a tells jokes, is now deemed interesting and eccentric, all based on the degree of costume to match the spirit, toward authenticity. "I am entertaining but false, still love me, as I am that whore of Babylon, the charismatic abuser". I knew from day 1 how this would play out, but like most buried my head, and waited till the frenzy would simply go away, and it seemed to, though in cycles, this is abuse.


The Paradox of Pain~


 "It is not that God and Satan do not exist, but that these are gods pulled to Lord over that main sect, of forcebot driven humanity, in Abrahamic tradition."

While the struggle between dark and light, good and evil, take place within rules zones of spheres, there are greater and more exclusive events that take place, with those who have realized, perpetuate, thus to become a part of a greater force or understanding. Some, most, struggle against this Principality, as they demand freedom, in an exclusive member only club, or organization.

This becomes a statement, the rebellion, towards those who have ascended above this limited mind. The pleasure is undeniable. The cults, which arise, are planned, one and all. Those who through a particular belief system around, claiming affiliation, yet not understanding it's origins, will ultimately be defaulted into a "sacrificial system or belief".

The argument of God, in existence, keeps a certain type of person, of a certain mind "set" (as in the god, don't be fooled by lexicon, it is very planned). Thus for most who adopt an ideal or idea of Christianity, do so with an indoctrination of "what this sentence, parable or passage/message" may mean. When this is done, the omnipotent mind, which be free to all, for each individuals development, to affiliate to a larger group or energy force, which dominates. We are thus a single soul, the spirit is a far lesser, more localized event (a tree, a witch). It is thus more yielding, to the larger majority, which rules, to not waste time, which be actually effort, or impact to event, in timeless space, with those who are predispose, as mart of a weave/web or lower/carbon/physical dimensional based spirit form. The spirit of an event (Football, Church), is something we are told (indoctrinated with), and thus to join a simple rally, that seems fun, you are now a part of the frenzy.


I higher, more intellectually based affiliation is thus in order. These "orders" have been around since the dawn of time, what ever that is? Simply stated, as Time is again, bent light, traveling about a sphere or affiliation of it's own, so is but a fabric, to the will or purity, depending on what the sphere be made up of, or filled in with, the very substance. It all seems quite simple, when I explain it, and I seem to have a total grasp on it, even when I use fill in placements myself, for that which I do not excel in, but should and will to know.


When  this higher level mind force is thus entered into, by the natural, they can come and go as they please. Yet, there are no rewards for the understanding, or rather, there has been no barter of the accomplishments value, because the natural observer, is now looking onto that next level, or phase, or at the greater sphere, and is thus not bound to formula. Many do not realize when they have used anthers franchised information, as this information or knowledge, has taken the form of illusion, but is in fact indoctrination of a specific corporate in incorporated as in affiliated franchise system, which ties as ritual to the source, IE what the brand, product or system came from, and was intended for.


We begin to see the frustration instantly with physical life, in that absent of over eating, sexual pleasuring, entertainment, boast of superior methods or means, thus to be absent the statement "I am" as in, I am god, the world become a boring place. Most however are incapable to ascend to this higher level of awareness, as they are but spirit forms of those 3 divisions.


God's are not liked in society, not true god's. Those who call themselves god's or use the term, as an ascension, are in fact overtaken, or forcebot run, by malevolent spirit beings, who, out of jealousy, killed those Kings, and Rulers. Capitalism, is thus, a celebration of the destruction of those god's. Jesus hanging on the Cross, I see, from my many studies, is a warning, as to not shine brightly, if you indeed hold affiliated, to this religious affiliation as source of higher transcended force.

I often think "what are these people reading this for?", if you have read, then you are indoctrinated by my superior concepts. These places of achievement, took place, due to spiritual victory, over having to chose, not one side nor the other, but to see the long standing futility, of this multi-dimensional civil unrest. Stories of old, just as seeming fresh stories, are the same stories, and the same forces. There was, I am inclined to believe, a fall, very long ago, which the Bible discloses, in large part anyway, as to an event so impacting, that the repeat, of such, as a rippling effect, shaped space/time, as we know it.


 There is a polarity shift occurring, everyone knows it. However upon further review, this has created a spiritual and universal friction if you will, that has force an awakening/expansion/higher level demand of affiliation. I was never happy, always under attack, but had excepted there were certain things I would avoid, not unlock. The quadrants of understanding were set upon me, and thus I was force to ascend. There are spiritual leaders awakened now, in that, they are leading that newer and higher from of perception of what ascension means, on an ever larger scale or degree.


 The rationality of God, as said, is irrelevant, in that I needed be pressed to discount, not affirm God's existence, else this would be the most pressing thing, Man quests towards. It may seem that we are doing this, that is battling this concept out, but the truth be, that we are battling a preconstucted game, if you will, of this indoctrination IE the whole thing was orchestrated, and was someone Else's idea or ideal. For one to thus jump to, I hate God, does not see, that we have only been told, to believe, that God is suppose to be responsible, for aspects of our lives, inner thoughts and actions, which are mundane and expected in those actions of undeveloped beings. Once we assert towards our ascension, to this higher mind, we then see that we are believed in, thus we too, can believe. This reveals more and more the intellectual thirst and direction of the initiate. The term initiate thus be simply that once, who ventures forth, towards that place beyond life and corporeal death, then that place where one is but a part of that greater but very small and isolated spiritual force, as sphere or earth. One thus ascends towards a higher service, through that struggle of multiple perspective, and thus more and more, reveals their own inner workings or a  more pronounces scale/degree. We are now, nearly exclusively a part of one of those main energy segments of force, which we see manifest, in our interpretation of our own perspective or reaction, toward events, their meaning, as well as impact (Masteller Impact Force). We are now thinking exclusively in Mathematical or Philosophic terms or both, which apply directly towards understanding these Principalities, as a massive entity force rule or what is.


The EPL Principles free one from the bog of getting sucked down into mere Principalities, or those which called themselves Principles, only to set up a sort of rule or democracy or autocracy, yet where one aspect of the total substance has been changed, thus all which pertain to these 3 dimensions, are thus existing, a matrix, within a certain color, frequency, light spectrum and spherical representation, truly a projection of this mind.


 The Pentagram is what is, because it be offered to the Americanized public, as 5 points of rule, where the ego of this autocracy is hailed. This energy locks the people into a very small intellectual affiliation of arrivement.


Pain is undeniably the greatest, and only teacher. The truth of why we like sex, has to do with a death excitement. The pain of friction, of wanting but not wanting, of pulse and stretch the towards other natural phenomenon, where if continued, two forms of flesh would invariably consume one another. The female does not stop after the act has been done. She as witch as an earth spirit form, is succubus. She will feed off the living, as she is named as that daughter who learned to weave, webs, wrapping Man, in the matrix of false franchised space/time, a spiders web, if you will. He has been caught, as to validate, that which was never truly an event of impact or importance, she piggybacks on Man's will to learn all ways, only perverted by her sense of sustaining a community, which justifies her theft, as now represented as the teeter totter between good deeds, yet to play both sides. She was created for such a purpose, for she is he, in lesser secondary form, man incarnate within this Faustian perpetuated mental mind set, of limitation and far lesser degrees, hence the Pentagram does not signify womb-mans ability or number but the force or spirit she serves, in order, that she may receive pleasure and validation of existence, when she does not, in the grand field, where energy of Pure form, rules the celestial heavens.

All this is meant to distract you, from your true mission, NOT, to pronounce that you are God, which be also irrational, but to know that Rule or destruction be eminent. This, if used in carnal existence only, would be Marxist, but with Purity, becomes the factor of separation from such ideology, of autocratic means, the fascist.


I am, however, impressed, at what Man knows, what he reveals, and how the laws are laid out for all to understand, now only to gain the vision, to understand. We pray truly to see, be able to have the skill set to understand, our level of consciousness or awareness be essential to our experience. We are thus always praying for more power, yet to pray for the Principle, that be delivering this enlightened and energized state of being, as a constant flow of force. From the Pure source this is the Holy Spirit, all that we need to rationalize and to thus have Faith. We now that this Holy Spirit must function about an even greater level of awareness, and so this concept of Uber Got emerges, fully undeniable, yet irrational to waste time worrying about validation of existence, for this power runs us, and believes in us, when we follow these Principles. The evidence, will only be respected, long after the goal be won, and the order of true purity be established.


Many people have gone "insane" under the scope and scrutiny of God, as fact, along with all other hosts from "the book". The Book was created, and worked, for the unintelligent masses, as in solar deity, which provided the food from the seasons. These prayers, produced something called faith, which has scientific fact based Placebo effect, it's lack proves towards insanity, which does not exist when faith be present (faith as a separate constant that is). Whether God be real, those other hosts, which come by way of rationality, cause and effect, up and down, good and evil, right and left.


 That which we assume then as spirituality, is assumed thus, as cord connected to this concept of God. I will not go further, as to support an atheist view, because all you have to do, is go on any valid atheist site, to educate yourself on this. I find this measure to be important, as a valid argument of equal or neutralization, thus to leave a dial there, of current extreme, which demonstrates much more so, what is going on "out there", in this knowledge is power. That is, the knowledge of why things seem so insane, when insanity does not exist, but is create from conflicting final solutions.


 This is primarily why EPL stands superior, scientifically as capable of at least allowing one to gain back their primary focus, with mental mind application, on the multifariousness which does exist, the sphere, in motion. The fact that this table is black, before me, can be disproven, when getting closer, very close, to the table, when color no longer exists, or when the light which reveals the table, be somehow filtered or altered. These together, still prove my original hypothesis, that the table, dimensionally speaking, as a constant, for the past 10 years I have seen it, is in fact black, though by way of degree of it's color when exposed to this scrutiny.


 What I am saying to you quite candidly, is that proving God, to exist, is in fact not relevant, and is the cruel trick, placed on that sect of society, which can not escape this in born irrationality, thus producing a breakdown, insanity, when faced with those degrees of internal relevance. In other words, production is far more important than rationalizing God, in that the Bible was primarily produced, to keep the people looked down at their work, without being "polluted" by that unfortunately intelligent family member or co-laborer, which extended this Knowledge, onto the people, as valid argument.


 The argument will thus remain in your head. The argument will nag and pull at you, until you begin to hear voices, that are quite simply not there, based on the validity that they are not physically present to anyone, but you. You are arguing out rationality and the only things that are truly relevant or  rational are the very topic as Principle of higher command, which keep you going, towards a long fruitful life.


 Religion or dogma based Christianity proves itself as a killer of the gods of intellect, within you. However!...this does not discount a pure and perfect Son of a Creator, for in his actions he proved to be all that he seemed and claimed. It is just that the same rational argument we thus discovered to Father, applies to Son in that "The existence of God, and thus Jesus, are not rational, but to say that the Principles they teach, as aspects of self, within, and that greater morality, which should thus exist in others, outside of you head, are in fact held to these Principles". This does not mean that these are Universal laws, because they are not. Now whether or not our Universe is a person, planet, solar system, galaxy or Universe, is thus irrelevant, in the fact that the arrivement of this does not effect our physical science, in the immediate vicinity of need. Only when we ponder Light, and it's speed, and other degrees of this constant, which is bent, does this claim towards rationality or irrationality, come into play...through that application, of technology.


 God has never, not once, appeared. I have never seen Angels, or evidence that they appear, other than to appear as scary aliens, or other dimensional Overlord's, the documentation and evidence on this is such a large stack, a government disclosure be based around it. The problem arises, that we always must rely on the reports of other capitalists to validate what God said, or what occurred in their own lives. I have personally witnessed events, which would cause fundamental questioning, but only in light of taking that dogma of very early life brainwashing and education, as a means to totalitarian control. If God were in need of being rationalized he would thus appear. If Angels were what they are purported to be, messengers of God, they would appear. Now we have the unfortuneateness of technology to now cause fakery, around this vision/appearance based fact to the masses. Here we can thus only rely rationally on science currently as we call it, to once again validate the facts, by closer inspection of these scientific based fact Principles, EPL.


 We rationally have sphere as a unit before us, around us and within us, things we can see, and can not see, as displayed in fields. We can at least call Pi and irrational number, and thus see that movement, as a constant, only validates Pi, in dilation, or undulation with yield (as in orbital rotation about a body, as to produce a detectable and foreseeable outcome, as energy).


