Thursday, June 16, 2016

The P, and... good and evil~


 Appeasement is more of a constant than those misaligned assertions of The Self, a plaque of veneer, which builds over that division of the oneself....a perspective of grotesque or beautiful Green...perhaps Walt Whitman. in shades of green (lower case).

 Place the "P", upon, or in, or behind the mantra, of EPL.

 Where then do your begin the line, of distinction, from the bottom, or the top? Do you not see, this reveals you? Which way doth' the sphere, attached (?), spin, a Phi swirl, around to the left or to the right? How many sweeps? How large, which way do these bend, a turn, a lean? How long do you you take to gesture? More so when, in the flux of the eternal moment, did your resign to sit, and posture such a symbol, why, what was and is the meaning, within the field, a daisy chain of continuance.

 Fines is subtlety in motion

 You who know me, who know Stellar Mass 13, to be more real than this Barry Dean Masteller, hear the depth?

 A greater teacher than any other? Perhaps an abstract albatross upon societies mantra. 

 You wish and will pleasure, at every turn, has this indeed been a suitable guide? Thus, and hence, displeasure has lead you more. Where than is that center point, which is the emergent/emerging and thus merging moment, and convergence point?

 Two twins, Photons in the moment, of carbon met disdain and too, becoming. Each reaction to the others whim. It is, in the center, which neither can see, as one think feels, and the other sees taste...leaving other senses to the collective mind. We see the percentages reveal themselves, a math, which is in fact binary. There is a center, but we can not see clearly, so all is educated guess.

 The professional of a time, an era, a season, is thus more so representing societies ignorance, in history, more so, than be the common goal, as to first elevate them, not entered into the great halls, a  name. 

 More so the anagram reveals the mundane task, a simplifying, constant, towards controllability, towards mathematical precision...proving there are no true numbers passed 10, and even then, the two, and thus one lies transient. 

 Though we see 4 active colors, principles, there are two which propel, these we call production and ego. We see then, that these neither can exist, even in a  transient sense (in movement), absent a left and right notion. Subtle though the end product, good and evil, perceived, are.

 And so thus, the balance.

 We, as a collective, and chose all that happens, a collective. We, place our collective will to a reality.

We thus see, that though a letter, a word, a meaning can be writ, slanted in the corporeal, the carnal, the intent, the originator, YOU, and your will placed, as operator, to a cause, determines the use... and so within the moment, as time be not linear, but now moving, to the EPL motion, an era, intent, as will, be all that letter writ in haste or.... love.

Stellar Mass 13
*I do not sign certain love letters, as a symbol but in a certain order of registry, to the great halls, of Amenti.

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