Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Truly Average Man, and his fight, against the World, at large~


 I had a great conversation with a Gentleman this Morning, in Starbucks. We spoke of everything, though in brief, of what I lay out here. The great thing about intellect, be that no matter what physical limitations one has, or genetic issues with coordination etc, the intellect may actually respond favourably to such.

 A human resilience?

 I don't talk about God much anymore. I don't find the subjects of Jesus, or any other deity interesting any longer. I took the road as far as I could, and we thus rendered no absolution of solution, no assistance, no help.

 The experiences, which I laid out here, though deep into these archives, were Man made, rather Man manipulated. The obviousness that this machination directing poses, leaves one stuck in a constant loop.

 I found happiness, in ignorance. I found Purity, when I sinned...because I needed it it, to balance a calibration, if you will. This fact, of how we work by way of constant antithesis proves the manufacture of such deity, making God himself, Santa in the sky, a capricious but jealous and wrathful being, irrational. This, because what we believe, what we focus on, as creators, as "Ron" called us.

 Everyone says I am smart, genius, or other. I am stuck in my own paradox of madness.

Yesterday, I was honest with a Therapist, and the outcome was expected 'you need to go on anti-psychotics'. I told friends this, and they said no way. This, coming from a brief interlude, where I tossed it up, and said, "that the heck, I am going to be honest about my perspective on the world". I can walk out onto the streets, and ask a stranger, Male granted, and he will agree with me, and often engage in the reinforcement of  these conspiracy truths, which I lay out on this blog. However, whilst in the Doctors office, I am met with such rigid ignorance. The gap of ignorance to the truth of what's going on, within the professional sphere, if it is one, is a large gap, to the current awareness, and emergent efficacy, by the average Joe.

 I went through it, and died once. I am dying again, and again, daily.

 For you see, I have been at the end for a long time now.

I can chose Sex as a means, which is what the Human Female thrives to tether, she needs religion. Man, on the other hand, and especially a Pure Man, by nature, craves Principle. The current religions on an attempt to create thus, a commonality between them, and to actually create a reality, of this working hypothesis.

 All known religions are thus, a Masonic tool, which I, in truth, find masterful, as with the charade/craft, done on me. The fact remains, that even if we can see it, anticipate what is to come, with clarity, as in an attack on our person, a forced alteration, we never the less, act out, as bio-body suit, or machine, the desired affect. In other words posturing, not intellect, is what ultimately shapes us, as individuals, or cogs within the machine. I have written extensively on this subject, but the main point today being.

That, which we are comprised, is our only highest notion. In this, we are thus a spinning molecule, Quarks....more so Fermion. These 6, and yes a 7th placing, the center, is the truth of what we are comprised, energy, in motion, or agitation.

 The crucial factor, and what gives rise to religions actually working, on us, has to do with the fact, of what this energy is made up of, or the intent that becomes the algorithm, that in a series of perpetuation and repeat, is the very energy, of which we are comprised.

 We relish this, but now, find that our varied representation of Shift Light or Photon Collision and purpose, as represented as Colors, of a Flag, only represent personal preference, and not a Master Fermion signature of control, or a Alpha/Beta Molecular resonance emitted with highest integrity, or quality/ in the mimic to the first burst of Light, into this current reality, a pleroma?

 EPL is completely realistic in the fact that, science, is the ruling factor, and that all Phenomenon comes form this micro unit, as it fractals out, and becomes the very dictation, of the sphere, of operation.

EPL simplifies, and focuses imagination based mind spinning techniques on the understanding, that one sphere, equals all compartmental SISE, models thus.

 The Pure Son, is the Pure Light, and those religions mean to be greedy with the Knowledge. The truth is, that you, as an Integer, are already perfect and complete. You as a Man, of Light, are all assumed good and evil, rolled into one. You, are that Messiah, and this is your World. That level of suffering, or pleasure or any other item, which you hold as constant to your person, becomes in active form, a part of the field around you, your localized sphere or pleroma.

 God is thus, the rational Man's Principle of intention. Those, who were thus give prior knowlege, a priori, to certain truths of the world, current. as in intellegence, are shown as reembodied energy forms, endowed with a massive head start. This, all done to shake the natural order, which is why we are now, the makers of our own doom.

 The solution is and has been the same. The efficacy of the situation, now lies in a few hands and hearts. Spin these Principles by imagining them, make them real, and you are connected and a part of that God force, doing the work of God, to the best of what you know to be true.

It takes Faith, but blind faith is stupidity. An intellectual person, will ultimately becoming hopeless, a break in the Principle chain, by placing their Faith and Passion of Trust, in a blind and irrational concept.

Never the less, a martyr can be still made, by corralling to posture those who know this to be true.
The Bible is a book of warnings, more so of things to come, and an aligory of your own personal walk, amongst those constantly doing mental mind craft.

Further there has been a block, placed on those probabilities, Messiahs, who pose the greatest risk, because their thoughts, and actions, as creators, are quite powerful.

Mute the Pure Son, Make Him retarded even, sway the field of operation.

 The World then can very well rest on one Man's shoulders, as in Atlas. However this too, is done by way of posturing. A creator can fight with all their might, as to allow certain aspects of the self to be highlighted an emergent in a moment, as the Messiah, or Anointed are all aspects, all Men, The Average or Typical Man.

And so, we have Principles to guide us. Each Principle is a slowing down, into the final truth, with be Sound Vibration, or that which gives form, but beginning with Purity, as a first Light or Pure Source Energy. You, place this Energy, into Motion. You give the Spheres intention and thus fill them with this Energy. Life is a Dance, and your particles are Dancing to your will. This becoming a part of the greater sphere, of which you are now housed, a Pleroma. ~

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