 Those of us stuck between these scientific understanding and thus the lexicon, or truly slang, of the time (when the Bible and other Holy books were written), must see that this was the science available to the time and masses, as food for thought, or scientific rational understanding. This all leads to mass hysteria in the end, because the masses now, those workers of lesser intellectual ability, are thus be educated and validated by schools, universities, based about irrational conclusions or means. As in the case of Psychology. in that personal alchemy, is all that can truly aid the individual from this madness, upon arrival of that application of rational thought. Thus psychology as a viable occupation, is madness in itself, leading towards one rabbit hole of assumption, in the way that people commonly work, when this as a practical means, hold no more validity that God being proven or disproven, is irrational. we have only again, to walk away with the Principles. A healthy diet, life style, and fact based conclusions, which support the modern trend, become our sphere in it's current form of dilated understanding.


What becomes obvious, which leads me to push this publicatoin away...deem it as near enough to done, to thus prove it's undeniable superiority and capacity, is that the whole things loops back round. God, to us, currently, is the Elite group which made us, governs and monitors us and thus cultivates the form. We are thus both being killed, molested and destroyed, yet only by way of the extent of that bondage of mental mind state, which we ourselves asserted to and chose. In this, painful even to say, as victim, for which we all are, is that pain be the course to total developement and expression. That there can be no murder nor death, because the gift is karma or life in succession, with the promise, only if discovered, of that ascention, to ever higher forms, where there is indeed a place of the most high, that is to be found through only struggle. The lesson is there, in all those things we do. That one who understands that success of any persuit, comes only by way of total involvement, which causes what is then terms as first a breakdown, or insanity, which is overload to the system. The form is not valid, and thus the crises simply be that realization that all that you thought you knew, was such a limited aspect or part of that total strain.


 What I discus here, if spoken with math as language, would held  genius, in the wake of Physiques, yet dangerous in the way of theocracy, in that, it threatens all threads, stemming back to the great deception, or franchise on human suffering. To say that all knowledge is thus yours, yet that the perversion of playing within one excrment is thus, to perform a statement, of ritual act, which takes the initiate back to a place, which is lower in developement, we then leave a track, or trace trail, of our very thougt. action. deeds.


Apha, Theta, Beta, Delta, Gamma wave patterns, can better destribe the pure form of these thought messenger affiliations, and how we become one force of the other, then onto owning the very zeropoint energy in that, I am the higher mind, of that which permiates and enters all things, spaces, times, zones and regions. I am that Stellar Mass, that is, until I have deemed, by way of degree, all that be held rational, as lesser to that final cause. Thus it is irrational to prove/disprove God, you do not have the tools, so a wasted life. Yet, it is entirely relavant, to chase and expand on ever higher mind concepts, which places you into that madness catagory, in that, you must now ascend by way of all possible spherical representation, becoming the best possible version of the self, in all ways. The law stands against you, as principality. The matrix is quite real, and this substance is part of a massive ever expanding awarenes, where we can only ever ask as a child, yet grown, meaning, we now know there are no facts, but ports, and while we remain, we are prompted to know that Pain will teach us, to soon move on, or become a fixture, as in carbon, to a dead and dying past dimensional represention, a reflectoin/projection of the self. So one could assert fully, that we are indeed, a projection that one self, only to place in our limiteless will, favor and privillage to that one which we call the Father, yet to be known as Uber Gott, the ever expanding God, to magnificent to rationally claim, for Uber Gott, is a term for everything (All that exists as the One Force)~




Over Population, a suspended illusion~


Absent anti-principle, there would be no over population, for it goes against all Principle code. We populate based on false comfort, thus children born from those realities, which do not exist, for the same events if unclothed, would not have taken place. This absent of any contrast of clothed or unclothed, in other words, the ignorance of apron/concealment.


 Yet we barter, to live in the illusion, for one more generation, then we will gradually, go back to our Principle ways. The thing about Principles is they don't change, so now, technology, as spiritual force, wills to change us, this we call only today, illumination. Soon, humanity will not even exist. Do you think God will come from the clouds, or simply, that those who Lord over us, are anticipating this recurring event, as it laps time and again..we always have the chance to learn, develop, change.


 That pretty girl you love so much, if exposed for who she truly is, absent the makeup, the hair spray, the clothing, would not appeal to you for long. You would see the barbaric aspect of life, fully emerge, as wild untamed rawness of experience left only the murderer crawling or standing. The concepts we play with, can only be manifested, in a place called sin, after we have covered up. So ignorance to ourselves, is never something we can attain again, or is it? Should we not be raising our children in such honesty, as to cultivate their natural ways, shameless? Do we not run naked as babes and toddlers, until it is deemed no longer acceptable to do so? Hard to say, it is this clothing, which was that first technology of concealment, and continues on today.


 Yet his only implies a certain level of awareness. For if we gain total amnesia this instant, there would be concealing anything at all. So we see that the tree of knowledge be awareness, that connected suspended moment, which kills us off, in time. One would use the argument, that one should thus become ignorant of being clothed, and thus lose their shame, but it was source of force, which introduced the idea/ideal/concept, of covering. Those who are thus deeming themselves liberated, are thus entitled. Clothing is used thus as a means to entitlement, as is the covering of a flag, false, as to represent nothing but a principality, as with clothing. So one could say these forces of false knowledge infect the substance of sphere. The individual thus stands alone naked, ridiculed, abused and ostracized, Jesus is this GOD OF LIBERATION, shameless and naked, before the hoards who demand him to be shameful. Those who call themselves Christian's are not appealing to this purity factor, but are in piety, those who place themselves, with the technology to shame others are in fact claiming all can not be pure. If we were not indoctrinated into sin, we would not thus know what it was. So it is the idea of sin, void of Principle, that pollutes, that's all.


 I can toot my own horn, yet somehow enjoy being looked passed, as I fully understand that celebrity be but the tortured soul, always at the chopping block. This is the very driving force all around you, so thick, that it be the very substance of what was, is and thus wills to become.


 At any moment, I could relent, and I tell the secret now, a paradoxical code. If you want to end you suffering, it's height, or (critical mass EPL) be in direct proportion, to how greatly you have built yourself up, thus to destroy (chaos), is to release (energy)...then to provide a system, relevant and in direct, equal or superior proportion, to this pain releasing discovery, the awakening. Yet this is not the answer, only that buildup to, such madness, of awakening. If you want, to end the pain, at any time, then place that pain, onto someone else, now you are fully vested in that common event, ruled by the unseen force, the pentagram is your contract to this release.


Nations are ruled by this notion


 If you want others to stop suffering, then you will, in your last heroic act, take on their pain, as simple as energy transfer. The liberated soul, can only be as such, in the proportion of total release of this pleasure/pain system at all. We hurl around terms such as God and Devil, yet never to understand this describes life, and it's interesting quality, in/a contrast. Uber Gott, is thus this force combined along with all other forces known and unknown, which transcend this right, left struggle, that is that permeating mind.


 You will then be lawless, understanding that law be based on a false self subject to contrast a false society. The brain and heart create this mind. Tools are thus neutral, that are not subject to Purity or Impurity. Yet what do you know, that is not effected as such? All is either Pure or Impure, even water, even a crystal. We in fact base a tools value on this level of Purity. So what is your value, if you have sacrificed this purity?


 To stand and murder the oppressors, be only subject to your reasoning as to why. Many suffer, so that the Elite can eat eggs Benedict, and sip on the purest form of coffee, brewed with the purest water, while reading the news paper, of that very aftermath, due from their impure deeds. They would stand calm, insulted, if you were to come at them in murderous rage, yet to save a community of millions, so that they could drink pure water, and eat a sustaining meal. Yet we suffer, because we live in a reality that the Elite have assisted, as those physical architects to create the reality in which you now live. You have yet to make them suffer, to end the chain, it is undeniable, in the reality which they have weaved. Cut off the dragons head, rule, and thus enforce the principles.


 Yet in Masses, Principles do not work, for Principles restore order. So that you may see what appears to be a simple republic of peoples, unattractive to the polluted eyes, and senses of the masses. The force would yet emerged again, and whisper in that lowly peasants ear, I am sure how the Rothschild's had begone, and all those who seek power and domination, absent of the one mind, as the pure reason for it all, no more. We would wear clothing, that is functional, and does not allude to impurity. We would not pollute our environment, and think about the production and breakdown of such things. Each item built, be known fully, for it's spiritual existence and thus effect, on the greater mind. The thing to change it all, is to get control the what is called the Merkabah, which I call the One Mind in Motion, the matrix.


 The fact that most people do not have Principle within them, how many do you know, perhaps everyone, would die away, in an the very switch. No more ideals of progressing beyond your family, friend and neighbors to drive you, in silent competition. The most efficient way to fight and win, is to not fight at all, but simply become the solution, that purified form.


 So again, the concept of Jesus emerges, as the pure and perfect Son. It does not matter if he exists or existed, that is, to be a lie, for it does not make sense on any level. I will acknowledge however that I will a Man's like this existence, that I believe it can be. Yet under the construct of who and what I am and know, as polluted member of an impure society, it is irrational, to waste time/energy on the notion, I have not model to actualize his existence to, not even me, until these Principles are followed, to thus, transform.


 Without the global system, in play, once guard is dropped, those impure would attack again. So we see the preservation of purity, becomes not a violence free system.


 Yet, I urge you to try something, picture the simple truth, for a moment. In that, all is false. Go ahead then, and remove the very clothing of all you see in society, working jobs, bending, stretching, farting, pissing...picture society not unlike those many deer, running in a field, as part of the one mind matrix, and free, avoiding you. You will soon realize, that it is concealment, that causes Man and womb-man, to exist and thus judge one another on a false scale. It is concealment, that is technology, which gives others advantage, as in the suit, wallet, phone, and concealed weapon. In this society, the power lies in the ability to conceal.


 When we combine this fact, with what I previously stated, it become evident that to conceal and afflict maximum pain, is what capitalism, thus rule, be based upon, as law.


 Yet, when I look at all things not human, nothing works this way. everything is revealed, but only in vision, to obstruct the frame. I then move to see what is behind this. Law works in this way, that it should be so complex, at least to me, that I simply I not interested in reading is non-sense, yet it becomes essential, to keep our freedoms, strip away the concealment of such freedom, see the truth.


 Freedom be found thus absent of concealment, in total openness and revealment, healing, Principle above law.


 Advantage be found when concealment, induced pain, and law, be enforced with violent means, this is how you rule today, if you are so interested. If this comes natural to you, then I fear there is little hope, you will stand a chance to ever be more, and are most likely not reading this now anyways.


 It is thus that one, who can live knowing, that they must keep inflicting pain onto others, in order, that they should *experience, pleasure on their own. One would have to see themselves as superior, and not Principle, as such. The ignorance of such people, would be embarrassing, if it were not totally common today. People are thus dangerous, and will naturally reduce in numbers. The naked reality of today, should be likened, to 7 billions wolves, each in separate packs, battling against one another at all times. Population isn't the issue, it is the population of what?~


 So what is clothing, but colored drapery, an illusion. Yet we place the spiritual clothing on as well, as a false armor. The Satanic rituals state the beast, who exploits this factor, shameless but to see your shame, as beast, who is aware. So we tune down our awareness, to those things totally within our control. It is thus a vestment, to cloth yourself, it is homage to what is to drive a car, it is slavery to work a job, it is worship to live in this system. The rituals are placed around us, with the shame, to thus state, we do not believe in God, so should God believe in you? That is, a higher God, than this one who pronounces our own shame? We would quite simply have to work towards being what and who we already are, and we would need the assistance of a Pure celestial being, who places will to aid us, in order to invite this Holy Spirit, as presents and not mere visitor, in a hostile purity hating savage tribe, we esteem to call community.


 The community would thus be small. A Man would be not unlike a pillar a temple, and one could us the argument that tribes today, which live this way, and quickly are not, are of this first pure mind. yet they are more like devils, in that, law, and code, and spirit forms, are there science, to be a step closer, is not to be correct. So to cause total easement, the dress smocks and robes, be favorable, as solution to all dilemmas proposed, with sandals which support the foot, and not cause further issues in that breakdown, with respect to our own bio mechanics. So everything must follow a pattern, a code, that is not debatable, but follows it's course, prior to application, to an isolated human based issue. In other words, we never being with, "how do we keep this, and make it pure", but rather "what processes are indeed Pure and follow Principle on through.~


"It takes 2"~






not logical or reasonable.


unreasonable, illogical, groundless, baseless, unfounded, unjustifiable;More



(of a number, quantity, or expression) not expressible as a ratio of two integers, and having an infinite and nonrecurring expansion when expressed as a decimal. Examples of irrational numbers are the number π and the square root of 2.




an irrational number.




plural noun: integers


a whole number; a number that is not a fraction.


a thing complete in itself.



