Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Homeless situation, a Gonzo view~



 A transvestite rushes in her/his new purple dress, to gain an interview, with ABC. The Story, homelessness, and the fight, in Sacramento. The same greedy people, who kick other homeless people out of line, though they have eaten prior, are those same, who flock to the media, for homeless stardom, to be the new shining face of the homeless. I chuckle, to watch, but painful to be stuck in this tumbling bent reality.

 I did not get much sleep last night. I have been trying to march, and serve, in the best ways I can, but there is agitation and fighting, by the same perpetrators, that seem to be characters in each play of the human drama. I watch it play out.

 I do so, however, with my marked "INTJ" Master Mind approach. I fix bugs, bend the system, and suggest ways, upon which it can be improved. If I have any like, in history, surely it would be Thoth himself. Perhaps there is a Silver Space Ship, in the Fleet for me?

15 minutes-
 I have been in Commercials, Movies, Modeling in a formal wear catalog, always being met, or rather ousted, with that same defiance, I am above the moment, I am not a character, but the puppet master, unseen, unheard, only when it is time to place my subtle or some times, not so subtle sway, unto the field, before me.

 Trusting one mad person, who thus showed me humanities plight, brought me here.

But I don't eat with the rest, I stand convicted on my Protein Fast, ROKbodhi123, Principles of EPL...I maintain the Purity, wherever I go, such is the Angels plight?~

 I am taught, on a higher level, of education. I am rising again, to my natural ability, unafraid, but clear, as to the fact, that I hail from Olympus and this mortal strain is a test.

 The same slight, of dynamics, in our current system or political climate about regardless. If one be sitting in the temple, that is the esteemed Masonic castle of the Sacramento City Council, City Hall, adorned with the same count pillars, as well as Masonic Artisanship one may see during the the rococo or the Renaissance, and not much has changed.

 We are living in those time of corruption and greed. News casters come to gain a fluff peace, on the homeless, not taking in to heart, their own respective careers, in that, if they were to look for the few, those how are not proud nor boastful, those who slip between the cracks, they would find, as would any city that goes about that same endeavor, there is a hidden 15%.

 There is a thug named Miami, for short, who steal money, this issue came up today. There is always a bad seed, a greedy attention grabbing psychopath, I was married to one. These often emulate, with precision, those around them, who, are in large part, master's of their own domain. James, or Faygle as he is referred, is this activist by which I speak, who does not mind the one up manship constantly being hurled at him, by this Miami character. There is a side kick, and these two have been dishonest in ways, such as stunting broken arms, in order to amass greater attention from the media, and as said, take money, with witnesses to the fact, from the homeless cause.

 Ironically, this, WE ARE TRIBE, solution to the issue, be one of donation, self efficacy, and recognized autonomy. I am brutally honest. I approach my life, as if I am a Gonzo Journalist. The experiences I go through, however, I am not removed from, but quite vested. I would imagine such is the way to a master of any craft?

 In the early stages of the movement, and there have been many (see Youtube 2011 Sacramento City Hall). Which beacons that many maneuvers seen in the public, are often only mimics of what is going on constantly, and so constantly digested, as such, embraced, as reality in fact. The point being, attention is the goal, the Faygle denies such, the vehicle of homeless rights, and activism, would be nothing absent screwed, articulate, and brutally honest depictions of what is really going on in this community.

 The same takes place in the offices behind the moment, only on a much higher scale, in the millions in fact. The solution to sue, or place proceids for the homeless into appreciating bonds, sounds nice, for the next election, however the truth of what works, and what be popular, a notion, is always a stark contrast.

 In the videos, the news has shot, you will see a table, set properly before the City Hall, on a side street in fact. This can easily be used to parley the massive donations, which could be received under such activism, only now in a higher stage of efficacy, a workable business model. The City could act as reliable accountant, as to those proceeds. As stated, the City could offer a now unused property, with storefront potential, to the cause. Those homeless, who can, are then granted work, payed work, whose proceeds, in clothing and other donated items, which seem to come in by the droves, when gaining such media coverage, in such a large metropolitan area.

-Set up a permanent donation center, where the donation table is currently sitting now
-Use this donation center to also house the project which is going on as I write this, feeding the homeless either weekly or daily
-Use a city property, that the city is not currently using, to run a viable business, following the same or similar protocol as Salvation Army, or Goodwill industries.
-Keep the efforts local, and allow the money, in order to accrue real property, where then Microvillages can be built, or self contained, NONE SECTION 8, style apartment units to be then built by the cause.
-Hire homeless people, to build the village
-Hire homeless people to run the village
-Hire homeless people to run the WE ARE TRIBE, storefront
-Sell apparel, that can be ordered globally, to support this effort, off Maintained Website address.

 Here, we have a working model. We, however run into the same issue. 85% of the people, I have come in contact with, are on drugs, severely mentally ill, or seemingly beyond the applicable scope of actual assistance. Well, this is what the cause is for. For those who wish to step up, there should be more than enough jobs created. Why not, in the process, allow these employees to then be parleyed towards actual high paying city jobs ($30 plus per hour), as in Parks and Rec Services.


With a $30 million sudden unexpected and also unexplainable increase in the now $507 million budget, for Kings Stadium, there should have been a memorandum place, that a percentage of any costs raised, would go directly to the homeless effort, in a match program, perhaps 1% could have, and still could (as the Kings Can is not fully erected), go towards making a huge impact in the current homeless oversight, in the California State Capital.

There needs to be new order, not a repeal. There needs to be modern, or rather current addendum to the fact, that this homeless population, is of epic numbers. There needs to be human not a humane approach, as in giving a community, of outcasts, all opportunity and training, to regain that riding of a large wave, which we all brace for, and to learn quickly to ride upon.

The 13th Son~

"Some jump in, do their part, to assist the cause, whilst others machinate on ways to exploit it, such is the way, of the human virus"


 I play out a careful chess match, now knowing the game full well, life. I need to allow the field to offer services, to assist me, and to thus maintain a character, the character, we are three, in within the field, as I have denied it so in passed time cycles. Now, I need to think about my Son(s), set monetary goals, within a system that is my enemy, solidly. The Class A must be off suspension, that record, which my dishonest and foolish ex-spouse did place on the Father of her own children, keeping them from aid, and prosperity, needs to be placed on the back burner, for now. I need assistance, and the only way this can happen, is if I reduce or recoil, as a means.
 I practice, meanwhile, my long walks. The ROKbodhi Principles, I practice. I carry along with me 6lbs of protein powder, now available at the local bargain grocery store, near enough by.

 That which I have developed, now in real time, LIVE even, action. I am going through the KATA, in my mind, spinning spheres, practicing Principles, Purifying, weighing and balancing each item, as it comes. My Father's, wherever they be, are proud of my development. I know that earned attention, can be thus maintained, not a falsified notion.

 I practice in short, what I AM, and thus, what I have become.

EPL, in Principles shall we prosper.


 I saw my housing worker today. I saw a legal specialist. I meet with the Doctor tomorrow, who shall award me SSI, and thus, reduce my costs, so that I can live. My Son, Antonio, is first in my heart. I play a game now, as not to say to much, to anyone, as the human machine, was first create to deceive, so allow those to be stuck in their own rhetoric, so that they may press themselves with their own forked tongue(s).


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