Saturday, August 6, 2016



 These days, I ponder on Authentic vs Purity, or is it the same?

If I follow the code, the rule of honor, duty, Temperance, Care...and so leading into all phases, or stages of development. Through all stages, or rather innerlocking chambers of spheres, we find Mandala. We find that an energy pathway be implied, by the very process of sustainability IE Perpetual Motion, or Momentum...which must, at some time, involved a Momentive Force. Since the sphere is implied, as the unit of measure, water molecule, permeable, with a fluidity that defies time and space, but is the very unendingly non-denatured things that can ever be, and yet, in when balanced by the scales that weigh carbon...virtually nonexistent.

Beacon, Kierkegaard, Leibniz on into Pierre Proudhon, with Property Ownership...the Men, as champions to a cause, one could say not removed from the lineage of Alexander the great (by way of intellectual coupling).

 Authentic? As in, to the the authentic human male, horns and all? Authentic, as in, to practice what what one feels, in the moment? As to work the room, in any way one may chose, absent the inferred moral compass, a piety"?

 So here we are, again, faced the the blinding truth, as a supple thing of want, may lay before us, only endowed with the power, that we may infuse "it" with, "bu", the infernal stages!

 Purity is an ever seeking to the source. The active motion of this, must be called virtu_ or virtue, in the end, a harvest of energy, from spin cycles, suckled from eras, marked by way Phi measure.

  We, as a collective, somehow resonating Phi, due from *"under our very dress and finery* (*Nietzsche), that is the particle. That cover-less place, where energy lie naked, bare, exposed...but to what?

 Is this in fact, not the same argument that is postulated in Genesis, of the Bible (then again which one do I quote, for there are many interpretations, sphere?).

 Faced with the Beast, always before us. We want, and we get, or we die, the truth rule of Man, incarnate? So, to live within a certain Eden, within our minds, is to embrace, Shamb(h, H)ala is it not, that most coveted place, that"the order of the black Sun/Son", was formulated to"never stop seeking".

 Luciferianism, is such a thing. Viewing the emerging, and embracing the current or consistent, seeming momentive way of being. Nature or truly Nurture? Both the Dark and Light, as in Abraxis, are thus represented in this "Hopi type system of belief".

It is thus, again, question of degree. When one has given, to fulfill, does midsummer set us/US free?

 Stellar Mass13, That 13th Son, under God, in Heaven

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