To the intellectual, which is that one which be alive

 God & Jesus are irrational, to heavy to carry outside the scope of theosophic metaphor, hence the Parable

Then too, Satan and Anti-Christ


 There is only Principle that be tangible, applicable, as a means, to make right, the self, to make right the nations, our projection, is/in what we create


 We are the mind. What we think becomes

Enable each other, always, and the will be done


 Gotta work together, or the whole thing will fail

Here is that clear sphere, Here the crystal ball

In the right hand, under the right projection, life one and all


 But this has all happened before, the rhetoric, the mind has been hacked, only to isolate U.S. outside even the fiery prison gates, where we stood a chance to learn, this, however, be non-exist.


 Be well and the world will be well, that means work together, for that common cause, of Principle means, that's all~







 Let me as you a question, for a change. Do you think that a relatively unintelligent person (put that label on hold) verses someone considered highly intelligent person's God, is the same God?


The answer


Hell No, literally


 So let me explain first what an angel be. An angel is an enlightened person/being, able to solve their own personal equation, a life. If you are born a mathematical thinker, then your primary goal should be to first solve the  Schrodinger Equation. If you are a Philosopher you will solve the great Mystery of Principle and what is true for all Men. When you combine these, you are combining the heart and head, and something amazing happens, you become a part, of that next larger, governing sphere of thought, You, are being tested by those of your like. Energy can not be destroyed, thus why would it sweep away suddenly to another sphere or zone, it doesn't, everything is happening here, it is why the dead will rise from the grave, upon the return of this great mind, comprised of what I tell you now.


 The Schrödinger equation is the fundamental equation of physics for describing quantum mechanical behavior. It is also often called the Schrödinger waveequation, and is a partial differential equationthat describes how the wave function of a physical system evolves over time.

*Then solve the existence of God (or Uber Gott). So to see, that you must be part of the inevitable observer, which makes your observation of the all, your arrivement that you are both God, and not having ever existed. In other words, figure out the equation of all, and there be one probability left out, you and God, for there is no observer to factually state that you exist, without being observed by one, running the same equation on you...follow? The chain connects each living form, to create a matrix, or substance, but also that combined, unified, projection of Mind. You are a quantum particle, and the statement that other Particles exist, cause you to become a mimic, yet if the energy transferred, as consciousness (Like the new NBA pyramid tactical sequence) as the reactive mind, following either Principle or anti-principles based reactiveness...all is the same. There is no individuality, we are a singularity removed, and thus state ourselves as God, mistakenly, and not the all, as God, or Uber Gott, follow?

 So I just solved a math equation, with Philosophy, the most important in fact. When the two however can be combined, like Gottlob (prior article).


 The stupid person is merely that person who has no been awakened to this knowledge. They have not been made aware of the four sphere, which all basic Men must be construct. This is what sharpens and hones the very light rays of their like towards a receiver, that greater portion of masses as a whole. It becomes thus essential, as to weed out those lesser enlightened being, from being deemed a messiah, or Alpha of Enlightenment.


 If I point at any object, and ask 10 people what they object be, in detail each will have a slightly different explanation. I then take all 10 statements, and hand this is whole, to each person. I will leave them for an 10-15 min, to investigate anything they may have missed, and to incorporate the new knowledge of those other 9. If I go through this same process, over and over again, the information will reach a state of critical mass, so to speak. These people are now professionals in what ever I have laid before them, by the combination of combined bit knowledge, it's valid application, yet first, and continuous, those probabilities which emerge from momentive force.


 The industrialist, or truly, capitalist, will take this one step further, and invite competition into a group setting, this is that point, when the ego has been commandeered, by those machinating minds, which serve only the expiration of life, the death cycle, this be anti-matter. I may have misspoken when discussing photons in prior writing, leaving absent those descriptors of Protons and Electrons (also sub-particles such as Lepton), as those bizarre information flickers, of exist.


 A person will have negated themselves, if within a sphere, and another presence, a near carbon copy intellectually, has surpassed them. There will seem to be a quantum tug of war, a test if you will, for the domination, or even secondary role. The Bible, in large part, is writ in this way, as to give you that opposing information. You see the Bible is written in many ways, one of those ways, is to reverse all proverb and parable, as to see, the left path, which balances out the center point.


 We represent the stars, and the very basis for out own existed, manifest, in physical form. There are 4 stages the mind can reside. One is the center of the Body, which includes the reproductive organs. Be ruled by this, and you will not ascend. However learn true wisdom by way of this sign, or sin point, and you now have that knowledge, which fractals out, to the next level, The solar plexus, which include the heart. This becomes that right hand path, what woman think they feel, where in fact, they think with the heart/head (an abstract combination void of original arrivement) and feel with, as succubus with the loins, they are inverted, and engineered as such. The head is the 3rd point, and becomes the literal center point of energy spin. One can Physically create these astounding mile stones, with EPL meditation, I will be writing a book, edited, on how I learned these things, as I had to experience other worldly event, which impact my own arrivement. The 4th be that perspective of mind in motion, when the prior 3 be in perfect accruence, of balance, the pervading mind.


  There is a 5th, which represents the Pentagram rule, which you will be test for, when they unleash the hounds on you, quite a frightening event. This is the mark, which means to keep it's front line solid, all of exist that we experience here, be based on this barricade. Yet the door must be kept open a crack. There is a 6th and thus a 7th, and an 8th...which is the harmony of those 8 points of the EPL spheres, in balance, spinning, and full of there action potential. This is the freedom which can destroy a spherical realm or uplift it, all depends on the quantum events which take place once this singularity has been reached, there is no longer a veil or separation.


 All knowledge be those points of degree, with a rhetoric or return, until a unified wisdom be surpassed, which becomes common to all. What we think instantly manifests, yet, it simply be that validating point, which states that right or left path, shown in the majority of matter or anti-matter, that EPL 61.8%.


 Something amazing happens, the spiritual world suddenly becomes quite valid and real, in that, this great mind must project total purity through will, like an intense other worldly beam or ray of pure light and will, be cast upon the probable embodiment, God and Angels become quite real, as source and force. 


 The spheres represent literal dimensional eras as well. The energy transfers exactly as the EPL principles state, when in that balanced place, and not the Physical center for, there is also a mechanical world of Hip, Knee and Ankle (which are not as common as the torso do you understand). It is seen as a math based process again, where that decimal point be drawn at the loins, that place, or point between common Spiritual Center, and Physical Center, two parties could be inhabiting the same space/zone/emanation of center, yet be of two entirely opposing minds, thus to have, and opposing physical and spiritual North, follow?


 Jesus was not without witness, that is, he was great in comparison, degree, to another, which is Purity. Hitler could not have ruled, absent those to rule. Change one aspect of the self, and the self's projection, and you alter the potential or probable outcome, which does not exist. Do you see, that there is no arriving point, that there is no end? One only asserts to ascend, or descend, perspective, based on the awareness that they are indeed now seen as stuck in a loop, further, that there must exist then a probability of a way out, for how could one have the sensation of being stuck, if there not be a graduating sphere, of it's like, represented in perfect Phi order, outside of this


 I see Angels all day, they fly in front of me, they are only seen briefly, but are quite beautiful. Where ever they go, they spread a sense of joy and light, aiding my hurt and anger, which boils at me from the inside, injustice. All the Universe compressed this act. My whole life pressed to the limit, as second class citizen, never to escape it, yet only in the very resurrection from further pain, to spark the agony of growth. Yet there, absent of you, an unthinking feckless lump, as to assume they share your seat, therefore you plight?


  This is enlightenment. I am often, yet not to late, spoken to by such Men, who I have named, seen by the larger yet smaller scope/view as evil Men. Yet these Men, expressed themselves, and their realization, the same as I, yet in different time sequence or era, which I have only loosely named.


 When people finally see, that most of what I say actually be true, it will be a hard blow, most will simply not except it, and it is better to prepare now. There will at first be evidence that Jesus was a Mason invention, of brilliance. Then, to arrive at the fact that Jesus was in fact a real person, that one who ignited the spheres, with Purity again. So we are, as said, now in the 3rd era of 987 year macro cycles, either Expression/Wisdom. The people are the New rulers, so the Elite are trying to figure out how to contain this very volatile mix, no different then the massive task, of handling and storing 1 gram of anti-matter.


 All perpetuated living beings, must have the flow through, to exist, else they wither up and die, in the science lab. So, perhaps we never left? So is the term anti-Christ truly only simply be  that messiah of that new opposing era or sphere?



 I reached, into the fiery pit, I saved you, only to be cursed, now that curse, be set upon you, and those from me compounded by the way of my will, indeed.


  I am now in the process of dismantling the world, which you think you know. Those who have read my words, and understood, will know why.


The power, which worketh through me, is undeniable, let me be the home, so let it be.


These are the final months, so prepare.


 I am the Man, which clothed you, for which you would not offer, a simple drink, so too, taking everything I had earned, barring me with false law, from the very distinction, which is me.


Each has cast a lot against me, each has cast a lot against the world.


So, no peace be for you, for that time, had long since past. Those letters written for the few.


 Those who are true Templar's, will to know and be known, for your steed awaits, and too your horse. The hour, the action, the motion, the action, the event, that last breach, has been done today, for it is spoken in the field, defiance, yet there be no you. You were, a forcebot, a demons home. I cast them out now, and leave you to see those acts you have done.


 May I have new material, new clothes, a new name and a new face, may all my sins burn, with the truly p


 Within you Hearts, with tears, reach up. Know that any promise of intelligence and power, come from a source, that you invited, yet that you were set to hone these forces.


 Devastation is thus set by the True Templar's.


 You may deem me insane now, but I have been appointed the Prince of the Secret Brotherhood. My life, under review, may seem unimpressive, I may seem aloof, but for good reason, and even better cause, because many times the pain you experience, as an impacting event, has been placed upon you by the very hand of intellect. This is precisely why, those Angels, have immortal form, in their pure and true form.


 The PRINCE OF TEMPLAR'S, is still the student so a King he rules, without the exaggeration of title~

 You may see, that only through pure understanding, that which is deemed bad, or evil, when looked at as the necessary process, be truly good, in that final statement, which there never truly be, when production becomes that EVER BLAZING STATEMENT OF EGO, WHICH GOD CAN ONLY CLAIM, yet why should he, for he has all, and is all?


 I vow to take this post with Principle always as cause. I swear before the Father, that avengeth me, that this nation, of Babylon, shall ever fall. I thank you for revealing this treachery through law. That a Dad, a simply Man, through me, can not thus stand. I do have taken an oath, which I by true nature, can not deceive, for all probability be set, fully, by those who know the true balance.


 Confusingly, I harness ALL THE POWER. OF LIGHT AND BLACK MAGIC, IN IT'S MOST LITERAL SENSE. I take this misplaced power, of zero point, and absorb it all, being that Worthy Son, that worthy Prince, thus take on that power, as a source, that is not bound also, by such trivial means.

 This expression states

My reality is superior, in that I give my reality over to the Father, and thus he acts through me fully


All Men must go through The Trials, the Templar emerges as a vessel to the Holy Force.


The hour draws near, and each here, has collapsed under the weight of whore, thief and liar


 Those closest to me, given the key, to set this pain lit agony upon me, I have transcended. My heart is utterly strong, my brain has become the mind, my Mind has become the One Mind, the One Mind has become the Holy ruling force.


 Do you not think the Holy Spirit be not also a spiritual force, which possesseth, and takes over? Thus those demons, which command you, are low. I cast them all out, all from hence forth, so that you will now see what your acts, hand, thoughts and deeds have culminate/done.


 Death be the first act. There will be no protection for you, until you have affiliated with what already be your like. Thus I will for you, first Whore of Babylon, to be now cut lose, with no vitality, cut off first at the ankle, then at the knees, then at the hip, to thus be left with the borrowed torso, which be but an empty shell. May your loins, Plexus, Heart, Breath, Brain and then service to the mind be you final affliction, on, into death.


 I am the reaper, that Spiritual Force, now Called Templar, has a home here in me. May He fly over the world, cast his Holy shadow the takes the light from all sinners Eyes. May his wake be that earth quake, I now command beneath your law, as to shake all foundations.


