Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Riding The Tide~


 There is a hideous nervousness, of maddening demoniac pulse...which pushes those few forth, into other dimensional realms, into the darkness, with the light shining from within, as the few, the select, do carry the torch.~

Do no harm? But yet, they do...

 Law is that next notion, passed virtu/virtue's expression, an unfortunate next step, as we travel beyond the positive, on, passing through 21, 22,  23 and beyond that asteroid belt, into Pi influence, the default?

 There are those of us who are forced to suffer, as if together, in the dark, blind in fact, are meant word by word, to write this treatise, a link to the future.

 I see great Men, have, written this order, into the field. Are we to learn this in sport? You carry the torch, then do I...pass it on, to the next...a Generation?

 I am express, with all I have, and there is only blank darkness, void before me. A nervous energy, as I pursue, as average Man, stepping into the abyss, a broadening of the field.

 I spoke of Routine. One must go into coitus with this...well, notion, an energy in motion, as to better reflect the same, a held assertion, a state of mind.

 The crows seem to only show up, when we are judging others. There seems to be a relatively unseen court, which is nearly instantly aware of our thoughts, to the field be the higher mind, even at times, in breach?

 I call them Love letters, because it is Love that inspires. However I may love one, whom you do not see, nor now, readily, and so thus, protecting with words, like swords, of truth. I think, at times, my power is gone, then to realize, the hand of time, is seeming to rest, upon the 6. Another spin, will come, in time...the tide...of change.~

*This personal Hell, pushes those towards suicide, as to end the task, for once it is undertaken, does not abate, will not take leave...for only the few, could have heard the call, in the first (Cthulhu, Abraxis, God from that Hideous, Thick, Black, Darkness?)

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