Sunday, January 3, 2016

God, Lord of Domain~


 WE, are in innocent, by way of default. THEY, place U.S./us (Westernized fad/trend setting/chasing force), in a time, place, region and ultimate zone, towards our own vestment in THEIR cause (the Shadow Elite), or toward our own ultimate and untimely doom, a fate of death and recycle, in perpetuate.

 There is no higher order, but that understanding, that self efficacy, as a rule, a code, a principle to protect what is pure within you, labors out, as it has signified time immemorial, manifest in the within.

 I watched last night, as a cancer patient sat there, as cancer had come one over thrice, to beacon her call, towards self mutilation and ultimate annihilation. We are programmed this way. However, absent that special purpose, one would assume these are in fact our creators. It is a simple cause as to reprogram then, that original stand or strain of Man.

 In this compromise is besieged upon your person, until finally, you have self assessed and corrected, as to devalue your original form. This done first by way of corralling, which in the three phase system which is time in rotation, we must posture ourselves, as to allow this craft of self modification to work.

 I am old
I am stupid
I am no gifted
I am short, fat, ugly, not as good, unworthy

 The assumption must be made, then the backing up of the assumption, an allegory to be sure.

 Jesus was a Parable, as he spoke in parable. God is a Title, as this be the highest form, of self efficacy. As projections of like, we assume, and assert this highest principle as code, a band of brothers?

 Surly not, but sole acting God's, fully developed, and dependent on no one. There is no treatise, nor an alliance needed, nor granted. Zones and regions, of rule, express themselves, from the within. Why then would I want to take on that mastery, or rather assume it, as to the territory, which already exists within in.

 The Sphere doth teach us much. The time and place, of the event, which you are, is directly correlated to the heavens. So too, why there be a glass ceiling in the first, a truly all text of religious purpose be, a warning, as not to challenge that one, who is currently title and self entitled as God, Lord of Domain.

 Then cease to justify your selfhood, and your actions thus. However, you may very well be a mistake, a slave, down to your very roots, trying with such great effort, as a wayward computer operating system within the robot, as to justify the very self.

 You are designed, or rather as it seems, redesigned, as to need others, in order to make any semblance of truth into order.

 The Occupy system is chaotic, and has no system. There will never again be a time, in this field nor any other, when a person or group can ever simply assume occupation over a land, that has indeed had many. War is the result. Do you have the Guns, the MKUltra training, the WOMD's, ready for deployment, backed by countless militia, paid with Masonic Money?

 The only solution is always the same solution, and is an impossibility. Purity in the One Mind must be established. The very notion of Man and womb-man, that is, the assumption that she was not in fact remade, her sole purpose to occupy you, a vampire from the very start, leaves much speculation.

 I watch them pass, one after the other, wearing makeup, now with the Phi knowledge as to begin eyebrow placement at a certain point, as to infer a statement of perfection, a falsification to say the least. She is fat, ugly, yet where seductive dress. She places far to much perfume over her natural rancid smell of ovulation and estrogen prompted confusion, a machination from the first. She wears heals, postures herself, and yet knows nothing of self efficacy, or the latter, which be active mind meditation in motion. She is dangerous, all, each and every one, and there are very few Men, who are not as false, to be sure. Welcome to hell, you are surrounded, within a frenzy of confused insects, who mean to put out your light, feed from it in fact. You have been deceived, and there is no capricious God, who sees you, nor cares. Those who are watching you, from that fated eye, are in fact the ones who allow this to happen. The have discovered, and thus rediscovered, the algorithm of perfection. They will thus keep you, in all efforts, from achieving this. When and if you affiliate, which be largely based on whether you have been allotted any sort of success, you no longer have, that option to shine, nor manifest what you crave the most. You crave to express an indiviality, which does not exist. You as a hub, must self identify, go to work, as if a Nanoid, within the very body of God, and to go to work, and allow the betterment of Man, in society, to take it's natural course. Nature too is entirely a synthetic and controlled notion, as to complete an entire sphere of thought, and create the over and undlapping themes of dimension, reality. Disturb this order, and you are either in the process of being eliminated or in wait to be proclaimed a God amongst Men. This means, you will thus work with others, of similar title. Alone you were, now taken over it has become a TEAM effort...there is no "I" in TEAM, so there is an "I" in TIME as well as TRIBE.


Establish Tribal rights, in reverse, by proclaiming yourself as a member marked to force exile, then to assume the people, as a collective, those others who are also cast aways to the machine. We are upgrade, I am operator!

 Cain/Kane/Cane was machinated against, by Abel, his Brother, the vanity. Abel meant to kill Kane, without the bravery of sword, yet one to invent, from this breach. Abel, seen as superior before the Lord, of Domain. Kane thus acted what now be deemed murder.

 This same Bible proclaims to put all Witches to death, by way of Beheading. Yet, there are Witches who claim themselves as goddess, all around you now. These actively work to destroy you, to draw away your title, your name, your children, your earned power and promise. Murder?

 Big Brother? As to show his younger Brother the way, and have this very intelligence used against him? Brother's, who do not work as a unit, as to produce a common crop, to yield and show a united effort, this be where true Ego Shines Brightest, a Star, Collective Unity!

 Master yourself, and you will only come to this conclusion. That we are to do work, in efficacy, as to build temperance and care to truly go on. In this, our true passions lie, and to promote a sense of trust.

WE ARE TRIBE, we work as a unit. This, is the very expression of God, and those who know this, spin the Merkabah now, ill fated? Are you then indeed doing the work of and for the mulitude, those who are born, and not born yet?

 I have a notion, to gas each and every one, but my own offspring, why, because I was there to watch my influence, their very formation, and know from knowing myself, nearly completely now, that my Y exists and calls out form within them, as to be reduced into this perfection, that I AM



womb-man reaches to become Man

Man reaches to become God

This done not as Man (singular) but as Man working as a single unit, a machine. Thus transhumanistic efforts, to become greater, are greatly backed by I.~ 

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