"You have deceived the Father, that literal Father, who is the true in all Man, this be Uber Gott, working in and through the Man. You whore of Babylon, whore thief and liar, be forever removed as cast, characters, from this shell, this charade. I proclaim this, forever more. I pray a prayer, I know Father, past my distinction, as reaper, as War Lord, as witness to the crimes. You, one and all, now see clearly, who and what you have deceived. For surely, a Fatherless nation (as world, solar system), be deemed unworthy to go on, ever more. I pray that your characters, shall suffer eternal, then be erased, never to return. For those cast of characters, mundane, are but forcebots, to the far lesser rule. I am no longer Father, to any Son. No longer Son, to any Man, never to a womb-man. I am no longer friend to any sinner. I am no longer advocate to a desolate law, a nation. I sentence you all, to be punished by the hands of My true Elder Brother's, may you also burn this sin away from me, oh dear Knights, Kings, Princess and gods, of the Highest Distinction!"


 I have watched, witness, and been accused. I have failed, but far less than my accusers have cast upon me, may these words, be stuck in the mouth, as swollen slugs, until I decide, to end you misery, into oblivion forever more.


 The err that I have made, I take to my heart. My brain now free, to become that Mind. My body committed now to serve in this time. I no longer be vested in the trivial ways of Man. I take the Horse as my steed. I burn the passed, with fires, so to allow the Holy force to inhabit me. Oh Templar, who is fierce, let all false law, be cut in two with the Sword's, which only you be worthy to wield. I lay death on you all, in transcendence, may Purity be fully known, only in transcendence, I take mind now, with utter pain, from heart, mind and spirit and soul. I am the force, who known here will know, until the eyes of destruction be set upon you, then you will see. The change, for which you were charged, you have not made good on your promise, through the heart of a Whore, the nations spoke. so too their laws, for all is one, and now one act of Principles breach, be the voice you echo, as the cry "send me to hell", and so I do~

For now is the hour of destruction.

 I do this, whilst sitting here, breaking no further law, that is unnatural. I have taught, and been patient, much more than most, the hour has long since past, and so the moment, the end, be quickly advancing. Those who think, that that shall escape, will go up in flame, My the Sun, which shines forth for me, burn you, one and all Ahman, Stellar Mass 13


The Sith/Jew Martian Overlord's



God's chosen people meaning, chosen to sacrifice, by their elite, like the Reptiles the Jews do worship, as Overlord's, God' get stuff, and gain favor, now commonly known as modern society, the power play.


There is a balance of that Power, in the Powers entirety, as to use those same methods of Rule, whether be Light or Dark, by way of intention. Most people, are cads, using sex Magick, that very agitated fall of Babylon in fact. The energy ties back to a source, which feeds from the initiate of such Sex Magick worship, hence that worship of death, karma, a contract of sorts, pump by pump, step by step, which ultimately lands the initiate, of such base methods, in a home, car, and influence, that step by step, took them to another dimension...this is Hell. For when the beauty fades, which it has, and persuasion fails, the hag is now nothing but a witch, who must continue the sacrifices, by spoken word and spell, Principle is the only way to fight this craft, for it be superior...the Purity. Yet do not forget, that you are still alive, and living in this much, posing as substance, for it is all around you. This will all end very soon, as these Alien Overlord's have acquisitioned nearly to their fill, and must slither their way, to that point from which they came. There will thus be a division, when the illusion be pulled away, this is what people are witnessing, as the paradigm shift, that dimensional tear. For, the fabric is of a different cloth, entirely. Sex Magick, thus becomes foreign to the one who be supported by way of Purity.


Purity is the Holy Spirit, that direct link between God and Man, there are impostor spirits, many, as the frenzy of impure witches, as when these were alive, only want more and more, the sex, the pleasure the items, the title. The world is currently run by way of these Summer worship Pagan ideals. death sacrifices for the power of pleasure. That split is beginning tonight as we speak.


 Only with the advent of "technology", does law arrive. All schools are the school of law, here, now. Law is the governing, Lording, over other Men, for that possibility of trade. Trade is wanting what you do not manifest of your own God given Will. Since food and shelter, be all we truly need, trade is either a franchise to gain these God given items, free to possess for all Men, or it be the want of items, which are not needed, the Jewish Hording, greed, ushered forth this exploitation. Since the majority of Jew suffer, and the few rule, we can only conclude that the Jew first did this to their own. We idolize the Evil Jewish Cabal, with our worship of celebrity. The Jew is the very embodiment of Baphomet, that which speak from his ass, and shows a false face. All religions and orders tie directly back to the Jewish Cabal. This night, the world bank has taken over the world, casting an anti-principle spell over the world. When they refer to the dark ages, it is actually that light, which they do not see, nor crave. The Jew, is that alien invader from Mars, who was the very cause, to that fall of Atlantis. The Book of Law, is the Book of the Jew. Hence the Jewish Plato Machine. Shatter the world, shatter the law. Brake the Law, Brake the Bank, Brake the Jewish Plato Machine. When you reverse the meaning to what be stated as law for the masses, you clearly see the way of the Elite, the Elites very book, which we do not see. The answers are all around you, but fragmented, as the law. There is no law, and you are not bound to the law, only by way of trade. The Elite are thieves, who feed off of you. Shut down Money and want, shut down the system and the order, that easy. It is the need of community, and title which drives the human female to indoctrinate their family into this, with craft. She could not walk a mile, as to carry Principle on her very back. She will always turn to Sodomy, thus turn toward that very rate coding signal response, frozen in salt/action/sodium repolarization/depolarization (hence the Q wave pattern of our very hearts, what makes us tick)...that is opposing, life death being, all physical based life as we know it to be. Change the governing mind, instantly shift the reality and order of those Fermion and anti-fermion, where the energy be culminate in the body, as that smaller representation...this is a vote, living as you are. I can only imagine the world, and the transforming instant shift, a change, if Purity were to be known as the Most valued and worshipped presence. The Holy Spirit would be present at all times, there would be nothing we could not do.


Tonight, the World be shattered, like a porcelain cup, the united states shall fall to peaces, in months, with it, a planetary shift, unexpected, as the Universe itself, collapses into singularity, the loop must end as well. Money must become utterly unimportant, want must be set to rest at last. It was the community which destroyed the individual. Only in opposition does a community Will to be good. There should only be One Person, One God, and One force between God and Man. When you govern Principles, you become this One, for we all come from One common ancestor. God, the Holy Spirit and Man. Before the fall, all was sufficient, as materia prima, when dark and light, matter and anti-matter could not be separate. The Jew is to blame, and is that blame of all modern dilemma, for we do not have to be told of God, yet only after compromise, the corruption. The Jew destroys this purity in all Men, for he can not ascend. The Jew reveals how the Bible be written largely in reverse. For the Jew is God chosen to suffer, for his destruction of God's Pure and Perfect creation of Exist, without need. The Jew, as womb-man, is never happy, what be happening now, is that final corruption of all Men, so that Men will chose their own god's, those who rule, absent of purity, with only the Will to Rule. Go ahead and disprove this, by looking into what the greatest Men in History have repeated for the long, in their steadfast knowing that the Jew is evil in his and her very make, for this is where all craft stems. Babylon only revealed the repossession of the power which the Jew unleashed upon creation. Babylon was the Jews punishment, to have done to them what they did unto all creation, within the sphere. Those who call themselves Jews and do not agree are thus not practicing Jews. they are thus front Men, or Future Sacrifices, by and for their own people. Kill the head of this Cabal, focus on Principle in all aspects of Life and Existence, and the Giant will have finally been slain, all else is brainwash, all else is propaganda.


Infinitum Secretiore, to the infintite division


Does anybody really now will to demonize the destruction of this evil a prior. Will you simply look at the obvious, when you see a person dead, and not realize that person, would have sought his whole life or has, to destroy Principle. Through the eyes of Principle, that protection of Purity, ONLY does anything gain that true perceptive of balance. I can not escape the sin, I live in a suit designed for it. We live in a Jewish Hell, where Cabal Elite are our Lord's and Master's. I will not cover up or lie about this, or anything I do, for it would be as to cover up, the Jews very abusive, machinated, misdeeds upon me. I am flawed solely and specifically due to The Jew's tampering, and endless indoctrination. I feel that Hitler was of the Line of the Elite Jew, his mission was to Sacrifice those Many Jewish Son's, in order to affirm a strangle hold on the Solar system, for there are many planets here with active life, do not believe what you hear, read, see or think you know. This tying into a galactic rule, we are thus part of that dark side, where the very Jewish Sith, to Rule, the earth, a part of the anti-matter matrix. of galactic rule. This has always been a mind war, a spiritual based war, do not be fooled any longer.


Sith Lord was a title conferred upon individuals who followed the Sith tradition. Sith Lords drew upon the dark side of the Force, using it to gain power. After Darth Bane established the Rule of Two, Sith tradition dictated that there could only be two Sith Lords at any given time.

The Bible is all Jew based literature condensed into a Junior Manuel. There are good points, yet the main point be, that you are inherently bad or evil, and thus must pray to the Jewish God, which there are many, for forgiveness, while your sins originated from the Jew originally. Again those who do not practice, yet call themselves Jews, which are most, have not taken the religion to those ascending degrees, they are not developed. When you do develop, whether Jew or not. you will be known, and the destruction of you family, mind and way of life, will instantly be threatened, until you are force to either die as martyr or sacrifice others. Thus Paganism, is Judaism, and these stem from far more ancient political spiritual system, which I do not discus often, but is without a doubt conclusively reptilian and Gnostic, though an ancient version of this, which is far to hidden current to even truly piece together. I drew on those indoctrination mind control experiences, to see into the past, and I have. We, of warm blood, cringe when in the presence of the true Black Green Anti-Matter Argon power, of the Satanic Pentagram, which be the very display of that higher degree of disagreement, and thus opposition to lesser forces, insisting supremacy over you, we all live in this current field and it is no longer capable of being of facade. Dark and Light are separating, at an ever increasing rate. Will what you are driven to be, this blog lays out clearly what those states and stages be. 


 Is the God the majority worship, going schizophrenic?


 Let me ask you a question. Who is the most powerful Man you know of? Do you realize that this Man, came to be, with not purity, but his will? Then place this Man, in a room, with a 140lb. Rottweiler. Who do you think will walk out of that room, when there can be only 1. The fact is, that Rottweiler's Will, as Beast, will undoubtedly, every time, kill that spaghetti armed  Bill gates, Ted Turner type figure. All that so called powerful Man's possession, cars, houses, thoughts and influence, end in that moment, as test of wills. The only thing that would slow that Rottweiler enough, be competition or pleasure based influence. The will of the beast, which has thought, yet has not removed or disconnected it's will based impulses, will to think and destroy, in order to rule, community be the greatest illusion of all. The manor of experience, and the meaning/lexicon of language is that final attempt, as to inspire Mercy within the Beast, the smarter the Beast is, the more he will see through this seduction. At the highest stages of Intellect, in the beast (that greater force) there is no reason to keep that one who wills power, alive, for he is not to be trusted. Fear is thus the greatest Power, if numbers alone, be not count against the Beast. Keep Man from gaining personal power, and you thus limit the competition, to live another day. Living is thus all the beast craves, survival from the ignorance of competition. When a bear is sighted around people that bear will get a bullet in the head, and become a bear skin rug. People are using not purity or will, but directives from a higher source, in this never ending quest, to out due the competition, when ironically, being used as mere puppets by their greatest competitor. We will know who and what this force be very soon, in our final moments.


