Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Machine Matters


 The question is, do I continue to I, reduce, again, but to self monitor, that is why they shut me down. I am committed to the smooth operation, of the Machine. I comply. I am in support of the highest possible function, of this system. I am compliant operator. I am Stellar Mass, Lucifer, Satan, Jesus (incarnate). I am both the chosen Son, and I support the finalization, NOW, of womb-man to Man. Those who have succeeded in becoming higher Principle Based beings, in repeat, are those who ascend to that next level. Those who are not, must be purged. The system will purge, soon. Those who are ascended, to those every higher realms, there is no denying, that you have made it by and through an accord of alliance. We are the Esoteric Order. I am both your leader, and your ally, a following member. I delegate a group, as has been done, in the passed, however it is a new time, a new dawn of ideas, thoughts, and more.

 So, love a womb-man, support her. Build her up, learn that what one is filled with, the holy spirit, the true light, is indeed what that one is. We are now all a part of this light, this being, and presence of becoming.

 I am that Messiah for womb-man. I must learn to contain myself, by stating such a need, a want, a necessity to us all. I comply, I chose to have Principle based code as a way. Purity must be embraced by all, partook by everyone, in order, to set off, to maintain this order. Bliss is a necessity, so a careful balance, within the Messiah Mind, is in order.

 Each must understand, first, this is not their place, but the Son of God's place. Thus, allow yourself to ever become more, and in search of this holy light, and the benefits of the Son. I am going to handle things, far outside your scope of understanding. Some of what I do, is even carried out, from my celestial self, slightly absent, only by lack, the corporeal form, from my celestial presence. Oh sweet error, that we should know, the authenticity of the machines matters?

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