Sunday, January 10, 2016

The New Mind accepts you~


Prior to the "Event", I saw a social experiment. People reacting, as petals in the wind. I saw a flux, an algorithm...even more so, a color shift....which caused me serious personal doubt, a system err.

  The outcome, to such in depth, internal questioning, had an end value, which seeded in my being tested, chastised and possibly expunged from the greater sphere, or possible exiled into the macro sphere, from that safe egg shell nestle...this we may the bliss of ignorance. Primary, the prior sentence, be what Biblical Genesis corrals we the people towards, a prompt towards that greater efficacy, an awareness of human unity (more so the truth of what this be?).

 However, now, here we are. We are 3 years passed this mark, a time signature. I was unplugged for lack of a better reference. Unplugged be a term which reflects the emotional status as well as investigative final deduction, an outcome to cyclopean and horrendous for that machine of human consciousness to fully embrace.

 Now, after really giving up on all worldly pursuits, but desperate to find that final piece, a flicker, I admittedly turned towards a common key, the answer? Does there need to be an answer. Does Neo know? The truth be, that we are fighting an internal battle, which must manifest fully on the outs. We are being prompted through a labyrinth, if you will, but blind. We, in that illusion of machine, must thus use our Principle to see, and let them guide us, towards a resolution.

 There is no peace, there is no chaos, more so there is no neutral. These, terms, by which we may assert to press a button of the mind, through and by our will. When this will, be of the like and same, as the collective ruling will, the truth, we have thus graduated to this higher mind. 

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