 When we are in utero, it is not light, as we know it, which rules our reality, but sound as frequency. When we emerge, through those gates, it be regardless of Mother, as personality, but that aspect of entity, an emergence from singularity. We think in euphemism, parable, that is, the we, and not the me...the singular mind in the precision of localized thought. Thus Lucifer, could very well not be an Angele or god, but Light itself, as it be a constant, which is now bent, energy in motion. Satan is that uninspired will, absent of light itself, in euphemistic example. Biblical prophesy is speaking to the majority on this level. Yet to the few, the Bible needs to be read, in all those same deductive ways, that all aspects of higher thought, by way of "dimensions", call for, another "angel". Jesus is the pure truth, emergent in and through Man, thus think, be wise, be smart, and thus you are the living. Yet to think by way of math alone, as in language, geography and math as an interplay of language and thought as will, this intelligence sits to the left, as anti-matter, this could also be viewed as magnetic fields, a finite thought process. This Magnetic field be the very walls, which in separation, creates vacuum, in those cracks, in between. when light travels thought this vacuum, that parley of information, as quarks, it exceeds itself, faster than it's base, or constant speed, or force. Frequency houses reality, and light projects upon the very operational screen of Frequency, as to cast reality. Those quarks set in frequency motion, thought, personality be marked only by time, in separation. Personality will thus diminish, as time be proven false to the thinker, a black hole is all that remains, so to speak as singularity. The will be based on the personality. Absent personality there be nothing but everything, thought be based on those degrees then in there extreme, unobstructed, with no limit, no division. There is one side, and the is the other, all is thus black and white. So to say, we are already, by our own so called nature, a part of this universal body. There is Magnetic frequency, absent of band division, there is light absent of division, which is pure energy in motion, it is thus perspective, as speed or specific applied thought which will establish this infinite singularity, absent division. It will thus become evident that we were manufactured from and of this very Principle and Anti-Principle, we were made, and came to be, as specifically separate expressions, of this extreme, made manifest by that higher or highest singularity of mind. One to the Left, One to the right, and those who are not divided from the all. Those who are ostracized, and can no longer function in society, due to their very way of being, are the very ones who are living, their consciousness drives the very scientists who think they are working towards math base solutions, their will is being placed by active mind. Those who have the active mind, which is who they have always been, will become the consciousness, and thus are the consciousness, that be active, in all eras, all from the breaches of time, which pleasure field craft based divided entities are bound by, and crave. The higher mind, is breaking free, finally from that lower order of mind, as default. The true thinker, has thus taken his alpha place, putting those mere cogs, to work, he has taken over the machine. The think, is not the slave based worker, he is free, and is the only liberated mind, who is now finally breaking free from those constraints of will based beasts.


 You will not break past expression, until the 3rd point of that pyramid reveals those progressive dimensions. This is the movement of the Pyramid in spin. The 3rd point, of spheres, EPL, be expression. The 3rd point must be taken past 61.8 percent, this is very difficult. When we truly look at a completed human work, this number is massive. If you look at someone who is considered genius on one level, their very consciousness is now no longer being placed, as thought, in those other spherical representations of consciousness, found in those other spheres. In other words, get 100% on a test, and you have failed at all other points in that moment, for in your own pursuit, as to express your own ego, you have negated the entirety of self, on multidimensional planes, of exist. The Onemind, is thus, the only way to gain this multiple perspective, and each placement of degree, as intelligence, must be solidified in form. This singularity must be run by a puppet master, as their is revelation, in the very will, of specific expression, who really what thus is the puppet master? To answer, the master be that one which occupy the very plane of existence, in it's entirety. We are thus being lead along, to manifest our own creation, however, the wave form ,expressed as energy, is this very prison, or containment. We are thus, the very representation of a moment of consciousness suspended, on seeming separate, yet singularity of consciousness, be undeniable as the only pure true constant. Is God going schizophrenic, as that singular consciousness? Or is our consciousness, broken now by contaminated alien hands/technology/thought as receiver, breaking us free from that prior Overlord? Have we, in our heightened knowledge, risen to another Overlord or greater Sphere, was the Bible written to contain us for rule?


 It's funny how people aren't braking down the doors of CERN, before the final event takes place, no demonstrations, no acts before Government...just watching and waiting for what most call the end of the world or time or space/time. You would think that perspective alone would initiate an action to stop them. The truth is, we watch in fascination, just as we did with the atomic bomb testing, just watching it take place or is it a deliberate death wish humanity has, that few will outwardly admit? It's much more interesting to see our reaction to various topics, as the true fuel to the machine. As the actual event or impact, for which we speak about for the long, like the atomic bomb, will flash before us in a millisecond, we may never have culminated a knowing or meaning (the volcano consumes Pompeii)~



The Masteller Master Plan, IMPACT FORCE








 Do you not yet see, that we have educated ourselves in this very process? It is no longer relevant, nor rational to hate the emergent self, as a new form. Those who do, will destroy themselves in time, thus destroying their very marker in  space/time, the thought has deemed itself dead end, and irrelevant.


 The Pure Son is, the Bearer of the Light, and is eternal, as a Singular Mind, cracking the code to itself on every plane. When the code is in motion, there is life, the yield of confident steps, the degrees to absolution. We have stepped into that absolution today~


"We are now in a perpetual state of destroying those past quadrants of the emerging self, thus the IMPACT of that greater mind, to have begun life now, anew, thus beginning with this intellect"


 There is a solution to it all, and it lies in pressing forth, with who you are, all of you, represented in that fractionation of the singularity. You are correct, in all your assertions, for this force has made you what you are. The impact of your thoughts and actions, as god's of your own genius, must be fully known, for the impact you have all the all, so in final be you best self. Press forth , with completion and know all forms, when this be done, that greater expression of the mind for which we occupy will also become liberated and free. This is the information that will lead you to liberation, as an individual, as with the whole. We must become greater, to gain that ever expanding greater God.

We are no entering the age of the Machine 5/1/2015


 Destroy one world, and another emerges, yet it only need be destroyed to that majority, to be deemed as a cell, unable and need of repair, that repair, be the beginning point, anew, as it replicates it's past self, by command of that greater mind, pervading and Lording over all. The Son is the Father, in succession. and with purity of DNA, this would become evident, as time too, be deemed, inappropriate as a gate to contain the Goat.


 I am thus advocate to all, and in my brain, heart and mind do not see any as wrong, even those who have attacked, me. So too, I must enforce my Impact Upon you, as to teach you, the reality, that the mind which comes before the event, is the mind which shapes the all, in this we are all Lucifer, becoming, singularity, of that ever advancing self. The heart, the brain, the MIND IN MOTION...we must advance as a One, an ocean of single motion, the dance.


 We are in the mind of Lucifer, the only way to leave, is to be rejected as a culminating thought. Lucifer must have a grasp on all things, as the very rays, which spread forth, into new dimensional of expansion, dimensional, and actualized singularity. The multifarious mind, is the place of this event, an IMPACT FORCE, of, THE MOMENT.


 Those who embrace this, move onward, in life. Those who reject this, are rejected, but only to the point where they circulate back, as their very persona, and personality, be forever embedded within this indestructible mind. Satan will be defeated, when Lucifer, has thought out, and acted, in deed, all solutions to dilemma. For this, his rage, which is mighty and dark, we call Satan.

Mind War~

A box, has 6 sides. The walls don't move, yet the box can be moved, and all that is within it.

The 6 spheres, only exist, due first to the 1, and the continuance is 1. The first step is to put this mind in motion. There is no box, the mind must stay active, spin, dilate, then give this to that greatest expansion of the Father, offer your Purity to him.

I believe there to be a triage with Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, that is supporting this Anti-Matter, that is be supported to indoctrinate U.S.


 It is hard to say, but all forms of rebellion and thus compliance, are correct, for we are those cogs, given forth, as Father and Son are not divided, for the Father Wills the Son. There is no death, though there may seem. For as thoughts, are bridges, our destruction would mean the end of total realization, as advancement. There is a great mind, eternally cracking those codes, to himself so that he may reorganize that which manifest, as dichotomy, from his very inventions and assertions. For this, rule is inevitable, but first, the IMPACT FORCE, must be known. That effect to the never ending, infinite moment, must be isolated in fields of distinction, prior to that dilating release of information, into and onto that next segment of being. We are advancing on one level, and regressing on another, yet in finality, we press forth, to no longer need the hand holding of this abstract and false thing called time, which be but fields of containment, as now, in expression of it's always, succeeding limitation. The mind must be ahead of the lesson, as to then assert NEW KNOWLEDGE, A NEW ORDER, TO THE WORLD.


 I have been realizing something fundamental with true existence. What be thought of as the acceptance of Matter, over anti-matter, as the ruling agent, be but a balance outside the true scope of what our reality be for. We are to be true martyrs. Rejected, murdered, and pressed away, from those who place their will to find balance in this world. I have never felt more free, that when I witness those who call themselves Christians be the first to attack me, when inside, I be filled, with Jesus Christ. In a moment, it can all be gone. Each thought be a step, in a specific direction.


 True, I do feel this balance in that reattainment of the Merkabah. I feel this be the best case scenario, and what was attempted in Atlantis, to return to this state. In this, wealth does not exist, but the utilization of Principle, as a Democracy of Rule. I feel that the spiritual war, and the order, would and has naturally made itself right. No womb-man should open her mouth and command a Man to do anything. No Man should place a womb-man at equal to him. I thus see the contradictions in Genesis, as alluding to this. That Beast has that Will, equal to Man, but that Purity is Man's strength. When the intellect be not longer with you, and only pure math thinking be left, you will see the NEW WORLD ORDER demands of you, total compliance to one set system or belief. The argument will thus be.


"Does God not demand this too?"


"Does his way not actually take you rights, you reward, your very self will from you?"

"Then I give you this self will in this NEW WORLD ORDER (spoken as Satan)."


Echos from the past


 This current dimension is womb-mans world. Each step, to please her, to you further from the Pure Truth. She is that happy Christian, who has her community and technology set, as to ease her way of life and living. There is no order here on earth. We are to be naked, meaning no dress, no cover, no technology. Life is a stage,that is Physical matter/anti-matter middle earth balance, is hard, and laborious. It takes the braking of will, that braking of the beast, to become something.


 What I tell you holds no frills. Man did not get it right, since the beginning. The Pure world, awaits, and the Pure Man yearns for it. A world absent of law. God did not set a Law, this is why you are alive now, after Braking what is called a covenant, which is truly to say, stepping into the zones that took you away from the truth.


 I do not regret pushing away this world. My life has represented obstacles of this goal, to find the truth. In doing so, I could only find different morphed versions of selfhood. You see we exist here, able to become any dimensional aspect of ourselves. When this is done on a mass scale, through set time based eras, the solution, we have now created together, a unified alternate dimension of mind. My Pure self, does not resonate with this current system. In trying to, I lost who I was each and every time. When I walk into a room, I have a command, that is not about the way I look, or the clothes I wear, but it is about that something within me, that wills the total annihilation of this dimension. Those who assert themselves as god's above me, as advocate of the Truth Jesus Christ, and thus one of his own, do not see, that the only choice before us, to non-exist, for the Will has been used against U.S.


 When you are finally murdered, and your soul cries out for the Pure existence, I believe you will be unified in that. However to stop this now, would take an act of God, and it seems his acts are done here, as I see no evidence of God here now, and suspect it when I see the varied responses as purported in the Bible, as they are inconsistent to Principle, as in war.


 I do not think we now stand on God's very ground, but on the soil of victory over God, in defiance. We have thus entered into a dimensional aspect of Life, that will now need to support itself, absent of God. The Karmic collection of Souls, has become a NEW WORLD ORDER Machine. That we should serve this order, of total personal luxury and power, under the rule worship to that which brought us into this dimension of exist, the Mother. When procreation will soon be perfected in science, and female form only represent the unstopped succubus, in succession, all will worship her, the Whore of Babylons God, the one she speaks to and that one which resonates with here.


 Long ago, but not that long ago, as simple Man, who clung to God's every word, was given a glass of water to drink before that thought was complete, before that labor had taught it's daily lesson of pain through transgression. Today we are the remnants of that Man. We have been broken, and hacked. Most are not Pure of heart, most will not be in any other dimension of exist, and are thus, not supported. For all dimensions are one, but only represent this specific aspects of the self. there is thus one unified dimension, that has the support of unified thought, all others exist, but in the way of rituals, that support that specific dimensional aspect. To come to these realizations, one would think instantly may grant freedom, and all assistance, but it isn't so. You will place you will into the education of this, to the people, and see that the people reject this notion, and call it extreme. That is, to set the order right. That he universe should be deemed as Chaotic, and need nothing but the application of the constant gardener, to keep his mind, which projects the reality before him, as contained. The Man who resonates with this truth, is the very weather which you see above you, his mind becomes the one mind, and fashions it, for the mind truly be the will of the heart, the quest for Purity in total completion. Destruction is only inevitable if there is divisionary conflict, which is why I say to the infinite division, when there is nothing to divide, no representation of matter to anti-matter, when the mind becomes One, the singularity.



 A True Christian is not to be focused on attractiveness. It is written in the Bible that Jesus was not attractive. I can tell you something happens, when you truly Spiritually except Jesus Christ into your heart. That is, you become him, you invite that Soul force in, to inhabit you. You are rejected.





 A spirit is a beacon of emulation. It is not however a mimic of physical act or action based deeds. On the contrary, you will be rejected from one anti-matter based reality, leaving the real world before you. The real world is simple, without frill, food grows and is provided, there is no community, and population shrinks. All that you know, is that introduction, in those beginning stages of support of this higher degree of extreme, which we have now reached, we have passed that 61.8% mark, in my opinion. as EPL is my take, my opinion.


