Sunday, January 17, 2016

Let the Beat Go On- RULE OF FORCE, The Source~


 When we are placed here, in this situation, death that is, we are sent through a trial. The trial we are sent through, is to find the Sign/sgn 0. Where is the center, to the dilemma, where is that center of the self.

 Purity's conduit, as shown with the EPL Symbol of Spheres, but first those Sub-Principles, are Faith and Love, as conduit. In short we live, within a machine, going through all functions, which compromise, and effect to destroy this notion/energy in motion OR E-motion.

 All assumed aspects, that was the self, now in decay, are deviation points, away from this Pure Source. Thus, return to the Pure Source, with the imagination, of the mind, but through Principle, not fantasy, and you employ this ancient and forgotten Rule of Force~

 *We have thus, in effect, gone through impurity (anti-principle), in order to better understand, fully, that Purity be all we are, all we shall become (perpetuate eternal) and all that we then truly crave, to be. Your final End Value, either has Energy Expressed, or is thus found of such.

 **The current field, of personalities, times, events, are merely those abstractions away from purity, displayed. In other words, electrify, give life to a seemingly empty place/time-space, within the field, and watch all life thus, reproduce from the very binary which employs assumed life, separate, in the first. Division, is choice, infinity and thus eternity, do not quanta/completion based on an diversionary manifestation, all are abstraction from the Pure Source, the only actually force.

***Color shift, is thus, slowed light, or photon collision, at a set rate. This implies a slowing down of said photon travel, as to manifest color or division. Yet it is through Principle, through Sin/Sign/sgn, that we shall come back to the place, by way of rotation, or time intervals, where Pure Source makes alive and thus ignites the spheres, into existence, a deviation from the Pure Source.

So what do we do now?

 Always we are thus given choice. By making these assertions, exceptions thus choices, we display what we are. Are you a part of Purity, or merely that abstraction, of slowed Light, thus increased frequency or Noise, which can only exist separate always, from Pure Source, from the True Core, or Sun/Son Center. I do believe (despite what others will argue) that Son and Sun are synonymous, to a great respect, as in a Man and his Star or Stars, a Localized Event, to be sure.

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