Friday, June 17, 2016

Alive! Being...Alive!~


Alive! Being...Alive!, that's the win, the commodity~

 I ran silent, streaming, now a white train, of silken, trailing off to my right, leaving a comet' tail. As I loosen my grip, so the color doth' change.

 The Moon lay that seeming infinite quark shower, of celestial, but so too spiritual insight, a glow, upon me, displayed with let lit' eyes.

  As spoken prior, yes, indeed, we do meet ourselves, in the after, a place of silent resolution, to be sure. I say to you now. We, indeed meet within and with our very selves, at the end of, our final echo...and yet, a faint call back, from Phi' 21. This we call Production, a moment in constant pathos, rhetoric and sway, a movement.

I met him there, in that flicker, rather brushing his essence, with mine? No, no, it was quite the opposite, to be sure. There, my very God, me, or at least, that soon to be vaporized version of, those other photonic aspects of ME, as a cosmic force, a bender, orchestrator over all we know/Gnosis, of actuality, that become unified, as One.

 How can we be expected to do something so beyond reason, as to be expected, by this infernal Satanic Machine, to truly ascend, as life's quest, beyond Deisin, and yet, another sphere, another cosmic layer.

 Have I ever explained to you there, dear ones, who constantly evade your very bond with me, an actuality, we in coitus, young reader? Told you of the repeating Phi parts that scream, as they do spin about you, an out shell, an aura. Said, conveyed, that all, of which we take, esteem to be real, in this carbon realm, a held assertion, is in that based on this same division, in Phi appropriated unison?


 Who are we really (?), how great are we truly?  That we should constantly and completely exhaust ourselves, a life, towards living? Be, Alive! You have thus brandished the mark. All those visits, those strange and awkward feeling, when your God, you, interferes with your chosen path, in a moment. It could have been simply to take a right, at approximately 5:55pm, instead of continuing on, straight. Thus missing the mark?

We speak here, of convergence points. It is said, throughout ages, Master this, you Master yourself. To take this seriously, to actually assert, the self, as a real time God, over the self...Me!, within that God forsaken flicker, I would surely have chosen the ignorance, offered to me, long forget.

 Floating there, in that fancy pool, under the stars, another held assertion, a junction point. Spinning, those spheres within my mind, dilating the notion, I could have drown, I forgot. No more chasing the cat's tail, no more 2 dimensional thinking, within that 3 dimensional illusion, a step lower that the assumed.

 This the multifarious mind, of all, and I have met my making, or rather than...remaker, and strangely, I always found me.

 I always vote transhumanism, in this, I always get into this eternal mess, by hence, killing God.~ 

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