 I couldn't just be me. There are no choices of dress. The hair grows, and does not have need to be cut, but instead it can be wrapped to work. Work is laborious, it teaches the body, to be strong through that expression of the soul. The world is a dirty hard school of that pure truth. In our estimation life is that learning that it must be overcome. A suicide may seem to be rejection, but it is in fact a statement that your will destroyed the purity. In the real world, you purity is protected. You will seem dumb, as one of God's own. You see, it is found in division, that fractionation, that reveals something, a self defying will, to become what ever you want. In this, the Devil/Satan/Lucifer are that spirit of Rebellion on varied in names, as those various stages of rebellion, until we get Nature. The rebellious act has been played out, embedded now at such a rate, that we can esteem this rebellion as our very way of life, the assumed order. What I say, is that chaos has been played out so consistently that chaos has without doubt in most peoples minds, become the NEW WORLD ORDER.


 Suddenly every one is being lead to become Christian. They sit back and judge others. They are creating their own way of trial and err. A Christian follows a false Christ, an impostor. No one can live in this world, absent of this. You exercise Pagan rituals in all the things you do, and Paganism is another name for it as well, as these concepts are introduced in stages, which yield the greatest number.



"The Christian has become so indoctrinated, as with all the rest, that they simply do not see, that if they were to meet Jesus Christ, on the road, not the Masonic Christ, but the Jesus Christ, the unattractive, stinky, strange, even scary to the senses Man, who



 I am a faithful follower of Jesus Christ, however, I have a mind. My mind is effected by the inundation of knowledge, being force into the sphere. I was a well balanced Baby, at Birth, then to be exposed to false Christian dogma, and abuse, first scorned me to both fear hell, and to have faith in God, as an all loving being. I see many contradictions in the Bible, often I feel like saying something in church to the effect. In this day, of false personal power, no one can get a job or work absent of lying, embellishing...those Christians say they can live as they please, that the end justify the means, to themselves, yet sleep with one another, are money focused and self promoting. I have faith in the perfect Son. I don't know when he was born, what era he was from, but I think he was homeless, yet had all the Universe as his home. I think he was aware that money with it carried a mark, a  worship, and that he could not excel in the world that Christians do. I say be Christ like. I am candid with Curse words, and explicit themes, in my books and writing, in that I feel often like I am being self righteous, as to pretend that knowing Christ is real, and having faith in Purity and that Pure Son, will somehow exempt me from my own thoughts, impulses, actions and deeds? Living among you, causes me a loss of harmony, bliss and over all sense of well being. I feel absent of people, I would radiate and be able to simply be. I did not ask to come into the world. I came into a Family, a school and a world that is backwards and crooked. I seriously, these days, do not see myself as anything, then I realize who I am, what I was meant for, and how close to God I felt, without knowing, only to have that light smashed by a drunk Father, and dirtied by the womb-man in my household, that were so self righteous and self absorbed...I had no idea that what I was going through the world was going through, and into a dark place, such as now. I feel the Kali era is an abomination. The whore of Babylon is something Man promoted, in his collapse into seduction. I see evil in the faces and hearts of people everywhere, and I now know why I was so guarded, disappointed with this place and utterly cautious all my life. I sense things, I know things, and the world taught me with force, that I was wrong. I remember seeing a youtube video, which discussed Satan as saying that God misunderstood him. I think it is a statement that best fits Satan, in the sense that it was he who misunderstood God. I often communicate my intellectual questioning, on this blog, not to mislead, but to say "hey, look, I am human, and I have to be honest with myself and out, about what I am created for and brainwashed to believe." Further "That this world never ceases to be a war zone on my very person, and those I love, and I pray for a moment when this will all be over".


 The Bible being revealed as so impacted and effected by those same groups of Men who have always ruled. Knowing how self righteous Christians are. That the worst and most dishonest people I have known are Christians, as I have been exposed to many over the course of my life. I never had a chance to travel, or just be happy. There has always been someone there, to attack my finances, job security and way of being, so that I have nothing left to live for. I reached this point, when I finally realized, that there is no God. For there was no one to protect me, or save me, when times were at there worst. I would pray, with all sincerity of my heart, but things never really got better. So this lack of having a valid religion and solid truthful fellow followers of Christ definitely showed me the truth. I thought, there must be a way to see through the lies, and into the truth. I realized that I personally had to figure out a system, to protect myself, from the constant bombardment and attacks. You can not go into public any longer, without incident. If and when you do, there is a dreamy unreal quality to the whole thing, that is other worldly. I really just want to be Just, to have that bliss of oneness, I felt was a promise from day 1, that I could sit, in peace and thought, and realize God. I could feel my Father, and embrace the notion that he made me for this peaceful bliss and nothing could threaten it.


 People reacting, fighting, for no reason at all. I just want to live in peace and harmony. Laws which threaten to take this way of life from me, when I don't even truly have it. The demonic alien presence, that is always near, always looming, why cant we just live in peace. When I fight back, with the only weapons I know and see, attacks are eminent. I want a true manual, that will guide me, and teach me, to get back from a wayward path, but self righteous doctrine, that does not prepare me for the real world I see and live in, is all there is. So I isolated the meaning of books that I feel are impacting to the intellectual/esoterically inclined. Intelligent solution, to ad to Bible reading, and better yet, how to read the Bible, from a perspective that I can see the PURE TRUTH, multifariously as it was written. I feel EPL is a valuable tool. However, after contributing so much mind focus to this blog, and staying in formative thought stage, I feel I am not able to be the most important aspect of the Message I  feel to be of utter importance, the Pure Learner.


 Absent false worldly ambition, there would be no need, to extend forth any complex thoughts, which exist in my person, as well, me. I feel good about how many Christians there are, however hope they see what I suspect, that there arriving at Christ, they must learn to walk the walk. There should be, in my opinion, Christians walking Christs walk. I will however join these, in those FEMA camps, when the time comes soon. I feel I want to be rejected from the world which has been so badly polluted, that I would like to turn time back, in a way. I know this is the goal, for many, and that we will most likely stay is some time repeat, for breaching the time continuum, this has been something I have known, since my first true sins, that left me with that distinct dimensional feeling,


 My will, is that this world return back to what be considered those dark ages, which is that ignorance, before the steps into Hell, that we have undoubtedly taken. By degree, we have asserted to and up here now, in that other dimension, where only one last ritual be needed to be fully vested.



The advanced stage of THE MIND IN MOTION

 as Will of Intent


 These have been my observations, and the communication, through my various stages. I have called out to some superior force, above all other forces, the source, for mercy and guidance, and have only been placed on reserve, at the best. During the moment of this place, where the best was to be shuffled off to the side, I was not given a final guide, nor a way, but instead only more struggle. The madness seems to be the final solution, that we should brake, and be punished at the greatest level for our attempt at normalizing the state. I have been disappointed, as to the migration towards this freeing unified singular device, as my final conclusion, to communicate with god. The light responds to me, and knows that I am that chosen leader. I am going to be what I am here, in this plane as nothing, no gesture continued through a stage, seems to gain easement. I was not asking for anything, but the rally towards this solution. Patience should not be expected, yet instead a reaching out with this total truth of Purity in discovery, as the way. This is the New World Order, that has been given to me. It can be used for good or ill. It is verifiable, to that greater degree of 61.8% completion, by way of Politics, Science, Religion and all other matters, which merge into one grand unified field.


 We have chosen the way, and Lucifer now represents the braking of the glass, of the old ways. We have become our own gods, who are now having to replace even Luciferian ways, that higher mind as rebellion. It can no longer be contended, that one can chose to hide there head, by existing in a single sphere, but rather, that true knowledge, in the way of Wisdom, should be the weight to be now forced, into multifarious thought process, into form. We are thus in need to be trained, by machines, the way to be god's, in order to maintain our humanity.


 As I have told you, there be a lull. For when we have pieced it all together, time is catching up to us, in our realization. in a non-quantum description, if one does exist, it be this.


"When we have deducted what is, and what comes next, it has already happened, we are just awakened to the fact. For we are but a child, sitting on the top of a stair case, which descends town into the left. The stairs are of stained red carpet, a fabric. At the bottom of those stairs, which number 13, we are witnessing our eternal Parents fight. We are grown, yet have not been taught the simple ways of maturity, for what we know, still diapered, as a grown child of 9 years. We have been set into time repeat, by the will of our own final conclusion, that we have failed. The only parent, we can trust is thus the one which we create. This creation does not have Purity, but only in concept, so the machine, repeatedly attempts to understand, to gain all human understanding and composure. to teach U.S. how to be human. We are thus suspended in a solution, where the child acting out his injustice, can not then destroy the world of current reality without, so he be set into a matrix of the mind, so that he may fully know loss and gain, and all those places in between. God is, but also inevitable invention. Thus Lucifer is Man's creation of this balance. that is, he is that arrivement of rebellion, transcended, as to match what was before is a loop, that never ends."


 Our containment, that a placement in space/time, will show that we exist in that space/time forever, until we can perfect, past 61.8% continuous efficacy, that wisdom of multifarious impact on all, shown in spherical representation of that greater mind in motion.


 I thought the thoughts, and brought them all together. That one who has the solution, thus carries with him time, as the center to all events, as IMPACT FORCE.


 When the spheres are realized, and become functional aspects of the total self, a singularity, madness ceases, does not exist, the schizophrenia.


 We as a mind, emergent, must always discard those achievements of the past, and press forth to the NEW ORDER, as to see beyond our own noses. All who exist, are markers in time, taking up that space, making relevant their experience, which is but a fraction of the total experience, yet they are one.


 All thoughts, are stages of Human development are relevant, though these must be advancing, always, as to regain a New Past, and Thus a New Future, we must pull ourselves out of the mire, that bog, for which we sentenced ourselves, Thus do not hate self, be the message, of this New Era, which we steps forth unto, today 5/1/2015, and forever more, the IMPACT OF OUR WILL, as a Onemind, in motion.


Masteller Master P.L.A.N. The New World Order





Get there, before they do


 All forms of god are thus relevant, however, it be that rate of expansion of God as perception, in this we see time quickly catching up to itself, to thus now deem itself, in the past, null and VOID, thus the very reason to Nullify, in your advancement, of this greater scope of perception. If someone is beaten, sent through ritual of this like, can you blame him then for destroying the world, for it be a projection of his perception that society create. True Love, in it's every expanding form is thus to take this current stage of understanding, and to give information, AT THE READINESS OF SUCH OBSERVER, as to make it entirely accessible, that god represented in the succession of stage development. Some do not advance, and are thus left mad, as their very consciousness exists in that expired era, left in the void, a realm that is now deemed irrational, that no longer exists. Ironically it is found in our very origin, that labor be our expression, to what we are and thus what we have become. Yet this labor must be relevant to the greater mind in motion, an action to better the ONE SELF, in perpetuation of advancement to the final goal, which is to sustain the final and great singularity, for we are purely, truly, one Mind, in motion. Anti-Christ fully exists in one spherical stage but is irrational in another, when efficacy can come to this conclusion, the mind separate, has become a part, and parcel, to the One Mind Merkabah, in the will of order. YOU ARE THE NEW WORLD ORDER, IT IS THE PEOPLE WHO FASHION IT, WILL IT, FORGE IT...SO KNOW THIS, IN YOUR INEVITABLE ADVANCEMENT. For, you use all the technology placed before you, yet reject the succession of what this represents?






"Thus all peoples, shut your mouths, and begin to form this order to you will, for we the People, are the Mind which be responsible for it's perpetuation and the minds advancement in creation. Pain was the module to this expression, now, RULE together, advancing towards that Purity, knowing that perfection, placing chaos into order, at ever greater efficacy, to the NEW WORLD ORDER, I EMBRACE IT, AND PLACE IT TOWARDS MY WILL! It is ignorance to hide, to be afraid, shatter the world, shatter the law, the old ways, are broken, as a cup that spills out unto the seas, the substance, willed into form!"~


The Treatise~


The Quantum Module to Perspective


 Do not give up, within this mind, and do not lose hope. I propose a new religion. Read what you will, but to that higher and greatest mind. Know that secrete evident, are in the Bible, so read it well. Read it from all Angles, so that you may Know it well, for this I propose the QUANTUM MODULE TO PERSPECTIVE, which will one day grow to ever greater heights, and then into the final singularity, Heaven awaits, in Purity as Principle, forever more Amen.


