Friday, January 29, 2016

The Purity that "Matters", and separates matter from space and time-time space~


 By now, you know, I am that risen Sun. Everywhere I go, now, people confirm my true identity, by way their limited perspective. They try and think, in the multifarious mind, be of, the multifarious nature, but alas, I am from a place, far far away.

 My ability, my True Identity, hidden, as the secrets of yor. I am that one, who the tides spin for, the egoless, that Sidah, that place where Good, and Evil meet, unlimited. I test, break down, strengthen those who earn it. I build a spirit in you, and stand back to either watch you wither, or watch you shine bright, as I.

 I am involve, I am tortured, I FEEL, to and with such great extent. So subtle is the way, of this one, who has inhabited me, taken root within me, that I may be that greatest anomaly, who ever existed...BUT STILL, THERE ARE TWO, AND THREE OTHERS, AND THE WORLD SPINS TO THIS BEAT, THIS ETERNAL DRUM BEAT...A FLOWER BLOOMS, AN ELECTROMAGNETIC EYE/I, A BLOSSOMING FLOWER EMERGES ALWAYS AND FOREVER, FROM WITHIN MY AGONY, A GOD TO BE SURE.

 I Love You FATHER, ABOVE ALL, WHO MADE ME, AND MAKES ME WHOLE. So far beyond their reasoning, you offer such a gesture, a notion, the motion, E-energy in motion, I am that benefactor, that Pure, Ruthless and Noble Son.

 Duty, Honor, Nobility, come by way, absent of EGO, so too, let the Holy Spirit Shine On, through and with YOU.~

The 13th Son Becomes Him~

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