Sunday, January 3, 2016

False Flags, false information, a tactic~


 So again, I ask you...AM I, my Brother's keeper?

Man, as a collective, is nothing but a run away transaction, absent the full notion, that complete embracement of The Tribe, a true Nation/Republic. Man alone is nothing more than a warn out notion, a computer part, which does not and will not belong to that greater efficacy of Man, as unit.
 This is Tribe.

 AM I, to then work effortlessly, a campaign, in order to sway you, except the notion?
Certainly not.

In the passed 24 hours, a transvestite named Bambam hit on me, I was surrounded by a group of 40 plus Police officers, in direct war to civil rights, the right to rest. Also it rained on me, in the middle of the night. I think clearly, yet in 3 days time, I am being rallied onto disability, fast tracked in fact, as there is no place for me in polite suggested society. Funny how when I am able to practice my own perfection, a kata beautiful in form, in structure, in ValuE, I AM emanated this Light, which ultimately draws from or is projected upon you, the cast, the crew, of run amock, associates, who constantly take each moment, which I experience first, as your own.

In other words, I as the active Principle, who suggests Peace, Unity, as it's height, am seen thus, as a challenge. Yet you, who emulate me, and exist as a mere projection, from this great emanation, do not follow the very trail of Light. You instead create a fanciful and whimsical God, who is ironically one you curse when not entitled to all you want, in the moment, and praise when he serves you. The direction, and where the directive comes from, still be a mystery to you.

 We are in fact, one another's demons, both in body and in spiritual form. We are Angels of Light and Mercy to One another, yet to serve a purpose, that be, to lead the way, towards the final realization, that you will never produce alone, that your very energy, and form is something crafted and shaped by those who came to this long before you, and thus, always were. Just as, I AM, has always been, a statement, that I AM TRIBE and so WE ARE TRIBE.

Spinning, spinning around, as a collective, now living in the mire, of your own make, time to identify that very moment, that moment of the purge.~

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