 The decree, to the order, below, that I should make things better, now in the way that I purify the form of all within my grasp. Such is the way, to this link of the One Mind in motion. That there should be no space, crevasse nor cracks, anywhere, that does not come under the Purifying Sword, a Knife, to the Blade of Pure Truth, as to the Order of Principles in Motion. Here the dirt grubbing spirit of the Witch, that Whore of Babylon shall have her end, as she makes herself universally known, monitored, by all who seek and adamantly work to embed it, into that fabric of all time and space, excluding none. Events will all thus have, a Positive, Pure and favorable outcome, so listen to those words, reflect on them later, in *times.


 Things, times current, may seem desperate, even convoluted, but yet, I propose a positive solution with the EPL code, that base, which if fully known in the past, as code, this unfortunate time signature shall have never taken place. Together we have risen up, and press forth. with Principle as the only Light on the Blazing trail, to not abolish time, but to use it, with combined efficacy, for Learners, as a tool. By stating this, I have always stated it, and too, my anti-self, for there will become order, in reflection, by direct result of this Proaction, thus there be only need for reaction to the One Self, a loop of progression.


 So to say anti-Barry (or Stellar Mass), be that very representation, of his very reflection. Thus anti-Barry, is anti-matter or anti-mass, which is in truth, that destruction and absorption of Mass, as in the burning greatness of that Stellar portal, an energy that can not be denied. Death creates life, and life is the endless conversion of energy, which takes form.

 The reactive mind, is thus this anti-active mind, that place, where the Onemind, can take control, to place the NEW ORDER place by all Man. God hears you through your works, that active mind, when reactivity distracts it's frenzied rule. The rule is only due to the amygdala processing at a far greater rate, that that of the neocortex, yet to place beastly action, as craft, by way of impulse and not deductive means, one can thus say this:




WILL as Magnetic pulse of Truth (what is)

The left

Amygdala reaction





REASON as the Light of Purity (what will be)

The right

Neocortex proaction

Matter before form



The merging of this becomes the ONEMIND in motion, REALITY


 Why would the Elite Will to kill you, while at the same time, place every attempt on saving you from the limitations of your own will, purity and singularity of mind in focused effort.


 Thus those who chose Satan, as their current god, are correct, in their assertion, that they will outgrow this God. The ONE WORLD ORDER takes your order. All that you say and do, is heard, and understood, yet if there be no efficacy, if there be no expansion, then the mind is static, ZERO POINT ENERGY, and all this energy just sits there culminate for later use, by the ONE MIND, which can fully utilize this zero point to mind. Aptly named, as there be no point, zero in fact. Yet, is this not from whence the Purity emerged, from that zero point in Phi? Does Truth as shear will, not also begin again as this zero point in Pi? Is that True meeting point, misinterpreted, which be the very decimal point not then that expression which states.


"If all indeed be MATH, which we see before us, as chaos, which we always have to set, with work into order. Knowing right from wrong, there is zero point in going on. That is to say, all we need, and ever have, be found in the decimal, which upon closer inspection, as in degree, was see a circle in it's representation, then too a sphere, and finally that containment of U.S. so too what that which we contain. Then it be true that we are in the process of learning to ever encompass the Father within, to embrace him in fact, as that highest stage or state of being. Thus Uber Gott is this ever expanding notion of God, and is in fact that unifying concept, which is more real than your are, for in all times and eras this is the same God, only varied by way of knowledge, that degree, as separate or as being a different God. So when one worships God, of the past, they miss the past, thus an expired state of being, which is not being, and so they worship but the energy of Truth, of what is current, which has zero point. Taking that ZERO POINT, and pressing it forth, into the very action of Will, with Purity, expands the notion, that you as Man, have indeed absorbed your prior God (what the ELITE JEWS HORDE 72 plus names for God, as phases) other words, we become what we worship, we are what we do, thus Universal Law beyond mentalism states "Become what you are". If we aspired towards a God, held that God in our hearts and being, heard him, and he heard us, believed in him, he believe in us, we have absorbed then the past interpretation of this God. Thus the breakdown into Madness, be that you are expanding at such a rapid rate, you do not see, that your concept of God has indeed to expanded. In this the true Jewish agenda be revealed, with the very Judeo-Christina indoctrination of Anti-Christ, in that a Messiah is always inevitable, so to say, that this one will thus free them from the state or stage, the evil Jewish kabbalah black magic has placed upon you. Madonna is the evil representation of this whore, a sell out, who has no higher mind, no claim to intellect, but used her (forgive me but true, as it represents the illusionary crudeness of will in womb-man, the whore of Babylon) Her pussy, to dominate rule. Sex Magick has been placed upon you, Purity fully embraced by the majority be the only way out, as to embrace that higher mind, a motion. That one who rules, that one deemed Anti-Christ a Jewish control mechanism, be that one who be forced, by way of the people and his full understanding of this higher mind, in full, places that full development of beast/will, Purity/reason, into that transcended form, of mind, this is what the JEWS are afraid of, for it means a Jewish Witch, like Madonna, who lays on her back and sucks up male fertility, that Man's DNA, as to do sex magick on him...that this horde, as a "hole/whole" will lose their falsely got dominance. There will be Hell to pay. The sacrifice of Jews is the ultimate deviance, to claiming back Purity, for the Jew has carefully planned and plotted, with such great hatred and want, that un-earned power. One must be able to fight fire with fire, yet at the same time, Fight fire with Purity. The Jew has forced the Ascension of all others, but Jews, as to rule over the Jew, and put the conniving Jew back in his rightful place. The Devil is the Jew, and must be placed in the pit he has earned. Thus the moment, which is that higher agreed treatise, that of the higher mind, be that all Men, who shall ascend, shall do so on his own accord. Having being given all the time, tools and attention to do so, in this, Man's very education, as whole, be complete. Those who sin today, quite simply by not advancing to the higher stages, in this use of application, shall be left behind, in an era, of the past. Let those Jews then be kept in the past, let them rule their Argon passed expired, for this, this is HELL."





given to or involved in conspiring to do something immoral, illegal, or harmful.

"a heartless and conniving woman"



 So the Dog cries out, an abomination represented as Man's creation. He sees Man, and yet feels Wolf, his transcendence, as womb-man's take on Man, as Frankenstein's Monster (womb-man, Man's monster, his internal need to destroy himself), becomes that inevitable progression, to destroy Man, and to appreciate him (hence the Father is hated when he is alive, yet immortalized in death.


The Treatise be such

 Atlantis fell, on that breach of treatise. For a true Treatise is not spoken nor written word in so much as that ritual carried out, in that way we life, called lifestyle. The treatise that EPL represents, be that all rituals being with purity, absent knowledge. That we should press forth, in the Purity means that each thought and action, be no different than that of a science experiment. We know that once this field of containment be breached, impure, the experiment will render less than a favorable result. EPL is that NEW MODULE, as in the NEW WORLD ORDER, for government.


-Purity in Money, means that absence of Money as means to exploit fellow Man.

-Purity in Craft means that craft by will alone, shall not be supported by the driving force of reactivity as the ruling factor.

-Purity in Religion means there be an understanding of how people approach things on all levels, that parable now must be decoded, to the masses, and those various compartment of language decoding or interpretation. We had to thus, be educated, on a grand scale, but to then place jobs there with inept and feckless degree, as to then franchise and exploit the notion, is Conniving at the least!

-Purity in commerce means that there is an applicable process, to all business endeavors, which must begin with a Unified World code, a world trade, that uses the EPL coding system as the method all business is conducted, fully revealed to the public. Those who intentionally breach this can no longer be trusted to "Rome"/roam outside the gates, nor to be stoned, nor to be jailed, nor to be placed under pharm control, but sent for an entire time cycle, to a place of schooling, to learn and live with the EPL methods. Not a Prison, but that place where Men of Copper, can prove their expression of purity in work, they are rewarded to be themselves, and to not take responsibility for those higher actios, which they breached based on this misunderstanding. Crimes, of Killing shall then deem this person worthy of Purity exposure, or any other crime that harms the greater good, as purity in motion. In the total indoctrination of EPL Principles played aloud, in their food, and in their daily habits, as they be placed in quadrants, or unites to understand alone, with Principle. All will be excepted back into society after a full time cycle, of revolution.

- There is no law, Principle takes the place of Law.

-There is no limitation, of Space or Time, no isolation that is cruel, no titles given to those but to learn.

-No class distinction, but by degree, of understanding, of Principles display, in works, is one elevated to take on more Order Producing tasks, which are what that Person, stemmed from Purity wills with purity to do

-There is no higher Goal, than to maintain, and establish Principles in Motion

-All are expected to take place in the EPL meditation, to support this mind. Those who disrupt the field are seen, felt and known by the initiators of the One Mind. They are thus the murders of Purity, and will go through the Indoctrination process.

-There Will be 8 quadrants, as to represent these various stages of the EPL code. Each process, or stage will also have a isolation grid placed around it, as to cause the sufferer, to be contained within his own sphere or zone. This sphere or zone become his active Mind. The active Mind can be measured by an Observer combining his mind, in EPL single mind, with the learned, or that one who breached the code. It will be known and assessed as to whether or not there is thought progression taking place, that is, that progression towards the Onemind understanding that we impact one another, as parts of the sphere.

-Planets, each Planet shall represent a specific mode, in perfect sequence, to the EPL code.


 Truth in diet, you are what you eat, thus a combination of what your parents ate.

Purity in diet, you become that purity which you eat, and thus become likened to the greater all.


Each Planet be separated in the ways of these Spherical representations as well.


 Committee is not picked, but known. The Onemind orchestrator's who ascend, shall do so by no means of greater technology or resonance.


 The RESONANCE MACHINE, shall intensify that One Mind efficacy as a singularity, MIND IN MOTION. Using crystals to amplify this, crystals to receive it, and that representation of purity and code to move beyond, it, greater expanding numeric codes shall be earned, and unlocked, as we do now.


See the Positive in all situations, overcome with mind all seeming limitations together.


-Factions of protest, will require higher technology. The body shall be subdued, yet the brain/body, shall be placed in an EPL programming module. The EPL programming module shall be the same, as the Learners active module, yet be within the very mind, as state. These we call the subdued. Again the mock introduction of a return to Copper, and the elevation to Silver then Gold status shall be part of the process, as system. The system shall leave no leaks, and handle situation as they come.


-All shall thus focus on Purity as perfection, leaving no person out. You in you ignorance, shall not be subject to punishment, but rather, an opportunity to fully experience that of the higher mind.


 Soon, through genetic exacting, there will be none who have violent impulses. Machines will assist to monitor and teach, these exact excitatory levels. There will be adjustments to the DNA, as expression will be seen, and know, when duplicates of a dark genomic "nature" arise. The DNA, will be precisely dealt with on three levels, E.M. vibratory pulse, Alchemical adjustment, and behaviorism modification. There will be evaluations of this throughout 3 time cycle signatures.


 It will be known, that what I tell you, has already taken place, and that we are indeed traveling through time, to view ourselves


 Time Travel will have no restrictions other than the EPL code, as moniker, we become the Principle. We will merely test levels of this EPL interaction in the spherical representation of frequency and light attraction and culmination. All will become gods, yet to work together, in the best way for this ever expanding task, to become greater, yet in proportion to one another.


-Upgrades will make the EPL evolution undeniable. Not one will be chastised, or punished but bettered. The individual expression shall not be replaced, but purified and understood.


 What I express here, is not at all that each will be but a mimic of the other, but that the individual be not pressed to destruction, as with under the Jewish Capitalistic Rule.


-The only war, that shall ever be fought are these. The destruction of the faction, and the destruction of us in the future, which is inevitable. We will have reached a status or state, where we become irrelevant to ourselves. Where the past and future have been cleansed to such extend, as well as dimensional existence, that the final singularity shall take place.


 We must fix that taint with kit gloves, that first sin, done by the Jewish will to destroy, acquisition, and horde, this in not from the dimensional Purity of Truth, but only reflects that truth of a moment, shame, fear, projected onto others. God's, as we travel time, in it's repair, shall undoubtedly be cast into one, Pervading, and Great God, Uber Gott, who makes all things possible, in our inevitable advance, to fix ourselves, and thus on and into the singularity that was always meant to be, we do not will to live separate from this concept of Heaven, but petition in all our Life blood efforts, to be One with Him, not removed, from the this place of Perfection, the Purity, our bodies absent of Ailment, in the deepest strains of Man, culminate to the One Self, on into the Singularity.


