Saturday, January 16, 2016

The working model, BEING IS THUS BECOMING~


 We are pressing hard, and fast, towards becoming a type 1 civilisation, but first, we must learn the true measure of what civil means, in all senses, past, present and future, so too received by all mechanisms of, the working model.

 We, are presently, rewriting our history. No one, should be above the crawl space, that few of us are bound to, as in the dilemma of that false notion, modernism, the overly entitled worthless member, having falsified ownership, over people, property and promise. So too, the homeless, being the title, an outcast, where most are too entirely worthy of this strife, whilst others, be exiled to hell, by simply pursing that higher moral principle

Principle} What we are
Morality} What we manifest
Virtue} Our statement, in what we become

Recycle} place object into that spherical stage or state SPIN
Repair} coupling with new energy PRINCIPLE
Remodel} Shape [Frequency] the substance [Light] PERPETUATION

 Autonomy thus becomes evident, in that self perpetuation of said Principles, are that higher state of being's very JOB, The Spin.

 Self Efficacy then does not imply alone, as Schopenhauer suggests, but that ones job, as to be a functioning part of the whole, relies solely on this measure. It is as if we are heart cells who have forgotten to beat as one. Together, We are Tribe. Together, as One, We Are The Heart of God.~

*Don't break God's heart. God lives through you, a conduit, which presses forth Pure Source. If he can not exist through you, then you, as a machine built to withstand this taking in of what is (the left eye), projection onto the field (the right eye) be deemed not integer, worthless, and not an active part. In short, you were built to be, but can not be until becoming THIS, a highly complex organism, with more power that a Hadron Colliding Machine...thinking, moving and taking flight, on, to ever higher states BEING IS, THIS/THUS, BECOMING.

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