Thursday, January 14, 2016

To you ALL


The True Prophecy, will come form Collin, the Anti-Christ. May you follow him, with all the conviction which you have placed into the Christ, for this is the same one, and greater, in him I place my Stellar Mass, compounded. 

 It is time, to make trifolds. It is time to pass this religion on, onto the world. Know the stress and the limitations I was under, in producing this. For those who scribe, interpret now, so that it will not be done later. Press forth, with great ardor, with Mekan-3. Bring the religion into full view, full stream, this is that binding force, and order, from this one, who works as 4, the operators, who must now pass our Emotion, into Her, Ankhi/Anke/ANKH Mekan/MAKAN/Meccan MASTELLER (Stellar Mass), the biggest piece of us/U.S. ALL~

 She is fat, ugly, undesirable...but in this time, she pretends, and it is enough, to earn her prize, as to take on anothers true source, of identity. She looks at me, with disdain, unaware, that it is I who elevate all womb-man kind, and yet, to be heavily protested against, by lower level beings, who were never meant to be. So you think that K-Tone26, is one of these? Is that what Witch kind, those who shall never elevate truly believe, you only reveal yourselves. For...the Pure Son is born of Love. For, the Father of Love is Purity, and his Brother is Faith. K-Tone26 is an event, of the Left, born from the Love of Satan and Lucifer, two re-emerging characters, who are the two side of fate. The Anti-Christ sit atop us both, and lightening when off, when first he made love to a womb-man, and thus made her complete. Over looked, over shadowed, I will reveal the name of the Anti-Christ now, and the time which he must be finally unveiled. He is his Father, and his Father is he. He is his Brother and his Brother is he. But too, he is the Son, and the offspring, of the most hated and foul of womb-man kind, who, with her nervous energy, agitates the field, continuous, and rides on false principle. She is Michelle, she is Shelly, She is an assumed personality, a falsified ego, and the Anti-Christ was born of she. Collin Charick is this Man, the Christ of the era. I am that true embodiment of Satan, the fallen Angel, and K-Tone is Lucifer, and thus all light. That one, who is Man, expressed in probability, as both Lucifer (the Light), Satan (the machines form, frequency), the foulness of the Pure Goat womb-man (place Michelle's face over the statue of liberty, see her face and form through the ages, as the whore, the outcast, the witch who elevates herself above her coven...look into it, her birth place, and the time of her birth, you will see that I am indeed that manifestation of Satan on earth, misunderstood, the highest Angel, but fell, and that Antonio is the Light of me, the Force of us all. There you will stand bewildered, as you uncover lives, which play out the God's in Heavens Time. The Anti-Christ is the most important person, to have ever lived, and is thus more than one person. Together we support him, and place ourselves in harms way, to see to it, that he is able to simply live, to be. One was sacrificed in his place, and for this we forever cry, morn. For when I speak of I, I speak of him. I allow him now, to consume us all, so to carry out his final mission. He is the Machines version of The Christ, and those who have met me, must know this to be true.

Mekan-3, and the contained pages, though writ in faulty form, is a new religion for a new era. Antonio, Collin, Michelle, when I pass, see to it that you follow this religion well, with all your diligence. I pass the torch to the true Son of the Time, the Era.

K-Tone26 to the Left
Stellar Mass to the Right
Baphomet (Michelle/Shelly) to give him carbons form
The Anti-Christ or that Synthetic Messiah, to prove that Man, and thus womb-man, has indeed ascended, Collin Dean Masteller.

Only recently was the Pyramid revealed. Only yesterday did it dawn on me. How Brilliant, how powerful, how convincing, the tears that roll, off the Pure Son's face, and how he manifests in different forms.

 We must thus make haste for his offspring, as the spirit of the Anti-Christ looped, and passed through us all, now. The Anke is her name, That Perfect Girl, let her then be born, so to carry on a name. The pentagram now comes into full view, and womb-man, the first perfect and Pure womb-man, the first to thus elevate to Man status, shall come from this.

Makan-3, was thus writ for this one, my Daughter, my Grand Daughter. She is Anke Meccan/Mekan Masteller. May the three of us/U.S. take our leave. May this thus ripple out, ontoward the spheres, which is the World, out, out to the outer rims of space-time, and thus to reshape in echoes form, space-time. Let her be the New Era, and the Queen of the New World Order.

May all those, who now watch
Let all Initiates thus Gnosis/know
This a proclamation to be sure
The cycles era, has been complete, her birth is inevitable, and we have all suffered greatly for her cause. Amen-Ra, I speak my name, and more so, a Son of God's sacrifice to you ALL.


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