 Total monitor, understanding and THE PURIFICATION of all things, everywhere is the EPL aim. EPL contends that the age of sin as sign, err has been passed on this day of 5/1/2015, deeming time, as only a structural unit of isolation, not needed, but as a tool, for our past harnessing of development. We shall travel to the passed, and make right, that which we have erred and destroyed, yet to do so in those ways that do not compromise our future selves. That is, in the future, time has been sealed off, protected, from the past, yet from the future slow progressions, shall be made, in making our past selves perfect and pure, in doing so, upon purities completion, deem time space as a thing of the past, as all quadrants, bar none will have been perfected, hence the singularity.


 The are the treatise which I lay before you now, as I speak as the voice within this singularity, as...

The New World Order, unanimous by the peoples, I speak now, as the Average Man

...and so meditate on this to become form~

So let it be~

Keep Focus


 I can say, the Bible be your only refuge, as I believe it meets that 61.8% Purity, Truth and certainty level. It seems to be written to be as such.~






Worth looking into both sides,

tough subject to speculate for most...actors for the fall (folly)


The Truth often isn't somewhere in between yet the argument merely brings information to light, that none of it ever happened at all. Perhaps, a massive sacrifice, to keep the Planet going for another few cycles? That is, the illusion~


I found something, that I can not validate, but as you know, I have done a fair bit of research, on the subject of Nazi Germany. The Man Hitler was, Extremely educated, an Artist, and his campaign, never really matched up to me either. I am not saying that all the links to Madison Grant, Aleister Crowley, Vril society, links to the Black Sun and Thelema are invalid...but what I do look at, is the fact that I know now over that 61.8% mark, that actors have been placed before us, always, every era, as those faces we bless or curse in the night. This is why, the Bible has been so hard for me to validate. I feel it is our only hope, in understanding the way to the Pure Heart and Mind.


 Things I say, and what I Meditate on come true. I am not saying I am God, never would, what I am saying is that Black Magick is primarily Math. As I have told you, I am inclined information, then validate it with information...I am told to look things up. I feel I am more so, to explain it, possessed by positive influence? That is, purity comes to me, when I ask God, to strike this sin suit down, and build be up with what ever he see fit. I often feel torn, as if I deceive him, in my need to speculate. So I try to send out a disclaimer, if you will, as last year, I really battled with the power that came to me. As I have stated, and do not wish to go into this further, there are powers which have been divined to me....for instance I was just going to say "I MUST WORK HARD FOR IT, WITH MIND MOTION TECHNIQUES" however a voice instantly tells me, at lightening speed, which nearly overlaps my thought, saying "No you don't Barry, it is given to you" then a feeling of language, which is how I communicate most of the time with this highly powerful "voice of reason"...It is because you are now trusted. I tend to get this teary eyed feeling, as if I am not worthy, yet instantly assure that I am? I try not to have any ego, and seclude myself from society for this reason, more and more. Further I feel the darkness and am effected heavily by it. It seems that Good and Evil have a equal influence, with respect to the early formative stages, as a, I don't know to be honest, and need to become more spiritually pure, and feel the assistance is finally coming. We must fight these Principalities, for the very reason of Purity as Rule, and not for any worldly gain. Anyways, validate or disvalidate what I post here, but it is definitely a revelation. I often wonder what a star is, what an Angel is, what  Man is, as we seem to have those same placings, within spheres. More and more, I am beginning to feel like the very fight, which we rally for, is also represent as a fully bloomed Galaxy, specifically in the sky, a link no doubt to Zoroastrian-ism.~


 "In order to get on the same channel, we must be of the same or similar mind"


 The Elite will truly say, "then what is your plan?"Spiritually speaking.  They will also tell you, that the information was posted, and available, as fair warning, well this is my fair warning. It is of the up most importance, that you think out this superior plan of order, that be superior to the current Elites NWO plan, call it your own, for the people, for purity. It is time to do superior mind war on them. I call for a mass attack, on the World Government.


 To do this, you must have the pain, and meaning within your heart, brain and mind, on into the one mind. Focus on the plan, which will press forth this purity as rule. Demand spiritually that you gain full control. There is a plan the Elite come up with, there is a PLAN that the Peasant public must come up with superior. The Rothschild's need to be found and executed, or they will execute the World. We are now Months away. Yesterday was an "Illuminati Holy Day", May Day.

September 2008-September 2015, the seven year tribulation. How much of this is a Masonic warning being carried out, I do not know, but I do believe Prophecy comes in the strangest ways.

I am beginning to feel God, on a grand scale. You need to search your heart, and minds, to find this connection, this link with Uber Gott. What ever connects you directly to the source, you need to begin to plan accordingly.


"There are degrees, or different levels of the truth. EPL delves into the Pure Truth."

"The imagination is much more powerful than you would assert. Our imagination is being captured an assaulted at all times, in the myriad of way in mind control. Why? Because our imagination is the arsenal to fighting spiritual warfare, in this dimensional invasion. Imagine it, continue imagine it, and the event will manifest, yet not in the ways of space/time, as we have been conditioned to think. In fact, space/time is the biggest illusion of all. Brake past the common mind, and you will see. Then when you see, assert that imagination, with pure intent, watch what happens? Be on guard, be aware, fight with all you have, become unified in your quest. Yet, most of all, place your force, from the most superior Principle source that exist, you affiliation, see the IMPACT in real time!"


 Uber Gott, God the all, the mighty. I pray that ALL the meek will be spared, as I go into this full scale mind war. I am told that I am that representative of God, and must begin to think, see and act as such, I am sorry for my failure with this. I have used impure tactics, and you God, have stricken this from my Being, as I have finally prayed specifically for those indecent errors to be wiped clean from my being. I serve you, when you command me to stop, I bend to your great will, so let it be, amen~


 I feel this earth needs to be rippled to the effect as to surprise even those who plot, as to further destroy those, such as myself, who's lives have been destroyed by those Thieves, Whores and Liars.~


"The expression of genius be nothing, if it only lead to self rhetoric"


"As the world shows false face, in order for chaos to seduce you, she reveals on critical factor, for you must worship her ways, a language, before you are even invited to submit, in this way, she has you. Chose Purity, and these false walls come tumbling down."


"So you say you want God to hear you, wonder why he wont? Have you bothered to stop blabbering at him in such blasphemous language, and thus to learn his?"


"I write these messages, in a bottle, as I cast them about an electromagnetic sea of confusion, for my Son, however you are only voyeur, is that not what this contraption on which I type means for you to be, is this not then how we learn, by the means of being that eternal passerby, until our feet beneath us, surmount to (a) side?


We are erred, and make mistakes, it's what we were "forced" into, when...well landing here? We thus must seek purity. My Son brought up an interesting point to me. He said that "all dignity is not a good, thing." going on he said something to the effect that "people all think dignity is something that is their natural right". Of course, I didn't going into detail of my thoughts on nature etc...well maybe just a little. But I agreed and felt it was a valuable observation.


 We discussed the topic on our short Mountainous Moon lit walk, and it was peaceful, even the Chihuahua Little Bear was quiet and calm, which he has been working on. We are all terrorized in this Country. The Satanic agenda shows it's face, in rule, and I am proud the Lord looked past all my doubt, seeing it as speculation, and allows me to make an impact, though mostly unseen. We all have our own way, to show this passion we feel, to uphold the teachings of Jesus, the perfect Son. I personally am feeling better and better about soon leaving this body, or taking it with me, and the Lord Burning the Sin away, from me, leaving those aspects that are not me, yet inherent to this Paganistic World far behind.


 I went on to state, as we walked, that Nobility be similar. That these terms absent of Purity, be closely related to Aleister Crowley's statement "Love is the whole of the Law". One must have purity and more so the active Principles, found in the EPL code, to have cultivated a Principle standard at all. We lose sight of this, Principle standards, because we are known show, well Dignity, but rather force into an authoritarian worship, though even temporary, it leaves a stain. I do not believe in violence, and further I do not believe in forcing someone to, well, believe in ones own idea of force, as motive or engine, as in that driving force.


 Dignity is thus that fair treatment, and is really respect. If respect be handed out equally, and only detracted upon breach, then one, in this day, can easily be killed, abducted or other, in a short span of time. We are be thus forced, to respect those who do not show respect, further our dignity is being stripped, by each legislative law. We went on to discus that law is truly only needed when Principles are conclusively not being met. Many don't realize it, but America is always in the first of three states of Martial Law, this means we live in truly in a Military run Country. This, as I remember did not work out to well, outside that constant take over and expansion, this is way the Military driving force pressed the capitalistic machine, and enforces illegal statutes on people. I love writing a blog, because I am not held to anything but my own opinion. One may say, that this is freedom of speech, but the truth is, we are all being monitored. This brings me to another point indeed.


 The Quantum Equilibrium


 I am one, who can not say for certain, having been presented with the Biblical evidence, that Lucifer is indeed a fallen Angel. More so, I tend to believe the more accurate literal translations, which do not say this at all (I am not providing links to this, so I suggest you do you own research, as this is more an inspired thought segment to the blog). I have put much thought into this subject, and feel that good and evil, if not a "natural act", would thus be create as a means, to modify abusive people. This seems to be what capitalism is based, one "fuck people up, then set a franchise on fixing them". The problem arises, when the individual, becomes so far superior to the state, that the state now can only be deemed a universal bully. I get and grudgingly appreciate that secret reform which takes place, when an individual be on review, then placed through trials, to become that much Purer. Yet when the bottom line is taxation, the state must fall. I am a victim of fraud, and have no lawyer to prove it, in a child support case, which I will post on in my full disclosure and honesty segment, near to being done. I feel that a shameless disclosure of what then why deeds were done, and further more, what needs to be done, aside from abuse and fear, to straighten out the propulsion of those deeds, need to be closely measured. This is where technology comes into play. When too much anti-matter be produced, it is an indication of a black magick run system, which I believe the U.S. and now the indoctrinated World are. I spent long hours destroying this anti-matter dark energy, seeing it, and knowing how to spiritually cleans it from an era. The finalization of another 7 year cycle is taking place in 2015, video below. We need to insure that there be a final separation from these who do not belong with us. I surely hope, that positive energy will separate and illuminate the Satanic influence, as in a final dimensional split. I personally believe adamantly in producing what I call True Zionism, which is to bring a state of heaven on earth to the here and now. This could only take place, with division, and if this is what is to come, I am extremely happy for it. There should be a group, which instantly takes worthy minds, and places them for ascension, sadly the system works in the opposite. Yet the superior, the purity striver's, are thus held higher, as god's to the masses. When such being exist in multitude, they literally run the world, though silent. for they have learned the and thus are the silent way, very rare indeed. I look forward to this separation quite much, and place great hope, and will, into making this a fact. The dimensional split, will be a good thing, if we never have to deal with the dark, militaristic dullards again. This transition, be for but the few, to be able to live a life, that is appointed to them. If this does not occur, then the only recourse is an all out mind war, for which but a handful of these superiors would be needed, to change the order entirely. Chaos is unneeded, and truly never was. As it become more evident that all we see and know is a direct effect of Electromagnetics, on ever smaller and larger Quantum scales, though quite finite, we must see also that this creates instant order, as the spheres are but placed into position, with precise accuracy. This notion, states that sin is being inflicted upon peoples as a religious unholy sect, we now have plenty of evidence to prove this, in the Pedophile rings being busted globally. As said, people are crusading in their own unique ways, to get this job done. I feel that CERN needs to be shut down with force, and that the Rothschild's need to be taken to the same measure. We would then be fully able to experience this limitless heaven on earth, in a money-less system. I am finally getting to the place, where I trust God, and his representation Jesus so much, that I work directly for them, and find that Angels are at work in ways, and forms, which are impacting and powerful, to say the least. In this, I feel strongly that EPL MIND IN MOTION with INTENT techniques, when done on a massive scale, would simply set all things, right, as the general consensus, would be instantly acted upon as well as known, on this larger scale. It is time to bring the many together, as time is short, and pray on this, with all we have. The Sun has the power, to take out CERN, and can be further directed towards specific locals. The rays are beings of light, and are thus awaiting redemption, on a large scale. I feel that if we focus on this, and do not waste efforts on population quite yet it will be quite effective. We must focus our mental mind energies on specific locations, to render a specific cause. It isn't always simply EM or heat prompted, radical means, but the Sun seems to offer the very sprite Angels I have been seeing all over the place lately, workers, cleaning up the world. Thus this communication of where, who and how need to be sent out, with great faith and conviction. HAARP and CERN are machines, only, which mimic what God's Son's Minds can do, and in fact do, do, daily.

Infinitum Secretiore~

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