Tuesday, February 9, 2016

"Together We Shine"


We are in the process of applying for our non-profit status. We Are Tribe Global .com, wills the execution of a tribal system, based on tribal code of respect, as the SHTF. The World system is quickly shifting. Global currencies will be filtering into several venues, leaving a base lack, and the collapse will inevitably soon, ensue.

 It is thus paramount, that we should seek an immunity, in the name of community. A massive tribal system that allows, and gives a respect, to a central torso, if you will, not unlike Tribes of yesterday, of the Americas, which never, mind you, relinquished their land rights, nor titles. Foreigners, took control of a phantom concept, a corporation, of nothingness, but currency, and the exploitation of peoples, in the form of indentured servants, a monarchy.

 See it for what it is, and you will not be surprised. We Are Tribe Global .com, thus wills to be ahead of the curve, as to gain a curvilinear advantage, a projection into the future.

 The Homeless are a Global Tribe, a peoples. The best explanation would be to picture a massive floating barge, not unlike our makeshift continents, not unlike Dubai's sandy multimillion dollar islands. There, on those ships, of misanthrope, there are no rules, not laws, but those that a hive leader, a barbaric and ingenious ruler, sets forth, as in the Khan.

 A clergy is thus a legislation, which thinks ahead. A simple tribal code, that allows people to be people, separated not by segregation, or destitution, but by will. Small tribes, who chose to be amongst one another, to live according to a commonality, bound by principle, to a central union.

 A Union, a true union, that is not connected with any "current government body", that is what We Are Tribe Global .com stands for. What then is a non-profit status, but further a certification of taxation, not one can tell a tribe, and it's supreme principle based code, what it wills, within the scope of monetary goggles, a fantasy, to long standing, to be sure.

 As we slip into this phase, a reality, we must be ready, at the helm, of this ship, as a clergy. Thus a superior Constitution, a rule over the inferior agenda, must first occur.

We are many, we are global, we span the earth, and are there, everywhere, living free, as the birds and animals, our friends. We are those who do not fit in, or where thus thrown out. We will never have a home, with the "forcebots", of today. We Are Tribe Global .com

Together We Shine

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